Generation X (1st series) #54

Issue Date: 
August 1999
Story Title: 
Land of the Rising Sons: part 2

Jay Faerber (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils), Rachel Dodson & Scott Elmer (inks), Kevin Tinsley (colors), RS & Comicraft (letters), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Emma is furious at Adrienne for sending the kids to Madripoor without her permission. Meanwhile, the kids and Paladin continue their battle against Noy and the Rising Sons. It’s a rough battle, which almost results in Paladin’s death. Luckily he survives thanks to a rescue of Jubilee. While the others continue the battle against the Rising Son members, Jubilee faces their leader and manages to take Adrienne’s sword away from him. Upon looking at it, she discovers that the sword is actually a piece of junk! She demands to know why it’s so valuable. Noy claims not to know, but he knows that Adrienne wants it and that’s why he took it from her. Jubilee leaves the crime boss alone and warns her friends that she got what they came for. They finish of the Rising Sons and return home. There, they hand over the sword to Adrienne. While she walks away, with a sadistic smile on her face, Emma reveals to the kids that the sword is what killed Adrienne’s husband, Steven, and that Adrienne wants to use her powers on the sword to be with him for the last few moments of his life. Adrienne leaves alone, remembering that she arranged for Steven’s death herself and that it was she herself who stuck the sword through his heart! She hopes that it has hurt him, because that’s what happens when somebody crosses her.

Full Summary: 

At the school, Emma is furious at Adrienne, as she refuses to tell her where her students are. Adrienne mocks that, with the fact that she is a headmistress now, she can get to send the kids on field trips as she pleases.

Emma angrily grabs Adrienne’s throat, and shouts at her that she would die for those kids, and if needed she’ll kill Adrienne to learn the truth. Adrienne calms her sister down, by telling her that she send out the kids to Madripoor to retrieve something special for her. Emma is upset that Adrienne sent the kids to that wretched island, which is full of villains and mischief. Adrienne asks her sister to relax, as they’ve got a chaperone. Emma wants to know who it is.

In Madripoor on a speeding train, Jubilee stands on Paladin’s shoulders and looks through an open window on the roof, and warns him that they’ve got trouble! Paladin asks her what kind of trouble she’s talking about but, before Jubilee can respond, she is pulled up by Tough Love! He thinks that Jubilee looks rather lovely, and mocks that it’s on days like this that he hates his job. He grabs Jubilee by her throat and tells her that, without this in their lives, he would take her out on a four-star meal, then perhaps a show and end the day by reading her poetry. But alas, life gets in the way, and Tough Love mentions that he’ll have to kill Jubilee.

Paladin climbs up the window, and tries to fight Tough Love, but his punches don’t harm him. Tough Love calmly asks Paladin to wait his turn, but Paladin has had enough of this nonsense and takes out his gun. Tough Love laughs, as he mentions that he’s completely bulletproof. Luckily, Paladin’s gun disrupts nervous systems! Tough Love faints, and Jubilee is set free.

Meanwhile, Jono, Paige, Everett and Angelo have found some bikes and rush through the night city. Jono and Paige sit together on their bike and drive at full speed, which Everett is unable to catch up on as he’s only driven a motorcycle one in his life before, unlike Jono who seems to be an expert. Paige sighs, as she recalls that she and Jono used to talk about getting a bike together and driving together. She dislikes the fact that they end up in this situation and barely speak to one another. She feels weird, but in a good way. They notice the train Jubilee and Paladin are on, and hope they’ll make it aboard.

Unfortunately, the kids are followed by Jet-Black. He reports to his boss, Noy, that he’s on the kids’ tail. He transforms his bike, and throws a fire beam out of it! And it hits Angelo and Everett’s bike! Chamber stops driving, and with all the smoke from the explosion can’t see if their friends are alive. Chamber suggests that he attacks Jet-Black and that Paige goes to check on their teammates. Paige does so, and Jono fires his powers. Jet-Black easily dodges the attack, and while laughing heads towards Jono.

Jet-Black lands in front of Chamber, and transforms back into his human form. Everett, having survived the blasts, goes to stand close to them and synches Jono’s powers. They combine their skills and attack Jet-Black together, and defeat him! Angelo has luckily survived the blast as well, but they all wonder how they’ll possibly catch up with their other friends on only one bike.

Paladin warns Jubilee that Noy is probably very well protected by now, so he hopes that the others will arrive soon. Jubilee promises they will. They get attacked by Spoilsport, who wants to finish the battle fast, as she’s got a date later tonight. Jubilee fights her, but Spoilsport dodges her attack. Suddenly, she gets grabbed by elastic… toes?! Jubilee looks up, and finds out that Synch and Skin have arrived! Everett congratulates Angelo on his good idea of having Everett synch Chamber’s powers, so that they could fly to the battlefield.

Jubilee thanks the guys for the help, and notices that Spoilsport’s confused. She takes advantage of the situation, and knocks her enemy out. As the train goes, Angelo notices Jono and Paige arriving on their bike. Everett and Jubilee hold Angelo tight, while Paige grabs Jono’s torso, and Jono grabs Angelo’s stretched arms so that they can make it on the train as well. They turn around, and notice that Paladin is gone! Jubilee fears that he might have gone after Noy alone, but fears that he won’t be strong enough and get killed. She informs her friends that Noy was in a private car when they found him earlier, but she realizes that the crime boss could be anywhere by now.

At the same time, a guard has got the Generation X members on his viewing screens, and informs his boss about it. She steps out of the shadows and thanks the guard for warning her. She wonders why Jubilee and her friends are in Madripoor, and why they haven’t paid her a visit. But, perhaps she will turn the favor to the kids, and hopefully they’ll perish at the hands of… Viper!

Meanwhile, the kids have split up, and one team searches the front of the train and the other the back. Everett and Angelo think they’ll have find the sword in no time thanks to this decision. But, Everett asks Angelo to be quiet, realizing that someone’s coming after them. It’s Nightwind! She is impressed that the kids have heard her approach. Everett corrects Nightwind that he felt her arrival thanks to the fact that she’s a mutant: that’s one of the benefits of Everett’s synchronatic aura. Everett mentions that another benefit of his powers is that one’s he is synched up with another person, he can copy their powers. Like Nightwind’s sword, for example. Everett warns Skin to stay out of this, as this battle is his.

Nightwind has had enough talk, and suggests that they start their battle. They fight for a while, but Nightwind finds it disgraceful: Synch may have copied her powers, but not her skills. She kicks Everett in his stomach, and slices through his arm! Skin has seen enough, and goes to help his friend out. He stretches his hand around Nightwind’s face, and keeps it that way until she faints.

Inside his wagon, Noy enjoys holding his new sword, as simply by doing this he knows how much pain it causes Adrienne. Suddenly, a steel arm slams through the door! It’s Paige, Jubilee and Chamber! Jubilee demands to know where Paladin is, but Noy claims as the kids can see, he isn’t with him. Jubilee notices his gun lying on the floor, so Paladin must have been there recently. They hear a noise on the roof above them and Jubilee thinks Paladin must be there, but also in big trouble!

The Sign steps forward and throws lighting on Paige but, luckily thanks to her steel skin, she remains unharmed. Chamber uses his powers on the Sign and they go way through the roof, where Paladin is busy fighting Dragonwing. Unfortunately, with the kids looking at Jono’s power play, they become distracted, this giving the Sign the chance to quickly use his magic powers to take Husk down. Jubilee kicks down Noy and grabs the sword, but… it’s just a piece of junk!

While standing above Noy, Jubilee demands to know from him what’s so special about this sword. He doesn’t answer. Jubilee holds the sword against Noy’s throat, and asks the question again. He admits that he doesn’t know what’s special about it, and just knows that Adrienne wants it.

Meanwhile, Chamber has climbed up the roof, having decided to go help Paladin out. However, Dragonwing holds him by the throat, and shouts at Jono to stay back or else he’ll drop Paladin. Jubilee arrives on the roof, and informs her friends that she’s got what they came for. She threatens Dragonwing to release Paladin, or else she’ll drop the sword and the train will certainly completely smash it with its speed.

Dragonwing sees through Jubilee’s threats, and knows that the swords is as much of value to her teacher than it is to his boss. Jubilee doesn’t think so, as the sword is just a piece of junk. She knows that someone is getting scammed here, but just can’t figure out who it is. Dragonwing doesn’t listen, and still holds Paladin by his throat. Jubilee drops the sword. Dragonwing freaks out and goes after it and releases Paladin, but he falls of the trail. Luckily, he can hold himself up on the roof ends.

Dragonwing tries to grab the sword, but Jubilee quickly jumps over him. She tells Chamber to focus on the enemy, while she’ll help Paladin up. He begs for her help, as he can’t help himself thanks to Spoilsport’s earlier attack, since his head is still spinning. Jubilee does her best to help him up, but Paladin is heavier than she thought he would be. Paladin encourages her, and eventually she manages to do the trick. They arrive in front of a tunnel, and Jubilee warns Paladin to duck. He does so.

Meanwhile, Dragonwing slashes Chamber through his face. He’s confident that he’ll win again, as the Rising Sons have never lost a battle before, and doesn’t think this battle will be any different. Chamber gets up, and mocks that he isn’t sure about that. He stays ducked, and Dragonwing doesn’t notice the tunnel and bumps his head!

Paladin thanks Jubilee for the rescue, and asks how he can show his appreciation. Jubilee smiles, and she silently says she can figure out a few things. Chamber tells Jubilee to enjoy the victory while she can, thinking that Adrienne won’t be pleased to see her sword ruined and lost. Skin arrives, and shows that he caught the sword when it fell! He congratulates Jubilee on the fine idea of having him hide between the two wagons where they fought, so he could help out when needed.

Later, the kids arrive back home at the Snow Valley airport. Both Emma and Adrienne are waiting for them. Adrienne smiles, but Emma isn’t. She informs the kids that she and her sister have been talking, and guarantees that there won’t be any more such trips in the future. Jubilee hands over the sword to her and apologizes for its bad condition, and asks if its worth something. Adrienne, with a big smile on her face, walks away, and tells Jubilee that the sword is worth more than she’ll ever know.

Jubilee wants to know what’s up with Adrienne. Emma explains that the sword is the thing that killed Adrienne’s husband. She knows it sounds gruesome, but Adrienne wants to use her psychometric powers on the sword to be with Steven for the last moments of his life. Emma thinks it’s actually kind of sad.

While Adrienne continues to walk away, she wonders if Steven ever knew if… it was her sticking the blade through his heart! She wonders if he knew that she arranged his death that certain night. Nonetheless, Adrienne hopes that it hurt him, because that’s what happens when you cross her.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Emma Frost, Husk, Jubilee, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)

Adrienne Frost


Dragonwing, Jet-Black, Nightwind, Noy, the Sign, Spoilsport, Tough Love (all the Rising Sons)

Viper’s guard (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Banshee is currently appearing in X-Force (1st series) #91, where he is taking care of his powerless daughter Siryn in San Francisco.

Viper is Madripoor’s ruler, so that’s why she makes a brief appearance here. She knows Jubilee from her time as an ally of Wolverine, Viper’s hated enemy and former husband.

Last appearance of the Rising Sons to date.

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