Generation X (1st series) #14

Issue Date: 
April 1996
Story Title: 
Jubilee’s Top Ten Reasons Why Emplate Is a Loser

Scott Lobdell (writer), Pascual Ferry (penciler), Mark Buckingham (inker), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon (colors), Bob Harras (editor, editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee’s plan works and Emplate sups on her, absorbing her powers, but he is unable to control them as she has made him so angry, and the resulting explosion frees Generation X. Bishop defeats Emplate’s minions, and battles Emplate over his future crimes. As Emplate is about to sup on Bishop, Penance betrays her captor and slashes him across the back. As he escapes, he tells them all they should find Synch - who he has turned evil and sent to kill his family.

Full Summary: 

Jubilee is busy slagging off Emplate, while the others are trying to figure out what she is doing. Meanwhile, Bishop is getting the lowdown from M over the events of her brother’s attack, when Murmur teleports in next to him and kicks him in the head. M tells Bishop he has to be careful with Emplate’s minions as they are all under his influence, but Bishop tells her that hordes of Emplate’s roam his future, and compassion cannot be afforded. Then Vincente turns to mist and enters Bishops body giving Murmur the chance to escape. Concentrating hard, Bishop orders M to go while he manipulates his body’s energy to expel Vincente from his system in a painful burst of energy.

Husk hears the blast and hopes that its something good arriving, as she watches Emplate get more and more wound up by Jubilee. He looses it when Jubilee keeps going on about his family and after supping on her, he strikes her, slashing her forehead. Jubilee then smiles, as she tells Emplate she hasn’t got much control over her powers when she’s angry - and now that Emplate’s supped on her and got her powers - she’s betting he hasn’t got much control over them either. Unable to stop the fireworks, Jubilee’s powers errupt from Emplate.

Gayle and Chamber see Jubilee’s powers explode as Jon tells Gayle to duck as one of her pyrotechnics just misses Gayle’s head.

As the blast clears, Generation X are free - Sean thanks Jubilee for taking such a brave risk, and sends Skin and Mondo to find the others. Husk sheds into a brown rocky form ready to finish the weakened Emplate off, but Emplate grabs Penance and phases out telling them he wont lose Penance ever again. Banshee tells everyone to scatter, Emplate is wounded and won’t get far. Jubilee is worried that Penance didnt put up a struggle when Emplate took her and Sean tells her that she might not have much will left after being a prisoner of that monster for so long - they may have to accept that Penance is gone for good.

As Bishop clears his head and recovers from Vincente’s attack, M approaches him and while his vision is still blurry, he mistakenly calls her mother. She tells him its Monet but Emplate phases in behind her and and grabs her by the hair telling her he can only stay for a moment, but this is far from over. Bishop then attacks him telling him he will stop him from spawning an army of Emplates in the future. Emplate looks confused as the two battle, and M begins to loose it. She forces herself to focus and concentrate as everyone is counting on ‘us’. Just then Penance leans over her, half of her wanting to kill M, half of her feeling a connection. M does not put up any resistance and tells Penance that maybe this will atone for their brother’s sins, when Penance is startled and scampers off.

Skin and Mondo investigate the Biosphere, looking for Bulwark and Murmur. Mondo morphs into the ground but is unable to locate them but tells Skin he is enjoying being with Gen X as nothing is as it first seems.

Chamber helps Gayle from the pit and tells her everything is gonna be okay. She tells him how can it after everthing she has done - he tells her that they used to mean alot to each other and whatever happens in life is never gonna change that.

As Emplate and Bishop continue to fight, Bishop tells Emplate that he may not be able to stop the mysterious traitor to the X-Men, but he can stop him. By killing him now, he will save hundreds of thousands of victims in the future. Emplate begins to panic - he is getting weaker, and the weaker he gets the stronger the pull is to The Beyond. Emplate slashes Bishop in desperation he gets ready to sup.

Bishop cant use his blasts as Emplate will absorb them - Bishop tries to think of how to escape when Empate suddenly stops and falls to the ground. They both look round to see Penance - who had slashed Emplate in the back with her razor sharp claws. He is stunned, he cant believe Yvette has betrayed him - after he forgave her. He tells her this changes everything - forever. He phases out telling them not to bother searching for him as they will be busy searching for their missing teammate.

Sean begins to worry as Synch is the only one unacounted for. M tells them that her brother would have known that Synch would be the only one he’d be unable to defeat - so in his sick sense of humor, infected Everett with the ability to sup, and sent him off to his home to either recruit or kill his family.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M, Mondo’s double, Penance, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee, Emma Frost (Generation X‘s teachers and tutors)

Gayle Edgerton
Murmur II, Vincente (Emplate’s minions)

Story Notes: 

Bishop’s future was over run with ‘Emplates’ - genetic vampires that were the scourge of his era. They all traced from Emplate. Bishop particularly hates Emplate as his sister, Shard, was killed by an Emplate. Only her brain pattern was rescued and downloaded into a hard light hologram, that later became an independent photon based lifeform and joined X-Factor.

The ‘traitor’ Bishop refers to is the person believed to have killed the X-Men in his future. The traitor will turn out to be Professor X, possesed by Onslaught.

Emplate’s connection to the mysterious ‘Beyond’ is again mentioned in this issue.

Bishop accidentally refers to Monet as ‘mother’, it is unknown whether this was due to be a future plotline, or just a throwaway line, but either way it has never been referred to again. Speculation is that M might be Bishop’s grandmother. She was drawn as an elderly black woman with white hair and mentioned to have been a member of an X-team in X.S.E. #1. This limits the choices pretty much down to Storm, Cecilia Reyes and M, and another quote about some family problems so far only matches with the St. Crioix‘s.

Emplate calls Penance Yvette in this issue, this detail is later explained away in Generation X #46, where it is said that Yvette is the second name of Monet (who is currently in the Penance body).

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