How to Break into Comics the Marvel Way #1

Issue Date: 
May 2010
Story Title: 
second story: Let It Out; sixth story:Modern Love

second story:
Chris Yost (writer), Paul Davidson (artist), Soto (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Matteo de Longis (cover art), Daniel Ketchum and Jordan D. White (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

sixth story:
Brian Michael Bendis (words), Christian Nauck (pencils), Terry Austin (inks), Matt Wilson (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters)

Brief Description: 

second story:
Following Jean Grey's death, Wolverine has the idea to allow Cyclops to release all his frustrations and pent up feelings by taking him to the desert with a few friends for a fight. He and Havok antagonize Scott into battle and he unleashes his optic blasts at each of them until he and Alex turn their powers on each other. Unable to do one another serious harm, Scott gives him everything before dropping to his knees, exhausted. Later, at Jean's funeral, Scott grieves for Jean, now much more relaxed and able to contain his frustration.

sixth story:
New Avengers, Spider-Woman and Iron Fist, team together to take down Hatemonger and discover a mutual attraction that quickly blossoms into a relationship. However, being superheroes, their timetables often clash and Jessica has a dig at Danny when he disappears to K'un L'un. The pair fight and insults are thrown, but they soon realize that this is how things are in their line of business, and make up the best way they know how.

Full Summary: 

second story:
(the American Southwest)
Havok is in the desert with his brother Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus. It's getting dark as Scott stands there, asking what's going on. Wolverine has suggested a way to allow Cyclops to release all his frustrations about Jean's death, and his friends have agreed to help him out on this.

Havok knows his brother is a hard man, but there's no one he's harder on than himself. Alex is well aware that that Scott knows exactly why he is there, but Scott still plays along, insisting he doesn't want to be there. Tomorrow he has to bury the woman he loves. Alex knows what has to happen next, but knowing and doing are two different things. So, they brought this fight out into the desert where there will be no casualties and no collateral damage.
Wolverine places his hand on Scott's shoulder, and Scott orders him to remove it. Wolverine does so, but antagonizes Scott by slapping him in the face. "Make me," replies Logan. Scott states again that he doesn't want to do this, but Alex punches him in the face, telling him that this isn't about what he wants. It's about what he needs. He reckons there shouldn't be a problem having Scott fight them. Part of him must blame them for what happened. And if he doesn't… he should.

Scott falls to the ground but quickly turns and stands, unleashing an optic blast at the nearest of his friends, Nightcrawler. Kurt instantly teleports away from danger and appears behind Scott, who lashes out at Wolverine, winding him with a solid kick to the stomach.

Alex was with Lorna when he got the call about Jean. They held each other all night as tight as they could. All night. Nightcrawler prayed, Colossus painted and God knows what Wolverine did. It wasn't exactly a secret that he had feelings for Jean, too. It's probably better that the others never know. Scott catches Nightcrawler as he appears and swings him around by his ankle so that he collides with Havok. Wolverine attacks with his claws bared, but Cyclops zaps him with his eyes full in the face. He then turns his attentions back to Nightcrawler, blasting at each position that Kurt appears, to no avail. Scott's held it inside for so long now; he just can't do anything else. His entire life has been about holding it in. His power demands it. If he lets it out, people get hurt, but Alex is his brother and he knows that Scott cannot hurt him.

As Nightcrawler teleports near Colossus, the big Russian is hit with a blast which ricochets off his steel shoulders. Alex approaches as Scott asks angrily, who's next? "I am," replies Alex as he powers up his cosmic energies. He knows that he is the one person Cyclops can unleash upon and take it. After everything they've been through together, no matter how he feels about his brother and how angry he makes him, he knows that Scott would do it for him. He'd do it for any of them. He blasts at Scott, almost intentionally missing him in order to cause a reaction. Scott blasts the ground as he turns but swings his head so that Alex is caught in the full blast.

The others look on as Alex groans as the energy blast connects with him. Kurt shields his face and Piotr wonders if they should stop them. Wolverine replies that he ain't getting near that. Havok responds to Scott's attack, matching his blasts with his own into a stalemate. Finally, Cyclops allows it to happen. "Come on, Alex" he roars. "This is what you wanted, right? Then come... then... then come..." His words trail away as he drops to his knees, aims his optic blast skywards and screams, releasing all of his pent up emotion.

Moments later he collapses, holding his head in his hands. He apologizes to his friends for what's happened and lies down, exhausted. Kurt kneels beside him and asks him to let it out. Alex agrees. Scott repeats his apology as Wolverine radios Banshee aboard the Blackbird. They're done. Alex is sorry that he is Scott's brother and yet he wasn't there when he needed him. At least he can be there for him now.

(Jean's funeral)
All is silent as Scott, Alex, Hank, Kurt, Sean and Logan carry Jean's coffin to its resting place.

sixth story:
It’s early evening and Hatemonger is being taken down hard by both Iron Fist and Spider-Woman. Jessica kicks him in the face as Danny smashes him with just a portion of his might. “Well, that was random,” exclaims Jessica. Danny asks Hatemonger what exactly he was thinking, trying to rob a bank in the middle of New York City in the middle of the night. “Leave me alone,” he replies, “I’m in a downward spiral.”

Jessica is pleased with how well it worked out, and Danny replies that he usually only does this with Spider-Man. That was like an old-fashioned team-up. Jessica remarks that his iron fist is very impressive. “Yeah?” smiles Danny. He tells her that she looks great. Did she do something with her hair? Jessica says she washed it… with soap. Danny tells her that it works for her, the soap thing. Jessica pauses and asks what’s happening here. There’s clearly an attraction between the two, and as they lean in towards each other, they inevitably kiss. They then pull back, but Spider-Woman pretty much pounces on Iron Fist, kissing him again.

Jess and Danny are in bed and Danny gasps, “Wow.” He pushes himself onto his elbow and asks if she’s seeing anyone. Jessica replies no, and then realizes that he might be. Danny assures her that he’s not, and he’s not married, either. If he was married, would he be there with her? Jessica leans towards him and asks if he’s dating Misty Knight. Danny pretends to remember, but then grins and says no. Jessica smiles, and Danny asks what she’s doing tomorrow night.

(first week)
The happy couple holiday on a secluded golden beach after Danny has them flown there in his private jet.

(second week)
The two are in action taking down Rocket Racer. Jessica later gets herself an Iron Fist tattoo on her right shoulder.

(third week)
Danny reciprocates by having a tattoo himself and things are going very smoothly.

(fourth week)
Danny and Jessica arm wrestle in a restaurant while an unimpressed mother looks on, feeding her baby.

(fifth week)
Jessica sits alone, in costume, waiting for Danny to return. When he does, she asks him where the hell he’s been. Danny, surprised at the anger in her voice, replies that he told her. He had to make a pilgrimage to the ancient city of K’un L’un. “And they don’t have a &$#%ing phone in the ancient city of K’un L’un?” she asks. “Uh, no,” replies Danny. Jessica turns away and says that’s just great. Danny reiterates that he told her he was going. Jess says she is sorry, but she was worried about him. He asks what he did, but Jess tells him to forget it. “Fine,” he replies. “Forget it.” Jessica isn’t about to do that. She turns back to him and tells him that he just comes in here, all whoopee-doody-do… Danny interjects and says he walked in the door. Wow. She does have issues. “Oh, like you don’t,” she responds. “Not daddy issues,” replies Danny. Jessica’s face takes a turn for the worse. Excuse me?

Danny realizes he’s said the wrong thing as she goes on the offensive. She asks if he means like her daddy was a Hydra terrorist who poked her with needles while she was still in her mother’s womb and then killed her mother in front of her when she was a little girl. Those kind of issues?

Inside Doctor Strange’s sanctum, the rest of the team listen to their every word, and Spider-Man asks if they know they can hear them. Ms. Marvel shushes him. Danny tells Jessica that he’s a man on a mission, and that journey doesn’t involve having to call and let her know his whereabouts. Jessica asks, sarcastically, if he means a man’s journey. Really? Then he can explain the yellow booties. Luke Cage, also listening in, doesn’t like the sound of that.

Danny informs Jessica that his boots are part of an ancient ritual garb, handed down to him from centuries of warriors who have held the secret of the iron fist. “Really?” asks Jessica, because she has a pair just like them and does he know where she got them? At the ‘tween section at Macy’s! Danny is shocked, and Jessica realizes she may have gone a little far. There is a short silence, and Carol Danvers wonders what’s happening. Danny wonders if they should go back to how things were before. Jessica agrees that maybe they should.

Danny scratches his head and says it’s difficult to balance the lifestyles. “We knew that though,” Jessica replies, apologizing for the bootie thing. Danny wishes she’d stop calling them that. They’re boots… regular boots. He apologizes for the dad thing, but Jessica knows it’s true. “Still,” replies Danny, “It’s not my place.” They stare at each other, and all is silent.

Inside the sanctum, Carol wonders if they’ve left. Luke can’t hear anything. Wong asks them to shush, and Wolverine grabs a few beers & some food and heads for the door. It’s getting crowded and weird in there. He likes to eat his food in peace and… He opens the door and sees something he really wishes he hadn’t. He heads back inside and asks, “Why don’t we all stay in here?” Spidey asks what’s going on. Logan tucks into a sandwich and says he’ll tell him when he’s older. “Oh man…” sighs Carol.

Characters Involved: 

second story:
Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)
Angel, Beast (using an image inducer) and Havok (former X-Men)
Professor Charles Xavier
sixth story:
Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Ronin, Spider-Woman, Wolverine (all Avengers)
Echo and Jessica Jones

Rocket Racer

Passer by
Woman and child in restaurant

Story Notes: 

The other stories in this issue are -
1) Street Level starring Spider-Man, Thor and the Fantastic Four
3) Icarus's Wings starring Iron Man
4) Let Sleeping Devil's Lie starring Bullseye
5) It's Not Lupus! starring the Runaways

Also in this issue, there is a page on C.B. Cebulski reflecting on the artists and what about them caught his attention, and interviews conducted by Jim McCann with each of the featured creators.

second story:
Jean Grey killed herself in X-Men (1st series) #137. Her funeral was held in X-Men (1st series) #138.

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