Gambit (2nd series) #1

Issue Date: 
September 1997
Story Title: 
Falling Star

Howard Mackie (writer), Klaus Janson (pencils), Starkings/Comicraft (letters), Bill Sienkiewicz (inks), Christie Scheele (colors), Kelly Corvese (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

One week ago, a fallen star had been spotted by several people. Among them were Father Miguel Bonavita, Tante Mattie and the evil Oliver Stoker. Each of them wants to obtain the star for different reasons. Some reasons are good, others pure evil. Father Bonavita sends two of his young acolytes, Katrina and Marcelo, after the star, planning to give her a chance to return to the heavens. One week later, Gambit arrives in Miami and breaks into a museum of stolen art. At the museum, he steals the Cross of Redemption but his thievery is disturbed by Tante Mattie, who warns him that they’ve got the Lord’s work to do. Uninterested, Gambit doesn’t notice stepping into the security system of the museum, which alerts the security guards. Gambit fights his way through and escapes. Walking down the Miami streets, Gambit notices most people wandering towards the beach. Curious, he follows and can’t believe what he sees: a beautiful, blond-haired and naked woman falls from the sky! The woman walks towards Gambit, but doesn’t say anything. Gambit is attacked by the guards and runs away with the mysterious woman. The woman notices Stoker, who’s with the guards and is obviously scared of him. Gambit gets ambushed by the guards and shot as well, falling into a deep river. Stoker sends his goons after the woman, who herself disappears, and an unconcious Gambit believes that he is dying. Mattie reveals him otherwise, as they’ve still got the Lord’s work to do, whether Gambit likes it or not. The woman appears in front of Remy again and transforms herself into a bright light. Gambit follows it, with an agreeing Tante Mattie.

Full Summary: 

One week ago:

Using his telescope to observe the stars from his church in Rome, Father Miguel Bonavita spots a falling star, realizing that the star has more meaning. At the same time, the celestial portent streaks also Tante Mattie Baptiste, a healer of the Cajun people in New Orleans. Mattie is suddenly strucked with a divine vision of the stars and fallen angels and of a lone thief who seeks to repent for the sins of his past. And in New York City, a malevolent smile appears on the face of a suspicious looking businessman. A man called Oliver Stoker.

Calling Stoker a businessman would be a gross misstatement, as he presides over a “business” that exists on the edge of human depravity and immorality. Stoker doesn’t even react when behind people, three businessmen, hit their captured, naked man. Stoker feels that, tonight, that which has fallen from the nighttime skies, shall be his.

A few moments later, back in Rome, Father Bonavita calls two of his small band of young acolytes to the catacombs beneath the city. There, Bonavita and his pupils plan on recovering that which has fallen. They scroll charts of ancient fallen stars and world maps and don’t stop until they they know where the star has fallen. The two followers decide to begin with this sacred quest and, one week later, they arrive in…

Miami Beach

A member of the X-Men and, as well being a member of the Thieves Guild, climbs up on a roof. The man, Gambit, relaxes and looks at the beautiful city below him. He opens a rooftop window and climbs down to the building, which is revealed to be a museum. Gambit concludes, to himself, that it’s good he is doing something he likes to do, after saving galaxies and civilizations with the X-Men. Gambit puts on special glasses, which makes him able to spot the security beams. Gambit spots what he came to steal: the Cross of Redemption! Though that this is a museum of stolen art, Gambit sees no harm in doing the part.

Gambit takes out a lock and is able to shut down the security systems. Gambit takes the Cross and puts it in his coat. Suddenly, a voice from behind orders him to put it back, as they’ve got work to do. A startled Gambit turns back and can’t believe his own eyes. Gambit sees Tante Mattie, and can see right through her. Funny, Gambit says, as he never heard that she had died. Mattie explains that she isn’t dead and tells him to stop asking fool questions and look where he is going. Gambit wants to walk to the exit, but accidentally trips on a remaining security beam!

Lots of security guards show up and point their guns at Gambit. Mattie points out to Remy that he’s in over his head again, just like Remy was when he was just a child. Mattie again tells Gambit to be quick, as they’ve got important business to do. Though Gambit asks what she means by that, the guards don’t know whom Gambit is talking to, as they can’t see anyone. Mattie explains to Gambit that they’ve got the Lord’s work to do. Gambit says he isn’t interested and doesn’t believe in that religion stuff anymore and certainly won’t do His work. Mattie tells Remy to be quiet, as she has known him ever since the Thieves Guild took him from since they took him from the streets and made Remy into one of their own.

Mattie says that she knows that Gambit believes, even if he has forgotten how. Mattie reveals that she prays for him every day. Gambit smiles, saying that Mattie always had to high an opinion of him. Gambit apologizes and takes out his staff hidden in his coat and wants to bring himself into safety. He attacks the guards and fights his way through, and eventually escapes through the window. Watching Gambit fight, Mattie says that she’s certain that they’ll meet again, because it is God’s will.

The Vatican…

Father Bonavita informs Brother Marcelo that Sister Katrina has arrived in Miami, and that his flight shall leave in an hour. Bonavita claims that this will be a most sacred task on both of their shoulders. But Bonavita knows that the Fallen must be recovered and be returned to the church before it is allowed to be corrupted by the forces of darkness. Marcelo comforts the panicking Father, promising that he shall succeed, as his faith is strong. Bonavita knows that, but claims that it might not be enough, since the evil forces are seductive and will try to get the Fallen for themselves.

Marcelo promises that will not happen, but wants to know what will occur when the Fallen has returned. Bonavita explains that, from there, it goes on to its proper place in the heavens. Marcelo asks how. Bonavita hands Marcelo a sacred relic and tells him to take a look in it. Marcelo opens the relic and can’t believe his eyes. Bonavita explains that few have gazed upon this celestial gift, which is the embodiment of their order, of faith. The mere sight of which shall embolden on Marcelo’s faith and increase it tenfold. Bonavita begs Marcelo not to fail and that the Fallen must be recovered. Marcleo promises that it will be done.


Gambit hurries back to the airport, realizing that the guards will probably come after him. Remy notices some people move over to the same point and gets interested. Gambit follows the people to the beach and is astonished by what he sees: a beautiful, blond-haired and naked woman falling from the sky! The woman walks towards Gambit. He notices how she’s shivering and gives her his coat against the cold. Gambit asks for the woman’s name, but she doesn’t say anything. The woman touches Gambit and he feels like she’s looking into his soul. Gambit tells the woman that she betters not looks in there, as his soul is a pretty dark place.

Ramone and some other guards from before notice Gambit and want to run to him. Their way gets blocked by a car, and the man inside tells Ramon that he has need of his services. After all, the man says, they do desire the same thing. Gambit touches the woman too now and asks her to say something. Gambit doesn’t know why, but he says that he needs to hear her voice. It’s almost as if he hears it in his head already. Gambit keeps talking and the woman moves closer to his mouth, wanting to kiss Remy. They are disturbed by a shot, which was aimed at Remy.

Gambit picks up some sand from the beach and charges it up, and throws it at the guards. The explosion gives Gambit and the woman time to escape. Meanwhile, Stoker steps out from his car and concludes that Gambit is exactly what he needs to help him recover the goods. Gambit’s techniques are what Stoker is interested in. Stoker knows that the guards, who are in fact gangsters, will never subdue LeBeau and is afraid that they may damage the goods along the way. Speaking to a woman in his car, Stoker orders her to attend to it. The woman says that she thought Stoker would never ask.

Meanwhile, Gambit and the woman have made it to the pier. The guards catch up on them and Gambit tells the woman to keep moving. She suddenly stops and stares at Stoker, who observes from the far back. Gambit doesn’t know him, but notices how scared the woman seems to be of him. Suddenly and in the blink of an eye, the woman is gone. As Gambit wrests with this, Tante Mattie appears again, explaining that she’s gone, like Remy should be. Mattie tries to warn him, but the guards open fire on Gambit. They hit him and Gambit falls unconscious into the river.

The guards are happy that he’s dead, but their boss Santana won’t be happy that the stolen Cross is gone as well. One of the guards has noticed that the woman was wearing Remy’s coat and wants to go after her. Suddenly, Stoker makes his face appear overhead, blotting out the sky, and commands the guard not to bother about their boss or Gambit, and that he wants them to get the Fallen one for him. And, if they refuse, their torment will be unending.

Meanwhile, a still-living Gambit continues his fall into the river. Remy knows that he’s dying and says his last prayer for the fun of it. Tante Mattie shows up, telling Gambit that it’s not his time yet, as they’ve still got the Lord’s work to do, and Gambit simply doesn’t have a choice. Gambit believes that, this time, he does have a choice. He thinks otherwise when, suddenly, the woman appears again and transforms herself into a bright light. Gambit wants to move towards that light. Mattie agrees and says, “You do that, child. You do that.”

Characters Involved: 


Tante Mattie Baptiste

“Anielle” (the blond haired woman from the sky)

Father Miguel Bonavita

Sister Katrina

Brother Marcelo

Oliver Stoker

Sybil (face unseen and unnamed)

Ramone and other various security guards (unnamed)

various partying people at Miami Beach (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

The editor’s note in this issue would suggest that this issue takes place somewhere between Uncanny X-Men #342 through #344. This would be impossible, since Gambit is at the Shi’Ar Empire with the X-Men at the time. Better suggestions would be that this story takes place after the events of Uncanny X-Men #350 and that Gambit has somehow made it back to the inhabited world.

Sybil only briefly appears in Stoker’s car and isn’t named until her full appearance in Gambit (2nd series) #2.

The name “Anielle” for the blond woman that comes falling from the sky is used in the introduction pages, so this will be her name, though she doesn’t reveal her true name up until Gambit (2nd series) #4.

First appearance of Oliver Stoker, Anielle, Father Bonavita, Katrina and Marcelo.

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