Guardians Team-Up #3

Issue Date: 
May 2015
Story Title: 
The Black Vortex – chapter 6

Sam Humphries (writer), Mike Mayhew (artist), Rain Beredo (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Mike Mayhew & Rain Beredo (cover artists) , Andrea Sorrentino & Gustavo Duarte (alternate cover),Xander Jarowey (assistant editor) Katie Kubert, (editor),  Mike Marts (group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Hala, homeworld of the Kree, is under attack by Gamora, Angel and the adult Beast, who demand the return of the Black Vortex. As several of the Guardians and X-Men try to help the Kree with their defense, others are discussing matters with the Supreme Intelligence. Ronan the Accuser asks for permission to use the Black Vortex, so they can properly defend Hala. The Supreme Intelligence forbids it, predicting that the use of the Black Vortex would make the Kree’s demise more likely. Star-Lord takes pity on Ronan and creates a distraction, allowing Ronan to submit to the Black Vortex. Changed, he is able to face Gamora and Angel while Beast finishes his theory of space-time. However, Beast is horrified when he realizes that his decision to bring the original X-Men forward in time has broken space-time. He flees in horror and Gamora and Angel follow. For his disobedience, Ronan falls into disgrace which he proudly accepts. On Spartax, Kitty’s group faces the creature threatening the orphanage. It turns out to be Gara, the last Viscardi, who demands the destruction of the Black Vortex. Elsewhere, Thane has returned to his flock to find them all slaughtered (on Mr Knife’s order, which he doesn’t know). Ebony Maw advises him to take Mr Knife’s offer and submit to the Black Vortex so he can get his revenge.

Full Summary: 

This is the last entry of the Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire. The final chronicle of Ronan.

Ronan sits in a floating hover chair, writing huge, alien letters onto a giant book page.

The Accuser who disobeyed. On the day the Black Vortex came to Hala.

Ronan’s narration:
The three heroes changed by the Black Vortex, Gamora, the young Angel and adult Beast, are attacking the Kree homeworld Hala, whereas their former allies Captain Marvel, Nova and Drax are aiding the Kree in their world’s defense.

Ronan, in the meantime, stands before the Supreme Intelligence, warning him he stands to lose Hala to their enemies. Two Earthling mutants and a daughter of Thanos. But their power is more than even the Accuser Corps can counter. They have been enhanced by this unknown artifact – the Black Vortex.

Also present are Star-Lord, Storm and Jean Grey. Star-Lord interrupts that the Black Vortex is something he has never seen before.

Ronan continues, addressing the Supreme Intelligence. He requests permission that he may pull back the Accuser Corps so that they may submit to the Black Vortex and repay their attackers in kind. The Intelligence denies Ronan’s request.

Ronan warns it they have no hope then. Even Star-Lord agrees with that assessment. They gotta fight fire with fire! Storm protests and the Supreme Intelligence orders them all to be silent. The Black Vortex is not unknown to ten of its four billion minds. Its potential for catastrophe is nigh infinite. If they hold for the Kree fleet to return and defend Hala, likelihood for empire survival is 32.2 percent. If they use the Black Vortex, likelihood of empire survival is… 2.01 percent.

Panicked transmissions of the Accusers under attack come in. Again, Ronan insists and is told that the Supreme Intelligence will stand by its decision. His duty is to obey. They will wait for the return of the Starfang armada.

On Spartax, Kitty and her group (young Beast, Agent Venom, Corsair and Lockheed) arrive at Ma Savage’s orphanage. Ma is trying to fire at a strange creature sitting on the orphanage’s roof. It quickly flies to another part while they wonder what it is.

Venom fires a round at the being. Primitive, the alien scoffs and deflects the rounds by swirling her staff. How did the most powerful artifact of the universe end up in their hands? Kitty asks who she is. Pathetic creatures! the alien scoffs. She is Gara, the last of the Viscardi, an Elder of the universe. And she is here to destroy the Black Vortex!

Ronan silently muses on how to comply duty with honor. Star-Lord takes him aside and asks Ronan if he really had the chance… Would he submit? Ronan stares at him silently. Right, Peter sighs. Ronan’s lucky he doesn’t mind embarrassing himself for a good cause. Just be ready to make his move!

Star-Lord stalks back toward the Supreme Intelligence and the Black Mirror. He’s gonna be king of the cosmos, baby, Peter shouts. He sits astride the Black Vortex and babbles on, shouting he submits.

The two Accusers stare at him in surprise. Jean asks Storm what he is doing, but Storm has no idea. The Supreme Intelligence gives orders to stop him and the Accusers drag him off the Vortex and away. Ronan takes the chance to sneak past them and submits to the Black Vortex before anyone can stop him. Righteous! he marvels as he stands reborn.

Thane has returned to his followers on Brennan-7 to find them slaughtered, all his flock gone. He berates himself for leaving them and begs their forgiveness. He doesn’t see Czar Doon lurking.

Who could have perpetrated this mass slaughter? Who indeed? Ebony Maw asks as he appears. Thane berates him for mocking him. Ebony Maw claims he feels the same pain. This is an atrocity… Yet perhaps Thane can honor the fallen, in memoriam. He continues that the dead cry for revenge. Thane needs the power Mr. Knife offered.

Thane vows he will find who did this and wash the sin in their blood. His power flaring, he vows that in the name of his flock he will have revenge!

In the orbit of Hala, the Kree, Captain Marvel, Nova and Drax get reinforcements in the form of the altered Ronan, who announces the Kree Empire is under his protection. Surrender or face the hammer of justice!

Beast orders Gamora and Angel to stall Ronan. His replica of space time is almost complete. When it is, all possibilities will be in the pal of their hand. On it, Gamora announces.

Crossing weapons with Ronan, she hisses how dare he. He retorts they have themselves to blame. His judgment beam ignites the guilt deep within her soul. She must have much to atone for. Swatting him back she snaps guilt is for the weak!

While the other Accusers watch, Angel next blasts Ronan. Beast shouts at Angel to keep him at bay. He is almost ready!

Nova, Captain Marvel and Drax watch fascinated, realizing Ronan has submitted to the Black Vortex.

Getting up despite the energy onslaught, Ronan announces they will remember this day. But Angel will not like how they’ll remember him. He hits him in the face with his hammer.

Beast’s analysis is finished. It’s beautiful, he marvels until he realizes it is broken. He broke the fabric of space-time. Everything dies. He is supposed to be a scientist. How could he have been so cavalier? How could he have brought them back? How did he become a monster?! he shouts as he flies away.

Furious, Gamora impales Ronan on her sword. She grabs Angel and vows this isn’t over then flies away.

The Guardians try to help up Ronan, who groans what happened. He did it, Nova announces.

That was the day the Supreme Accuser saved Hala. But not without a price. The Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men, their names will live on forever as defenders of Hala. But the name of Ronan will live forever in disgrace. The Accuser who violated the word of the Supremor.

All that remains now of my duty is to face the consequences of my actions. If you are reading my words a hundred years hence, a thousand years, millennia hence, then look around you. If you can see with your own eyes the beauty of Hala, the strength of the Accuser Corps, the nobility of the Kree, then you see with your own eyes the undeniable evidence I was right.

Having finished his writing, Ronan proudly walks away.

Characters Involved: 

Angel, Beast, Marvel Girl (original X-Men)
Kitty Pryde, X-23 (X-Men based at the New Xavier School)
Beast, Storm (X-Men based at the Jean Grey School)

Agent Venom, Captain Marvel VI, Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Ronan the Accuser
upreme Intelligence
Accuser Corps

Ma Savage

Ebony Maw

Czar Doon (Slaughter Lords)

Changed by the Black Vortex:
Angel (original)
Brother Blood, Czar Doon, Delphinia, Father Diablo, Misa (Slaughter Lords)
Ronan the Accuser

Story Notes: 

The next chapter is Guardians of the Galaxy (3rd series) #25.

The previous chapter was All-New X-Men #29.

“In memoriam” is misspelled as “in memorium.”

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