Generation X (1st series) #23

Issue Date: 
January 1997
Story Title: 
For All This ... We Give Thanks

Scott Lobdell (writer), Mitch Byrd (penciler), Jason Martin and Karl Story (inkers), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Steve Buccellato (colors), GCW (enhancements), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Paige invites Jono to her family farm in Kentucky to celebrate Thanksgiving, but after a heart to heart about the kiss they shared, they fall out and Jono leaves. M has a tantrum about having to go to the doctors about her autism, leaving Emma suspecting her as a threat even more. Bastion continues to delve deeper into the life of Emma Frost. Howard the Duck comes to the school to see Skin and Chamber, but Leech, Artie and Franklin rope him into helping their injured alien friend, Tana Nile. Somebody with a wooden hand spies on the school.

Full Summary: 

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and Sean is brooding about his daughter Theresa. He is feeling very sad, as he feels so guilty for not being there for her when she was growing up. He should call her - but what would he say? He would like to invite her to the school to celebrate Thanksgiving - but how would she feel? He never raised her, and now he’s raising a bunch of kids that aren’t even his. He decides he will call her - later. He goes outside and meets Synch who is going along with Sean to take M to the doctor over her suspected autism. Ev thanks Sean for asking him to come, but Sean tells him it was M’s idea, not his. They arrive at the garage to find all three vehicles crushed and M levitating outside, telling them that she’s thought it over and she’s not going. Period.

Meanwhile, Paige and Jono have traveled to Paige’s home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Kentucky to spend Thanksgiving. They are sitting high up in the mountains, watching the breathtaking scenary when Jono tells Paige how insignificant he sometimes feels. Paige tells him she feels that everyone is important, and every action has an effect. If you want something, you can have it as long as you reach far enough. As she reaches out to hold his hand he pulls it away, telling her he can never have what he wants - a normal life. Just look what happened to the science block and girls dormatries last time he tried to be normal and kiss Paige. Paige apologizes, but Jono tells her he is sorry too. He shouldn’t have come. Thanksgiving is for families. Paige asks Jono why he never talks about his family, and he tells her he never will. Paige is getting tired of getting blocked by Jono at every turn, and tells him they are not at school now and should just enjoy some down time. Jono thanks her and begins to head back to the house, leaving Paige wondering why she ever asked him home with her in the first place.

At the school, M suddenly bolts and flies off. Sean takes flight after her, but she tells him she just wants to be left alone. Sean tells her he dosen’t believe her. If she wanted to be alone she wouldn’t have waited outside the garage to be found. Sean wants to know whats wrong with her - why she’s so afraid of the doctors. M tells him with tears in her eyes that when her powers first manifested, her father took her to all manner of doctors who poked and prodded her and she dosen’t want to go through all that again.

Paige and Jono arrive back at the Guthrie Farm, to find it surprisingly empty. Her Mom and siblings are down the local church, and she has left a note asking Paige and her friend to prepare the corn for tomorrow. Jono starts bitching because he thinks that they are all out because they don’t want to see afreak like him. Paige looses it telling him that in case he hadn’t noticed both her and her brother are ‘freaks’. Her family dosent care who or what you are, everybody is the same to them.

At the Operation: Zero Tolerance base, Bastion is asking Daria why they only have one piece of photographic evidence of Emma Frost’s formative years. Daria explains how Ms Frost would fleetingly appear at society parties then dissapear. Now she is one of the world’s richest money brokers. Suggesting she may be a mutant, Bastion enquires about the school she runs....

In the Biosphere, Franklin, Leech and Artie are playing with Howard the Duck who has stopped by with his girlfriend Beverly Switzler to catch up with Chamber and Skin. The boys are trying to get Bev and Howard to help their sick friend. Bev persuades Howard to help and they are taken to meet Tana Nile, whom the boys have been hiding at their treehouse.

At the Farm, Paige and Jono are in the attic. Paige is telling Jono how they were never allowed up here as kids. Jono finds an old picture of Paige’s parents and begins to feel sad. Paige is blabbing on in the background and finds a childhood toy when Jono announces that he can never be him. Paige asks him what he’s talking about and Jono tells her he can never be her father. They could never be happy - he can never give her what she wants. He tells her that he tryed to figure out why she tryed to kiss him, and he thinks its because she was trying to treat him normally, but he can never be normal. Paige looks stunned and calls him a jerk. She kissed him because she likes him, and it dosen’t matter what he looks like. As she storms off, she tells him in the future she’d like her feelings respected for what they are, not what he needs them to mean.

In Sean’s cottage, M is asleep on the couch. He covers M up and begins to regret taking on this job. How can he raise kids? Just then Emma appears in his kitchen telling him that Monet has manipulated him and she is a threat. She’s been lying since day one and its putting them all at risk. Sean responds by telling Emma that she too could be a threat. Emma tells him of course she is a threat - did he actually think that she wasn’t. As Sean and Emma begin to question what they are doing, they are spied on by an unseen figure, operating an organic screen with a wooden hand.

Back in Kentucky, Paige is sitting on the porch when Jono tell sher he’s leaving and he hopes he hasn’t ruined her holiday. Paige quietly sits and calls him a jerk as he leaves.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, M, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee, Emma Frost (Generation X‘s teachers and tutors)
Leech, Artie Maddicks and Franklin Richards (as Generation X’s wards)

Howard the Duck

Beverly Switzler
Tana Nile


Black Tom

Story Notes: 

Paige and Jono ‘kissed’ in Generation X (1st series) #6.

Tana Nile was found by the boys in Generation X (1st series) #20. They have been feeding her and helping her over her injuries secretly since.

The wooden hand operating a screen seems to be Black Tom’s, though it could also be the Mondo duplicate (but that would be somewhat out of character, he is more a lackey than a scheemer).

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