Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #119

Issue Date: 
January 1993
Story Title: 
<BR>(1st story) Wolverine & Venom in Claws and Webs: Part 3 of 6 – “Dreams Can’t Kill You… But They Can Sure Try!”<BR>(3rd story) Ghost Rider and Cloak & Dagger in And Let There be Light: Part 1 of 4 – “The Door”<BR>(4th story) “The Exclusive”

(1st story) Howard Mackie (writer), Sam Kieth (artist), Albers/Babcock (letterer), Mike Thomas (colorist)
(3rd story) Paula Foye (writer), Alexander Morrissey (penciler), Ken Branch (inker), Janice Chiang (letterer), Fred Mendez (colorist)
(4th story) Dan Slott (writer), Pete McDonell (penciler), Don Hudson (inker), Michael Higgins (letterer), Kevin Somers (colorist)

Terry Kavanagh (editor), Mark Powers (assistant editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief), James Fry/Chris Ivy (Wolverine cover art), Joe Madureira (Ghost Rider and Cloak & Dagger cover art)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

On the astral plane, Wolverine frees himself from the tree. As he does, Nightmare dares him to come and get him. He also challenges Wolverine to find Venom and the young woman. Upon finding Venom, it takes very little time before Wolverine and him begin to do battle in the nearby water.

(3rd story)

In an alley-way, an inter-dimensional being by the name of Grimbat takes Dagger and knocks out Cloak. Before he leaves via a portal, he kills a man. Enraged, Cloak begins to accost the patrons of the alley. Sensing that innocent blood has been spilled, Ghost Rider makes his way to the alley. After a brief fight with Cloak, they decide to work together to avenge the innocent’s death and to find Dagger. Using some nearby people, Ghost Rider summons Grimbat. Realizing that Ghost Rider can help his dimension, Grimbat grabs him and takes him inside the portal. Following close behind is Cloak, who is insistent on getting Dagger back.

(4th story)

Barging into his agent Neal’s office, Simon Williams (Wonder Man) is enraged about his career and his outfit and fires him as his agent. As he leaves the office, a young man asks him for his autograph. Once Simon signs it, the young man transforms into the Agent and forcibly teleports Simon to the Mojoverse. Neal gives chase and joins them. In the Mojoverse, Simon and Neal meet Mojo, who want Simon in their movies. That changes quickly when they see Simon’s horrible dramatic acting. Mojo proceeds to send Neal and Simon back to Earth. Once returned, Neal promises Simon that he’ll find him some serious roles… as long as he still does his own stunts.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

Pinned to a tree, Wolverine notices that his healing factor is kicking in. It’s only a dream. Flesh and muscle trying to heal over the branch. It’s only a dream. Hurts like… It’s only a dream.

As Wolverine works on freeing himself from the tree, Nightmare asks him that he really doesn’t have a clue, does he? Atop a unicorn-looking horse, Nightmare asks if a dream would hurt so much. Can a dream kill you? Well, let him assure him, he can and will die there. Perhaps not today. Today is for suffering. For fear. He needs him on the edge of fear in order to reap that which his mind holds. He tells Wolverine to keep coming. He’ll be waiting. But, perhaps he could find Venom. Perhaps he can lead him to him. Him and the girl. Perhaps they hold the clues that he is searching for. Finally breaking free from the branch, Wolverine calls out to Venom and Nightmare that he is coming for them. So swearing, Wolverine pulls the broken branch out of his chest, yelling in pain as he does so.

Elsewhere, Venom has the young woman over his shoulder. Upon hearing Wolverine yell, he states that is music to his ears. He then tells the woman that, now that they saved him from the runt with claws, they want some answers. This isn’t a normal dream. They can sense there is more to it. She has some answers and they want them. The young woman stammers that she doesn’t know what he means. Venom tells her not to lie to them. How did Nightmare pull them to this place? They want answers.

Just then, Venom hears the distinctive sounds of claws and Wolverine telling him that he’s got answers for him. Turning around to see Wolverine perched on top of a stump, Venom asks that he survived. Wolverine tells him that he likes to make a habit of that. What say they start up where they left off? Venom replies that it sounds good to them. Leaving the young woman on the shore, Venom tackles Wolverine and they both land in the water.

As they begin to do battle, Wolverine says nice try. Take the fight into the water. They get tangled up in a fishing net. He, Venom, is stronger than he is. Figure he’ll drown him. Wolverine thinks not. After using his claws to free them from the net, Wolverine remarks that this is his kind of fight. One on one. No webbing, no claws. Time to see who’s the toughest. Who can choke the life out of the other before they go over the falls. Time to see who gets to take out Nightmare. As the combatants go over the falls, Venom tells Wolverine the last one down is a rotten egg. Wolverine replies that he’ll see him at the bottom, bub.

(3rd story)

In an alley-way, a monstrous dragon-looking being with wings and talons emerges via an inter-dimensional portal in a wall. The being, Grimbat, exclaims that his future queen is near. Watching Dagger fire her light-beams into Cloak, Grimbat states that he has watched her from Zianon, glowing like a sun. Grabbing her around the waist, Grimbat tells her that he needs her; he needs her light. Knocking Cloak out with a punch, Grimbat states that he does not need him. Just then, a drunk man happens upon them. When he does, Grimbat knocks him out of the way, killing him in the process. Reemerging into the portal, Grimbat introduces himself to Dagger as the ruler of the dimension of Zianon. He tells her that she will come to his dimension and be his bride and rule beside him, where his subjects will love and worship him as a goddess.

Standing up, Cloak wonders where Dagger has gone. She was feeding him with her light and now his own darkness begins to consume him. Seeing some nearby thugs, Cloak grabs hold of them and envelopes a few of them, telling them to feel the evil that they have done. One of the men screams out that they didn’t do anything. Eventually, Cloak releases him, realizing that he had told the truth. He didn’t deserve this. But where is Dagger?

Several blocks away, Ghost Rider senses that blood has been spilled, the blood of an innocent. The city reeks of evil and he must find the source. In short time, Ghost Rider makes his way to the alley where the drunk, homeless man was slain. Ghost Rider proceeds to yell out, asking who stalks these streets of blood. Show yourself! Pointing to Cloak, Ghost Rider tells him that his stench is foul with some dark evil. He will feel the wrath of his penance stare. As Ghost Rider swings his fiery chain at Cloak, he tells him that innocent blood demands retribution. Dodging his attack, Cloak replies that he is by no means innocent. And he’s committed his share of foul deeds but he did not cause harm to this man.

When Ghost Rider shoots his hellfire at Cloak, Cloak easily absorbs it inside his void and tells him that his hellfire is powerless against him. But at least his attack has jolted him from his confusion. His partner, Dagger, was taken by an inter-dimensional being who traveled through a doorway of some sort. He seemed to want her light force. Ghost Rider tells him that he demands vengeance for the damage already done. If it is light this being requires, he will give it to him. Using his powers, he uses some nearby people to summon him to them. Looking over at the people, Cloak remarks that they seem drugged, as if their life-light has been drained from them.

Just then, Grimbat emerges from the portal and tells Ghost Rider that he can use him on Zianon. He is done with the Earth creatures. Between him and Dagger, he shall never have to leave his planet again. His fire is more energy for his world. With that, Grimbat uses his tail to ensnare Ghost Rider and pull him into the portal. As he and his motorcycle are pulled in, Ghost Rider says the blood of the innocent must be avenged. Following him into the portal, Cloak adds that he’s coming with him. They have to save Dagger.

(4th story)

In Hollywood, Simon Williams, the Avenger called Wonder Man, barges into the office of his agent, Neal. Neal, on the phone, tells the person on the other end, Cameron, if they can hold for a sec, something’s just popped up. Hanging up the phone, Neal asks Simon what he can do for him. Simon tells him for starters, he can tell wardrobe to give him back his clothes. When Neal asks if there’s something wrong with his new look, Simon angrily asks “his new look?” This is Dark Wonder Man’s look, his evil twin! The guy who’s for everything he’s against. And since when can he change his look? Neal tells him the moment he signed with Fishbein, Saroyan, and… Simon cuts him off and tells him to unsign him, he quits. As Simon turns to leave, Neal tells him this isn’t a job. He can’t quit. He’s his agent. Simon answers okay, he’s fired.

As Simon stomps down the hallway in anger, a young blonde-haired man on a skateboard asks him for his autograph. When Simon stops to sign the young man’s paper, the man says to him that he hears he’s looking for a new agent. Simon remarks that news travels fast in this town and then adds that he needs a rep who’ll set him up with serious roles. Morphing into the Agent, the young man tells Simon that they have themselves a deal. Simon asks what is going on and the Agent tells him exactly what he wanted. Courtesy of him, he’s just signed a livestime contract to make serious pictures on Mojo’s World. As the Agent bounds Simon in chains and opens up an inter-dimensional portal, Simon calls out to Neal and asks him for his help. Once Neal reminds him he fired him, Simon hires him back. Jumping on the skateboard, Neal follows the Agent and Simon into the portal.

When they reach their destination, the Agent laughs and proceeds to tell Simon that his friend is done for. No one can survive unescorted transit through “the madness between worlds.” His mind will be devoured. Smiling, Simon tells him to look again. Turning around, the Agent is shocked to see Neal standing there. The Agent asks him how did he… he means he was… and he was… and then he was… Neal tells him look, Svengali, he’s commuted rush on the 2 southbound. This trip was strictly a milk run. So let’s pass on the wine and crackers, and go straight to the big cheese, comprenez-vous? Y’know, “take me to your leader.”

Just then, Mojo appears on a cart. He is flanked by Minor Domo, Major Domo, Yes-Men, and various other residents of the Mojoverse. Mojo exclaims that would be him. Minor Domo mentions to Major Domo that you gotta give the boss this much, he does make a mean entrance. Major replies that he does. Now what say they view their newest acquisition? At that moment, everything stops. Mojo asks Major Domo what the hold-up is. Looking down to see a couple of individuals working, Major Domo tells Mojo that it’s the boys from the continuity department. Noticing that the workers put a note in the scene that reads “This story occurs before X-Men #9--- Mojo Pictures Ltd, Major Domo states that they sure know how to ruin the aesthetic of a scene.

As Mojo’s minions attempt to trademark Simon, they are unsuccessful. When Minor Domo informs Mojo that his TM isn’t taking, Neal tells them good luck trademarking him. He’s already been optioned off to Marvel Comics. Pointing at the Agent angrily, Mojo says to him that he rebuild him from scratch. He gave him his own persona. And he repays him be signing up a licensed property? No matter. Snapping his fingers, Mojo morphs Simon into looking like a woman. Mojo says they will call her Wonder Wo… Major Domo interjects “lawsuit city dead ahead.”

Turning to Neal, Simon pleads with him to do something. He’s a woman. And stop staring at his chest. Making his way over to Mojo, Neal says he’s sure they can work something out there. Mojo tells him no deal. His ex-client signed an iron-clad, lives-time contract. He’ll be making movies the rest of his pitiful existence. When Neal informs Mojo that Simon is an immortal, Mojo says tough. Terms were agreed. It’s all there in fine print. Looking at the paper Simon autographed earlier, Neal tells Simon that he wanted to make serious films, looks like he got his wish. Once Simon is changed back to a man, he tells Neal thanks a lot.

Later, on a soundstage, Neal sits next to Mojo. As he does, he thanks him for letting him sit in on the shoot. He’s a doll. Mojo says no problem, Nealster. Now tell him more of this “Spago’s”…

Just then, Minor Domo calls out for quiet on the set. Wonder Man’s screen test… take one… action! Holding a script and wearing a toga, Simon begins to read the lines dramatically. Looking over at Mojo and his crew, Neal sees the concerned looks on their faces and says pretty unique acting style, huh. “Livestime” contract, wasn’t it? Did he mention that he’s an immortal? He’s sure they can work something out.

And so… Mojo asks Neal and Simon what more can they want. Neal tells him foreign sales rights on video – beta and VHS – and laser disc. Simon asks what about a one picture deal, this is Shakespeare. Mojo angrily yells at them to get out.

As they leave through the portal with all of their gifts, Neal thanks him for their parting gifts. If he’s ever on the coast, give him a call. Once they depart through the portal, Mojo points over at the Agent and tells him to prepare to suffer like none has ever suffered before. With that, the acting of Simon is shown on a number of screens, much the dismay of the Agent.

Back on Earth, Neal says to Simon that he didn’t know serious roles meant so much to him. He’ll try to line some up for him. Promise. Simon asks serious parts? Neal tells him fer sure. He’s still doing his own stunts, right?

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)

On the Astral Plane:




Unnamed woman

(3rd story)

Cloak & Dagger

Ghost Rider

Grimbat (Ruler of the dimension of Zianon)

Various unnamed people on the streets

(4th story)

Wonder Man

Neal (Wonder Man’s agent)


The Agent

Minor Domo and Major Domo

The Yes-Men

Various unnamed individuals on Mojoverse

Story Notes: 

This issue also includes:

2nd story – The Constrictor in Doin’ the Toe Jam: Part 1 of 2 – “Home is Where the Hitmen Are”

Wonder Man did battle against Dark Wonder Man back in Wonder Man #13.

The Wonder Man/Mojo story takes place before X-Men (2nd series) #9.

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