Jubilee #4

Issue Date: 
February 2005
Story Title: 
Dude, Where’s Her Car?

Robert Kirkman (writer), Derec Donovan (pencils), Transparency Digital (colors), VC’s Dave Sharpe (letters), Casey Jones (cover), Cory Sedlmeier (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee watches the butler, Brad, take care of her still injured Aunt Hope. Jubilee asks her aunt if it’s still okay with her going to the school dance. Jubilee can go and thanks Hope for that. She happily calls up her friend Meg, who hangs up afterwards because she is too busy talking on an Internet chat room, believing she is talking to Carson Daily. The next day, when Jubilee goes back to her counseling duties after class, she finds a rather sad Judy. When Jubilee asks Judy what’s wrong, she explains that her car has been stolen and she is desperate. Since there are no appointments for Jubilee today, she can leave. Jubilee notices a picture of Judy’s car and takes it, promising to see what she can do about it. Jubilee contacts Charlie again, who takes her to the hideout of Shane Shooter and his gang. Jubilee can convince Shooter to help her retrieve the car. Shooter does his best to help out. He takes Jubilee to a car mechanic, who doesn’t know anything about the car but suggests to check out with a guy named Pike. They do, but Dex has set them up and Pike and his guards open fire upon them. Shooter and Jubilee fight back, using their powers and hereby revealing to each other that they are both mutants. They escape from Pike’s place before the cops arrive and go home, with Shooter promising to keep helping Jubilee until the car has been found. When Jubilee goes back home, she sees her Aunt Hope, who has gone out after she got better, but this time has bullet holes in her coat. Jubilee asks what’s up with that, but Hope fakes an explanation. Hope asks Jubilee why she is so late, and Jubilee tells Hope about the car, showing her the picture. When Jubilee goes to bed, Hope makes a few calls. The next day at school, Jubilee finds out that the car is back! Startled, she rushes to Judy’s office and finds Judy and Principal Avery kissing! Judy says that she knows the car is back and believes some punks must have taken it and brought it back after a ride in it or something. Later that night, Hope and Brad put on bullet free vests and leather clothes. They check their guns, and are ready to go out…

Full Summary: 

Jubilee gets home and, as she passes her Aunt Hope’s room, she finds Brad trying to help the still injured Hope up. Hope notices her niece and asks what she can do for her. Jubilee wanted to ask her aunt if she can still go to the school dance, which is still delayed because it needed rescheduling, but Jubilee found this a good time to ask it as any. Hope totally agrees, because according to Hope, a young girl like Jubilee needs to have a healthy social life, as it builds character. Brad even offers Jubilee to drive her to the dance when the day comes, but Jubilee thanks him, saying that won’t be necessary.

Jubilee notices Hope still struggling with her pain and asks Hope if she’s sure that she’s all right. Hope says that she is much better and thought to catch up on some work, because she has been falling desperately behind. That’s fine by Jubilee, and she goes back to her room. Hope takes out a pair of black sunglasses out of a drawer and tells Brad to get her guns.

Jubilee phones her friend Meg, to tell her that she can go to the dance. Meg is busy with a chat room on the Internet, believing that she is talking to actor Carson Daily. Jubilee tries to convince Meg that the guy she is talking to isn’t the real deal, but Meg isn’t interested. She changes the subject that Dale hasn’t even asked her to go to the dance with him. Jubilee doesn’t care that much, and as she asks Meg with whom she is going, Meg hangs up the phone.

Payton-Noble High School (after a particularly grueling day of classes)…

Jubilee wanders the halls and goes to Judy Kingsley’s office. Jubilee asks Judy who her next appointment is going to be, hoping that it won’t be Ken Rogers, because she sent him off the edge the other day she isn’t looking forward for that much drama again. Judy sadly looks at Jubilee and she asks what’s wrong with her. Judy explains that her car has been stolen after she parked it this morning in the faculty lot. She has called the police, but they didn’t seem that optimistic. Judy is desperate and doesn’t know what to do.

Jubilee notices a picture of Judy’s car hanging on a wall and asks Judy if this is the car that has been stolen. Judy confirms, and Jubilee says that she will see what she can do. Judy, not having heard that, asks Jubilee to repeat it, but she doesn’t want to and leaves, since there are no appointments for her anyway.

Outside the halls again, Jubilee sees Dale flirting with yet another girl. Missy suddenly stands behind Dale and drags him away. Jubilee doesn’t even care about Dale anymore now. Later that night, Jubilee walks with Charlie across the streets and phones her Aunt Hope that she’ll be a little late back home tonight, lying that she’s helping Judy with some stuff at counseling. Hope, who is killing guards with her butler, Brad, is just fine with that, but hangs up the phone because she is a little “busy” at the moment. Jubilee thanks Charlie for bringing her to this place. Charlie says it’s all right; he simply wanted to repay Jubilee for getting him out of the gang in the first place.

Charlie first looks around if everything is safe, and then takes Jubilee into a hidden base, where they find Shane Shooter and his gang. Shane is a little angry at Charlie for bringing Jubilee to his hideout, but decides to hear them out. Jubilee convinces Shooter to help her find the car, but he promises that he doesn’t know anything about the car. But, Shooter will help her.

Shooter takes Jubilee out, but first makes Charlie promise to never come back to this place, or else he’ll be back in the gang and this time he won’t get out. Charlie promises to leave and goes out as well. As they walk, Jubilee asks Shooter why they call him that way. Shooter doesn’t want to tell, but promises Jubilee that once he knows her a little better he’ll tell her all about it. Shooter takes Jubilee to a garage, but explains that the place can be a little rough now and then. But since Jubilee is with him, Shooter is certain that she will be just fine if she’ll let him do the talking.

Shooter asks a car mechanic named Dex if he has seen Judy’s car and shows him the picture of it. Dex claims that he hasn’t. Shooter tells Dex to put away his hatred towards him and to just tell the truth. Shooter points his fingers at Dex, and Dex seems to understand the threat and promises Shooter that he doesn’t know anything about the car, but suggests that they go talk to a guy named Pike, who has gotten a new place up on 10th street, since Pike has stepped up ops since the Pride has dismantled. Shooter thanks for the info and he and Jubilee leave. Shooter and Jubilee enter an abandoned parking lot, where Pike and his guards surround them. Pike reveals that Dex phoned him about their coming, and wanted to give him the right “welcome party.”

Shooter does his best to calm them down and asks about the stolen car. Pike isn’t interested in anything Shooter has to say because he hates him too much. The guards open fire upon Shooter and Jubilee, but they both fight back using their powers. Jubilee and Shooter are surprised to find out that they are both mutants and defeat the guards. Pike says that he doesn’t know anything about the car. The conversation can’t go on because police sirens can be heard from outside. Jubilee uses her powers to blind Pike, and she and Shooter are able to escape before the police arrive.

Jubilee thanks Shooter for his help. Shooter says that they aren’t done yet and promises to be in touch. Shooter watches Jubilee running away, and says to himself that he has never loved a girl so much before in his life.

Jubilee drives back home on her scooter, and her aunt and Brad arrive just as well. A startled Hope asks Jubilee where she has been, and she explains that she was helping Judy look for her stolen car. Jubilee notices the bullet holes in Hope’s leather coat and asks what’s up with that. Hope calls it nothing, lying that she must have shredded it by accident when she left her office.

As they enter the house, Brad asks Hope if she wants the car keys back. Hope doesn’t want them, because Brad will need the car tomorrow so he can keep them. Brad asks Jubilee if she has listened to his CD yet. Jubilee says that she didn’t, because she has been busy with school. She wants to give the CD back to Brad, who says that she can keep it a while longer because he doesn’t really need it. Hope asks Jubilee what kind of car her teacher had. Jubilee hands her over the picture of it, but tells her aunt not to loose herself into it. Once Jubilee has gone to sleep, Hope tells Brad to give her the phone; she has a few calls to make.

Payton-Noble High School, the next morning…

Jubilee parks her scooter on the school parking lot. She takes a look around to the other cars and can’t believe it when she sees… Judy’s car! Jubilee rushes to Judy’s office, where she finds Judy and Principal Avery kissing! A surprised Judy says that she knows that her car is back, and thinks that some punk kids must have road a ride in it and then brought it back. And about the kiss, Judy says that she and Carlton were just celebrating. Jubilee says that she can see that.

Later that night, at Jubilee’s home, her Aunt Hope and her butler Brad all dress up in leather bullet free vests and other leather clothes. They check their guns, and Brad asks Hope if she is ready. “Oh, yeah!” Hope says…

Characters Involved: 


Hope Lee (Jubilee’s aunt)

Brad (Hope’s butler)

Meg Devereux

Judy Kingsley

Carlton Avery


Shane Shooter and his gang (two unnamed members)

Dale Spangler

Missy Lopez

Dex (car mechanic)

Pike and his unnamed guards (gangsters)

various other kids at Jubilee’s school (all unnamed)

guards Hope and Brad kill (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

The story title “Dude, Where’s Her Car?” is a homage to the movie called “Dude, Where’s My Car?” It’s a comedy film starring actors Ashton Kutcher and Sean Scott, who, after a night of wild partying, wake up and find out that their car and stash have been stolen and their girlfriends mad at them. Throughout the movie they also meet sexy alien women and end up saving the Earth from destruction. Jennifer Garner (who plays Elektra in the Daredevil movie) also has a role in this film.

Jubilee got Charlie out of Shooter’s gang last issue.

Dale Spangler and Missy Lopez broke up several times before in past issues. Jubilee always had a crush on Dale but didn’t tell him anything because of Missy. Missy found out and she and Jubilee fought, making her use her powers during school, which she was forbidden to do. It was also Dale who told Jubilee and Meg about the school dance (Jubilee #1-3).

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