First X-Men #5

Issue Date: 
March 2013
Story Title: 
I Dreamed a Dream

Neil Adams & Christos Gage (writers), Neal Adams (artist), Matthew Wilson (colors), VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Adams & Wilson (cover), Adam Kubert & Justin Ponsor (variant cover), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

As the mutants fight against the attacking Sentinels and soldiers, Virus manages to possess Sabretooth. When Holo briefly stops him, Creed regains control and breaks Virus’ grip. As a dying act, Virus briefly possesses Creed again and has him wound Holo mortally. Horrified, Creed runs away with the young woman to find help. After Meteor is killed by the Sentinels, Logan takes them on with his katana and orders the kids to flee. Shadowshift and Scout are reunited with their father, Agent Dansig. Xavier makes everyone believe they died in the fire so they can have a safe life. Logan is the only one left, with the others dead or fled, with Duncan waiting for him to tell him the whole thing was a disaster and he will make mutant politics from now on. He asks for Logan to work with him but Logan has had enough. However, he kills Director Hartfield. Bolivar Trask is fired, but decides to continue his work on the Sentinels privately. Creed tries to find a car to drive Holly to a hospital. One comes in time, and she is miraculously saved. Afterward, they have a wonderful life together, all until Creed realizes this was the dying illusion she gave him. Later, Logan tries to get as drunk as he can. Creed confronts him and promises that, if Logan ever finds anything he loves, Creed will take it away from him. At an all-time low, Logan is offered an extremely dangerous job at Weapon X, which he accepts. Magneto hears of the mutant defeat and decides that the next time humanity won’t face children but a Brotherhood. And Charles Xavier decides to open a school for gifted youngsters.

Full Summary: 

Chaos rules as the government troops led by Virus have attacked Logan’s cabin. Logan, fighting the possessed Creed, now understands he is called Virus because he hides in people and takes them over like a disease. Riding atop Sabretooth’s back, Virus agrees and adds there is one more reason. Those he infects tend to die. They should feel honored. Whichever one of them gets to kill the other, gets to be his mount forever. With their healing factors, he’ll never use them up. He’ll have a permanent body at last! Logan hits Creed and tells him to fight.

As a Sentinel impales Meteor, Logan struggles with Creed, trying to reach him. Holo intervenes, creating an illusion of Virus being a healthy handsome man. This is what he really wants, right? To be normal? Get out of his head! he cries, losing control over Creed, who immediately attacks Virus and breaks his back.

Creed thanks Holly, telling her he will never forget this. How true, he never will, the dying Virus promises. He uses what power he has left to again control Creed, who begs Logan to stop him… but it’s too late. He has already slashed Holly. Virus dies laughing.

Giving up her illusions, Holly sinks into the arms of Creed’s, who shouts at her to hang in there. This is his fault! he snarls a Logan. He and his damn crusade, he did this! He is right, Logan agrees ashamed and tells him to get Holly to a doctor.

As he orders the kids to run, Logan grabs his katana. Anthony protests, stating that he started this, he’s gonna finish it. Logan said they gotta fight. They can’t give up! Logan stabs a Sentinel in the head and orders Bomb to get moving. The kids tell him they are all with him. He calls them stupid kids. Do they really think they are any use to him? That they ever were? Training’s over! They failed! No get outta his sight! Heartbroken, Anthony takes off the jacket Logan gave him.

Logan orders Yeti to get his brother out but asks for one last lift. Yeti throws him in fastball special at the next Sentinel’s head. Logan decapitates the robot.

Outside, the agents see the burning cabin. Agent Kyle Dansig panics and runs towards the blaze, shouting they are his sons! He runs inside, calling out “Jamie” and “Josef.” Shadowshift and Scout hug him.

Xavier telepathically tells him to flee. His colleagues will see him die in the flames and not look for him. Run! Hide! Live!

Everything’s going to be okay now, right? Scout hopes.

Elsewhere, Creed carries the injured Holly along the road, trying to get her to a hospital. He hopes for a car. When one tries to pass them, Creed stops it, tosses out the driver and drives her to the hospital, begging her to hold on.

Sometime later, a nurse informs him she will pull through. Relieved, he admits he wouldn’t have known what to do if she died. She tells him not to think about it now. They got the rest of their lives ahead of them.

They decide to live for themselves. They get married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. Eventually, they have two kids and lead a happy family life. Aged, they sit on the porch. It’s been a good life, hasn’t it? Holly asks. Better than he could ever hope for, for a guy like him, he admits. The best. Hold on to this, she urges him. Make this what he remembers. What the hell? he asks. It doesn’t have to matter less, she insists as the illusion dissolves and they are back at the roadside. It’s as real as he makes it, are her dying words. Holding her, Creed cries out in grief and rage.

Hours later, Logan emerges from the smoldering rubble of the cabin. He finds the jacket Anthony left behind. He gets ready to attack when he notices someone nearby. Duncan warns him his gun may even kill him. He reminds him he had no part in this mission. Logan sinks down, exhausted. Anyone make it? he asks. Duncan saw most of them die.

In the service, they called him the Wolverine, Logan tells him, ‘cause he stands and fights, no matter how big the enemy… how bad the odds. After all these years of being a mercenary, he thought he finally found a cause. Somewhere to belong. All he did was get a bunch of kids killed for nothing!

Duncan tells him it was a disaster for his side too. Billions wasted with squat to show for it. Everyone involved has been sacked except for him, because he said it was stupid from the start. He is the new Department of Mutant affairs. He’s making policy now; the brass doesn’t care what it is, as long as it’s cheap. Most of the mutants in the country died last night. How they handle the next generation is up to him. It can be up to Logan too, if he will work with Duncan.

Logan puts on the jacket. He’s done trying to be something he isn’t. Time he faced up to it: all he does is kill. And he’s the best there is at what he does.

In New York, Bolivar Trask is arguing with a superior who tells him he has lost his funding. Fair or not, the disaster has been blamed on him. Everyone in Washington just lost his telephone number. Fine! Trask snaps. This isn’t a punishment! He was just set free! He’ll do it his own way! Put his own money into it… every penny he has. Unlike them, he learns from his mistakes!

They’ll show them! Trask promises his young son, Larry. This isn’t the end of the Sentinels It’s just the beginning!

In a mansion in Fairfax, Virginia, Hartfield, former director of the project, argues with someone on the phone. His pension is not enough as far as he is concerned. He understands he had to fall on his sword. But they should understand he is not going easily. He did not make decisions in a vacuum. What he knows could panic nations and end careers including, the Senator’s he is talking to.

Suddenly, Logan addresses him. Panicked, Hartfield offers him money. Anything he wants. He already took that, Logan answers. Ain’t nothing left he wants. Except for one thing. He doesn’t even need these for that. He retracts his claws. And soon Hartfield begins to scream…

Elsewhere, Erik Lehnsherr learns of what happened via the news that there are rumors of people with strange abilities and the military has cordoned off the area. As he promised, he raises a glass and drinks to their memory… and the passing of their reckless dream. And now the humans will want blood! He takes out a flight ticket. They will try to destroy them before they are strong enough to oppose them, so they must become strong enough. He promises them that the next time humanity will not face children on the battlefield. They will be meeting an army. A people united. He levitates and flies away. A Brotherhood.

A bar in Alberta, Canada, where Logan is trying his best to get drunk. He’s joined by Creed. Logan begins to ask about Holly but Creed’s glare silences him. Logan tells him to do what he came here for. He ain’t gonna stop him. Not here to kill him, Creed snarls. Far as he is concerned, he can stay just like that. But he’s gonna make Logan a promise. He ever finds anything – anybody – makes life worth living again, he’ll be there. He grabs the waitress by the throat. Logan tenses. But Creed just smirks at her and leaves a bundle of cash on her tray. The man drinks on him. As much as he wants.

Logan tries to run after him, but the alcohol has some effect after all. He stumbles and lands outside, face down in the mud. Two men in black address him. They represent a government program called Weapon X. They are here to offer him the opportunity to serve his country. They believe he could be made into the perfect soldier, but truth be told there is a very good chance it will kill him, they warn. Sign him up, Logan decides.

Westchester. Charles Xavier hammers a sign onto the front lawn of his home announcing Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. A friend tells him his late mother would be proud to see this. Not that she wouldn’t be proud of his education or military service, but using the family fortune to give back was her true passion. Still, he feels he must ask… this will be a significant investment. Is he sure he wants this? Quite sure, Charles replies. He’ll admit there were times he had doubts. But now he realizes he was being selfish, untrue to Mother… and himself. Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. It’s time for him to do something.

Characters Involved: 

Bomb, Holo, Sabretooth, Wolverine, Yeti

Forrest Goldendawn, Meteor, Scout, Shadowshift

Charles Xavier
Agent Fred Duncan

Agent Dansig

Director Hartfield

Bolivar Trask

Larry Trask

Xavier’s friend

Story Notes: 

Duncan is Xavier’s FBi liaison for a long time.

Actually, Xavier doesn’t found the school before he loses the use of his legs.

While Sabretooth’s promise is intended to imply that this is the origin of Sabretooth’s intention on killing women with whom Logan has grown intimate, actually, this has already long been the case and an established method of conditioning under the direction of Romulus (already seen at this point in the Wolverine Origins series). In fact, Creed first murdered Logan’s lover, Silver Fox, in the late 19th century. At this point, Logan and Creed should be enemies, rather than friends, but this can easily be explained by repeated memory wipes, most recently as members of the Team X program.

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