Gambit (2nd series) #3

Issue Date: 
November 1997
Story Title: 
True Colors

Terry Kavanagh & Howard Mackie (writer), Klaus Janson (pencils), Christie Scheele (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Kelly Corvese (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Gambit and Anielle escape from Stoker and his compagnions but, unfortunatly, have to leave Sister Katrina behind. While Gambit and Anielle escape, Stoker points his attention to Katrina and tries to pull her at his side, and seems to succeed in it. Gambit and Anielle catch a plane to Paris, where Gambit flirts with the stewardess. As the plane lands, Gambit and Anielle escape through the backdoor of the aircraft and steal a car and ride to the train station, where they catch a train to Switzerland. Neither of them notices that, ever since Paris, that they were being followed by Martin, the seventh servant of the Seventh House, who gets killed by Sybil’s locusts. On the train, Anielle finally says something, that she is not a mutant and that Gambit makes her special. He and one other. Gambit doesn’t know what to say but, before they can go on, they are once more attacked by Sybil and Cerebrus. Gambit and Anielle escape to the top of the train, but can’t go any further. Sybil has had enough of all the games and opens her mouth, releasing some more locusts. Gambit prepares himself, hoping that he is able to fight a threat that came straight from hell!

Full Summary: 

Gambit and Anielle jump through the church window and find themselves being followed by Cerebrus and Sybil. Gambit attacks Sybil, who falls down, this buying Gambit and Anielle time to escape. Gambit wonders why Katrina wasn’t with them, as she was with them a few moments ago. While they are running, Gambit’s thoughts go back to a few minutes ago, when Oliver Stoker and his minions arrived.

Moments ago…

Besides Anielle, Stoker also seemed to be interested in Katrina, and has been searching for her for a very long time. Katrina told Gambit to do whatever it takes to get Anielle to Rome, to a man named Father Bonavita. Katrina promises that Bonavita will give Anielle a way to return where she belongs. Katrina pushes the church candles over, and the church catches fire.

Stoker and the others are unharmed by it. Stoker moves over to Katrina and wants her to be his. Stoker mocks Katrina that she gave everything up what she ever wanted to take care of Gambit. Katrina defends that Gambit was near death and simply needed her. Gambit charges up a bench with his powers. This gives the bench some fuel, allowing them to escape through the church window. But Stoker doesn’t allow Katrina to escape and pulls her back to him. Katrina doesn’t understand why Stoker doesn’t do the same with Anielle. Stoker says that isn’t important, and wants Katrina to understand what she sacrificed to take care of Gambit. Katrina doesn’t understand. Stoker walks through the flames and moves some of the flames towards her.


Meanwhile, Gambit and Anielle have made it and catch a plane towards Paris. The stewardess wakes Gambit (using his alias of S. Templar) and he and the stewardess flirt with each other. At the church, Stoker and Wormwood get close to take over Katrina’s body and mind. At the plane, Gambit and Anielle make it outside the plane without being seen by escaping through the backdoor. Gambit and Anielle steal a car, and don’t notice that they are being watched by Martin, the seventh servant of the Seventh House, who reports the events to his bosses. Stoker gets to Katrina and tells her that she needs to understand with her heart. Katrina looks at her hands, and black blood flows out of them!

Meanwhile, Martin continues to follow Gambit and Anielle. He stops to catch his breath. Martin lights up a cigarette and hears something. He turns around, and gets attacked and killed by a crowd of locusts! Gambit and Anielle take the train and move over to Bern, Switzerland. Gambit knows that it isn’t the most likely rout from Paris to Rome, but that’s the point, as he wishes to ditch his enemies.

On the train, Gambit and Anielle order some dinner but Anielle doesn’t even touch the food. Gambit worries about what could have happened with Katrina and then notices Anielle staring. She still doesn’t say anything. Gambit says that, on a different time and place, he would have taken Anielle straight to a Professor he knows, by the name of X… Gambit stops talking and notices Anielle’s scent again. And her song. Anielle is alive again! Anielle speaks, saying that she is not a mutant… and that Gambit makes her feel special. He and one other. Gambit doesn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, their entire wagon gets filled with locusts! Gambit charges up their knives and forks and throws them at the locusts, but nothing happens. The locusts multiply themselves, surrounding the mutant and his new friend. Gambit throws a charged-up card to the top of the wagon and pushes Anielle through it the new hole. They make it to the top of the train, but are attacked by Cerebrus and Sybil. Sybil has had enough and opens her mouth, spreading even more locusts! Gambit prepares himself, hoping that he can fight a threat that came straight from hell itself!

Characters Involved: 



Oliver Stoker



Cerebrus II

Sister Katrina

Liz (stewardess)

Martin (seventh servant of the Seventh House)

various other flight passengers

Story Notes: 

First use of Gambit’s alias S. Templar, which is an alias also used by the radio show character, the Saint.

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