Jubilee #6

Issue Date: 
April 2005
Story Title: 
If This Be The End

Robert Kirkman (writer), Casey Jones (pencils & cover), Transparency Digital (colors), VC’s Dave Sharpe (letters), Cory Sedlmeier (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

An unannounced Wolverine has come to visit Jubilee. She’s a bit surprised by it but hugs her old friend. After an awkward meeting with Shane, the conversation gets disturbed by Brad, who drops in the house and is being followed by gangsters! Wolverine, Jubilee and Shooter help Brad out using their powers, and then Hope shows up. During the battle, Hope explains to Jubilee that she’s an assassin, but tried to retire and that her parents never liked the job and that’s why Jubilee never knew of Hope’s existence. During the fight, both Brad and Hope get hit. Hope’s former boss shows up and they agree to let Brad, Jubilee and the others leave while they settle things. They go outside, and when Wolverine wants to go back for hope, the entire house explodes! And Hope is nowhere to be found. Suspecting that Hope died, and after saying goodbye to her friends and wrapping things up at school, Jubilee decides to go back to Xavier’s. Elsewhere, a jogger finds Hope’s body, but she’s badly injured and one of her legs has been removed, and reveals some metal parts.

Full Summary: 

Wolverine came to visit Jubilee but, upon seeing Shooter at her couch, he thinks he really is interrupting something. Jubilee doesn’t know what to say, but Shane looks like he recognizes Logan and is scared a bit. Jubilee cuts the silence and hugs Logan, apologizing for it and explaining that she just didn’t know he came to visit her. Logan admits that he wasn’t planning it at first, but he was in the neighborhood and just wanted to make sure that she was alright.

Wolverine asks who Shane is. Jubilee tells Shane to say hi to Logan. He does so, and asks Logan if he is who he thinks he is. Logan admits that, and explains to Shane that everything he has heard about him is the truth, so he warns the kid to best keeps his hands to himself. Shane agrees.

Jubilee doesn’t know what to do. Shane knows when he’s not welcome and leaves. Jubilee asks him not to leave and to stay for a while, but Shane goes anyhow. Logan sarcastically tells Shane it was nice to meet him. When Shooter opens the door, a badly injured Brad rushes in! Wolverine immediately snikts his claws open, but Jubilee tells her friend to hold it for a while. She asks Brad what’s up with the leather clothing he wears: has he joined SHIELD or something? Brad can’t make up a good lie, so despite that he knows that Hope will kill him for it, he decides to tell Jubilee the truth about her aunt: she’s an assassin. And Brad reveals that Hope didn’t get sick the other night, she was shot.

Jubilee can’t believe it. Brad explains that Hope was going to retire after a final job, and afterwards wanted to live with Jubilee as her family. But she was set up. Hope wanted to tell her boss that she’s out for good, with their guns ready, but she and Brad underestimated the boss and were outmatched. They split up and were supposed to meet back home, but Brad somehow lost track of Hope and doesn’t know where she is. Wolverine smells something and believes that something isn’t right.

Lots of bullets fly through the window! Wolverine warns everyone to duck and they do so. Wolverine jumps into action and tells Jubilee to clean up after him. Jubilee does so but fears that she is out of practice. Shane tells her not to worry, as he’ll cover her back. Brad helps out too but fears that he won’t have enough bullets left. Suddenly, Hope comes rushing in on a bike, but unfortunately an entire army of gangsters are behind her!

While fighting, Hope apologizes to Jubilee that she had to find out about her real life like this, but she explains that Jubilee’s parents disowned her because they didn’t like her career choice and that’s why she never knew Hope existed. Jubilee tells Hope to safe it and that Brad just told her all about it. Hope’s a little upset about that and tells Brad they’ll talk about it later.

Outside, Wolverine is rather busy fighting every goon he can, until he hears Jubilee screams. He drops everything and rushes back inside, where he sees that Brad has been shot. Shooter covers Hope’s eyes and uses his powers to get the thugs away from them and introduces himself to Hope. Hope notices that Shooter’s a mutant too but isn’t bothered by it, and fights on. She moves over to Wolverine and helps him out, but doesn’t know who he is.

Wolverine introduces himself as a friend of Jubilee. Hope jokes that she leaves Jubilee alone for one night and she fills the house with boys. Logan’s upset by that as he hasn’t been a boy for a very long time. Hope jokes some more, but then gets hit by a bullet in her arm, and is hurt. She turns around to find the one responsible for it, and notices her former boss standing behind her, with his gun out.

The boss tells everyone in Japanese to stop shooting, as its useless. The boss is upset at Hope for leaving as he had a lot invested in her. Hope answers back in Japanese on how he wishes to settle it. Brad hates it when they talk like that and asks Jubilee if she understands it, but she has never learned the language. But Wolverine did, and asks everyone to be quiet. The boss promises Hope that, if she lays down the guns, she can just return to the fold with no hard feelings, as she has proven to be a very hard one to kill. But, if Hope refuses to continue fighting, he has no choice to order his men to kill her no matter what. So the choice lies with Hope.

Wolverine has heard enough and, as he picks up Brad, he tells Jubilee and Shooter to follow him outside. Jubilee doesn’t understand, but Logan tells Jubilee to trust him on this one. She looks at Hope, and decides to do as Logan asks. Once outside, Logan tells the kids to take Brad to the hospital while he goes back to get Hope. He has no time to do that, because just then the entire house explodes!

Some time later, the cops arrive. Jubilee, Wolverine and Shane all look sad at what has happened. Logan congratulates Jubilee on handling the situation well, but she can only cry, because her aunt is dead. Logan hugs her. They go to the hospital to visit Brad. A cop informs the group that they searched the entire area, but failed to find any trail that might explain that Hope survived. The cop gives his condolences. Jubilee hugs Brad.

The next morning, both Jubilee and Logan leave in a cab. Shane asks Jubilee if she really has to go. She feels sorry about it, but says yes, as there is nothing for her here now. Shane’s a little upset hearing her say “nothing.” Jubilee suggests that Shane could come with her to Xavier’s, who will have a room for Shane. He thanks but refuses, as he belongs here and he couldn’t leave his boys. They say goodbye and promise to stay in touch.

Later that morning, at Payton-Noble High, Jubilee wraps the final things up there, but couldn’t find Meg to say goodbye. She feels sorry about that, and finds it weird because this hour Meg is usually present. Suddenly, both Meg and Dale show up in his car! They don’t even notice Jubilee. She’s okay with it and is happy for Meg. Wolverine asks Jubilee if everything’s settled now. She confirms it is, and they leave to the airport as they’ got a plane to catch back home.

Elsewhere, a jogger notices some smoke behind some bushes. He checks it out, and is startled. He checks again, and finds Hope’s body, badly injured and one of her legs destroyed, which reveal some metal parts…

Characters Involved: 



Hope Lee (Jubilee’s aunt)

Brad (Hope’s butler)

Shane Shooter

Meg Devereux

Dale Spangler

Hope’s former boss and his many thugs (both unnamed)

unnamed jogger who finds Hope’s body

Story Notes: 

Series finale. So far its unclear in which X-title Jubilee is going to appear in next.

Wolverine spent several years living in Japan, before and during his time as an X-Man, and he picked up the language during those periods.

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