Girl Comics #1

Issue Date: 
March 2010
Story Title: 
<BR>Moritat (1st story)<BR>Head Space (6th story)

1st story: G. Willow Wilson(writer), Ming Doyle (art), Cris Peter, Kathleen Marinaccio (letters)

6th story: Devin Grayson (writer), Emma Rios (art), Barbara Ciardo (color), Kathleen Marinaccio (letters)

Amanda Conner & Laura Martin (cover), Alex Starbuck & Nelson Ribeiro (assistant editors), Mark D. Beazley (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

1st story:

In an old-fashioned club, Nightcrawelr prevents a backstage murder during the performance.

6th story:

Scott Summers’ time with Jean Grey has always disturbed by Wolverine. While all of this is just in Cyclops’ head and Jean assures him there is nothing between Logan and her, he still isn’t sure.

Full Summary: 

1st story:

An old-fashioned club with a small stage. “Guten Abend, dear friends,” the emcee greets the audience, among them Kurt Wagner dressed in civilian clothes. Good to see so many familiar faces. Tonight, they turn to the old standards. Songs that have served them for decades like ex-lovers who keep coming back for more.

A platinum blonde in a fur coat enters the stage. She is announced as Ms. Clair de La Lune. In German, she thanks him. This is for all the beasts in silk suits and for the silk suits between them and the beasts.

There are angels in the shadows, she begins singing, and in brightness devils walk free.

Kurt hears a strangled noise coming from behind the stage.

Though they stroll through the sunlight, it’s the devils you don’t see.

Kurt teleports behind the stage, where the emcee is about to stab one of the showgirls.

Behind their flattering face that monsters wait to play.

“Ahem,” Kurt states and blocks the knife.

And though the angels have their defenses where they kept them we can’t say.

Kurt lunges at the man and disarms him.

For the shadows hide their secrets from those of us who’ve gone astray so we don’t see them, we with our regrets in the shallow light of day.

The man gets his second wind but the girl hits him on the head with her shoe.

No, we don’t see them in the shallow light of day. Which is why when danger beckons under the world’s false glittering spell the angels pass us in the darkness and we’re left to save ourselves.

Kurt thanks her politely.

Claire de la Lune finishes her song under applause. May they all be better strangers, she announces and, backstage, the girl smiles gratefully at Kurt as he offers his arm for support so she can put on her shoe.

6th story:

Jean Grey sits in a room telekinetically levitating and cleaning up. Scott Summers watches her. Suddenly, Wolverine, battling two armored goons comes crashing through the window. Scott immediately joins the battle while Jean seems somewhat exasperated until she too levitates a goon out of the room.

The room is a mess. Is she okay? Scott asks. She’s fine, but what in the world was that? While Scott guesses, Wolverine comes crashing in through the door. Pierced with arrows, he sinks into Jean’s arms, muttering he can’t remember why they are after him.

A bunch of ninjas follows. Cyclops, suddenly wearing his uniform, tries to stop them while announcing he could use a bit of help. Jean tries to support Logan. Fighting, Scott sees that and angrily shouts her name.

“Enough!” Jean decides and takes out the ninja. She tells Scott to listen. There is nothing to worry about. Logan and she are just—

She cannot finish her sentence. Wolverine comes driving in on a motorbike, chased by a Sentinel. Jean tries to get Scott’s attention and shouts his name.


Jean holds Scott and tells him it’s beautiful. Their psychic link. The room in his head. His mind is so clean and orderly. She feels so at peace there. And it’s important to her that he feels good there too, so please stop worrying about Logan! He should know she only has eyes for Scott.

So he guesses it’s all in his head, he jokes. Exactly, she assures him, then throws a look at Logan swilling a beer before repeating “exactly.”

Characters Involved: 

1st story:




Clair de la Lune

6th story:

Cyclops, Phoenix IV, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Story Notes: 

Girl Comics is a three-part anthology series. Its stories are all by female creators.

The 2nd story by Trina Robbins and Stephanie Buscema stars Venus.

The 3rd story by Valeria D’orazio & Nikki Cook stars the Punisher.

The 4th story stars Dr. Octopus.

The 5th story by Robin Furth and Agnes Garbowska stars Franklin and Valeria Richards.

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