Fallen Angels (1st series) #4

Issue Date: 
July 1987
Story Title: 

Jo Duffy (writer), Joe Staton ( penciler), Val Mayerik (inker), L.P. Gregory (letterer), Petra Scotese (colorist), Ann Nocenti (editor), Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)
Created by Duffy & Gammill

Brief Description: 

Ariel has teleported the Fallen Angels to a primordial world, where they are immediately attacked by a dinosaur. While Vanisher teleports away, Siryn and Madrox try to evacuate the others and Sunspot tries to defend Chance, first gaining a power surge then being hurt and falling unconscious in the process. Ariel looks up Chance, who is being unusually tender towards Sunspot, and the two girls find the Vanisher. As the others try to make a fire, Boom Boom falls for Madrox and Warlock goes looking for Sunspot. In the process they make two new friends, the mutants Ariel brought them here for – Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy. When they all gather again, Madrox notices that Cerebro seems to identify Chance and Ariel as latent mutants.

Full Summary: 

The Fallen Angels have stepped though Ariel’s door, only to suddenly find themselves in a primordial landscape with a dinosaur ready to attack them. As Roberto stands there transfixed, Vanisher immediately saves himself by teleporting away. When the monster turns towards Ariel, Chance orders her to stand her ground. If she stands still, it may not attack her.

Siryn flies into action and hits the beast with a sonic blast while Ariel runs away. As Boom Boom throws a timebomb at its thick scales, Madrox states that they are going to need more people to get everybody clear and orders her to hit him. When she is hesitant, he hits her. Angrily, she hits him back, doing what he wants by causing him to multiply. The Madroxes help to get everyone to safety while Siryn keeps on distracting the dinosaur with her sonic scream.

Only Chance fights being saved, shouting she isn’t afraid. The dinosaur turns towards them. Being able to save only one Siryn reacts instinctively and saves the Madrox dupe.

Chance acts bravely, trying to threaten the attacking dinosaur away. Sunspot turns on his power and runs towards her, literally lifting the beast from the ground and tossing it away. Chance is surprised. She didn’t think Bobby was that strong. He’s not, he replies, dumbfounded himself. The monster comes again. Sunspot upends a tree using it to batter the monster.

A splinter gets lose and hits Roberto on the head. He faints. Chance tries to shake him awake. Disgusted, she remarks that the clown knocked himself out. Lucky he waited till the monster was gone to be so stupid. Unexpectedly tenderly she takes out a piece of cloth and tries to clean the wound.

Seeing that the danger has passed, Ariel joins them, exclaiming that she came back in case Chance needed help. Is it likely she would? Chance asks gruffly. She can see Chance has everything under control here, Ariel replies.

Nearby, from the shadows, two mysterious strangers watch them, the rider remarks to the dinosaur that the strangers are of great strength and courage. He wonders what has brought such strange beings to the Valley of the Flame.

Chance angrily asks Ariel what made her take them to such a stupid dangerous place? Doesn’t she care that she almost got them … uh… Bobby killed? She thought mutants were so important to Ariel. So what is she doing, taking them somewhere where Bobby has to risk his life.

Ariel remarks she checked the planet out before coming here. It’s in a potent evolutionary phase… a lot like Earth was before humans became the dominant species. There are at least two really significant native mutants here in the region… important enough to justify the loss of a lesser one. Of course, she knew nobody would get killed.

While she talks, Chance takes off her jacket and places it under Bobby’s head. Ariel remarks she hopes Chance isn’t going soft on Sunspot. The job they have to do won’t be any easier if Chance start forming emotional attachments. She thinks Chance cares what happen to him? Chance announces she cares about no one but herself… especially not a little macho like this one.

Bobby begins to recover, weakly asking if his nightmare is over. No, he’s stuck right in the middle of the worst part of it alone, Chance snarls, then leaves with Ariel.

Sunspot slowly gets up, wondering why his head is lying on Chance’s jacket, then a huge shadow falls on him.

Elsewhere, the Vanisher pants nervously, wondering if he is safe. But what about his children, his Fallen Angels, his darlings? They were right in the path of that ferocious beast, perhaps he should go back… Nah, they are capable, he decides. They’ll probably be all right. He looks at a twig behind him, suddenly sees a gecko on it, screams frightened and vanishes again.

Elsewhere, Siryn, Madrox and Warlock have evacuated the other Angels. Carried by Warlock, Gomi calmly holds a discussion about whether dinosaurs or lobster have more intelligence. Siryn decides it’s safe for them to land.

Boom Boom, carried by two Madroxes, still struggles, demanding they let her go. Sweetheart it will be their pleasure, to drop her right on the head, comes the annoyed reply. Sweetheart? Boom Boom is instantly smitten. The Madroxes pull themselves together and are only one. Enough for her, Siryn jokes, calling him “love,” instantly causing jealousy in Boom Boom.

Warlock asks if he can go looking for Bobby and Chance and Madrox and Siryn agree. Warlock shifts into the shape of a dinosaur (though still keeping his characteristic circuitry look).

Gomi tells the others that he’s been conferring with Don and Bill and they have decided that their priorities should be the building of a fire for warmth and protection and, of course, the acquisition and preparation of sustenance. Great plan, Boom Boom who is leaning against a tree states sarcastically. Just what does he expect to use to build his fire? One generally begins with kindling, he replies and telekinetically fells the tree behind her, almost getting her with his blast.

She calls him an idiot, reminding him he doesn’t have any control over his blasts. She intends to attack him with a time-bomb in retaliation. Madrox tries to get between them, which isn’t necessary as Boom Boom suddenly stumbles. Don and Bill are holding onto her ankles.

Gomi calmly observes that Boom Boom’s little timebomb has rolled into a thicket close to him. Siryn brutally shoves him down before it explodes in his face. Madrox unfortunately fell over Boom Boom who uses this to come on to him. Siryn suggests that there are more efficient ways of starting a fire, even if they are not as much fun.

A concerned dinosaur, Warlock makes his way through strange territory when he hears a gargling noise. Believing Bobby to be in trouble he runs and finds him… as well as a dead dinosaur.

The two friends assure each other how happy they are to see each other and Warlock brings Bobby up to speed. Then, he reminds Bobby that he originally joined the Fallen Angels to repudiate the heroic ideal. When he saved Chance, wasn’t that an act of heroism? Teammates are different, Roberto decides. Even villains should stand by their own.

Warlock asks if the visit to this world increased Sunspot’s power. He doubts it, Bobby replies. His power burst didn’t outlast the bump on his head. Then how did Bobby defeat the second attacking predator? He didn’t, Bobby replies and points upwards. They did. He points at a huge dinosaur ridden by a primate somewhere between monkey and human stage – Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur.

Nearby, Ariel tells Chance she learned about these mutants… well about one of them… through the American media. He came to Earth once or twice… through magic or space, she imagines, and people jus assumed he’d come forward in time from Earth’s past.

Chance curtly informs her that the racket she’s making will attract more predators. Ariel apologizes. As soon as she finds those two they can head back to Beat Street and… Quiet! Chance orders her. She heard something moving in the underwood. She jumps to attack it and finds the Vanisher, who cries for his mother.

He crouches on the ground, unwilling to look up. Ariel tries to shake some sense into him. Finally, the Vanisher realizes it’s them, stops whining and pretends he had the situation under control the whole time. In fact, he was just on his way to find them and the others, so if they’ll follow him? That’s the direction they just came from, Chance replies and grabs him by the jacket, pointing him in the other direction. Oh, he knew that. By the way, how did the dinosaur attack go? Did anyone get killed? The two girls smirk at each other behind his back.

Nearby, the others have started a fire and Gomi cooks some unidentifiable animal on a spit over it, while Don and Boll bring fuel. Gomi promises Don the dark meat. Nearby, Boom Boom asks Madrox what he’s got there. Madrox explains it’s a portable version of the mutant detector Cerebro while embarrassed about Boom Boom making goo-goo eyes at him.

Theresa remarks that the food smells delicious and asks what it is. Gomi has no idea. Don and Bill tracked it and killed it.

Madrox demonstrates Cerebro, saying take the lobsters, for example. She can think of someone else she’d rather take, Boom Boom sighs. Madrox is speechless while Gomi explains that one might think both lobsters are mutants from their abilities. However, the powers come from their robot parts. Don however registers as a mutant because of his rare azure coloration. Of course, green is nice too, he quickly assures Bill.

Jamie explains this unit is calibrated now to register distinctions between familiar mutants, so if he eliminates the readings for everyone here… Suddenly, he feels funny. Like he wasn’t all there. Boom Boom uses that opportunity to come on to him again.

That moment, they are joined by Vanisher, Chance and Ariel, with Vanisher having just followed the scent of food. Ariel chirps that she’ll be needing the mini-Cerebro later. Madrox remarks this is odd. He’s getting some kind for reading from both Ariel and Chance as if they were latent mutants or something. Chance replies he’s probably holding it upside-down or something while Ariel adds that she couldn’t be a mutant. It’s just not possible. And neither is Chance.

Vanisher reminds her that mutant or not, Ariel is a space-bender. Now why doesn’t she find a cave door or something to take them home though? He doesn’t mean right now, does he? she asks. Well, he supposes they can take time out for food first, he agrees. He gets the first helping after Gomi tastes it to see if it’s poisoned, of course. But Don and Bill… Gomi begins to protest and then gives in.

Siryn angrily turns to the Vanisher. He wasn’t seriously thinking of leaving without Bobby and Warlock, was he? He suggests the rest of them go home and Ariel can wait for them to show up. They call him a miserable coward.

Madrox interjects. According to his readings, they’ve just shown… and indeed that moment Roberto and Warlock turn up, announcing two friends. Vanisher jealously guards his food while Madrox announces the Cerebro unit is reading off the scale. Either there are hundred mutants coming or else…

Or else it’s the big mutant she came to find, their newest member, Ariel announces. With a smirk, Bobby hands Chance her jacket. Vanisher protests, asking since when has anyone been allowed into the Fallen Angels without his personal okay?

A Dinosaur roars at him as Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy join them. Welcome to the group, want some dinner? Vanisher asks, suitably cowed.

Characters Involved: 

Ariel, Boom Boom, Chance, Gomi, Multiple Man, Siryn, Sunspot, Vanisher ,Warlock (all Fallen Angels)
Don & Bill (Gomi’s lobsters)
Moon Boy & Devil Dinosaur

Story Notes: 

The credits name Kerry Gammill as penciler. However, the issue was clearly drawn by Joe Staton.

Devil Dinosaur & and Moon Boy are brain children and starred in the short-lived title Devil Dinosaur (in 1978) that ran for 9 issues. Originally intended to be from the past, here Ariel reveals them to be aliens and later they were shown to be from a different universe. Eventually, Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur settle in the Savage Land. (Unless you believe the NextWave series is in continuity, in which case Devil Dinosaur turned evl and ate Moon Boy)

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