Generation X (1st series) #9

Issue Date: 
November 1995
Story Title: 
Someplace Other Than Here

Scott Lobdell (writer), Tom Grummett (penciler), Mark Buckingham and Al Milgrom (inker), Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (lettering), Bob Harras (editor, editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Skin and Penance take on the dragon, while Chamber and Synch find Emma and Banshee within Cassidy Keep. M spaced out again, but manages to repair the Glamour Machine. Still it needs an energy source, and Chamber volunteers to use his power to ignite the machine. While the others are celebrating and await that the castle shifts back to earth, M is brooding in her thoughts. Emma offer to listen to her, but M refuses, not wanting anyone to feel sorry for her.

Full Summary: 

The dragon tells Skin that he has ruled the land ever since the Glamour Machine broke, and he’s either with him or against him. Skin tells the dragon that his friends are going to repair the Machine and he will stop the dragon from interfering with them. The dragon breaks down with laughter while Skin goes back to get something to battle the dragon. He tells Grande Dame about the dragon and she looks shocked. Grande Dame tells him that the dragon uses up all the spare air with his flame and that is how he holds so much power. Skin realises the dragon is just an oversized bully and can take him on. Penance watches the discussion, but does not fully understand what’s going on.

In Cassidy Keep, Banshee and Emma are arguing over how Emma uses her pi talents and how Sean dragged all the kids into this mess. Eamon tells them to shut up when a giant troll attacks them for poking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. He tells them that the fairies use elves to run the Glamour Machine.

Not far away, Synch and Chamber are disappointed to find that the elves have taken them back to their home, not Earth. The elves say they will return them home once they have helped to free the O’Donnel clan. As Chamber agrees to the deal, Synch hears Banshee’s scream coming from behind the wall. They use their powers to smash through the wall, burying the troll that was with Emma and Sean.

Back at the Glamour Machine, Skin attacks the dragon, but the dragon doesn’t take Skin seriously at all. Penance watches from the gates, unsure how to help. Jubilee is really worrying about M and how she spaces out frequently, when M suddenly takes off and Husk tells Jubilee not to worry, as she may have a plan. She ‘husks’ to reveal a shiny metal form that has more strength than her original body and pulls a lever on the side of the machine which begins to activate the machine. Then, Sean, Emma, Synch, Chamber and the elves appear and tell the Grande Dame that they are putting her out of business for terrorising the elves. Grande Dame protests until M informs them all that there is nothing she can do to repair the Machine.

Outside the gates, Skin is losing his battle with the dragon when Penance pricks the dragon.

M tells them that she has fixed the Glamour Machine, but it dosent have a power source to activate it. Banshee’s power is too physical and Emma’s is too impure, so Chamber enters the Machine and lets rip with all he’s got. It works and Chamber saves the Machine and all the residents of this Dimension. A celebration ensues, but M distances herself from the others, brooding on the castle battlements. Emma goes to her and tells her that they are all proud of her, but M tells Emma that for reasons she cant explain she has very high standards and couldn’t bear the thought of anyone feeling sorry for her.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M, Penance, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee, Emma Frost (Generation X‘s teachers and tutors)

Eamon O’Donnel
Grande Dame

Written By: