Gambit (3rd series) #10

Issue Date: 
November 1999
Story Title: 
Waiting for the Princess

Fabian Nicieza (scripter, co-plotter), Steve Skroce (penciler, co-plotter), Rob Hunter (inkers), Shannon Blanchard (colorist), Richard Starkings & Comicraft‘s Troy Peteri (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

A mysterious data containing jewel, called the Momentary Princess, pops up in Leipzig in Germany for a few minutes every 27 / 29 years. In World War I, Baron von Strucker faces the gem and upon touching it sees his future self becoming leader of Hydra. He watches with awe and fails to grab the Princess before it fades away. With Candra’s help Strucker again tries to reach the jewel in World War II, but Jean Luc LeBeau and Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos get there faster. Candra offers Jean Luc to end the Guild pact in exchange for the gem, but he knows that this would give Hitler the means to end the war, and so he sends it into the timestream again. In the present, Gambit, Sekmet Conoway and Strucker’s children Fenris fight over the stone, but it disappears again before anyone gets hold of it. In the years 2028 Gambit and Rogue, now married, finally get hold of the Princess. In 2084, the Witness sends the Momentary Princess into the past, knowing that many people, including himself, will try to get it.
The Courier takes Quiet Bill to the New Son’s citadel. Fontanelle dreamprobes Archangel, who hold Gambit responsible for the loss of his wings during the Mutant Massacre.

Full Summary: 

(Year 1916)

In World War I, Strucker was a young soldier in Leipzig. He sees a floating blue jewel (the "Momentary Princess"), which shows him the past and future and disappears before he can catch it.
(Year 1943)

In World War II, the Howling Commandos are fighting Nazis in Leipzig. They are escorting Jean-Luc to get the jewel before Hitler does. Candra and Strucker, now a baron, are also on the trail.

Jean-Luc has asked Remy to get the jewel. He fights his way into a formal dinner party, where Conoway and the Strucker twins are gathered. They chat lasciviously.
Courier gets into the New Son's base for the first time, delivering Quiet Bill and Huey, who “is the key that opens the door to everywhere“ (see iss. #3).
Fontanelle investigates Angel's dreams and sees him hung up in the Morlock tunnels (X-Factor #10). She asks him if he blames Remy.
(Year 1943)

In World War II, Jean-Luc gets the jewel; Strucker attacks him, and Candra offers to end the pact if he gives it to her. The Commandos show up, and during the fire-fight, Jean-Luc is forced to give up the jewel, which vanishes. All vow to try again.

Remy makes his way to the basement, where the Earth's orbital drift has shifted the jewel. But Sekmeht and the Struckers interrupt, and the jewel disappears during the fight.
(Year 2028)

Rogue and Remy, now married and kissing, go behind Sentinel lines to a sewer pipe, where he gets the jewel.
(Year 2084)

The Witness watches as the stasis shell, containing information, is activated in all its time windows simultaneously. He says he's waiting for it in the past.

Characters Involved: 




Sekmeht Conoway

Fenris / Andrea and Andreas von Strucker

New Son

Quiet Bill

In past scenes :

Jean Luc LeBeau

Sgt. Nick Fury

Dum Dum Dugan, Izzy Cohen, Gabe Jones, Dino Manelli, Percy Pinkerton, Reb Ralston (all Howling Commandos)

Baron Wolgang von Strucker

In future scenes :



The Witness
In dream sequence :


Story Notes: 

McGuffin alert!

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