Incredible Hulk (1st series) #150

Issue Date: 
April 1972
Story Title: 
Cry Hulk, Cry Havok!

Archie Goodwin (writer), Herb Trimpe & John Severin (artists), Sam Rosen (letterer), Stan Lee (editor)

Brief Description: 

The US army led by General Ross tries to capture the Hulk after his battle with the Inheritor. They try to sedate him with gas but the Hulk is clever enough to steal a gas mask and escapes. The army is called off by Washington, where Hulkbusting activities are discussed in a Congressional Hearing. Only Betty Ross and Glenn Talbot stay behind trying to find the Hulk, who in the meantime yearns for his lost love Jarella. When he sees a group of bikers threatening a young green-haired woman, he hopes it is Jarella. When he reaches them, though, most of the bikers are unconscious and the woman is gone. Said woman, X-Man Lorna Dane, is weakened by using her magnetic powers to beat the bikers and she is threatened by one who still stands. He is luckily blasted by Havok, the man she has been looking for. She asks her boyfriend to return to the X-Men with her, but he refuses. He recalls how he inadvertently lashed out at the jealous Iceman with his powers, injuring him. Angrily, Lorna turns away, only to be kidnapped by the Hulk. Havok gets his suit, which helps him control his powers, and follows them. Hulk has taken Lorna to a mesa but becomes angry when he sees she is not Jarella and accuses her of trying to deceive him. Below them, Havok challenges him. The Hulk confronts him and begins damaging the rock Lorna is on. Havok uses his power as he has never before, first creating a tight beam to hurt the Hulk where he is vulnerable – his head, then projecting a force beam to lift Lorna down. He realizes he has more control than he knew and decides to return to the X-Men with Lorna. The beaten Hulk turns back to Bruce Banner. When Betty Ross and Glenn Talbot find him, Betty is surprised to hear him muttering the name Jarella…

Full Summary: 

In the underground complex of Project Greenskin, the Hulk hides from the army. He barely recalls his battle against the Inheritor a few hours ago. He just wants out.

The soldiers believe that both monsters are dead. One of them addresses General Ross and suggests he and Major Talbot should stay on the surface, as it is dangerous. Ross snaps he didn’t get these stars by hiding when the spit hits the fan. He warns them they have bigger problems than him or the major, if the Hulk or another…

The Hulk breaks cover and demands to know what this talk of “another” is. There is no one but Hulk! He swats soldiers aside and the others fall back. They don gas masks and try to calm the Hulk with sleeping gas. Hulk finally realizes that their gas masks protect them and grabs one from a fallen soldier’s pouch and dons it.

Feeling better, he swats the rest of them aside until he finally faces General Ross. He grabs him by the collar. He recognizes him as the one who always leads the soldiers after him, but the Hulk has no time to take revenge as the gas is getting through. He struggles to quickly get outside. He jumps upward, massive muscles carrying him through the roof and a furious Ross vows they will find him.

Sometime later, the Hulk sits in the New Mexico desert alone, remembering the green-skinned young woman from a tiny world, Jarella, who loved him. He wants to find her and that world again unless it was only a dream.

With the dawn, that silence is broken by approaching helicopters. General Ross orders them to attack with gas but the wind carries it away. The angry Hulk demolishes one helicopter. The others fire rocket darts but the Hulk takes over.

Ross fears that the harder it gets to capture the Hulk, the less likely it is they will take him alive. He orders to fire the self-propelled cannons then try again with the tranquilizer darts. They are joined by tanks that also fire at the rock on which the Hulk sits.

However, even as the rock gives way, orders from Washington come in. All Hulkbusting activities are to be suspended pending Congressional hearing. General Ross is ordered to the Capitol immediately to testify. Ross sees no choice but to obey and, to the Hulk’s surprise, the military leaves.

In the Senate, Senator Clegstead defends his funding for Project Greeenskin meant to capture and possibly destroy the Hulk. Representative Dutton points out that the last time they captured the Hulk he escaped. Millions were wasted that could be used for housing or the environment.

Back in Arizona, one vehicle has remained behind. In it are Major Glenn Talbot and the woman he loves, Betty Ross, though to his frustration she still loves Bruce Banner. Using his binoculars, he sees something, namely the Hulk jumping off as though he’d seen something in the distance…

What he saw was a flash of green. The tresses of a girl in danger and he thought hopefully it is his lost love Jarella…

Some distance away, the green-haired mutant Lorna Dane is driving her car trying to get away from a group of bikers who have become interested in her because of her green hair. Hulk lands amidst several of the bikers and orders them to leave her alone while the car drives on.

After his next leap, he finds the car empty and the bikers that had closed up to it lying stunned on the ground. He grabs one of the bikers and demands answers. The man babbles that the girl stopped the car, pointed at them and it was like driving into a stonewall.

Some distance away, Lorna walks through the desert, exhausted from overextending her magnetic powers. She hopes the hut she sees in the distance is her destination. Suddenly, she hears a noise behind her and turns around to seen one more biker ready to drive over her. However, he is hit by an energy blast coming from nearby. He’d always hoped she’d visit, Alex Summer jokes, but he didn’t think she’d bring such off-beat friends.

They hug and he asks why she didn’t write. Lorna admits, she wasn’t sure if he’d want to see her. He realizes this isn’t just a personal visit. Lorna admits Professor X wanted her to come and persuade him to return to the X-Men.

Alex refuses. Lorna continues they’d hoped with all the months he’s had to himself his attitude would change. He’s had plenty of time to think, Alex replies sarcastically, but his thoughts always return to the day when, fighting over Lorna, he almost killed Bobby Drake…

Iceman was once again furious over Lorna preferring Alex’s company to his and insulted Alex. Iceman attacked him with an iceblast and instinctively Havok unleashed his power back at him. Horrified at having almost killed his teammate, Havok decided to stop using his power and left the X-Men.

Lorna points out that Bobby wasn’t hurt seriously as Alex first had thought. He just used his power to save her! It could also be used helping the world. Professor X is certain it can be controlled. With the right incentive and X-Man training like his brother Scott… He could really kill someone, Alex interjects. No sale. Bristling, Lorna shoots back she didn’t come to sell him something. She came because she cared. But he’s convinced her she is wasting her time!

She runs away. Alex wants to follow but, at that moment, the Hulk lands between them and orders him to leave the girl alone. Alex runs back into his home to get his Havok uniform that helps control his power, only to find when he gets out again that both the Hulk and Lorna are gone.

The Hulk has taken Lorna to the highest mesa and wonders why she struggles. Then he finally gets a good look at her and realizes she is not his beloved Jarella. He wonders if she deceived him on purpose and gets angry.

He is distracted by a military jeep nearby. Inside are Major Glen Talbot and Betty Ross, who urges that she wants to know what happened to the Hulk. Talbot considers telling Betty that the Hulk is in love with another woman – Jarella – but doesn’t want to win her that way.

Hulk threateningly grabs Lorna, who tries to tell the Hulk there has been a mistake when they are separated by blast coming from Havok, who is standing some distance below. Havok orders to Hulk to take his quarrel up with him or leave. The Hulk tums toward him and Havok blasts him.

Hulk gathers himself up and attacks again. Havok warns him that he gathers unlimited energy from the cosmic energy around. This will destroy them both. Why doesn’t the Hulk just leave?

Quit? the Hulk asks furiously. He grabs the rock splitting part of the mesa off, unfortunately the part on which the helpless Lorna still lies.

Havok berates himself for his destructive power. Blast the Hulk or the rock – either way Lorna dies. Unless the Hulk sets the mesa down gently. Professor X thinks his power can be mastered with proper incentive and training. Incentive is saving the woman he loves. As for training, it’s going to be on the job! he decides.

He channels the power into a tight beam and hits the Hulk where he is most vulnerable - his head. The nonstop blast hurts the Hulk and Havok urges him to stop the pain by setting down the rock. Slowly, the Hulk obeys and collapses.

Havok finds he can even use his power to create a forcebeam to counteract gravity and lower Lorna down. When Lorna is saved Alex figures that maybe he won’t always be able to get it together like he did today but he’s going back with her and he’s gonna try!

Unnoticed, the unconscious Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner, who is finally found by Glen Talbot and Betty Ross. As Betty cradles Bruce’s unconscious form, Bruce weakly calls out for Jarella. Shocked, Betty asks Glen what that means. Evasively, he replies that Bruce will have to tell her, once he wakes up.

Characters Involved: 


Havok, Lorna Dane (both X-Men)

Betty Ross
General “Thunderbolt” Ross
Major Glenn Talbot

US soldiers
Senator Morton Clegstead
Representative Roger Dutton


In flashback / Havok’s narration:
Havok, Iceman, Lorna Dane (all X-Men)

Story Notes: 

The Hulk fought the Inheritor last issue.

He lost Jarella, queen of a microscopic realm in issue #148.

It is odd that the Hulk mixes up green-skinned blonde Jarella with Caucasian green-haired Lorna.

Havok’s power never worked as described here and never has since.

In the X-Men timeline, the events of this issue happen sometime after X-Men (1st series) #66 when new X-Men stories weren’t published and they mainly appeared in other books. In fact, the two don’t directly return to the X-Men. As it turns out, they (like other X-Men, allies and enemies) are kidnapped by the Secret Empire and the remaining X-Men, Captain America and the Falcon have to save them. [Captain America (1st series) #172-175]

The scene of the Congressional hearing is unheard of in terms of procedure and is highly suspect as to its goal. First, there is no form of Congressional hearing in which a member of the House of Representatives would (or could) subpoena or otherwise question a Senator, as both are from separate and co-equal chambers. A possible explanation could be that it is a joint committee and that Representative Dutton is not questioning Senator Clegstead but commenting to a fellow committee member. However, even if Senator Clegstead did obtain funding for Project Greenskin via his Senate committee, it would had to have been voted upon by the entire US Senate, with the same bill being approved by the US House of Representatives and signed into law by the president. A US House committee holding a hearing to investigate a Senate Committee chairman would not only be procedurally impossible it would be pointless.

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