Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #132

Issue Date: 
July 1993
Story Title: 
(1st story) Wolverine & Cyber in Brothers in Arms: Part 1 of 5 – “Trouble in Paradise”

Dan Slott (writer), Steve Lightle (artist), Ul Higgins (letterer), Steve and Marianne Lightle (colorist)

Terry Kavanagh (editor), Mark Powers (assistant editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief), Steve Lightle (Wolverine cover art), James Fry, Hector Collazo, and Harry Candelario (Ghost Rider and Cage cover art)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Logan is on the island of Koma Koi for some rest and relaxation. That doesn’t last long, however, when he meets Kayla, who is on the run from assassins of the Coven. Smelling Cyber’s scent on her, Logan saves her and she, in turn, makes him her champion. Later, Cyber and the other members of the Coven (Blood Shadow, Fetish, Satyr, and Vex) find the part of the beach where Logan helped Kayla and vow to kill him.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

In my travels, I’ve heard my fair share of rumors ‘bout the isle of Koma Koi. Like how at the end of every century, the heavens are supposed to align inta secret sigils over her night sky. Legend says it’s a time of potent magics and enlightenment. Me? I’m here because not only are the island gals friendly, but the make a mean hand-rolled cigar to boot. Take this one, joggin’ along the beach, fer instance. Looks like the perfect change to show why I’m the best there is at what I do…

Just then, Logan notices that even over burnin’ tobacco leaves, he can tell her scent’s all wrong. It’s her sweat. Laced with fear. And a scent he’d know ‘well as his own… Cyber! Stopping the young lady in her tracks, Logan asks her what the rush is. Screaming out “no!” the young lady tells him that he has to let her go. They’re after her! Logan says “bad guys” he takes it, eh?

Handing his hat to the young lady, Logan asks her to do something useful ‘n hold his hat. When the young lady asks “your hat,” Logan tells her yeah, he don’t want her pals messin’ it up. The young lady proceeds to inform him they are not friends, they are assassins of the Coven. She was their sacrifice, intended to summon the dark age of man. But who is he? And why does he come to her aid?

Engaging the assassins in battle, Logan tells her that his name’s Logan and he’d love to tell her this’s his job but, truth t’ tell, he’s on vacation. Just then, the young lady is accosted by the assassins and is grabbed. The leader of the assassins calls her Kayla and tells her that it was wrong of her to run. She could have been the herald of the dark age. Now they must find another.

Kayla exclaims that she still bears the mark. Brandishing a large knife, the leader tells her that her death will solve that. Continuing to fight the other assassins, Logan sees Kayla in trouble and calls out to her to hang in there; he’s comin’. He then laments only one day off the flamin’ plane. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say gettin’ inta these kinda scraps is his real mutant powers.

Before the leader can kill Kayla, he is stabbed from behind by Logan. Logan apologizes that it took so long. He’s still on New York time. Kayla tells him that s-she owes him her life. Logan says she owes him a lot more ‘n that, she owes him a new hat.

Night falls and, though his senses say he’s still in Koma Koi, his eyes tell him he’s on the blue side of the moon, or the Shi’ar Empire, anywhere but Earth. Looking out the window of the hut, Logan mentions to Kayla that he likes to think he’s one of the best trackers you’ll ever find, but hang him if he can point out a single constellation in this crazy sky. Those he can see look like somethin’ outta one of Michael Twoyoungmen’s books.

Kayla says he can see the greater truth now that she’s put her mark on him. Logan asks her so that’s what she calls it? He thought they would have a cuter name for it, like wakka makka poi poi. Kayla tells him that she’s made him her champion. Now he bears the sacrificial mark. If the Coven still wishes to bring about the dark age, they will have to kill him in order to do so. Logan replies great; just what he flamin’ well needs, more jokers whose only purpose in life is ending his. Seeing Logan donning his yellow and blue costume, Kayla asks him what he is… Logan tells her he’s just putting on his business suit. ‘N here he thought he was gonna get some R and R.

On the beach, Cyber holds the gem by the name Tear of Heaven and is flanked by members of the Coven – Satyr, Fetish, Blood Shadow and Vex. Cyber mentions to the others that this place reeks of Wolverine. When Satyr asks Cyber who this “Wolverine” is, Cyber tells him that he’s a little piece of grit stuck between the teeth of his life. Blood Shadow proceeds to tell Cyber that they paid him a great deal for success and he’s brought them nothing but failure. He brings them the gem, but lose the girl. He picks up the scent, but one of his enemies picks up his. It is time the Coven relied on their own unique talents. Blood Shadow orders Fetish to find the girl.

Fetish, the only female of the group, tells the leader that the priestess, Kayla, is still on the island… but she has passed her mark to another. She then asks Vex what he sees. Checking one of the bodies on the beach, Vex tells her that this one’s entrails are ripe with divinations. But like their other assassins, he’s wounded, not slain. Blood Shadow gives him the order to finish him, he must see the future.

After watching Vex jam his fist into the wounded assassin’s chest, Cyber thinks to himself @#$*. These guys give Jim Jones a good name. Psychotic cults, magic gemstones, mystic disembowelings, he’s not gettin’ enough for this @#$*. Vex then exclaims that they will have their offering for the darkness. This man, this “Wolverine,” will ride their altar towards his death. Cyber asks no kidding? Well, hey, he’d pay to see that. Vex tells him not to worry; he’ll have a ringside seat.

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)




Blood Shadow, Fetish, Satyr, and Vex (all members of the Coven)

Various unnamed assassins of the Coven

Story Notes: 

This issue also includes:

2nd story – Iron Man in “Novel Approach”

3rd story – Ghost Rider & Cage in Heart and Soul: Part 2 of 6 – “Love Connection”

4th Story – Iron Fist in The Book of Changes: Part 8 of 8 – “All Debts Forgotten, All Sins Forgiven”

Michael Twoyoungmen is more commonly known as Shaman of Alpha Flight.

Jim Jones is infamous for being a cult leader of the People’s Temple. He and over 900 of his followers committed mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978.

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