Marauders (1st series) #3

Issue Date: 
February 2020
Story Title: 
The Bishop in Black

Gerry Duggan (writer), Michele Bandini (penciler), Michele Bandini & Elisabetta d’Amico (inkers), Federico Blee (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Tom Muller (Design), Russell Dautermann & Matthew Wilson (cover artists), Jeehyung Lee (variant cover artist), Nick Russell (production), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Jordan D. White (editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The Black King has the resurrection of his son Shinobi expediated. He informs his son of the new world they are living in and wants him at his side, grooming him for the position of Red King. Soon, though, he realizes he has to check his ambitions for the time-being and offers Shinobi the Back Bishop position. Shinobi does some dealing with his yakuza boss, then returns to Krakoa and agrees to the deal. Sebastian additionally lies to him that Emma Frost and Kate Pryde were the ones that caused his death.

Full Summary: 

Hellfire Bay includes the three fortresses of the three monarchs of the Hellfire Corporation: The Red Keep, Blackstone and the White Palace.


Several weeks ago:
Today the Black King, Sebastian Shaw, dressed dapper as ever, makes his way from Blackstone to the Arbor Magna for a very special resurrection.


Charles Xavier and the Five are already waiting for him. Shaw politely thanks them for accommodating him. Xavier considers it worth juggling their schedule, if this will help Shaw in his good work. And they are sure this is a complete resurrection? Shaw asks. Egg confidently tells him to ask Pyro. Pyro in fact sits in a wheelchair drooling when he weakly greets Shaw. Shaw shoots him a pained look and Egg quickly explains Pyro got into Logan’s stash.

And his son won’t remember what happened? Shaw asks. Egg assures him that.

Xavier tells him to prepare to meet his son again and Shinobi Shaw bursts from his cocoon. Standing before him, his father welcomes him back. He hands the confused Shinobi a towel and tells him much has changed. How did he get here? Shinobi asks. Shaw recalls but tells him they will discuss that later. Uncharacteristically, Shinobi acquiesces.

Once outside (and dressed) other mutants ask him the ritual question how do they know it is him. Because he still wants to kill his old man, Shinobi replies with a grin. A Shaw through and through, his father comments deadpan.

He leads him to one of the Krakoan gates and explains how they function as they walk though. He welcomes him to Blackstone, the crown jewel of Hellfire Bay.

Inside, Shaw tells him he arranged for some clothes in Shinobi’s size. He may raise an eyebrow at the color but he will explain later.

While Shinobi gets changed, Shaw gives him the short spiel. The mutants get their leverage from the medicines for the humans they grow. Not all nations accept mutant sovereignty. That’s where the Black King comes in. Some countries have no gates at all and some make access to the gates difficult.

Shinobi returns, dressed in a red suit. Shaw explains that it is his contacts that help them move the drugs and control the price. It is the countries they move most refugees in from. He doesn’t spend as much time on Krakoa as he likes, because there is business to tend to.

They emerge in Central Park, only to find their portal has been cordoned off. Shaw makes his displeasure known and is told this is only to keep away gawkers. The guard welcomes them back to the United States and is unsure how to address Shaw. Do they have anything to declare? King, Shaw tells him. He is the Black King. That is his declaration. As they step outside Shaw continues his explanation to Shinobi.

Several threatening looking young men with X-hoodies step in their way. When they refuse to move, Shaw asks Shinobi to power him up, then hits the ground creating a shockwave. The groupies are ecstatic.

Later, the Shaws have lunch and Sebastian explains that several new cults have sprung up with varying goals, some to their destruction, some to their worship. He changes the subject and explains that, some time ago, the White Queen learned that the Quiet Council was planning to ask him to turn the Hellfire Club into a giant multinational overnight. She threw herself at Xavier and Magneto, claiming she could do it better. A few telepathic whammies later, she had exactly what she wanted and ended up in over her head. He continues spinning his lies and finally finishes that Frost came crawling to him for help. Ordinarily, he wouldn’t have cared but what they do here is too important. That’s the state of their world. What does he think?

Shinobi replies that he is trying to decide whether he still wants to kill him. Shaw grins and challenges him: the question is can he kill him. Shinobi replies that he will consider it on his flight to Tokyo. He too has matters to attend to. Shaw tells him to take a walk with him and soon shows gateway to Tokyo. They step through.

Amazed, Shinobi asks how many gateways there are. As many as they need. If he wants to, he can visit Mars. Shinobi promises to but first he must visit that house alone. He will return to the island in a few days.

Inside, the master is pleased to see Shinobi again but points out they haven’t heard from him a long time. They thought he was dead or had forgotten his debt. Shinobi claims that he helped found the Kraoan state and promises he hasn’t forgotten his debts. He will settle it and they now have a friend on Krakoa. The other man points out the interest has grown. He opens a cask with a katana.

Back on Krakoa (with the sword): Sebastian begins, they haven’t seen eye to eye in the past. Shinobi retorts, he tried to kill him. And did, Sebastian replies. But recently he saw Xavier and Apocalypse shake hands. If they can work together, so can they. Shinobi concedes the point.

Shaw explains that he has come back from a meeting in London. They must set aside their red ambitions for Shinobi. He still has a place for him on the black side but he suggests he not discard the red suits. The future is still being written. He may choose to make his own way, of course. Shinobi considers, then follows him.

Inside Blackstone, Sebastian stands over a world map and states that the human world is being carved up into yeses and nos. Blue and red. Black and White. The Shaws can help mutantdom make all that look small. Shinobi admits to being impressed. Not yet, Sebastian promises, and asks him to accompany him.

They walk outside. They are behind in many ways, Shaw continues. Island nations in two oceans with an extended territory around the planet and they will need a navy, a coast guard and non-terrestrial personnel.

Shinobi begins to realize that submarine he is seeing, is one of theirs? It’s a mutant boat, Sebastian agrees, but none of theirs. It is captained by the White Bishop. He points toward the Black Bishop ship. A military frigate? Shinobi asks. Shaw tells him he needs him to be his Black Bishop… with more accolades to come. It’s time to cash out from the human race. The aging top 1% owns 90 % of their wealth. In five years, the opportunity will be lost. The drugs only prolong their lives that long. By then they’ll have bled them dry, he promises.

Shinobi needs to know one thing in advance. Sebastian knows how he died, right? Instead of mentioning his suicide, Sebastian claims that the White and Red Queens conspired to murder him…

Characters Involved: 

Black Bishop, Black King (Hellfire Trading Company)

In flashback:
Black King
Shinobi Shaw
Egg, Elixir, Hope, Proteus, Tempus (The Five)
Professor X


Story Notes: 

Text page:

The government observer narrates how the Marauders visited Island M, split up and adds a phone conversation between Kate and Bishop.In the phone conversation, Kate tries to convince an unwilling Bishop to become her Red Bishop

Further notes:
Shinboi was indeed introduced trying to (and seemingly succeeding) kill his father in X-Factor (1st series) #67.

Shinobi killed himself in Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #20.

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