Generation X (1st series) #36

Issue Date: 
March 1998
Story Title: 
Strange Doings

Larry Hama (writer), Andy Smith (penciler), Walden Wong (inker), Richard Starkings & Comicraft/LIZ (letters), Mike Rockwitz (colors), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The Generation X team looks in the Biosphere for the lost Tracy Authier. They split up into three groups. The team splits up to search for Tracy and while Skin and Emma come up with nothing, Banshee, Paige and Penance stumble upon giant footprints that run around the Biosphere – one more sign that the mysterious Token has come back to haunt them and is apparently responsible for Tracy’s disappearance. Jubilee and Chamber, however, find a new furry interdimensional friend. He is Elwood, a Pooka, and he offers to lead them to their missing teammate Synch who has been abducted to another dimension. They teleport from the Biosphere to Manhattan through the use of Elwood’s spring-loaded bumper car, where Elwood takes them to the office of Landau, Luckman & Lake . Inside there is a transdimensional warp door that they can use to go after Everett. In Snow Valley, Dorian and Weasel are again bullying young Aemon into thieving for them. This time, it is the local diner that is their target and they shove Aemon through a window to look for a secret back room. Inside, Aemon is found by the restaurant owner, Mr. Timmons, while Chief Authier catches Dorian and Weasel. However Mr. Timmons sticks up for Aemon, saying that he is his employee. Worried about his daughter, the chief asks Aemon where his daughter is and learns that she said something about the Xavier school. Upon arriving at the Academy, Authier shoots a giant rat, who strangely was carrying a piece of technology. He is met by Generation X’s teachers, and noticing the lepton imploder, Banshee picks up the rat to “dispose of it“. Paige and Penance accompany him. This leaves Emma and Skin to answer Authier’s questions. They claim to not have seen Tracy, but Authier wants to check out the treehouse. Inside, Tracy, Artie, and Leech are all held captive by the Token, but the chief doesn’t see them. Outside on the grounds, Dirtnap, the rat, very much alive, explains how to use the imploder and that it will take them to Synch. Taking Dirtnap with them, Banshee, Husk and Penance step though the interdimensional portal, unaware that Dorian and Weasel observed them from the police car.

Full Summary: 

In the Biosphere, the members of Generation X search in vain for the lost Tracy Authier. Emma says that she had suspected the Token had returned and speculates that it may have taken Tracy and hidden her. Skin thinks it will be easy to find her, but Jono tells him that it isn’t easy to find something that a Token hid. Banshee teases Emma on her knowledge of the supernatural, since she was skeptical when Logan told them about the Token in the first place. Emma says that she has done her research and is prepared to be open-minded, unlike a certain obstinate Irishman. Husk interrupts the quarrel to focus attention on the task at hand; the sooner they find Tracy, the sooner they can try to rescue Monet and Everett from the other dimension.

Behind the group, the Token, an almost transparent creature with elements from dragon and bird alike, is soaring through the Biosphere with the kidnapped Tracy in one of his pranks. Jubilee has a strange feeling that something is behind them, but isn’t quick enough to fully it what it was, only that it was big and moving. The rest of the team turns and sees nothing but the entrance door they came through, and since Emma can’t pick up any telepathic resonance they quickly dismiss it. Banshee decides that the team needs to split up if they hope to find Tracy; Emma and Skin to the left, Jubilee and Chamber go up the middle, and Penance, Husk come with Banshee on the right.

Searching through the woods, Chamber questions Jubilee on how she got to be so chummy with the policeman’s daughter. She tells him that it is too long of a story and they don’t have time for it now. In another part of the Biosphere, Emma scolds Skin for letting a local into the Biosphere. She asks him how much Tracy really knows about the school and its true purpose. Skin tells her that she doesn’t know anything and that they would be crazy to let her in on the big secret. In yet another area, Banshee asks Paige the same; why she left a stranger in the Biosphere. Paige says that she wasn’t a stranger since they knew her, and they were going to take her to the main building when they realized that something interdimensional was going on. Where else were they going to put her?

Jono and Jubilee stumble upon a topiary maze. They wonder if it was there before since they don’t remember seeing it. Jubilee runs headfirst into the maze with Jono in tow. He tells her to slow down because they need to plan what they are going to do when they find the Token. They emerge from the maze to see a six-foot tall weasel leaning up against a lamppost with a martini in his hand. He tells them that it would be beneficial if they had a Pooka on their side.

Meanwhile, at the local diner, Dorian and Weasel track down Aemon. The boy tries to run, but the bullies catch him. Aemon tells them that he isn’t going to steal any more for them, but the bullies tell him that they aren’t taking any resignations. Dorian gives the boy a noogie and shoves him through a window in the wall of the diner. He tells Aemon that there is suppose to be a secret room with a large supply of cash in the back. If he brings the cash out to them, they might not give him an Indian burn. Dorian yells through the window at Aemon that he better not pocket any of the cash for himself. A voice behind the bully asks him whose cash that might be? Dorian turns around to see Chief Authier holding Weasel by the shoulder. He asks Dorian if he is in the midst of committing a felony, because he certainly hopes not.

In the back of the restaurant, Aemon stumbles upon a door with a big, red private sign on it. However before he can reach it, the owner, Mr. Timmons, flicks on the light and tells Aemon that he shouldn’t open that door. He might get more than he bargained for.

In the Biosphere, Husk questions the logic of splitting up. It would be better if they stayed with Emma and her telepathy, wouldn’t it? Banshee takes offense, asking what his power is worth. He can take care of a Token, especially since it is a Celtic beast. Husk asks him what they should be looking for then, but her sentence is interrupted as she trips and falls. She landed in a giant three-toed footprint, which Banshee says is exactly what they are looking for.

Jubilee asks their furry friend if he is the Token. He tells them again that he is a Pooka, Elwood is his name and prestidigitation is his game. Elwood reaches behind his back and pulls out a spring-loaded bumper car. Chamber remembers that a Pooka is suppose to be a big, invisible rabbit and asks Elwood why he isn’t the right species. Elwood screams and reaches above his head; someone must have stole his ears! Jubilee and Chamber loose patience with him and he explains that that old movie got it all wrong and Pookas come in many different varieties. He asks the kids if they want to find Everett or not.

Jubilee thought that he was going to help them retrieve Tracy from the Token, but Elwood says he can’t interfere with Token business, union rules. He belongs to the United Brotherhood of Elves, Fairies, Sprites, Gnomes, Trolls, Tokens and Pookas, or the UBEFSGTTP for short. He already bent the rules by placing the footprints that will lead the others to the Token. In the meantime, they are free to go and find Everett. All three of them cram into the vehicle, and Jubilee asks how far they can travel in a bumper car with a spring on the bottom. Chamber finds it hard to believe that they are even going through with it. Elwood tells them that they are going to New York City. Jubilee asks if they are going to bounce all the way to New York City, but Elwood says that they are only bouncing as far as the nearest space-time warp. The bumper car bounces over the hedges and disappears in a portal.

Outside of Timmons’s diner, Chief Authier holds Dorian and Weasel to be identified by the owner. He asks Mr. Timmons if Aemon is the accomplice of the miscreants, but surprisingly Timmons says that he is his hired help. Aemon started work today for minimum wage and all he can eat. Aemon stares wide-eyed in shock. The chief kneels down and asks Aemon if he knows where Tracy is, being that they are friends. Tracy didn’t show up for her trombone lesson today, and he would appreciate it if Aemon would tell her to call home to let him know where she is. Aemon tells the chief that Tracy said something about meeting the kids from the academy. The chief wonders to himself why the Xavier school keeps popping up into conversation whenever there is an odd event around. He suggests that they all go up to the school to talk to the pretty lady that runs it.

The crowded travelers, minus Elwood, plop down in a parking space in midtown Manhattan. Jubilee wonders where the Pooka went, and Chamber tells her that maybe the group of people coming out of the building next to them would know. They approach the four strangers and ask them if they have seen a seven-foot ferret with a martini. It doesn’t ring a bell with any of them, but one of the four, Bunche, tells the kids that they need to go to Landau, Luckman & Lake on the 13th floor. They should find everything that they need to know up there.

Skin and Emma have walk full circle around the Biosphere and are back at the treehouse where they started, but have found no trace of the Token or the missing girl. Emma can’t pick up any psi-trace either. Both of them are standing in a giant footprint, but do not notice. Sean, Husk, and Penance meet up with them, saying that the Token has taken them full circle too. This confuses Emma and Sean scoffs in disbelief at her negligence of the footprints. Emma haughtily defends her pride, how else could they have gotten back there? The teachers start to bicker, but their argument is broken up by a gunshot in the distance.

Chief Authier steps through the door with a smoking gun in one hand and a dead Dirtnap in the other. He apologizes for the noise, and hopes that the big rat wasn’t a beloved family pet. Husk introduces the officer to Banshee who promptly grabs Dirtnap from him. The chief tosses a small mechanical device to Banshee, saying that the rat was carrying it in his mouth when he was shot. Sean cries out in amazement at the lepton imploder that was delivered to him. Authier asks what that is, and Sean quickly covers his tracks by saying that it is a new type of electronic doo-dad. Sean briskly walks out the door ushering Paige and Penance along with him, saying that the rat needs to be disposed of in the dumpster.

Chief Authier’s attention is completely distracted by the lovely Miss Frost. He asks her if she knows where his daughter Tracy is. Emma looks shocked at this statement, asking if she is missing. Skin whistles to himself in the background.

In Manhattan, the elevator reaches the 13th floor and the two teens get out. Jubilee says that it is pretty hard to lose someone like Elwood, but Jono interrupts her because he is right behind her.
Just a little warp lag, he explains as they open the door to Landau, Luckman & Lake. He tells them that they are the only ones who can see him; after all he is a Pooka. The interior of the office is in ruins. Elwood tells them that it is the result of an altercation between Wolverine and Venom.

Banshee holds Dirtnap over a trashcan in the back of the school. Paige wants him to just get rid of it, but Sean has an odd feeling about it. Dirtnap speaks up, asking if the hick with the head-cannon is gone. The chief missed him by a hair, so he decided it would be safe if he played possum. Paige and Banshee are flabbergasted by Dirtnap’s talking. He asks Banshee if they want to get their pal Everett back and if they still have the lepton imploder. He proceeds to explain to them how to use it. In the police car, Dorian and Weasel wonder what Generation X are doing talking to a dead rat.

The chief notices the gigantic footprints in front of him and asks Emma about them. Skin sarcastically comments on the chief’s detective skills, and then says that the footprints belong to some raccoons that they have been having trouble with. Authier asks if he can take a look into the tree house (coincidentally where the footprints converge), and Emma tries to persuade him not to since his uniform will get dirty. That doesn’t sway his mind and he takes a look, missing the captured forms of Artie, Leech, and Tracy and their captor, the Token. The chief says that he senses something in the tree house even though he can’t see it.

In the Landau, Luckman & Lake office, there is a strangely familiar door. It is one of the WC’s that had appeared in Emplate’s dimension before Chimera’s arrival. Jubilee and Chamber inspect the damaged room. Jubilee runs her fingers over a pair of claw marks on the wall, while Chamber looks at the interdimensional financer certificate, commenting that he didn’t think it would be such a dangerous profession. Elwood opens the Warp Chamber door and instructs the kids to walk through. Jubilee goes willingly, but Chamber needs a bit of convincing. He doesn’t want to follow a gin soaked cartoon into a bathroom that glows. Jubilee grabs him by the collar and yanks him inside, saying that Everett wouldn’t hesitate to go if their situations were reversed. With all persons in, the door slams shut.

Dirtnap pulls the pin on the lepton imploder and throws it to the wall. The imploder blasts a glowing hole in the fabric of space-time. Dirtnap explains that the portal leads to where Everett is being held and that they better hurry because they have a head start on them. As Paige and Penance head through the portal, Banshee grabs Dirtnap, saying he is coming with them.

Dorian and Weasel look from the bushes in disbelief. Weasel is having trouble coping with the Generation X’s disappearance, while Dorian’s mind is on the chief. He wonders what Authier is doing in the Biosphere.

In a parallel reality parallel, an armored vehicle drives beside a herd of strange saurid beasts. Chimera, at the wheel, senses a rift in space-time; they are being pursued. M-plate is not concerned because they can’t expect to do much if they catch up to them. D.O.A. tells his new boss that their prisoner is acting up in the back. Synch, inside a force field, pleads with Monet to reassert herself as the dominant personality, but M-plate tells him that he doesn’t understand that she/he is a separate entity from her two parts, just as everyone is a combination of their conscious and subconscious mind. He/She is her own person with his/her own objectives. Everett asks what those are, and the merged entity points to an odd building in the distance. M-Plate wants the Universal Amalgamator who lives at the edge of reality. It is the unifying force that can meld her/him to any and all other consciousnesses, giving her the power to join all sentient beings into a single all-encompassing awareness.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, Penance, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee and White Queen (Generation X‘s teachers and tutors)
Leech, Artie Maddicks (wards of Generation X)

Chief Authier
Tracy Authier
Dorian, Weasel
Mr. Timmons, owner of the local diner
Bunche, Darren, Marie, Polly

Elwood the Pooka
The Token

Plasma Wraiths

Story Notes: 

The Token first appeared and was chased out of the Biosphere in Wolverine (2nd series) #94.

Dorian and Weasel have a history of forcing younger kids to steal things for them. They had Tracy and Aemon break into the Massachusetts Academy in Generation X (1st series) #33.

“That old movie” which Elwood made reference to is from 1950 and was called “Harvey." The lead character Elwood P. Dowd (played by James Stewart) is the only one to see Harvey, a 6-foot rabbit.

It is unknown why Chief Authier didn’t notice Penance’s odd appearance. Most likely, Emma psychically changed his perception of her like she did for Chamber in Generation X (1st series) #33.

Emma was concerned with the chief peeking into the Biosphere tree house because that is the home of Generation X’s two charges, Artie and Leech.

Venom fought Wolverine in the Venom vs. Wolverine limited series.

The M twins merged with Emplate in Generation X (1st series) #34. They formed the evil entity known as M-Plate who has his/her own agenda separate from the two previous forms.

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