Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1

Issue Date: 
August 1993
Story Title: 
The Circle Chase - round 1: Ducks in a Row!

Fabian Nicieza (writer); Joe Madureira (penciler); Mark Farmer (inker); Glynis Oliver (colorist); Chris Eliopoulos (letterer); Suzanne Gaffney (editor); Bob Harras (group editor); Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The zaniness begins in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia as Deadpool is chased by a group of mercenaries whom he summarily dispatches in his own unique style - with quick banter, and fast moves. After hooking back up with Weasel, Deadpool explains why he’s suddenly got a target on his back … the Tolliver will, which basically states that whoever finds his estate first gets the prize, which could be anything. However, just as the two begin to piece it all together, they are confronted by Garrison Kane, who wants to know where Vanessa is. However, Deadpool just being Deadpool, wants a piece of Kane, and the two immediately fight each other. Weasel on the other hand interrupts them and informs them that neither have what the other is looking for. Elsewhere, anyone who has had the most remote connection with Tolliver has become a target, including Nyko Halfghanaghan, whose brother has been supposedly killed by Cable. However Nyko blames Deadpool and in turn, has hired the services of the Executive Elite to track down Deadpool and learn the location of the Tolliver estate. At the Canadian Department K, the being known as Slayback breaks into the new Weapon X files in order to learn of the locations of Deadpool and Kane. Meanwhile, Juggernaut finally tracks down his long-time partner, Black Tom, who was serious wounded by Cable months earlier. After finding him, he finds that Tom has had a change…for the better.

Full Summary: 

Somewhere in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, a group of mercenaries makes their way through the war torn streets. They are searching every building, and dark alleys looking for something. While, unknown to them, someone is targeting them from behind. Suddenly, Deadpool bursts from a boarded window, crashing straight into the gang of mercs and proceeds to shoot and beat them down in his own inimitable style. With a flurry of jokes and put downs, Deadpool easily beats his opponents, emerging victorious over a pile of bodies he has just created.
Deadpool proceeds down the street, until he reaches a burnt-out shell of a building and walks down the steps. No sooner than he reaches the dark bottom does someone place a gun at the back of his head. Deadpool swiftly turns around and grabs the gun from Weasel’s hand, and then begins to berate him for his mistake, asking him who else would come here looking for him. Weasel wonders why Deadpool didn’t just teleport in like he usually does, at which point Deadpool explains that the teleporter in his suit is on the fritz. Weasel goes on to say that he’s heard that someone has put a target on his head, but Deadpool adds that it’s not just him who’s a target, it’s anyone who’s ever worked for Tolliver. Trying to piece the events together, Weasel manages to deduce that after Cable had killed Tolliver, the weapons dealer left his entire estate up for grabs to whoever could find it first … which could be anything.
Deadpool warns Weasel not to try anything funny, like stabbing him in the back, but Weasel says that he knows better. Deadpool explains that the reason he’s come to Weasel is that he needs help tracking down Vanessa, who disappeared in Boston after her friend Tina was killed. Just then, someone else enters the scene, someone who also has an interest in Vanessa, Garrison Kane.

Angouleme, France:

At a genetic research facility, a group of panicking scientists are running away from a rampaging Juggernaut, who has come to find his partner-in-crime, Black Tom Cassidy. He is interrupted by the Director of Direct Directions (whatever that means), Louis Banque, who informs Juggernaut that his friend is alive and that he would be more than happy to bring him to him, after which he kindly guides him to a sealed vault. With a swipe from the Louis’s badge, the vault iris opens, leaving a stunned Juggernaut with disbelieving stare at what he is witnessing inside.

New Delhi, India:

Another man by the Name of Nyko is on a run for his life, a short squat man with a balding dead, but armed to the teeth with weaponry. Behind him three darkened mercenaries attempt to jump him, but Nyko turns around and unleashes his small arsenal and promptly blows the mercs away easily. Nyko states that his family may be small, but they carry big guns. A man appears behind Nyko, who he turns to aim his gun at him, however the man is unarmed and is entirely expected. It is Jacob Gavin Jr, AKA the Courier, who admires not only Nyko’s prowess with his weapons but finds it completely understandable why Nyko has suddenly become a target. Nyko states that he knows nothing about the Tolliver will, but needs the Courier to deliver a message to the Executive Elite. Nyko blames Deadpool for his part in his brother’s death, and now wants him to pay for it.


Kane jumps Deadpool, but DP counters with a swords strike that is also easily deflected by Kane’s new arm weaponry. Weasel takes cover behind a bunch of crates, calling them both idiots. DP pulls out a gun and blasts Kane’s arm, and finds much to his surprise that the bullet holes seal back up before his eyes. Kane smugly offers the bullets back, which doesn’t amuse DP at all, and he kicks Kane across the face. The two continue to trade punches and insults with each other, until Weasel calls out to them and finally gets their attention. Weasel exclaims that neither have what the other is looking for, at which point DP begins to realize that Kane wasn’t searching for Vanessa to kill her but just wanted to find her. Kane, upon discovering that DP has no idea where Vanessa is, turns to leave. DP calls out that he has first dibs on icing her, but Kane in turn relates that it isn’t her he should be worried about. Slayback has been spotted, alive and unwell and he’s search for Deadpool.

Department K:

Juggernaut asks Banque want they did to his partner, and Banque answers by stating that they saved his life. When Cable shot Black Tom, the injuries were quite extensive and some modifications were necessary in order to save him. Tom approaches the medical bay, which then opens before him, and Tom looks towards his friend. Juggernaut asks if Tom is okay, at which point Black Tom stands up, the full view of the modifications now apparent. Portions of his body are now with some sort of wood growth that runs across part of his chest and down his arms. Tom states that he’s never felt better, and to point him in the direction of the first person, who needs to be fleeced, finagled or killed!

Characters Involved: 



Garrison Kane


Black Tom Cassidy


Louis Banque

Nyko Halfghanaghan

Unnamed Mercenaries

Story Notes: 

This story continues the plot of the Tolliver will which began in the pages of X-Force, a macguffin driven plot that Fabian Nicieza is so well known for. Tolliver was supposedly blown up in a helicopter explosion triggered by Cable. Unknown to Cable, Tolliver was actually Tyler, his adopted son from the future.

Deadpool’s long time partner, Weasel makes his second appearance here, his first is in Cable #2. Funny how he doesn’t mention to Deadpool about how Sinsear was searching for him.

Kane gained his new appendages in Cable: Blood & Metal #2, when he made a year long side trip to the future. He finally made his way back in Cable (1st series) #3.

Department K is the group responsible for what was once known as the second generation Weapon X program. This program also included Garrison Kane (Weapon X) Deadpool, Slayback, and Sluggo.

For those who care, Jacob Gavin Jr. the notorious shape-shifting Courier so well known from the Gambit ongoing series makes his first appearance here, in all his un-shape-shifting glory. Both stories were written by Fabian Nicieza.

Nyko’s brother, Pico (nice), was allegedly killed by Cable in X-Force #14. As it turned out, he didn’t die. He returned as a Cyborg in Domino (1st series) #1.

We see Black Tom Cassidy get a revamp, which lead to mixed reactions to both fans and writers alike. So much so that future writers would flip flop back and forth between his incarnations. Black Tom was shot by Cable and teleported away by Deadpool after a hostage situation in the World Trade Center in X-Force #4.

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