Deadpool (3rd Series) #17

Issue Date: 
January 2010
Story Title: 
Want You to Want Me (Part 3): The Revolution Will Be Televised

Daniel Way (writer), Paco Medina (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks), Marte Gracia (colorist), VC’s Joe Sabino (letters), Jason Trent Pearson (cover artist), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool appears to be about to kill Ellis Kincaid live on television… a publicity nightmare for the X-Men, under whose name he is acting. Fortunately, Domino manages to thwart him, which allows Kincaid to go into hiding. Domino goes and rescues Deadpool from a police cordon and then drugs him, tying him to her hotel bed. She reports back to Cyclops, who asks Wolverine to get Deadpool out of the picture. Believing Wolverine will kill Wade, Domino frees him and then hooks up with Wolverine, who explains that he was simply going to take him to China for a mission. They locate the safe house where H.A.M.M.E.R. agents have taken Kincaid on Norman Osborn’s orders, only to find Deadpool has got there first. He attacks the safe house and slows Domino down by having her confront a chicken… something she has a phobia about. As the press report on unfolding events, Cyclops can’t believe how bad this is, whereas Norman Osborn is loving every second.

Full Summary: 

(at the television studio)

Wade looks at the camera and asks if it’s on. He tells Cyclops, watching in Utopia, that his worries are over. He has this. He shoots at the camera and then places his gun at Kincaid’s head.


Hawkeye enters Norman Osborn’s office and asks what he can do for him. Osborn replies that he wants to talk about what Hawkeye was supposed to do for him… but didn’t. He motions towards the television and tells Hawkeye that luckily for him, he’s currently making the X-Men look like *#$% on live television. Summers must be *&$%@ in his pants right about now.

On Utopia, Prodigy informs Scott that Domino is now on-site and says not to worry. Scott replies that Deadpool is about to execute a politically sensitive target on live television… and he’s not supposed to worry? Back at the studio, Deadpool asks Kincaid if he wants the bullet in the front or the back. “P-please, n-no…” begs Kincaid. “You want it in the nose? All right, man,” replies Deadpool. “It’s your party.” Before he pulls the trigger, a lighting rig falls on him, courtesy of Domino using her shooting skills from across the street. This gives Kincaid the opportunity to get away.

The San Francisco police arrive at the studio and Deadpool debates with himself as to whether or not to shoot a few cops. His other voice says no, but Wade asks what the big deal is. The X-Men kill cops all the time. They even recorded that song. His other voice reminds him that it was Ice-T, not the X-Men. Wade can’t believe he confused the two. As a hostage negotiator calls, he wonders how he’s gonna get out of there. Luckily Domino appears and tells him he can do that by following her…quickly.

He says “hi” and asks how he looked on TV. Domino replies that she didn’t see him as she was too busy trying to locate him. He asks why. Domino thinks for a second before telling him it was because… she missed him. She says they should get a drink in her hotel room. Wade can’t believe this. He really hopes that this isn’t a hallucination.

(eighteen minutes later)

The two heroes enjoy a drink or two. Domino watches whilst Wade gulps down a beer. He looks at her and asks what he can taste. “Is it… roofies?” As he collapses, Domino leans over to him and replies yes.

(fifty minutes later)

Domino returns to Utopia and informs Cyclops that she has Deadpool under control. Scott asks how, but Domino would rather he didn’t ask. Back in her room, Deadpool is tied to the bed, wishing he had a nickel for every time he’d woken up in this predicament. Domino asks Scott what happens next. He asks if she can talk to him which elicits a snigger from Wolverine. She says that’s doubtful. Talking to Deadpool is like talking to someone who’s been attacked by bees. Scott asks everyone to leave the room apart from Wolverine. Once they’re outside, Domino listens in as Scott asks Logan that he needs Deadpool out of the picture, as permanently as possible.


Wolverine uses a claw to break into Domino’s hotel room. Once inside he sniffs and curses. Without even looking inside, he asks Domino how long Deadpool has been gone. “Long enough, I hope,” she replies. She doesn’t think he deserves to get slaughtered just because he’s crazy. Logan assures her that he didn’t come to slaughter him. He realizes she must have overheard his and Scott’s conversation, but informs her that he was going to take Deadpool with him on a special mission to China. She is pleased that he wasn’t going to kill him but he replies that, because of her, he now might have to. He asks where Wade is headed.

(a little earlier)

Domino unfastens Wade’s ropes and tells him he has to get out of there. Just to stop him talking she shoves him out of the window, but only after she lets slip that she’s afraid of chickens, like he is of cows.


Wolverine leads Domino to where Deadpool will be going, namely where Ellis Kincaid is hiding. She asks Logan what makes him think Kincaid is hiding. Logan reckons that after what happened at the television studio, what makes her think he isn’t? He’s probably wetting himself he’s so scared. She asks where he thinks he’ll run off to. Logan replies that, with any luck, not to Norman Osborn because no matter how badly Deadpool wants to kill Kincaid, Osborn wants it more because it‘d make the X-Men look like &*(&@$.


Ellis Kincaid is wetting himself. Norman Osborn calls him and asks him to calm down. He has nothing to worry about. He asks if he can see a black van. Kincaid sees two men in suits emerge from a nearby van and says yeah. Osborn asks him to go with them. They will take him to a secure location. Before long, Kincaid is sitting in a busy room with lots of other people. Kincaid tells his guards that he doesn’t feel too secure, but one of the guards asks him to trust them. They’re professionals. He and his homey got promoted that morning. The two guards hit each other’s fist. “H.A.M.M.E.R. agents 4 life!”

(back on Utopia)

Cyclops stands behind Prodigy, who contacts Wolverine. He informs him that Kincaid as been spotted on security cameras at the Powell Street Station. Logan asks if he’s alone. David informs him that it looks like he’s picked up a H.A.M.M.E.R. escort. Logan asks if there are crowds. “Heavy,” replies Prodigy.

(twelve minutes later)

Wolverine calls back and asks David if Kincaid has moved. He replies no, but says that he might bolt as he looked scared. Logan reckons he oughtta be. He’s a sitting duck. In the safe house, Kincaid asks his guards if he could get the hell out of there. One of them replies no. Director Osborn said to keep him there until further notice.

Wolverine and Domino run through town. Cyclops calls and asks Wolverine if he has a plan. Logan replies that he’s working on it. Scott wants Kincaid secured but, with all the negative press he’s drummed up, they can’t have it look like they’re abducting him. However, if Deadpool shows up, all bets are off.

Soon, Wolverine and Domino arrive at their destination and Domino asks what the plan is. Wolverine informs her that he’s rigged the power to blow in about five minutes. As soon as the station goes dark, they’ll drop down through a ventilation grate, grab Kincaid amidst the confusion and skin out with no one any the wiser. She asks about the escorts. Prodigy informs her via radio that she shouldn’t worry about them. They’re morons.

Wolverine and Domino enter the ventilation shaft and crawl through the tight space. Domino suddenly stops dead and Wolverine shuffles against her butt. She tells him she can’t move forward. He asks why. Is she stuck? Domino can barely speak. There is a chicken in her way.

Earlier than expected, the power shuts down and the place goes dark. Wolverine calls Cyclops and tells him all bets are off. Inside the safe house, people wonder if it’s a terrorist attack. One of the guards grabs Kincaid and reiterates that he is to stay there until orders say otherwise. His colleague reckons Kincaid might have a point. This looks kinda bad. Kincaid almost tears his hair out at how stupid these guys are. “How could this possibly be any worse?”


Deadpool stands on top of a halted subway train wearing night vision goggles and singing to himself. He begins blasting at the safe house and everyone inside ducks for cover as bullets rain down on them. The guards hide behind a waste bin with Kincaid, wondering what they should do. Kincaid suggests firing back might be a good idea. They’re H.A.M.M.E.R. agents for God’s sake. One of them replies that they don’t have guns. Kincaid can’t believe it. He grabs one of them and orders them to call someone with guns. One of them grabs a phone and calls H.A.M.M.E.R. command, asking to talk to Norman Osborn. He can’t believe it when the operator actually puts him through. Osborn asks where Kincaid is. The guy tells him he’s right there. Osborn orders him to take Kincaid up to street level. He wants him out in the open. The guard asks if he’s sure about that. They’re kinda getting shot at right now. Osborn asks him not to worry about it.

Up above ground, as Deadpool nears the scene, reporter Kat Farrell is telling her viewers that things are completely out of control. She is live at the corner of Powell and Market where the X-Man known as Deadpool has staged an assassination attempt on Ellis Kincaid. She adds that Kincaid been staging a media war against the X-Men, claiming that they are keeping his seventeen-year-old daughter known as Mercury against her will. She adds that H.A.M.M.E.R. agents have cordoned off the area. Even the police cannot enter the area.

“This is real bad,” says Cyclops watching television back on Utopia.

“This is ridiculous!” remarks Wolverine at the scene.

“This is perfect,” grins Norman Osborn, watching events unfold on his own television set.

Characters Involved: 


Cyclops, Wolverine (both X-Men)

Domino, Hellion, Prodigy, Rockslide

Norman Osborn

Bullseye (Hawkeye)

Ellis Kincaid

Power Company worker


Kat Farrell and her cameraman


Other ‘captives’ of H.A.M.M.E.R.

(on screen)


Story Notes: 

The title is a play on Gil Scott-Heron’s song, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Ice-T is a rapper and actor, known for his controversial song Cop Killer with his band Body Count and for his appearances in many movies and the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit television series.

In this issue, Deadpool is singing Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant.

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