Logan: Path of the Warlord

Issue Date: 
February 1996
Story Title: 
Path of the Warlord

Howard Mackie (writer), John Paul Leon (penciler), Shawn Martinbrough (inker), Gregory Wright (colorist), Richard Starkings and Comicraft (design & lettering), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (chief)

Brief Description: 

Years ago, in Japan, Logan was an operative on a mission given to him by Chang and Landau, Luckman and Lake. During said mission, he again fought a warlord known as Kimora. Being the better fighter, Kimora goes to kill Logan but, before he can, is beheaded by Doctor Carling. A few years after that incident, Logan was in Jasmine Falls learning how to be a samurai when he is approached by Chang. Chang informs him that Kimora is alive and has taken Carling prisoner. Logan reluctantly agrees to go with him and learns that Kimora is an inter-dimensional warlord. Using Carling’s technology, Chang and Logan head to Kimora’s dimension. There, they fight alongside Rose (Carling’s daughter who has the ability to morph her body) against two shadow assassins. After killing one of them, the trio make their way towards Kimora’ palace. Working together, they enter Kimora’s palace, taking out his guards in the process. Eventually, Logan snaps and begins to lose control. After taking out most of Kimora’s followers, he comes face to face with Kimora himself in a room that houses a rift-creating device. There, Kimora kills Carling and Logan attacks him with great furor. Thanks to Rose, Logan is able to regain control and proceeds to kick Kimora into the rift and then destroys it. Three days later, Chang offers Logan an opportunity to work with Rose under the employ of Landau, Luckman and Lake. Logan replies that he’ll think about it. It’s high time he starts changing the way he looks at the world.

Full Summary: 

Some time ago in Japan, on a bridge fifty miles west of Tokyo – his name is Logan. Holding a pistol and a long jacket and jeans, Logan thinks to himself that he plans on being the best at what he does but sometimes it ain’t easy. In the espionage business, the enemy’s always tryin’ ta sneak up on ya. But if ya have an animal-sharp sense o’ smell like he does, that’s darn near impossible. Like tonight.

As he faces off against a number of assassins who currently have a man and a young lady ensnared in a net, Logan thinks to himself that this operation was supposed to be a cakewalk. Or at least that’s what Chang told him. He has a habit of misrepresentin’ the truth sometimes. He had hooked up with him after the war when he was lookin’ for some quick an’ easy bucks, lookin’ to see the world an’ make a name for himself. Chang works for Landau, Luckman an’ Lake. It’s a real mysterious group that specializes in all kinds o’ shady stuff an’ said they could offer him exactly what he was lookin’ for.

Exotic locales, interestin’ people an’ good benefits. What a crock! The man in the suit, presently accessorized with the net is some sort of scientist. He an’ his daughter want in with Landau, Luckman an’ Lake. Why he doesn’t know, an’ he don’t really care. His job was a meet an’ greet. Arrange transportation and security. No one, not even Chang, knew where he was meetin’ Dr. Carling and his daughter. He handled it all by himself. Now he’s up against a half-dozen classically-trained assassins who want nothing more than to make his life tougher than he wants it to be.

Only two men in all the world could’ve set this all up. One of them, Chang, he counts among the few friends he has in this life. The other, he’s been looking to take out of the game for a long time now. If things go right, he’ll get his chance. If not, he’ll be staring down the sight of a gun pointed at Chang. After taking out one of the assassins with his gun, another comes up behind him and grabs him in a bear-hug. When he does, Logan drops the gun and loses most of the air in his lungs. He recognizes that the guy holding him is built like an ape and that his ribs are startin’ to go. He can’t reach the gun. That’s not a problem though, he’s always been more partial to blades himself. With that, Logan grabs two knifes, one in each hand.

A short time later, one block behind the glaring lights of the Ginza Strip, Logan walks along. While he does, he senses that somethin’ ain’t right, he can feel it in his bones. Landau, Luckman an’ Lake always have a guard o’ some sort posted out front. Where is he? Just then, Chang calls out to Logan from the shadows. Logan tells him that he better have some answers for him or they are goin’ to be doin’ the two-bladed tango. Chang informs him that it was not him. An attempt was made on his life as well, less than a half an hour ago. Kani was on guard duty, he is with his ancestors now. It would be best if they sought shelter away from prying eyes and wait for the back-up he has requested.

Slamming Chang up against the wall, Logan angrily tells him that’s not good enough. He wants answers. Who took Carling, what do they want with him? Chang replies that he doesn’t need to know that. When Logan asks why, Chang replies that he cannot tell him. Holding the bloody knives to Chang’s face, Logan informs him that he’ll find him on his own. He ain’t a half-bad tracker; it’s one of the things they pay him for. As Logan begins to storm off, Chang sighs and calls out to Logan that he’s going to get himself killed someday and then tells him that it was Kimora, he was behind it all. He’ll be waiting for him. After Logan replies that he hopes so, Chang says to him that he is reckless and that he is rushing into something he can’t comprehend.

Elsewhere, Kimora, wearing samurai armor, continues to torture Dr. Carling. He tells him that he admires him. The years of their association have been unkind. Carling’s body grows weak, yet his will remains fierce. But time, as ever, grows short. Grant himself release from this pain and give him, Kimora, what he has sought for so long. Weakly, Carling defies him and tells him that he will not give him the device. No amount of torture will cause him to betray his world. Kimora replies that he believes he will. His daughter, Rose, is a special one. Hand over the mechanism and he will allow her to live. Carling again says no, not ever for his Rose. He curses the day he opened the doorway between their worlds. Kimora states but he did. And he will have his invention, the means to return to his world and seize others.

Just then, Kimora is shocked to hear two of his perimeter guards falling dead to the floor. Pulling out his sword, Kimora knows who did this – Logan. Leaping at him, Logan, holding his knives, tells Kimora that it’s been a long time since Kyoto. He’s been kickin’ himself for not killin’ him when he had the chance. Cutting Carling down from his bonds, Logan tells him to make himself comfortable ‘cause he’s in for a treat.

Picking himself up off the ground, Kimora tells Logan that he could not kill him in Kyoto. Logan states that maybe he can remedy that now and charges towards Kimora. Kicking Logan violently in the gut, which causes him to drop his knives, Kimora tells him no, he cannot. Delivering another kick to Logan, Kimora says to Logan that the old man is a greater challenge than he is. He has honor. He, Logan, is but a beast in a man’s clothing, he is nothing.

Just then, Logan grabs Kimora’s kicking leg and slams him into a nearby wall. Logan proceeds to tell him that he ain’t the one lordin’ over a helpless prisoner. If you ask him that’s a sign o’ weakness, not strength. Grabbing Logan by the throat, Kimora slams Logan to the ground and tells him that he is a small man, in mind as well as stature for the universe is awash in mysteries far, far beyond the scope of his vision. He knows only what his Landau, Luckman and Lake masters wish him to know and they wish him to know nothing of Kimora. For if he did, fear would paralyze him. He does not seek economic reward, or the realization of ideological beliefs which others on this world are so enthralled with. He seeks to know, to understand, to conquer! To think that he once saw in him a worthy adversary. Now he sees only a corpse.

Just then, Carling comes up behind Kimora and slashes him with a sword, killing him. With his dying words, Kimora remarks that this cannot be. Carling tells him that it is and orders Logan to stand back so can send the butcher back to the pits of hell from which he emerged. He then tells Logan that if he was wise, he will forget all that he has said. Believe them to be nothing more than the ravings of a madman. Forget it and live.

Years later, in the high mountains of Japan, the place is called Jasmine Falls. The sweet scent of the flower for which it is named hangs thick in the air, overwhelming Logan’s heightened senses. Combined with the roaring of the falls, it is a place in which he can push away the turmoil in his mind, the roar that grows more insistent day by day, and find a deep sense of tranquility. But meditation does not mean one loses all connection with the rest of the world, just the opposite.

As Logan lets the water rush over him, the attack comes quickly from an assailant. But Logan’s parry is just as quick as is his counter. The fine edge of the sword passes through his opponent’s gi (training uniform) as if it were not there. A crimson stain of blood signals an end to the contest. Bowing his head in shame, Logan apologizes to Miyagi. As he hangs his head in disgrace his opponent, the man who has been his sparring partner and friend for the past five years retreats from the field.

Suddenly, the acrid scent of strong tobacco smoke pierces the sweet jasmine curtain. It is a scent Logan knows well, representing a life he has sought to leave far behind – Chang. As Logan begins to walk through the woods wearing his white gi, Chang says to him come on, is this any way to greet an old friend. Logan informs him that he’s out of the game, he’s wasting his time. Chang replies that he knows and states that after the operation in Tokyo, after he just disappeared on them without a word, he has been concerned for his well-being. Logan again tells him that he’s out of it. When Chang asks even if it’s about Kimora, Logan says Kimora is dead. After Chang asks what if he wasn’t, Logan asks him doesn’t he get it. He’s found somethin’ there, somethin’ he needs. So no, he’s not interested. Chang replies that he thinks he is.

A short time later, Logan’s sensei smacks him across the face. He tells him that the drawing of Miyagi’s blood shows he lacks control. It is his greatest weakness and his greatest failing as a teacher. At that moment, Logan’s sensei takes his katana from him, gives him a bokken, and tells him that is all he allows him to use. A wooden blade with which a child learns sword moves. He then tells Logan that a beast sleeps within him. And until he learns to master it, he must see to it that the beast has no claws. Bowing his head, Logan tells him “hai, sensei.” The sensei orders Logan to leave him now, he has much to ponder, as does he, he tells Logan.

After watching what has occurred, Chang mentions that it appears to him that Logan has some free time. If he is ready to come back to the game, he’s sure Kimora would love to see him again. Logan sternly orders Chang to talk to him, no more riddles. Chang informs Logan that it is simple. Kimora is alive, he is back, and he has taken Doctor Carling. Logan asks how, he saw what Carling did ta him. No way he could have survived. Chang says that he, of all people, should know there are men who are quite adept at cheating death. He was told all he needed to know at the time.

When Logan asks an’ now, Chang tells him that now he needs him to help retrieve Doctor Carling so he can know more. Logan states that he never told him what Kimora wanted with Carling in the first place. Is he going to tell him? Chang says not yet. He knows he would not come there if he felt there was another who could do this, he asks him as a friend. Sighing, Logan says this better be good and asks if he is at least going to let him know where they’re headed. Chang tells him that he wouldn’t believe him if he told him. Chang then asks Logan if he’s back in. Logan informs him for now.

The next day, Logan and Chang are standing inside a large room, next to a gigantic round structure, and being outfitted with machinery. Looking around, Logan mentions to Chang that he was right, he wouldn’t have believed him. Looks like Landau, Luckman an’ Lake have expanded a little. Chang tells him that they try to keep up with current trends. Interdimensional operations is where the future lies.

Logan asks “interdimensional?” He then asks what this is really about. What about Carling an’ Kimora? Chang says this is about Kimora. The technology that surrounds him represents the gravest danger this world has ever faced. He tells Logan that he’s been a soldier, he knows how difficult it is to face an enemy on two sides, to fight a war on two fronts. They have no idea how many worlds exist beyond their own, and the one they are aware of is bent on conquest. Imagine, then, fighting a war on a hundred fronts, battling foes who can appear anywhere, at any time. Someone has to monitor these doorways between worlds. Logan says that he means guard an’ exploit it. Chang replies perhaps, but would he rather a government be in possession of this marvel.

As Logan and Chang enter the small metal shuttle parked near them, Logan replies point taken and asks about Kimora. Chang informs him that Carling is the architect of all this wondrous machinery, which allows the creation of dimensional gateways. Though others have long postulated the existence of other dimensions, and sought to find them, only Carling succeeded.

Years ago, before he came to their organization, Doctor Carling completed his first passage to another realm. As the shuttle takes off, Chang adds that Carling went to Kimora’s realm, a place where he rules unopposed and has apparently done so for a long, long time. Logan asks that he’s sayin’ Kimora’s not even from this planet? But they know his background, what he’s responsible for. Chang says they know of his actions over a span of years, all other accounts are whispers, rumors, really. When the shuttle lands on top of the round metal structure, Logan tells Chang to keep goin’.

Chang informs him that Carling spent years in the other dimension. He met a woman, fell in love, married, and soon Rose was born. All the while he continued his interdimensional experimentation. But it was not long before his work came to the attention of Kimora. He was intent on having Carling’s technology for his own and using it to extend his reign to other dimensions. Carling resisted, but Kimora is not a man who takes no for an answer. His wife killed by Kimora, Carling was forced to flee with Rose back through a rift back to their own dimension. One which Kimora was able to slip through before it fully closed. Kimora was stunned by his first interdimensional passage, and Carling was able to escape him but Kimora pursued him through the years, determined to acquire the technology to open a passage between their dimensions. Eventually, the doctor realized his only option was to seek protection and for such he turned to them.

As they exit the shuttle and enter into a holding area, Logan asks that is where he came in on the Tokyo op. Chang tells him that he can assure him that they had no idea that the operation has been compromised. Putting on his goggle, Logan asks how exactly Kimora escaped after he “died.” Is he tellin’ him he just picked up his head an’ strolled out? Chang responds they are unsure. After he disappeared, they discovered, a pinhole, if he will, a rift so small that it was virtually undetectable. He has been able to move through this port, although it is too small and unstable to allow large-scale traveling. For that, he still needs Carling.

Logan asks why now. Why couldn’t he tell him all o’ this before back in Tokyo? Chang replies that the world is on the cusp of great change, a time of certain strife. This event, this discovery, is part of that. There must be men and women, small though their number may be who are at the forefront of this epoch, prepared to deal with each threat, each explosive revelation, as it happens. He then asks Logan to forgive him, but he feared he was not ready for such knowledge. His sensei still believes him unready, but the time is at hand. He will be forced to confront what rages within him. If he fails, all will be lost. With the pull of a lever, the two men fall with a blinding flash through a tear in the very fabric of reality and are swallowed by the void inside the metal “bubble.”

Very much elsewhere, this is the place where Logan and Chang journey. There, Kimora has ruled for many lifetimes. Even in his self-imposed exile on Earth, his iron-fisted rule held steady. Now that he has returned home, a world weeps. Kimora tells the man standing before him, Oracle, to tell him what has happened while he was gone and of things yet to come. Oracle replies that their world is as he left it. But of the future, he sees two off-worlders who oppose his rule. One is a man with fire in his reigns, and he would see him, Kimora, dead. Kimora says “Logan.” How fascinating will be his baptism to the world’s of beyond and how sad he is unaware that he is already too late thanks to him. Oracle informs him that he will still fight but Kimora says he will fail. As he, and all others, have failed before. He cannot die, for this world and many others are his destiny!

Meanwhile, two journeyers emerge from nowhere into the heart of an alien landscape. Once they land with a thump on a forest floor, Chang, holding a handgun asks Logan if he is well, he seems… Logan informs him it’s the scents, the smell o’ the wild. Usually, there’s nothin’ more familiar ta him but this place, it’s totally foreign, he’s gettin’ sensory overload. Chang tells him to take a moment then and try to recover from the passage. They must await the arrival of their contract anyway.

Holding a sword, Logan asks Chang that he’s got someone there, anyone he knows? Chang tells him of course. And soon they shall have someone everywhere. He then tells Logan to try to relax. Just then, Logan tells Chang that his nose is pickin’ up someone, or somethin’ nearby. Logan proceeds to ask Chang if it could be their contact already. Chang replies that he thinks not and runs off. When he does, Logan asks Chang where he’s off to and yells at him to get back there. Without him, he doesn’t even know where here is.

Standing alone, Logan thinks to himself this is crazy. He’s in the middle of God only knows where. Chang tells him this is another dimension, but what the heck is that supposed to mean? He wouldn’t be surprised if that lightshow back there was some big scheme o’ Chang’s to get him back in the game. His senses tell him otherwise however. He’s being watched, but he can’t pinpoint from where. Everything about this place, wherever it is, is giving him the creeps. He has to stay alert and stay ready for anything. His eyes are playin’ tricks on him now; the shadows are growing longer way too fast. What the….?! Outta nowhere, that scent…!

At that moment, a young lady and man emerge out of the shadows. Carrying a dagger, the shadow lady asks so this is what an off-worlder looks like. She can’t say that she is overly impressed. He’s so short and hairy. The shadow man agrees. He too had hoped that he would be more of a challenge. The shadow lady tells her companion to look at their foe. He’s holding a weapon fashioned from tall-plants. She then asks if Kimora has sent them on a fool’s errand. When Logan tells her to try him, the shadow lady commences to toss a number of daggers his way.

As they fly at him, Logan sees that the daggers are flying from her hair like shadows but they have substance edges. How? Unable to block them all, one of the daggers lands squarely in Logan’s chest. The shadow man mentions that if this is all the cross-world has to offer in the way of combatants, the warlord’s triumph will be swift indeed. The shadow lady remarks that there’s nothing to be done of it but wrap him up and bring him to Kimora. As Logan begins to be wrapped up in the shadows, he thinks to himself that this can’t be happening. The shadows are wrapping around him and he can’t pull free. They’re pulling him down into the ground with them.

Watching their foe struggle, the shadow man remarks that he is a lively one, he’ll give him that much. Look how much he struggles. The shadow lady states that surely, they’ve earned Kimora’s favor. Just then, a young lady arrives on the scene and tells the shadow assassins that Kimora will burn in the eternal flames of the ungodly.

Freeing Logan, the young lady tells Logan to use his sword if he can and rushes to battle the shadow assassins. The shadow lady sees her and remarks another off-worlder? They infest like vermin. Slashing at the shadow lady with her morphed hand into long fingernails, the young lady informs the shadow lady that she is no off-worlder and she does not die easily. Can she say the same? Doubling over, the shadow lady asks her partner to help her, she’s dying. Attacking the young lady and pinning her to the ground, the shadow man raises a dagger to her head and tells her that he will eat the shadow of her heart long after she is dead. Logan tells the young lady not to worry and proceeds to take him down with a sword strike. When he does, Logan witnesses him sink back into the shadows, takin’ the woman’s body with him. Like that, they’re gone like they never existed.

As the young lady morphs her hand back to normal, she tells Logan that they were real. When Logan asks her how she knew what he was thinking, she tells him that it’s in his eyes. Logan then asks her if she is their contact. After the young lady replies yes, Logan asks her how she morphed her hand like that. She informs him that she has the ability to morph her body mass and tells him that it’s been a long time. Logan starts to ask her if he knows her but then doubles over in extreme pain. Pulling the dagger out of his chest, Logan tells the young lady that he’s not feelin’ so hot; he thinks he’ll just pass out.

Some time later, Chang stands over Logan and mentions that it looks like he may live after all. Waking up, Logan asks how long he’s been out. Chang informs him that he has been unconscious for almost a day. The young lady remarks that he shouldn’t be alive at all. She’s seen bigger men than him fall dead after just touching one of her shadow blades. They’re all coated with a lethal poison. He took a blade in the chest, up to the hilt. Like she said, he should be dead. Helping Logan stand, Chang informs him that she wanted to put him out of his misery and continue the mission without him.

Logan replies sweet kid and tells her sorry if he disappointed her but what can he say? He’s always been a quick healer. Looking at his chest, the young lady remarks that the wound is completely healed, this is not natural. Logan says to her that the same thing could be said about that trick she did with her hand. He then asks her who she is. Earlier, she said he knew her. Her scent’s familiar but… The young lady tells him that it’s been years since he first rescued her father. She is Rose, and Kimora will fall by her hand.

Meanwhile, in Kimora’s palace, Kimora continues to torture Doctor Carling. As Kimora continues the pain, Carling begs for him to stop. Kimora informs him that they have only begun. Carling asks why he doesn’t just kill him. Kimora says because he will see him broken. He then tells him to understand this. He no longer needs him. Oracle has already taken from his mind what he requires. Holding a long red snake in his hands, Kimora says that in all the myriad worlds he has traveled, among all the peoples he has conquered, he has not encountered a will such as his. Despite his physical frailty, no matter the force brought to bear on him, he does not relent. So although his ultimate victory is assured, he cannot allow him his. He then orders him to yield. Supervise the opening of the portal and he will end his pain and spare his daughter. As Carling calls out Rose’s name, Kimora whips him with the snake and tells him indeed.

Just then, the shadow man appears holding his love dead in his arms. He reports that Carling’s daughter and the one called Logan did this to his love. He stayed his hand as ordered but he now begs to be allowed to kill them. Kimora asks what his is. He emerges from the shadows without having acquired either of those he sent him for? Plea denied. Entering the torture room, Oracle reports to Kimora that they are entering the citadel’s walls, all three of them. After thanking him, Kimora informs the shadow man that he may take the girl but she is not be killed, not yet. When the shadow man asks about the others, Kimora tells him to do with them as he wishes. He has no time to indulge any more of his personal pleasures.

Once the shadow man disappears, Oracle informs Kimora that he will not succeed in killing Logan and that both he and Logan will battle. Kimora asks about the victor and Oracle tells him he cannot see. Kimora replies as it should be. What matters the battle if the outcome is known. Turning his attention to Carling and whipping him again with the snake, Kimora asks him where they left off.

Standing in front of Kimora’s massive palace surrounded by tanks and troops, Logan asks Chang and Rose that they’re going in there. He then asks Chang how he keeps letting him talk him into these things. Rose says that in her dreams, she’s seen Logan as the knight in shining armor who came to rescue her father. He’s beginning to shatter her illusions. Logan tells her to get used to it. He was wilder then and he wasn’t facing a flippin’ army. Logan then asks if all the troops in front of them are with Kimora. Rose indicates that they are. Kimora has plans on leading them through the rift he is constructing to their dimension.

Chang asks a rift, but how? Could Carling have capitulated so soon? Rose tells him that her father will never give in. There is talk of a mind-reaper, a being who looks behind men’s eyes, who serves Kimora. Seeing the glowing orb near the palace, Chang mentions that the rumors must be true. Rose informs her allies that getting in isn’t going to be as hard as it looks. Act like you belong. They’re mercenaries looking to join the army. If anyone questions them, kill them.

Just then, a monk yells out “off-worlders.” Three of their kind is amidst their lot; the stars give him divine sight. This rift of the lord’s is evil. Pointing to Logan, Rose, and Chang the monk says they are from another side. Chang remarks that the monk sees phantoms where there are none, too much of the holy grape at morning’s services? Rose tells Logan to kill the monk but Logan tells her no, he’ll handle it his own way. Walking up to the monk, Logan asks him that he speaks ill of the high lord Kimora. These cowards may be willing to stand by and listen to his blasphemy but, he is not. With that, Logan knocks the monk out.

After doing so, Logan calls out that let any who believe in the monk’s words stand before him and he will strike them down in the name of Kimora. Otherwise stand aside. Putting the monk on his shoulder, Logan adds that he will take this thing to the very gates of the Kimora’s blessed tower. His impiety will be dealt with by the lord himself. Blocking their path, two guards order them to stand fast. None may enter the inner palace without a pass.

Walking up to them, Chang informs them that he has a pass. When the guards ask to see it, Chang tells them to come closer and to feel his hands pass through their miniscule brains and sleep. At that moment, the guards fall to the ground. As the trio make their way through the gate and enter the inner palace, Rose tells them that they must move quickly and as if they belong there. If any challenge them they will say they have an urgent message for Kimora. Logan asks what if they don’t buy that. Rose tells him then he shows them the same mercy Kimora would show. That is how one survives this place.

Just then, Chang calls out to Logan to look out behind him. Standing up to the large man, Logan replies that he’s on it and adds that somebody cover the other one closin’ the gate. He then asks what he is fighting, a mountain with legs. Rose informs him that it is one of Kimora’s elite guard. He would best be served staying out of the way of his axe; it appears to be quite sharp. Dodging the massive guard’s swipe, Logan sarcastically thanks him for the tip. Continuing to dodge the guard’s axe swipes, Logan tells Chang and Rose that, if either of them wanted to join in, he wouldn’t be insulted. Rose tells him she’s sorry but the other guard seems intent on impaling her with the razor-sharp quills of his.

Looking over at Rose, Logan thinks to himself that first she’s able to morph her hands, an’ now she’s projectin’ some sort o’ force field around her body. What is she? What are they? What is this place? When Logan calls out Chang’s name, Chang informs him that he would not dream of interfering in his exercise. He knows how important these things are to a man such as himself. Continuing to do battle with the massive guard, Logan tells Chang that he really has to stop bein’ so nice to him. He then notices that Rose seems to be holdin’ her own against the human porcupine. Take him out by kickin’ him into the big guy’s axe. You know that’s got to hurt. If he can hit the nerve clusters around the big guy’s wrists, assumin’ he’s got nerve clusters… It’s like hittin’ cement.

Eventually, the big guy drops the axe, but Logan also drops his sword in the process. Grabbing Logan in a bear-hug, the massive guard begins to crush Logan’s ribs. As Rose tosses a knife to Logan, he grabs it and jams it into the guard’s eye. When he does so, the guard drops Logan to the ground. Acting quickly, Logan uses the sword on its larynx and then behind the knee. Once the guard falls to the ground, a crack to its medulla oblongata takes him out. Logan then mentions to Chang that he hopes they didn’t disturb his smoke. He does know he could have done that finger thing, like he did to the guards at the front gate. Chang informs him that it would not have worked on these two. When Logan asks how, Chang puts out his cigarette and replies that he just knows. Besides, he was waiting. Logan asks for what. Chang tells him for that.

Just then, the shadow assassin emerges and grabs Rose from behind. As he drags her away, he tells her that she wasn’t expecting her, was she. Now she comes with him to Kimora and they travel through the shadows. Jamming his knife into the wall, Chang informs Logan that he got it. The “shadow” is pinned there. They can use it to get to Kimora. Leaping into the shadow on the wall, Chang invites Logan to follow him, they have no time to lose. Logan thinks to himself that the scent o’ this thing, all his instincts say jumpin’ into this shadow will lead to a world o’ hurt but it looks like this is the only path open to him an’ he has ta follow it in the end. With that, Logan follows Chang inside the shadow.

In short time, Logan enters Kimora’s inner sanctuary. Once there, he sees Rose being held captive by the shadow assassin, Carling being tortured, and Chang facing off against one of Kimora’s men. Upon seeing Logan, Kimora welcomes him. As he begins to leave up the staircase, Kimora tells him that he is sorry, but he cannot oblige him with another lesson in the art of war. It really is too bad for as he sees, Doctor Carling is in no position to interfere this time. He must attend to other business, a matter of great interest to the good doctor. Reality is bigger than them both, as Logan is learning. Logan begins to ask Chang what but Chang tells him that he is sorry but he cannot help him. He is currently engaged in a battle on another plane of existence. He must do this in order to keep this sorcerer from destroying them all. It is up to him to stop Kimora.

At that moment, Kimora orders the Shadow Walker that if Logan tries to follow, if he even moves, kill Rose. The Shadow Walker replies with pleasure as Kimora ascends the stairs while his followers bring Carling along behind him.

Holding a dagger to Rose’s neck, the Shadow Walker asks Logan if she means something to him as his wife did to him. He does hope so. He then asks him how it feels to see her so close to death. Knowing he is powerless to stop it. Does his blood boil? Standing there with his sword, Logan says to himself that he’s gonna kill her. No matter what he does, he’s gonna kill her. He’s toyin’ with him but he can’t even hear him. He can only hear his own pulse pounding in his ears. Pounding. Louder. Louder.

After he sees the Shadow Walker’s blade draw blood on Rose’s cheek, Logan tosses down his sword and pounces. Landing on top of the Shadow Walker, Logan proceeds to unmercifully pound on him continuously. Rose tells Logan to stop but her pleas go ignored. She then yells at him to stop, he’s unconscious and they need to find her father. Standing up, Logan finds that he’s losing himself to the rage. He has to get control but it’s so hard. The blood-lust is blinding him. After pouncing on Oracle and pounding him into submission, Logan starts up the stairs to find Kimora and Carling.

Once he leaves, Rose mentions to Chang that Logan is out of control, he’s acting like an animal. Chang replies then they must stay with him. And pray that he does not lose himself entirely to the beast within him for if Logan endangers the mission, they will have to kill him. At the top of the stairs, Logan encounters a number of Kimora’s followers. There are so many of them, trying to stop him from getting to Kimora. He wants to hurt them, kill them. But he can’t give in to the blood lust. Following behind, Chang points out to Rose that Logan is restraining himself, barely. But he is clearing a path for them.

Just then, Logan crashes into Kimora’s private area that houses the rift-creating device. Kimora tells him that he is too late. The rift is opening, despite Carling’s fortitude. Through it all, through all the torture, he was willing to sacrifice everything, including his daughter, for a greater good. He understands there is always something bigger than the self, that the small world of the one is a grain of sand in the desert of the larger whole. He is a great warrior. But he is greater. He used Oracle to plunder his mind. All his pain is for naught. So now, he gives him a warrior’s death. With that, Kimora jams his sword into Carling’s gut.

Logan yells “no more” and rushes at Kimora, firing his weapon into him. Kimora asks a gun? How pedestrian. He knows it will do him no good. He hasn’t grasped it yet, has he? He can not be killed. Him, on the other hand… Attacking Kimora, Logan tells him that there ain’t no man in any dimension that he can’t take down. With Carling’s last breaths, he tells Chang to shut down the rift and take care of Rose. As Kimora and Logan continue to viciously battle back and forth, Logan finds that he can’t stop himself. He’s losing it all, losing himself.

Just then, Rose calls out to Logan not to kill Kimora. If he follows his path, there is no turning back. He will be lost to them forever. His death will not bring back her father. After jamming his gun into Kimora’s chest, Logan says to Rose that he can’t help himself. Rose tells him that he can and tosses his wooden sword towards him and tells him to take it, take back his humanity.

Catching his sword, Logan asks Chang what would happen if someone were sent through the rift, but it was not allowed to stay fully open. Chang answers that they would be trapped between worlds until they died. Logan asks and if they couldn’t die? Rising up, Kimora again attacks Logan and tells him that he will not do this. He is weak, he has always been weak. Eventually, he will have his vengeance. Logan tells him yeah, but not today and proceeds to kick Kimora in the gut, knocking him into the rift.

Chang then tells Logan that the rift-creating device must be destroyed now. They have their own unit, he has to use his sword. Logan tells him he knows. It’s just, his bokken, a simple wooden sword, his sensei was right. In the end, it’s all that kept him from losing his grasp on humanity, from sliding permanently into that bestial rage. He then tells Chang that he doesn’t know what it was like. It was like he was an animal, he saw a part o’ himself he never wants to see again. To now give up the bokken, he’s afraid he’ll be givin’ up more than just a piece o’ wood. This just ain’t easy. With that, Logan tosses the bokken into the rift-creating device, destroying it.

In Japan, three days later, Rose, Chang and Logan bury Doctor Carling. As they do, Chang tells Rose that her father was a great scientist and a greater man. The world has suffered tragic loss. Turning to a beaten up Logan, Chang informs him that Rose has decided to stay on with their firm as an operative. He is more than welcome to stay on if he should so choose. Rose asks Logan please and tells him that Chang assures her that they would be partners, a team. Smiling, Logan tells her that he’s never been much of a team player but after what he did for him back there, after all that he saw, he’ll have to think about it. It’s time for him to start changin’ the way he looks at the world and at himself. High time.

Characters Involved: 


Chang (head of Landau, Luckman and Lake)


Oracle (Kimora’s fortune-teller)

Dr. Carling

Rose Carling (Dr. Carling’s daughter)

Miyagi (Logan’s sparring partner in Jasmine Falls)

Logan’s unnamed sensei

Various unnamed guards, assassins, and followers of Kimora including two shadow assassins

Story Notes: 

Rose Carling would, in later years be known as Rose Wu. She was killed in Wolverine (2nd series) #98 but would meet members of the X-Men, specifically Jubilee and Psylocke in Uncanny X-Men #257 and 261.

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