Darkness / Wolverine #1

Issue Date: 
September 2006
Story Title: 
Old Wounds

Frank Tieri (writer), Tyler Kirkham (pencils), Stjepan Sejic (colors), Troy Peteri (letters), Chaz Riggs (design), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)
FOR TOP COW PRODUCTIONS INC: Marc Silvestri (chief executive editor), Matt Hawkins (president and chief operating officer), Renae Geerlings (editor-in-chief), Chaz Riggs (production manager), Rob Levin (editor), Phil Smith (trade paperbacks and submission), Annie Pham (marketing editor), Peter Lam (webmaster), Mary "Lena" Leal-Floyd & Viet Duc Nguyen (interns)

Brief Description: 

In 1942, Logan has just survived an attack of German Nazi soldiers. Celebrating his victory in a bar and with a beautiful woman sitting on his lap, Logan is approached by an assassin known as Roberto Estacado, a.k.a. the Spaniard. Roberto has been hired to kill Logan but first wants to have a drink, as he sees Logan as a worthy opponent. Ignoring the guy, Logan takes the chance and quickly runs away. Some time later, Roberto hides himself in a nunnery and gets a lock on Logan’s face. He wants to fire one of his Darkness bullets between them and is urged to do this by his partner, a demon called Dante. Logan uses another Nazi soldier as a living shield, however when a surprised Roberto fires another bullet, Logan manages to catch it with his hands. Out of the bullet, a demon merges, which Logan quickly destroys. He heads into the nunnery, where he kills both Roberto and some demons. Dante manages to hide under the bed and takes Roberto’s body away from him, promising to fix him up and make Logan pay when the time comes. Today, Logan is in a bar where he notices a guy named Jackie threatening the bar owner for not paying his debts to him. Logan recognizes Jackie somehow and thinks he wants to create some trouble. Jackie at first refuses to fight Logan, despite the fact that his partner, Dante, reveals to him that this is the man who killed his grandfather, Roberto! Dante reveals lots of demons, which attack Wolverine, though he quickly destroys them all. Jackie transforms into the Darkness but still refuses to fight him, despite what he did to his grandfather. He realizes he was probably a low-life thug just like the rest of his family. An impressed Logan offers Jackie a drink and, together, they destroy Dante. After that, they catch their breaths and finish their drinks together.

Full Summary: 

France, 1942…

A man, holding a glass, sits in a bar. Suddenly, he slumps in his chair, bumping his head against the bar and has a huge smile on his face. Someone takes the drink out of the man’s hand. That man… is Logan!

Logan, wearing an Army uniform, has a beautiful woman sitting on his lap and says “cheers” to her. Looking at the many drinks Logan has already drunk, the French woman jokes that Logan can surely “put it away.” The bartender again reminds Estelle that Logan’s Canadian, which explains why he drinks so much. He mocks that the Canucks are born with nipples on their beer bottles. Estelle says that whatever Logan is, his three for every one of Beaubier’s is no small feat, as it’s not like Beaubier couldn’t handle his liquor.

Gently touching his hair, Estelle asks Logan what his secret is. She smiles that she has a way getting things out of a man. Logan smiles he’s sure about that. But, he claims he doesn’t have a secret. She can say he’s just developed a certain tolerance for some of the nastier things in life over the years. The bartender pours Logan a beer, asking if that also counts for the way he survived that Nazi ambush last week. He knows he may be wrong, but Logan took at least three bullets to his chest. It’s impossible that any man could survive that. Logan states it’s like the bartender said: he’s wrong. He jokes the guy’s probably sampling his own wares too much. The bartender laughs and admits he’ll miss Logan when he leaves.

Suddenly, the bartender stops laughing and stares in awe at a new customer entering the bar, just like everyone else starts doing. The man, wearing a black suit and having black hair, approaches the bartender and tells him to buy Logan whatever he’s drinking, and then he’ll have to tell everyone in the bar to leave… immediately.

Estelle wants to take out her gun, but Logan notices this and tells her not to do it. She and all the other customers leave, and the man goes to sit next to Logan. He introduces himself as Roberto Estacado and he’s… Logan, interrupting Roberto, knows he’s the Spaniard. And that he’s here to kill him.

Roberto smiles that he’s impressed his reputation precedes him so. Logan, with a stern look on his face, explains that, last he heard, most organizations have the Spaniard listed as the top assassin in the world. And that’s mainly because he doesn’t wipe out targets… he wipes out towns! Especially when it isn’t necessary. Roberto wants to know about Logan, since virtually nothing is known about him, except that he showed up one day and suddenly the French resistance here has become a far greater thorn in Germany’s side than ever before. He wants to know if Logan is working for the Allies. Or is he working for himself? Either way, the Third Reich does not appreciate such mysteries, which is why they called him.

Logan takes a drink from his beer, and tells Roberto that he can go back to whoever called him, considering the guy has done “work” for both sides. Logan is aware that Roberto would blow his own mother’s head off if he could make a nickel off it. Roberto pours wine into two glasses, not liking that Logan starts to talk that way. He says he prefers to have a drink together with a worthy adversary before their “game” is to begin. He asks Logan to join him, but Logan angrily states he doesn’t drink with murdering scumbags. Roberto finishes his drinks, and when he looks at Logan again, he’s already gone! “Heh”, Roberto smiles, “and so the game begins…”

Brooklyn, a dance bar, present day…

A man, holding a glass, sits in a bar. Suddenly, he bumps his head down and starts to sleep. Someone takes the glass out of the man’s hand and finishes it. That man… is Wolverine! A beautiful, practically naked woman sits on Logan’s lap and smiles he sure can drink. Logan jokes he heard all that before.

Not far away from him, Jackie enters the bar and angrily asks Vinny if he looks like a mook to him. A scared Vinny denies that. Jackie shows Vinny an envelope and asks him why he would think this month seems a little light to him. Vinny reminds Jackie he told him they got raided last Tuesday. And his top girl left. And the cops wanted more kickbacks this month. Jackie states that his uncle used to have an old saying: “if you aren’t stealing a little, you are stealing a lot.” He jokes that he usually looks the other way, knowing a guy allowing him an extra little taste is just part of doing business. But, Jackie threatens, as he takes out his Darkness blade, if he gets another envelope like this next month, the only thing Vinny will be tasting will be his own testicles. Vinny understands and promises it won’t happen again.

Suddenly, a dark voice says “he’s here!” Jackie doesn’t understand. Vinny claims that he didn’t say anything, but Jackie already knew that and tells Vinny to shut up. The voice tells Johnny to look on his right side, to the short guy with broad with the nice rack on his lap. He asks Johnny if he knows who that is. Johnny wonders if he should. The voice explains that, considering the guy killed Jackie’s grandfather a while back, he should know about him. Jackie states that first of all, if that guy killed his grandfather, he wouldn’t be there. The voice admits Jackie’s got them to thank for that. Jackie says that whatever the case was, knowing what the rest of his family is like, his bet is that gramps had it coming.

The voice is surprised it’s like that… no family honor or nothing like it. The man aces his gramps and he can’t believe Jackie’s just going to let the guy sit there and groping his girls and isn’t going to do anything about it. Jackie tries to tell the voice something but, on that moment, Wolverine and the girl get up and approach Jackie, who panics a little. Logan asks Jackie if they’ve got a problem. Jackie denies that. Logan thinks Jackie looks familiar and asks him if they know each other. And, he adds, Jackie doesn’t look “good” familiar. Jackie tries to remind Logan what he said but, suddenly, Logan is attacked by several demons! As all of the other bar customers run outside, Jackie sighs.


In a clock tower of a nunnery, the same dark voice from before tells Roberto there’s something different about “this guy.” Roberto agrees, joking that Logan has a much bigger price on his head than most. While Roberto points his gun through a window and taking a lock on Logan, who’s standing below, the voice defends that he’s serious… he has seen Logan’s eyes before. They’re crazy eyes. Roberto smiles that Dante always worries too much. He’s confident that in approximately twenty seconds the only thing that’s going to be different about Señor Logan’s eyes is that one of them will have a darkness bullet in it. Logan’s irrelevant.

Below, Logan realizes he’s being watched and talks to a Nazi soldier. He quickly grabs him and uses him as a living shield and, as Roberto fires his bullet, it hits the soldier instead! As the bullet hits the soldier’s chest, the soldier himself screams and a demon merges from it!

Dante asks Roberto if he sees Logan still as irrelevant. As Roberto places another darkness bullet inside his shotgun, he admits that Logan is a clever one. He fires the bullet but, this time, Logan just… catches it?! Dante is stunned. Roberto gets another lock between Logan’s eyes, and admits that Logan’s good at this. But, Roberto defends, he’s still the best. And now, Logan is about to learn why. The bullet transforms into another demon, which bites into a shocked Logan’s hand! Logan quickly snikts his claws open and kills the demon with it.

Roberto is speechless. Dante mocks that he warned Roberto there’s something different about Logan. And now, Logan is coming for them. Roberto tries to get another lock on Logan but sees he’s already gone. Roberto tells Dante to let Logan come to them, for when he does he will teach him how to be afraid of the dark. As Roberto says that, lots of evil, shining yellow eyes appear in the shadows above him.


Jackie opens fire on Wolverine and sarcastically asks him why Logan can’t do them all a favor and just die. Logan, holding his claws open, smiles that dying isn’t exactly his strong point. He jumps at Jackie, ready to attack him. Jackie holds his Darkness blade ready and smiles he already knew what Logan just said. Taking a look at the Darkness blade, Logan knew there was something familiar about Jackie. He has faced Jackie’s kind before. But he didn’t like it back then… and he doesn’t like it now!

Logan hits Jackie into his face with his claws, causing him to bleed. Jackie angrily tells Dante that, not only did he commit a definite no-no by bringing forth the Darkness without his say so, but Dante might have at least filled him in about those big metal claws before he picked a fight with Logan. Dante jokes he didn’t know what else to say, since Wolverine went all “new and improved” on them.

Wolverine stands triumphantly over Jackie, threatening that, if he’s done talking with his boyfriend in the corner over there, (who he’ll be paying a visit as soon as their business is done) Jackie better lets him know when he’s ready to give up. It seems to him that there’s nothing Jackie’s going to throw his way that Logan hasn’t seen the last time. Jackie grins, knowing Logan’s wrong about that. He points his hand forward, and suddenly a horde of demons emerge out of nowhere and attack Wolverine, quickly outnumbering and surround him.


Logan has made it into Roberto’s hiding place, and mocks him he probably figured he had the upper hand. That Roberto figured with no lights in this place, he was in his element. And that he would be out of his. After all, Logan jokes, Roberto must have thought there’s no way he could see in the dark. Or figure out all he had to do was get to the light switch, which he has now found and turned on? Logan asks Roberto how all that worked out for him. Staring in front of him, Logan looks at the dead bodies of Roberto and some demons lying all over the floor.

Logan spits on Roberto’s face, and slices his claws again all over his body, making sure the villain’s really dead. After that, Logan leaves.

Once everything’s safe, Dante merges from his hiding place under the bed. He promises Roberto not to worry, as they’re going to fix him up good. He grabs Bobby’s body and glides him under the bed with him, promising that after they’ve fixed Roberto up – he doesn’t care if it takes until the end of times – they’re going to make Logan pay for this!


Wolverine manages to slice his way through all the demons, killing them all! Standing triumphantly over them, covered in blood, he asks Jackie if that’s all he’s got. Jackie smiles he may have something else up his sleeve. He activates the Darkness armor, which now covers Jackie’s entire body. Dante happily cheers and wants Jackie to finish Logan off. Jackie refuses. He transforms back to his human form, telling Dante they aren’t going to do this. Dante is stunned.

Jackie explains to Dante they aren’t going to let themselves be kidded like this. He realizes that the way things are heading, one of them isn’t going to make out of this alive. Jackie tells Logan that the guy he used to have a beef with was his grandfather, who Jackie thinks was probably a piece of crap of the highest order like every other member of his family and deserved whatever it was Logan did to him. So, Jackie wonders – is he going to kill Logan or, (even worse) get himself killed, over the likes of his grandfather and some misplaced family honor. Jackie smiles there’s not a chance he’s going to do that. He controls the Darkness… it doesn’t control him.

In the shadows, Dante’s eyes get more evil, not liking what he gets to hear.

Jackie promises Logan that he’s done fighting, and that the next move is his to make. Wolverine quietly stares at Jackie for a while, without either saying a word. Eventually, Logan sheathes his claws back in, with the blood that was on them spreading all over the place. Logan notices a bottle of wine behind him and thinks it’s a miracle not everything in the bar is broken. He remembers that before he and Jackie’s grandfather went at it, he offered him a drink. Pouring two glasses full, Logan also remembers that he wouldn’t have that drink on account Roberto was a psycho low-life, but Logan does want to have one with Jackie.

Dante angrily merges from the shadows, not believing his ears! Not only is Jackie not going to kill his enemy… he’s going to drink with him?! He mocks that Jackie’s grandfather would be spinning in his grave. As Dante keeps talking and threatening, Logan and Jackie look at each other. Logan snikts his claws open and Jackie transforms his Darkness blade out, and together they destroy Dante!

They go to sit back on the bar, finishing their drinks. Jackie notices that Logan’s ear is already growing back, which he saw one of the demons destroying during the battle. Logan just says his ear does that. Jackie wonders how long the healing process takes place. “Three hours, forty-two minutes and nineteen seconds”, Logan replies. He asks Jackie if he wants to know how long it takes to grow an eye back. Continuing his drink, Jackie jokingly tells Logan they’ll just classify that under “more information than needed.”

Characters Involved: 


Darkness (Jackie Estacado)

Dante (a demon)

Vinnie and his girls at the bar (all unnamed)

Horde of Darkness demons (all unnamed)

In 1942:


the Spaniard (Roberto Estacado)

Dante (a demon)

Beaubier, Estelle, bartender and other bar customers (all unnamed)

Horde of Darkness demons (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

This one-shot issue is a crossover between Marvel Comics character Wolverine and Top Cow’s character the Darkness.

Some more information about the Darkness:

Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado was both blessed and cursed on his 21st birthday: he became the bearer of The Darkness, with access to an otherworldly dimension and the demons who dwell there to do his bidding. When mob kingpin Frankie Franchetti killed Jenny, the only woman Jackie ever loved, Jackie turned against his mafia family, killing both Frankie and himself. But The Darkness brought Jackie back to life to do its own mysterious bidding. He first appeared in Witchblade #10.

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