Deadpool: The Circle Chase #4

Issue Date: 
November 1993
Story Title: 
The Circle Chase - round 4: Duck Soup

Deadpool and Weasel make their way into the “Palace of Tomorrow’s Hope” on the last leg of their journey to find the Tolliver will. Unbeknownst to them, they are being stalked by Slayback, who has Vanessa held captive. Inside the palace, DP and Weasel uncover a massive room filled with advanced technology, and most importantly, the Adam-Unit known as Zero (sans the 0 on his face). However, before they can make off with their loot, they are confronted by Kane, who has tracked them down as well. The battle is interrupted by Slayback, who persists in his attempt to kill Deadpool. During the fight, Vanessa is impaled by Slayback, and Zero is reawakened and proceeds to destroy all weapons of destruction in the area … including Slayback and Deadpool. While Slayback is seemingly disintegrated, Deadpool argues that he can also be a force for good, as he points out that he is the only one who can save Vanessa. With Deadpool in close proximity, Vanessa is able to “mimic” his healing factor and survives. In the end, Kane takes Vanessa back with him, while Deadpool contemplates if there is indeed hope for him.

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In the country of Katmandu, at the “Palace of Tomorrow’s Hope”, the man known as Weasel complains as he is forced to scale the wall in order to make his way in. Upon reaching the roof, Weasel notices that someone else had made it to the Palace already, by spotting the grappling hook that Vanessa had used to arrive. Upon walking into the Palace, he finds his partner, Deadpool, already there. He is knee deep in the bodies of the monks who lived in the Palace, and prattling on about monks and monkeys – including Peter Tork.
Weasel politely reminds Deadpool to shut up as he pulls out a scanner, at which point he detects an electromagnetic flux coming from higher up in the temple as well as something coming from below them. Deadpool rushes up the stairs to claim his “prize”, leaving Weasel to wonder what indeed is below them. Unbeknownst to them, Slayback is already there, and he is holding Vanessa hostage.
Just outside the Palace, another figure, which turns out to be Garrison Kane, makes his way towards the palace.
When Weasel reaches the top of the staircase, he finds Deadpool attempting to pry open the doors with his sword. Weasel easily opens the lock with his equipment, and the two make their way into the darkened room. After Weasel lights up his torch, they discover their final prize, a room full of advanced technology. A Weasel examines some of the equipment, Deadpool opens a container and screams as he sticks his head in, which proceeds to scare the life out of Weasel. Deadpool pulls out his head to reveal himself to be covered with packing chips. After an explanation of the dangers of packing chips, Deadpool proceeds to move aside the deactivated Adam-Unit known as Zero (without the big 0 across his face), in order to examine some more containers. However, Weasel notices that the unit looks exactly like the one they found on the disc they had stolen. Before either can make off with any loot, they are confronted by Kane.
Deadpool and Kane immediately begin to duke it out, while Slayback makes his way up the stairs, no one but Vanessa knowing his presence. Some of the stray blasts from Kane and Deadpool’s blaster fire hit Zero, and it falls down on top of Weasel. Just then, Weasel begins to notice that part of the “0” on his face was beginning to form.
Kane smashes his fist across Deadpool’s face, and zaps him with his hand blaster knocking him to the ground, directly at Slayback’s feet. Deadpool immediately becomes freaked at Slayback’s voice, after all this is a man he killed ten years previous, and to make thing’s worse, he has Vanessa literally in the palm of his oversized-shapeshifting hand. Kane jumps towards the rescue, but Slayback shrugs off the blasts. He extends his arm to enshroud Deadpool, who in a blind panic opens fire on Slayback with his gun. The blasts bounce of Slayback and some proceed to hit Zero, which by now has nearly completed forming the “0” on its face.
Weasel gets Kane’s attention, and Kane in turn immediately recognizes the Adam unit for what it is. Kane explains that an Adam unit can absorb all energy signatures in the immediate area upon its activation. It’s the ultimate body guard, designed to protect and maintain peace, by making any weapon useless.
Meanwhile, Slayback has both Deadpool and Vanessa (who is beginning to copy Slayback’s techno-organic nature) in his hands. He proceeds to throw Vanessa off to the side, and then slams the true object of his hatred through the wall. Vanessa pleads for Kane to help him. However, before Kane could get anywhere near Slayback, he is stopped by Weasel who grabs Kane by the arm and forces him to shoot Zero directly in the face.
The room is suddenly filled with a bright white light as Kane and Weasel are swept aside by the sudden wave of energy.
Oblivious to the happenings behind them, Slayback continues his attempt to murder Deadpool, slamming from the floor to the ground. Deadpool argues that Slayback is a butcher, for what he does, and that he himself may be a bad seed, he has genuine reasons for doing the things he does. Slayback counters by saying that Deadpool is a hypocrite, and that they are both scum. Finally, just as he is about to skewer his opponent by changing one of his hands into a pointed edge, Vanessa jumps in the way and is impaled by Slayback’s spike. Slayback, surprised at Vanessa’s selflessness, questions why she would sacrifice herself for someone like Deadpool. Vanessa answers by stating that while Deadpool may not be perfect, he has potential to be so much more than what he is.
Just as Slayback is about to finish his work, he is interrupted by the activity going on in the next room. As an injured Kane and Weasel rush out from the room, they dive for cover as the wall explodes out from behind them. Zero has become fully activated, and he is proceeding with his original programming to neutralize all weapons of war. Unfortunately for Deadpool and Slayback, this includes them as well.
Slayback screams out futilely, questioning the irony in Tolliver’s humor…that the most powerful weapon is actually meant to promote peace. Slayback is all but disintegrated when it moves on to Weasel’s equipment, and then to Kane himself. However, Kane is eventually spared when a brainwave scan reveals that Kane has a strong inclination towards socially beneficial behavior. Deadpool, however, has no such luck, as it begins to dissolve him as well. Deadpool argues on his behalf, by convincing Zero that he is capable of being much more than just a weapon, he can help as well. Holding Vanessa close, she manages to copy Deadpool’s healing ability, and quickly heals herself from the damage that Slayback inadvertently caused.
Upon seeing Deadpool’s selflessness, Zero spares him and then teleports away to continue his quest. Vanessa, still weak, thanks Deadpool for saving her life, but explains that she no longer loves him. Kane, sympathetic, tells Deadpool that she still needs medical attention and carries her away, leaving Deadpool to ponder his own life. Weasel states that he has proven that he is capable of being more than what he’s been, and Deadpool agrees. But a part of his old self is still there, and he’s not about to leave without something to show for his adventure. He may be showing the beginnings of a hero, but that doesn’t stop him from stealing a gold candlestick.

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Garrison Kane



Unconscious, unnamed monks

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The prize at the end of the chase is none other than Zero (yeah!). It’s never really explained how Tolliver got a hold of him after Stryfe’s demise on the moon, he is just sort of here.

It should be noted that Zero and the Clan Chosen member known as Eleven are both Adam-Units, perhaps part of the same series.

Zero continues his quest, eventually finding Tolliver (or Tyler if you will) in the pages of Cable (1st series #6-8). He then goes on to meet his final demise in the pages of Excalibur after making contact with the Phalanx known as Douglock.

Garrison Kane and Vanessa eventually go on to become a couple, shown in the pages of Wolverine and Cable.

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