Deadpool & Widdle Wade Team-Up #1

Issue Date: 
December 1998
Story Title: 
Turning Japanese (or: Little Demon Inside)

James Felder (writer), Pete Woods (pencils), Walden Wong (inks), Shannon Blanchard (colors), Comicraft (letters), Paul Tutrone & Matt Idelson (editors), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

A long time ago, Deadpool was hired by the Kingpin to finish off his competitor, the Beyonder. He foiled the Beyonder’s plan to take Elvis Presley’s place and become a new Messiah. An angry Beyonder made Wade pay by transporting him to Japan and beat him up there. After recovering at the hospital, Wade returned back home. Today, Wade gets hired by someone introducing himself as nothing more than “the Boss” to kill a man named Oyakata. After giving Wade a fake identity, he leaves to Japan. But once there, he notices a murder at a local restaurant. And the killer is none other than… Widdle Wade, a miniature version of Wade himself?! And he’s after Oyakata as well. Wade defeats Widdle Wade and afterwards has a reunion with Oyakata. It turns out they are old friends, and Oyakata even trained Wade once to become part of his Rikishi and was to marry his daughter, Sazae, whom Wade loved very much. But back then, Wade never told Oyakata that he was also hired to kill him. Wade loved the two too much to see them get hurt and simply left to never return, until now. Wade has an unpleasant reunion with Sazae and later does some research on Widdle Wade. He infiltrates at the local police station and discovers Oyakata has Yakuza affiliations, which he used to keep his gym open. He tries to tell Sazae about this but she only gets angrier at Wade, wanting to know why he never came back to her. Wade reveals his horrible scars on his face, but Sazae isn’t bothered by them, as she loves Wade no matter what. On that moment, Widdle Wade attacks again and they fight, but Deadpool eventually ends up victorious by sticking his sword through the midget’s chest. He later learns that Widdle Wade was build by the Boss, his employer, and his own genes and healing factor were used on him. Wade takes goodbye from Oyakata, refusing to come back, and lies to Sazae that he committed those murders and that her dad is innocent. She slaps him in the face and leaves, with Oyakata telling Wade to never come back if he doesn’t want to return to his gym. Wade goes back home, and once there kills his employer.

Full Summary: 

It happened a few years ago. This was not your usual piece of business. A cholesterol-challenged crime lord called the Kingpin had hired Deadpool to kill a competitor of his. Wade followed the guy to the Empire State Building but he jumped off the observation deck, which is a 100-plus floors up. Wade followed his victim, then there was a flash light. That’s when he realized his victim wasn’t an average guy. But of course, Wade isn’t an average killer.

They land in a disco in Japan. The Beyonder is happy as everything is going as he planned it. Deadpool falls through the teleportation portal. He sarcastically congratulates the Beyonder on his nice disco pants, joking that raiding Liberace’s wardrobe won’t scare him away. Beyonder warns Wade to get away, as his presence might interfere his plans and he’d better not upset a god like him. Wade doesn’t think Beyonder is a god, making him angry. He fires at Wade, making him fly across the dance hall! However, nobody notices, as they are too busy watching a show of Elvis Presley.

Wade wants to know what year they are in because the King died years ago. He recognized the big El, and now the Beyonder looks like him. Beyonder explains that he knows who the King was, and it was his plan to look like the guy and take in his place and be the next Messiah in the year 1998. Wade doesn’t think the Beyonder is going to be a Messiah, as he’s going to turn him into shish-kebab the moment he finds his nerves back. And after that he’s going to take him back to the Kingpin so Fisk can eat him or something.

The Beyonder doesn’t think so and isn’t harmed by Wade’s bullets. He thinks that thanks to Deadpool their presence there has altered things too much already and wants to make him pay. He grabs Wade and teleports away, mentioning he’ll make the merc meet his doom at the end of time.

Wade wakes up nine months later in a black market clinic in Kobe, Japan. A Japanese boss mentions to his servant, Shigeru, that today is an auspicious day, as a sizeable chuck of his money shall hopefully bear fruit today. If not, the servant shall pay for it, which he understands. The boss explained that Shigeru’s father messed up bad for their organization, as he lost money, control and lives. Including his own. But the boss mentions that the guy was like a brother to him, as they fought starvation after the war and build their organization up from scratch. He mentions to Shigeru that he had send him to Hawaii for his own protection, as the men who killed his father would have killed him as well if it weren’t for the boss. He purposely kept Shigeru into menial position to temper the criminals’ jealousy of the boss’ interest for the boy.

They enter a lab and a scientist mentions that their experiment is ready. They go deeper into the room and notice a big, blue ball in the middle. The scientist explains that the blood sample was sufficient for complete gene sequencing. Though he has to warn that with cloned organic projects they tend to produce some unexpected output. He warns the other scientist to activate Project OJ and that nobody can touch anything made of metal without protection. After a countdown, energy floats around the blue ball and Shigeru asks if it’s alive. The scientist can happily confirm that, and they notice a hand, cloaked in shadows, move.

The scientist takes that as a good sign, claiming that violent tendencies from the donor. He thinks that with electroshock training, that violence will be transferred to a subject of the boss’ choice and that victim will make a nice, obedient beast. Suddenly, the victim to whom the arm belongs to begins to scream real loud. Shigeru found that unexpected. The scientist agrees but that’s irrelevant in his opinion. He thinks they have actually improved on the source material. The victim has now quicker reflexes, greater proportional strength and unequaled stamina. Put short, he’s a perfect killer, way better than the original Deadpool. And he has no ties except for the boss’ organization.

The boss thinks they better trains him to be the best, even if it will take years. And only when the right time comes, they shall send their victim over to do the hard killings the boss always wanted to be done with. He tells Shigeru to pack his back claiming that his life in Hawaii is over. Shigeru isn’t sure what to make of that, but the boss hugs him. He explains that as of today, he shall become his new lieutenant, his right-hand man and his son. The boss only entrusts his life with Shigeru and mentions to him he lived up to the image of his father, and that he is now in control. Shigeru is startled.

Years of training pass, until one Thursday one problem is faced. The victim keeps saying, with an evil look on his face and, in Japanese, words “Control.”

Last Thursday…
Shigeru enters a temple and mentions to his companion that he has been coming there every night of the week. He knows the victim was told that this temple was supposed to be the meeting point and, since the victim didn’t show up, he wants to know where he was instead. The victim tells Shigeru he can tell his boss he has a short attention span. Shigeru tells the victim that the assignment is no more and that he can’t kill the Oyakata.

The victim gets angry hearing that. Shigeru mentions they don’t want him dead anymore because of the politics involved and the victim is recalled. Suddenly, a loud scream is heard and the monks of the temple rush towards it. They open the door, and find the victim promising he doesn’t stop until a job is done. He tells the monks to stop staring at him or else they’ll pay as well.

Last Friday, the Hellhouse…
CF is looking for Wade, as he won their bet. He saw it on the news about George Michael and Wade was right, and now CF will pay lunch so he picked up some sushi. Deadpool appears behind CF and holds a gun towards his mouth. He doesn’t like Japanese food and wants some tacos instead, or else he’ll kill CF. CF tries to stop Wade, but he is so angry and doesn’t release the poor guy. Patch shows up telling the guys to break it up as he thinks some crazy fools are trying to attack the Hellhouse and he wants everyone ready to help out.

All of the mercs hang out the window with their bazooka’s ready and see a helicopter landing. A man steps out telling the mercs to calm down, as he isn’t here to fight. He heard about the Hellhouse and that this was the place where he could hire some assistance. He requests for Deadpool’s aid, as a situation has gotten out of control and this is only out of necessity. Wade thinks it’s about unfinished business. The man claims to have no time for proper introductions, as they’ve got a long trip to make back, and they have to hurry. No questions asked.

Deadpool points his gun at the man, claiming he isn’t just some random guy who jumps through hoops simply because he’s asked. The man shows Wade some gold stashed in the helicopter and wants no questions asked, they have to leave right now. Wade agrees but wants to pick up his toothbrush first, as he hates that hot-fresh feeling after a long flight.

One day later, Kyoto, Japan…
Wade has used his image inducer to look like an actual police officer. His employers give him a badge which indicates him as Takehiko Adachi. That and the image inducer should be enough to fool everyone else. Wade’s boss and his guard mentions they won’t have any problem with the police as they’ve got earlier made arrangements with them. They enter the Sanju Sangendo temple.

Wade remarks what holiday it is and why his boss’ goon isn’t wearing one of those loud silk shirts Japanese people dig. The boss is startled to hear Wilson speak Japanese so flawlessly. He wonders if they met before and wants to see Wade without wearing that mask of his. Hesitant, Wade claims he just figured any country that invented karaoke and vending machines that sell girl’s bloomers is bound to be filled with fashion victims. He wonders if any of those kind of machines are around here.

The goon dislikes Deadpool and asks his boss if they really need him and if he can’t dispose of him. The boss ignores that question and asks Wade to follow him, mentioning he’s getting tired of his ongoing rambling. Wade does as told and enters a room with a lot of blood in it. He thinks this was the work of one sick puppy. He should know, as he’s the Mack-daddy of all sick puppies. He notices a body and asks his boss if they are going to bury the man or leaving him there looking like a jigsaw puzzle. He wants to know who the body belonged to and if the blood really belongs to just one person.

The boss explains that the body belonged to his right-hand man, his lieutenant. And now it’s up to tell him to tell Shigeru’s wife, Chantal, what happened. Wade asks if it’s hard to replace lieutenants. The boss shows Wade his hand which has only three fingers. He explains that, in his profession, you lose one joint over a finger for every mistake you make. Shigeru was missing no fingers because he learned from his father not to make any. Until now. Shigeru is irreplaceable just like the boss’ fingers.

He shows Wade a picture of a man named Oyakata. He’s a coach of Rikishi, what Americans call Sumo wrestlers. Oyakata is the killer’s next target and he has to be stopped. The boss wants to do it for his own reasons and those of Shigeru. Wade wants to know who the killer is, but the boss said no questions. Wade destroys the photo claiming he’ll remember what Oyakata looks like when he finds the guy.

Later that night, the Shinjuku District in Tokyo…
In a nightclub, fish is served. One of the waiters takes off his mask and has a message for Oyakata, who’s dining there. Oyakata is prepared to listen to the message, but then the waiter takes out his butcher knife! The killer is… Widdle Wade, who looks just like a miniature Deadpool!

On that very moment, the real Deadpool teleports inside and immediately starts firing upon Widdle Wade. He congratulates the little guy on his mask, but Widdle Wade dodges all of the bullets and kicks Wade in his stomach, then throwing him over his shoulder! Widdle Wade pushes himself and Deadpool out of a window, with Wade thinking they’re in big trouble. They land on some cars below and are both still alive. Widdle Wade takes out his sword, which Wade notices is bigger than his. But he thinks he has a way out. He rolls out of the way and the truck hits Widdle Wade, dragging him along the way as they drive. But Widdle Wade is still alive and laughs.

Wade can’t believe that, after the beating the little guy took, he’s still laughing. He knows he’ll be back for more and hopes he’ll be ready then. Oyakata and his guards come outside and thank Deadpool for the assist. Wade bows in honor, claiming it was nothing and Oyakata hugs Wade. He claims he has no idea what’s going on, as he doesn’t want Oyakata to remember him, but Oyakata knows better. He wants Wade to stop speaking English or else he’ll tell his guards about the time those two women Wade discovered a time ago weren’t exactly women.

Wade agrees and starts talking in Japanese. He apologizes for it but he had a lot on his mind lately. Oyakata doesn’t mind that and notices Wade has been working out since the last time they met. He asks Wade to take of that silly mask of his, as they’re all friends here. Oyakata’s guards try to take it off but Wade quickly withdraws refusing to get his face exposed.

Suddenly, Oyakata’s daughter, Sazae comes running to her had hading heard about the battle. She notices they’re not alone and asks her dad who the pervert in the black-red leather suit is. Oyakata introduces Deadpool as Chiyo, thinking it’s a good thing he finally returned after all those years. Wade walks over to Sazae and notices she isn’t fat anymore. Sazae gets angry and slams Deadpoo, knocking him out and shouting at him to never get near her father again. Wade falls down unconscious on the ground, remembering the time he and Oyakata first met.

It happened a time long ago, even before Vanessa and Weapon X. Wade had been in Asia for so long he had forgotten about Tangiers and Francie. A guy only named “Boss” offered him a lot of money. All he had to do was infiltrate the Oyakata’s stable and wait for further instructions. The Boss was paying Wade so much to sit around and get fat, so he thought “why not?” The Oyakata’s stable of fighters. There was no way for Wade to know that he’d end up spending three of the toughest years of his life there. It was in those days that he met Oyakata.

At a training gym, Oyakata hazed Wade that he was a loser, because he was so skinny back in those days and wasn’t of any use to him. Oyakata wanted Wade to keep fighting him. He wasn’t allowed to waste his or the Rikishi’s time until Wade knew how to beat them. The Oyakata had been a big competitor in the Boss’ time. They were the tops, the greatest. He held the highest rank in the sport, which was called Yokozuna. It was known for a certain battle move, namely a Trip. It put a sledgehammer’s amount of pressure on the opponent’s back. They would have to fall or else their necks would be snapped. The press even used to say the move could be lethal, if it wasn’t done by the expert hands of Oyakata.

In his time, Oyakata was unbeatable. So, he was to be Wade’s hurdle. Every day, Wade would crawl into the ring, and every day he would be slapped down. He remembers how very painful it was. Wade still couldn’t win and Oyakata kept laughing at him. But Wade slowly got faster, stronger and even fatter! One morning, the proudest of Wade’s life, he found his technique: the Mesuniu Tsuppari! He slapped Oyakata down with it. From that moment on, Wade was unbeatable.

He quickly became the star Rikishi in the stable and it came time for Wade to choose a Shikona, which was a traditional name to be used in competition. Sazae, Oyakata’s youngest daughter, gave Wade the name of “Chiyonosake,” meaning “the White Wolf of the Rice Wine.” Wade loved that name. Not because he got drunk that night, but because, well… when ladies give him a name, it’s usually not that kindly so he was thrilled. It was a good life. Wade even got waited on hand and foot. He was a clear opponent in a world of rules and order.

Sazae used to do the cooking in the Heya, since Oyakata’s wife had earlier died in some kind of accident. The girl took a liking to this up-and-coming Rikishi, who seemed to treat her world like it was all some kind of fun ride. She used to sneak Wade curry udon to get on his good side. And the whole time Oyakata’s turning a blind eye to it all, like some matchmaking grandmother. It was eventually arranged that, when Sazae was on age, she would marry Wade, her Chiyo. Wade would inherit the Heya, charge up future pupils and everything else of value to Oyakata.

Most importantly, Wade would be entrusted with Sazae’s welfare, as no one else would Oyakata trust with his dearest treasure. Wade can tell people now that it was about as close a guy like him could come to the white picket fence routine, all cozy like. Until one day, everything changed.

Wade’s little mistake was that he could he thought he could leave behind all the unhappiness and ugliness in his life. One sunny morning, there was a message found in Wade’s crème-filled Dwinkee. It was time for Wade to do what he was paid for. And what was that? Surprise! He had to kill Oyakata! For once in his life, Wade said “enough!” For the first time ever, he was walking away from a job, leaving before he could hurt anybody but himself. Sazae wouldn’t make it easy though, as women never do. Wade told her that he couldn’t explain why he was running away. That she wouldn’t want to know.

And he couldn’t have that. He knocked Sazae unconscious before she knew what hit her. Wade had to do it. Afterwards, Wade did what he does so well all the time: disappear. And it was a long, long time until there was a morning he didn’t wonder what Sazae did when she woke up from that punch of his. If she was sad, or angry, or simply disappointed.

Wade wakes back up, and Oyakata carries him inside his home. Wade wonders why it is he always wakes up Sunday mornings being carried by a fat man. Oyakata asks “Chiyo” if he’s feeling alright. Wade jokes he’s breathing which is enough, telling Oyakata he’s lucky he still is. He mentions that fight back in the club wasn’t something random. He was hired to kill him. Oyakata isn’t impressed. Wade thinks the old man must have misheard him, thinking it might be everyday business for him or something. Wade shouts he was hired by someone duped as “the Boss” by his probably mentally-challenged mother.

Oyakata immediately becomes angry, wanting to know how Deadpool knows the Boss hired that little assassin. Wade doesn’t think the midget knows who his boss is. Oyakata calms down, telling Wade that breakfast is at 11 am and, if Wade wants to practice, he’s welcome to join them before 5 am in the next morning. Wade can’t believe Oyakata can stay so calm after suddenly seeing him, wearing a crazy outfit like his. Oyakata believes that a man can’t be shocked by anything that happens outside of his gym. Only in the Heya do people follow the rules.

On that very moment, a furious Sazae rushes in, holding knives and asking her dad if he’s alright. Wade panics and jumps back in Oyakata’s big arms. Wade mentions that someone is trying to kill this family, but it isn’t him. Oyakata still trusts Wade, telling Sazae that she doesn’t know him like he does. Sazae explains she knows Chiyo all to well, and that’s the problem. Wade pushes them outside not wanting to get into this family feud. He wants to go to sleep and doesn’t want to reveal to his mortal enemies where the fly is on this joy-suit.

Wade is confident that little midget killer won’t attack until tomorrow night. Both Sazea and Oyakata want to know how Deadpool can be so certain of that, but Wade claims it’s a trade secret. Wade thinks to himself he really is sure. At first he thought that thing might have just been stalking him, dressing up in his outfit, but the tiny even has Deadpool’s moves! And with the guy living through that truck settled it, Wade’s opponent also has his healing factor. The tiny creature really is Deadpool, though only with half the calories. Wade thinks it’s really weird situation to be in.

The next day, Wade figures to do a little research, killing some time before the big gig started up again. In his fake officer identity, Wade heads downtown to the local police station. He forgot how disturbing Tokyo is in the early morning. With the lights directed on you, one can see how clean and well behaved everyone is. Wade doesn’t like it. It shows deep-seated mental problems and thinks the people are all sick in their heads here. But in his time in Japan, Wade learned it’s the quiet types of people you have to be careful about. There’s always something bubbling under the skin of normalness.

Wade remembers he once knew a shy boy. He used to pull the wings off of parakeets when his aunt wasn’t looking. That boy’s name was Webster. It was a cute, chubby-cheeked kid. Webster taught Wade not to trust the innocent-looking ones. The badge the boss gave Wade is his ticket in to the other actual police officers. After digging through some Yakuza assassinations in the station’s archives, Wade finds what he was looking fore: unsolved cases.

He reads a file and it’s like he thought. There’s a cancer in every cherished memory of his just waiting to erupt. 17 victims, snapped spines, one suspect but no evidence. It all leads to the tiny creature Wade fought earlier. It’s a strangely quiet night for the neighborhood. You couldn’t even hear the truck horns from the freeway. It’s kind of scary not to hear any noises this deep in the city. Just waiting for death to creep up.

Sazae enters Wade’s room, thinking he’s probably acting like a coward and ran off again. She searches through his room and finds the police files he stole, about the Yakuza assassinations. Suddenly, Wade enters and freaks out, taking the pictures away from her. Sazae angrily demands to know if this is the kind of work he now does. Wade doesn’t think she really wants that answer. He doesn’t think Sazae cares what he does or where he went to after he left.

Sazae confesses that she never cared why Wade left, but what she cared about was knowing why he never returned. Wade freaks out about that and rips off his mask, revealing his horrible scared face to her! Sazae calms down and… hugs Wade! She wonders why he never came back if he was hurting so badly. She mentions they’ll always have a place for him there. She remembers her dad being somewhat curious about Wade’s costume but was too embarrassed to ask. She tells Wade to clean with him and simply come back. Sazae thought that they thought Wade left because wouldn’t have to marry her. She’s confident her dad wouldn’t care if Wade killed someone. She knows they are good people and tells Wade they will forgive him.

Wade doesn’t think so. He angrily shouts at Sazae that, before she goes over to “adopt him” and “forgives him,” wants her to take a look at who’s got the mud on their panties. He wants her to look closely at those pictures, and wants to know if she recognizes a familiar face on them, who might have hung out with her dad he took care of behind her back. Sazae defends that her dad’s a good man and wouldn’t do a thing like that. She shouts at Wade to take his filth with him and leave and to never come back!

Elsewhere at the temple, Oyakata is praying in front of a painting of his deceased wife. Sazae enters. He notices she has been crying. He calms his daughter down, telling her she knows he’ll do anything he can to protect her. He fights all the world to protect her. Sazae remembers Wade’s angry words about her dad and runs away from him. Deadpool runs after her, claiming her he was just lying back there and didn’t mean what he said. Sazae reminds Wade that he used to be the only one who didn’t lie to her and wants him to be that man again. She gently starts taking off his mask again, ready to kiss Wade.

On that very moment, Widdle Wade drops in! However, he loses balance and falls on the ground. Wade laughs at first, but then realizes they have been set up. Widdle Wade just left them... a time bomb! Wade pushes Sazae into safety. The bomb goes off and the entire place starts catching fire. She rushes to the Rikishi begging them for help, but Widdle Wade kills them all with his sword!

Widdle Wade mentions he’s ready to finish this. But so is Sazae and holds her Gensu blade ready. She takes out another of her blades and starts twirling it around, introducing her Iron Chef attack! Widdle Wade laughs and sends out his robotic dog, named Daruma. Widdle Wade orders the dog to keep Sazae occupied while he’ll go take care of her dad, but will come back later to finish her off as well. Once Widdle Wade is gone, Daruma’s original cute face transforms into a mouth filled with large teeth, ready for a bite!

Deadpool has survived the blast and starts slicing Daruma up. The dog panics and calms down, even licking Wade’s face! Meanwhile, Widdle Wade has reached Oyakata and is ready to kill him. But then he hears Wade playing with Daruma and freaks out over it. Wade understands what’s going on and runs outside with the dog, pretending to be playing with it. Widdle Wade chases them outside, until they make it at the Kokugikan, the home of the Sumo wrestlers. Wade thinks the little guy might have the genetic enhancement on him, and the guy’s reflexes might even make him a better weapon than he is. But here at the Donyo, Wade is still the unbeatable one!

Wade challenges Widdle Wade for a battle. He takes out his sword, and explains that the Boss hired him to kill Oyakata, and tells Wade that he’s a mere fringe benefit. Wade is surprised to learn the Boss really hired Widdle Wade. He adds that the Boss didn’t only hire him; he also made him! He used Deadpool’s genes to make a better version of him. Widdle Wade thinks that he’s really better than Deadpool. He throws some throwing stars at Wade, knocking him out.

Wade remembers the early lessons of Oyakata while they were training: Wade had to let out his little inner demons inside and not act like a puppy. Wade proudly shouts that he’s a fighter and kicks Widdle Wade quickly down and sticks his sword through his stomach! Wade shouts in English that he’s the better man, since he’s original and not a clone. Widdle Wade, attempting to recover, tells Wade to talk in Japanese and that he forgives him. Wade doesn’t understand that.

Widdle Wade claims that they never bother to teach him English, afraid he would seek Wade out. These thoughts he’s having now, they hurt and killing doesn’t help it any. He wonders if it ever helped Deadpool. Widdle Wade thinks that, if he would live a day longer, if he killed the amount of people Wade killed, he wonders if it would feel better in his skin. Widdle Wade tells Deadpool that it’s okay, as he forgives his brother. Widdle Wade mentions that he never found peace. He refuses to die under a mask and takes it out.

Deadpool is startled to discover that Widdle Wade’s face isn’t scarred, like his. Widdle Wade explains that he was manufactured, asking Wade if he thinks his genes meant for him to look this way. He knows nature isn’t messed up like this. Having said those last words, Widdle Wade… dies Wade buries the little guy in a local playground where he once saw a little guy burry his cat at midnight. Wade thinks it’s a better grave than he’ll probably get when his time comes.

Wade later returns back to Oyakata. He explains that Sazae has her hands full running the Chanko-Nabe restaurant, claiming that’s how they keep the money coming in during the losing seasons. He mentions that it’s been a long time since they cut his hair, too long to go back into the ring. Half of his men are now in the hospital. The other half in the morgue. Oyakata think it will take him a few years to train up a new batch of Rikishi and wants Wade to come back to Sumo.

Wade doesn’t want to talk about that now. He wants to know if they are going after the Boss, since he hired someone to kill him. Oyakata knows that the Boss hired Wade to rescue him. He thinks that makes it okay. He mentions that how they work. Business is different outside these walls of his home. Oyakata thinks Wade is disappointed in him. Because he killed to keep this place open. Oyakata wants to know now if Wade’s going to come back. He wants his answer right now, or else Wade never has to bother to come back. Wade doesn’t respond.

Deadpool leaves and finds Zoe at the park. He thought he’d find her here. He remembers the time they came here after the Cherry Blossom Festival. But maybe it’s better today they don’t remember that time. He notices Sazae still holding the photos from the police stations and wants them back, still claiming he lied about them and that he committed the murders. He doesn’t want Sazae to think her father’s a killer. Sazae is surprised to learn that. Wade says it’s nothing and kisses Sazae on her head, but in return she slaps him in the face!

Back home, Daruma returns to the Boss! He thought they had lost the dog when the lab blew up a year ago. But then, Deadpool enters the office and smiles. Wade doesn’t like the fact that people are messing with his genes and hates to leave things unfinished. Now, it’s payback time and it’s up to Daruma to complete that job!

Characters Involved: 


Widdle Wade
Daruma (his robot dog)

The Beyonder

CF, Patch II (Hellhouse residents)

Oyakata and his daughter Sazae

The Boss

Chantal, Shigeru and various other Japanese thugs (all unnamed)
Rikishi Sumo-wrestlers and Japanese police officers (all unnamed)
Elvis Presley and various unnamed disco guests

in Deadpool’s flash-back:
a younger Deadpool (before Weapon X)
a younger Oyakata and Sazae
The Boss (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

This issue partly takes place during Secret Wars II. Presumably, it takes place sometime during or after Secret Wars II #3, as it was in that issue the Beyonder became a competitor for the Kingpin.

This one-shot story can be chronologically read after Deadpool (3rd series) #22, though not really necessary as it fully understandable on its own.

First appearance of Widdle Wade.

Deadpool uses his Japanese aliases of Takehiko Adachi and Chiyonosake for the first time.

The “Vanessa” Wade mentions in the story is Vanessa Carlysle, aka Copycat, Deadpool’s ex-girlfriend.

Written By: