Gambit (3rd series) #25

Issue Date: 
February 2001
Story Title: 
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

Scott Lobdell (plotter), Joe Pruett (scripter), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Sean Parsons (inker), Kevin Tinsley (colorist), Richard Starkings & Comicraft‘s Troy Peteri (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Gambit is called to return a favor. As a child he tried to steal from Mambo Mastif but was caught, yet since his daughter Minnie liked Gambit, he was allowed to leave. Now years later, Minnie has married a man named Abrian DuCreste, who literally stole her heart. It involves voodoo magic, and in the comatose girl’s chest is a little wooden door instead of her heart. Gambit hunts the villain down and makes it to DuCreste’s secret hideout. There is a giant heart in a jar, connected and empowered by all the stolen hearts in smaller bottles. DuCreste shows up with his next victim, he and Gambit fight, and in the battle one charged card hits the big jar. DuCreste’s heart explodes and all others return to their rightful owners.

Full Summary: 

(In the past)

As a child, Remy stole an amulet from Mastif's neck, waking him, but during his escape a branch broke, and he fell into a yard full of alligators. Hercule rescued and captured him, but the biggest gator got the amulet. Mastif is the Thieves Guild's fence, and when Remy can't return the jewelry, he nearly has him thrown back to his pets, but his little daughter Minnie is upset, so instead he says Remy owes him a favor.

Remy hangs from the ceiling as waiters rob a charity ball in New Orleans. He tosses cards and knocks them all out, to general applause; naturally he doesn't mention he happened to be there to steal a painting.
Hercule calls in the favor, then breaks down sobbing. He takes him to Mastif, who has seen better times. He hugs Remy and also sobs, then shows him his beautiful, comatose daughter. She had become a reporter and argued with her father till she left him and married Abrian DuCreste. He stole her heart, literally, and there's a little door in her empty chest. It's voodoo, and Mastif wants Remy to steal her heart back.
DuCreste is at Mardi Gras with his arm around another girl. Remy trails him, but then a huge man attacks him. Remy charges his orthodontia, exploding till he gets an address, where he breaks in and finds stacks of hearts in jars, wired to a huge one in a central tank.
DuCreste holds his latest girl hostage, then throws her to Remy and smacks him around. He says those hearts were willingly given to him, and he is strong and fast. He breaks off some timber and is about to smash Remy with it; Remy throws a card at the tank. DuCreste disintegrates, and all the hearts disappear, returned to their original owners.
Remy stays with Minnie a few days, refusing to answer the phone, as the series ends.

Characters Involved: 


Mambo Mastif, Fence of the Thieves Guild

Minnie Mastif, his daughter

Hercule, his guard

Abrian DuCreste, voodoo heart stealer
In the past :

Gambit, still a boy

Mambo Mastif

Minnie Mastif, as a child


Story Notes: 

The issue is inconsistent with the name Mastiff, it’s spelled with one or with two f various times.
The cover states “The Story Starts Here !“, but besides Hercule making a brief guest appearance in the following Gambit and Bishop limited series, there is no connection.

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