Generation X - San Diego Convention Preview

Issue Date: 
July 1994
Story Title: 
Opening Volley

Scott Lobdell (writer), Chris Bachalo (pencils), Mark Buckingham (inker), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon (colors)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee writes a letter to Wolverine describing how she is feeling about the school and what her team mates are like.

Full Summary: 

Jubilee is writing a letter to Wolverine to let him know what the new school is like and what her fellow students are like. She first describes M, saying that she is beautiful, smart, powerful and strong - literally perfect. Naturally, she hates her for it. Jubilee writes how she feels weird being with all these kids who aren’t trained, when she’s been with the X-Men for years - but she knows it was her own choice. She describes Chamber and feels sorry for him, and again mentions M, and how she spaces out, but is perfect again after a while. She says that Synch is her favourite and that Mondo is a a bit weird. He’s very laid back and does things at his own - very slow pace. Nothing ever bothers him - she compares him as the anti - Wolverine. She then describes Skin, who is very tough, but quite insecure, then Penance, who literally turned up an their doorstep and hasn’t said a word since. All because of Emplate, who, according to Jubilee, makes Sabretooth look shy.
Jubilee goes on to say she is happy here at Massachusetts, the place is so huge - it used to be a school for hundreds of kids, and only a few mutants, the Hellions. The only snag is that their former headmistress is still around - Emma Frost - who Jubilee does not trust. Jubilee has to share rooms with Husk ever since the girls dorms went bang, ans she describes Paige as very messy, but a total workaholic. Jubilee signs off saying she dosent really know where she’s going, or what she’ll do when she gets there, but she sure is gonna enjoy the trip.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M, Mondo’s double, Penance, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)

Banshee, Emma Frost (Generation X‘s teachers and tutors)

Story Notes: 

This was a free preveiw that was given out at the 1994 San Diego Comic Convention. Continuity wise, it fits in between issues #11 and 12 of the regular Generation X series.

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