Generation X (1st series) #44

Issue Date: 
November 1998
Story Title: 
Comings & Goings

Larry Hama (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils), Rachel Dodson (inks), RS & Comicraft (letters), Nic Musolino (colors), Frank Pittarese (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee and Gaia sit on the steps of the academy, talking about Everett a.k.a. Synch. Jubilee is worried about his recent behavior after he was brutally beaten. Everett and Skin walk out the door, Ev carrying a familiar cigar box that used to contain Angelo’s gun. Ev walks off into town, and Jubilee surmises that he is going to shoot his attackers. She follows behind him, bumping into Tracy Authier and borrowing her bike to catch up before it is too late. She finds him with the thugs and yells at him not to shoot, but instead of a gun, Everett pulls out a wad of cash to give to Dorian and Weasel for a new car. On the way home, he explains that he wants to stop the cycle of hate. Banshee, along with Husk and Chamber, head towards the airport to pick up Sean’s daughter Theresa, and to see off Paige as she heads home to Kentucky. Once there, Theresa convinces her dad to leave the couple alone while they wait. Theresa and Sean talk about their stained relationship, ultimately coming to the conclusion that the past cannot be changed. At the airport, Paige talks to Jono about not leaving the school, and he promises her that he will stay until she comes back from Kentucky to work on refining his powers. Before she leaves for the plane, Jono displays his already improved abilities by burning a heart for her in a napkin.
Gaia and Emma talk after Jubilee leaves about the recent telepathic knockout. Gaia complains of how unfair it is, since she just was able to use her abilities and then they are gone, but Emma says that maybe it is the will of the universe since she was only using her powers for personal gain. Just then, Emma finds that her telepathic powers are returning. Bianca LaNeige and her dwarves are set to work to repair the damaged Biosphere with Artie and Leech as their slave drivers. Soon after the repairs are made a mysterious light source engulfs Bianca and the dwarves and they disappear. The boys run inside to tell Emma what has happened, dragging her outside. The rest of the team shows up and follows to find that not only are the villains gone, but so is the Biosphere. On the ground lies a photograph of the building in an unknown location and time.

Full Summary: 

On the grounds of the Massachusetts Academy, outside the ruined Biosphere, Bianca LaNeige and her dwarves slave to repair the damage that they caused. Bianca, as usual, is complaining to one of her dwarves about the work that they are doing, specifically Spikey. She tells him that he is mixing the mortar too thin, but he just tells her to shove it. The other dwarves back him up by reminding their leader that they would not have even been dwarves if not for her meddling. Bianca starts to lash back, but her attention is drawn to Artie and Leech, who are standing watch. Artie snaps a picture of Bianca, much to her horror. She asks them who gave them the right to take a picture of her? She is all sweaty, her hair is a mess, and her make-up is running!

Banshee exits the Biosphere telling Bianca that this isn’t a shoot for Vanity Fair. It is only fair that she and her "height challenged friends" repair the Biosphere, since they were the ones who wrecked it. He gives her a little incentive by saying if they do a good job, then he may see about getting their spaceship repaired.

Sean tells Artie and Leech that they are in charge over construction while Jono and himself are gone. They are going to the airport to see off Husk and to pick up Sean’s daughter, Theresa. He tells the boys not to let Bianca and the dwarves slack off on their work, to which the boys give an enthusiastic okay.

Out on the front steps of the academy, two students sit and talk. Gaia quietly munches a box of Sugar Bomb cereal, much to her elation. Jubilee strikes up a conversation, asking Gaia if she knows that Everett likes her? Yes, she replies. Apprehensively, Jubilee asks Gaia how she feels about him? The pink-haired teen passes Jubilee the box of cereal and then answers. She thinks that he is nice; he saved her from an eternity bonded to a doomsday machine after all. She asks Jubilee if she likes Everett too. Jubilee hesitantly says yes, and that she is worried about the way that he has been behaving ever since those creeps Dorian and Weasel beat him up. Just then their conversation is cut short as Synch and Skin walk out the front door, Skin carrying a familiar cigar box. As Synch walks off Angelo tells him to "watch his butt" and not to do anything that he would not do. Jubilee stares at the cigar box, trying to remember why it is so familiar. Gaia wonders why Jubilee is so worried, since Everett does not seem bothered anymore; he just walked into town and didn’t invite either of them along. She remembers that that is the cigar box that Tracy Authier stole from the mansion that contained Angelo’s gun. Jubilee’s brain suddenly makes the connection as she remembers the events of the last couple weeks. Dorian and Weasel beat up Everett, but he denied that it was them when Chief Authier brought them in. Possibly it was because he was waiting to extract his revenge personally. Jubilee frantically dashes into town after her vigilante friend, leaving Gaia with nothing but unanswered questions.

At the local airport the three Gen Xers meet up with Sean’s daughter Theresa, also known as Siryn from X-force. Sean asks her if she has grown since he last saw her, but she jokingly replies that it is just him who has been shrinking from old age. He then asks her if she has been to kiss the Blarney Stone. Banshee introduces his daughter to his two students, explaining that Chamber would normally be more talkative if not for the recent blast that took out all psi-powers. Politely, a stewardess interrupts the introduction to tell them that there will be a delay of two hours before the plane is ready to leave. Sean suggests that they go to the park to wait, but Husk politely declines, saying that she would rather spend time in the snack bar with Jono. Besides, doesn’t Sean want some time alone with Theresa? Banshee starts to protest, but Theresa pressures him to leave.

On the road into town, Jubilee stealthily sneaks behind Everett. She ducks behind a tree, wishing that there were some way that she could beat him into town. Just then, a voice calls out behind her, asking her if practicing stalking was some part of her weird curriculum. Jubilee turns around to see that it is Tracy Authier, and she is on a bicycle. Sheepishly Jubilee asks if Tracy will give her a ride into town, explaining that she thinks Everett is going to do something foolish.

Sean and Theresa sit quietly in the serene environment of the park, Theresa silently sips her coffee. Sean tells his daughter that he has been hearing a lot of good things about her as leader of X-force, and that he is proud of her. Taking another sip of coffee, Theresa ruminates on what her father had just said. In the silence, Dorian and Weasel ride past; carrying pizza on their bicycles. Theresa turns to look at her father, a big smile on her face, pointing out that that is the first time her father has ever said that to her in person. Every time before she had heard it in a card or a letter. Jokingly she adds that she didn’t know if those were her father’s sentiments or someone over at Hallmark.

Silence also reigns in the snack bar of the airport. Husk sits looking down at the table as she talks to her boyfriend. She begins to talk about her mother’s condition, and how she does not know how serious it is—Sam didn’t say on the phone. Chamber gently touches the back of her hand to comfort her. Paige tells Jono that she knows how hard it has been for him at the academy, but not to give up. Emma and Sean are the best people to help them; not only with their powers, but also with their problems. With a look that intermingled unexpected hope and love Paige asks Jono to promise her that he will stick with his training until she returns. Jono takes a napkin that is sitting in front of him and writes, "I promise" on it.

Now in town, Everett spots Dorian and Weasel on their bicycles. He gets their attention and then says that he would like to have a word with them. Dorian asks Ev if he is still holding a grudge or something, while Weasel tells Everett that they do not have time because they have pizzas to deliver. Behind a picket fence, Tracy and Jubilee watch the scenario unfold. Both of them wonder what is going on, and Jubilee says that she doesn’t have a good feeling about it. Everett reaches deep inside of his jacket pocket, saying that he has something for the both of them. Jubilee pops her head up over the fence, yelling at Everett not to shoot.

Sean offers up an apology to Theresa for never being there for her while she was growing up. He could tell her that things had not worked out between him and her mother, or that his job demanded his time, but Sean knows that these are just convenient excuses. He was just a young guy that was full of himself, and he was selfish not to have been a part of her life. Sean says that he knows that he does not have a right to ask Theresa for forgiveness or even for understanding of his situation, but he has something to say: if he had been there when she was born "not St. Patrick and all of his snakes could have dragged me away." The two sit once more in silence on the park bench.

Alone in the café, Husk asks Jono if there is anything that Jono has to say to her before she leaves. Jono sets down the pencil and picks up the paper. Barely pulling down his mask, Jon starts to sear the middle of the paper with laser-like precision. When he sets the paper back down on the table, a smoldering heart is burnt out of the center.

Frantically Jubilee runs up to Everett, trying to stop him from making the worst decision of his life. Everett pulls his hand out of his pocket, revealing a stack of money. Synch is even more perplexed than Jubilee is, wondering what she is babbling about. He turns to Dorian, handing him the money with the explanation that it is enough for a down payment on a car. He is giving them the money because their car had been wrecked at the academy. Dorian suspiciously looks at Synch, saying that this is some sort of set-up. He is convinced that after he takes the money, Everett will tell Chief Authier that they have stolen his money. Knowing full well that they need the money, Everett even offers to fill out a receipt for them. Swiping the money out of his hand, Dorian tells Everett not to think that him and Weasel have any different opinion of him now. They still think that he is a punk and a freak.

Finishing up from their work at the Biosphere, the dwarves feel a hot gust of wind. Immediately they blame Stinky, but they are sorely mistaken. A gigantic, blue, crackling portal opens up inside of the Biosphere, something unknown to the intergalactic travelers. However, they recognize that it is something that can generate its own space-time flux. The dwarves shield their eyes from the intense light as they finally recognize the source of the portal.

Theresa responds to her father’s sincerity in a rather peculiar manner. She calls him an unrepentant rogue, saying that he may have stayed around for a little while, but another adventure would soon have called him away—and he would have gone. Hurt Sean denies that fact. He often lingers on what he could have done or all that he could have given her. Theresa doesn’t even let her father finish his sorrowful rant, saying that it is the truth. Even though, the greatest gift that she ever received was from her father. Besides his wit, humor, and leadership abilities he gave her something few parents can give; the sky to soar in and a voice to crack the heavens. With that, Theresa takes off from the bench into the clear blue sky.

Back in the airport café, Paige picks up the paper. She affectionately hugs it to her chest, marveling at the level of control that Jono learned. She scoots her chair over to his, exclaiming how great it is! She begins to talk of how she feels like she is about to have a major breakthrough with her own powers. Jono lovingly places his finger over her mouth, stopping her from talking, and the couple embraces each other.

On the way back to the academy, Synch explains to the girls that he persuaded Skin to loan him the money, which he had stashed in his cigar box. Tracy asks if it was the same box that Angelo had the gun in? Synch explains that Angelo got rid of the gun after the little adventure he had with Paige and Jubilee in East L.A., and now uses it to store money in. He took Skin’s money and his own, put it together, and it was enough for a down payment on a jalopy for the bullies. Jubilee asks the obvious question, why did he do it? Hatred is a cycle, he replies, and it has to stop somewhere. Jubilee stops and gives her friend a hug.

Theresa, Sean, and Jono watch as Paige takes off in the airplane home to Kentucky. As they get in the car, Sean says that maybe the trip will do her some good since she has been a bit more disrespectful as of late. Theresa says that that may be a good thing, since she has heard that Paige is a bit of a suck-up. Her father is shocked at the harsh language; just because she shows an ounce of respect doesn’t mean anything bad. The jeep turns the corner, coming upon the wayward Gen Xer’s on the road also.

At the kitchen table, Gaia and Emma talk over a cup of tea about the unfairness of the psychic blackout. Gaia says that she had been chained to an altar for seventeen millennia, knowing that when she was free that she could create anything she wanted. Now that she is free, her powers are on hold; how unfair is that? Emma tells her young charge that what did she do when she finally was free? She conjured up some fancy toys and clothes. Maybe the universe is telling her that she should be more responsible and make a difference with her powers. Gaia asks Emma if she is joking. Emma admits that maybe she was laying it on a bit thick, but she does have a point. She further says that if she had her powers back she would go into Gaia’s head and…Gaia lets out a yelp of protest as she throws her head back. She tells Emma that she could feel her intruding into her head. Emma takes this news with great delight, gleefully shouting that her powers are coming back.

Artie and Leech burst through the kitchen door, saying that there is an emergency. They drag Emma outside, much to her bewilderment. She asks them if someone is hurt, and Leech tells her that it is gone. Emma still does not understand what he means; asking if something had been stolen. Sean pulls up, asking what is the commotion, but Emma cannot answer since she doesn’t know herself. Knowing Artie and Leech it could be a bird’s nest that fell out of tree, she replies. The boys pull Emma around the corner with everyone following. Everyone stops in their tracks in amazement at what is missing; the Biosphere. Only the trees that once surrounded it are left. Sean states the obvious, and Jubilee adds that Bianca and the dwarves are missing as well. A mechanical noise catches their attention, and Artie points to his camera on the ground. A picture just emerged from it and everyone crowds around waiting for it to develop. In the picture is the Biosphere, but alien looking buildings and flying vehicles surrounds it. It also is run down and decrepit. The group notices the changes in the picture and Jubilee wonders where it went? Emma points out that it may not be where that is the question, but when?

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Gaia, Husk, Jubilee, Skin, Synch (all members of Generation X)
Banshee, and White Queen (teachers and tutors of Generation X)
Artie Maddicks and Leech (wards of Generation X)

Siryn (member of X-force)

Bianca Laneige
Brainy, Greasy, Spikey, Stinky, Warpy, and Windy (all „ dwarves" of Bianca)
Dorian and Weasel
Tracy Authier

Story Notes: 

The police chief’s daughter, Tracy Authier, was mistakably called "Stacey" throughout the entire issue. Generation X first met Tracy in Generation (1st series) X #33.

Vanity Fair is a popular fashion magazine.

Bianca LaNeige and her dwarves crashed into the Biosphere last issue. She and her cohorts first made their appearance in Generation (1st series) X #40.

The "doomsday machine" to which Gaia is referring is the Universal Amalgamator, a device in another dimension that has the power to merge all sentient life into a single unified consciousness. Gaia was the "guardian" or rather the key to such a device that M-plate wanted to use to rule the universe. See Generation X (1st series) #34-39 for more details.

Tracy, along with her friend Aemon broke into the mansion and stole several things from the students in Generation (1st series) X #33, including Angelo’s gun, Paige’s diary, and Jubilee’s hat.

The Blarney Stone is a fabled rock in Ireland that is said to gift those that kiss it with eloquence of speech. Sean probably made this comment due to Theresa’s witty retort.

The blast that took out all psi-talents occurred in X-Men (2nd series) #74-75 in which Psylocke battled the Shadow King. He tricked Betsy into attacking him on the Astral Plane, which caused a ripple effect that shut off all psychic abilities.

It is unknown why Theresa didn’t just take X-force’s P.A.C.R.A.T. jet (Personal Assault Craft for Recon Air/Terrain) instead of paying to take a plane. Most likely it was just to conjoin the story a little better since Paige had to fly home to Kentucky to visit her sick mother.

In this issue, they incorrectly spelled Theresa’s codename as Syrin, when it is truthfully Siryn.

Hallmark is a well-known and respected card company whose insignia is a gold crown. Remember, check the back, see if it’s Hallmark!

The legend of St. Patrick states that this godly man drove all of the snakes out of Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day.

Before Banshee was affiliated with the X-men, he worked as an operative for INTERPOL.
The story makes it sound as though Banshee neglected his daughter, when actually, thanks to his cousin, Black Tom’s meddling he wasn’t even aware of Theresa’s existence for most of her life.

There have been conflicting amounts of time for which Gaia had been entrapped in the Citadel. There have been several time spans listed, but the true amount of time remains unknown.

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