Marvel Knights: Spiderman #13

Issue Date: 
April 2005
Story Title: 
Wild Blue Yonder: part 1

Reginald Hudlin (writer), Billy Tan (pencils), John Sibal (inks), Avalon’s Ian Hannin (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters), Steve McNiven (colors), Cory Sedlemeier (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Absorbing Man escapes from prison. After finishing his class, Peter returns to his new home at Stark Towers. When entering his home, he surprisingly finds Jarvis hanging out with Aunt May! Suspicious, he walks away from them, wanting to talk to his wife, Mary Jane. But, he finds her talking to Wolverine! Peter suspects them of flirting, but Logan makes it clear he doesn’t do that. Peter doesn’t believe it and they almost fight, but MJ breaks them up before things get out of hand. The next day, Spider-Man finds the Absorbing Man and fights him, but the villain manages to escape. Later at school, Peter fails to get a job for summer school. He wants to earn some quick money so that they can move out of Stark Towers. He goes back to the Daily Bugle, wanting to ask Jameson for a full-time job. He gets it when he agrees to work together with the Bugle newest star reporter, Ethan Edwards, about covering up a story about Spider-Man to get him some respect. Meanwhile, Absorbing Man is hired by a mysterious villain and his female henchman. Creel agrees to do a job, which entails killing some people on a list, and some heroes are on it. He agrees to do it in 72 hours in return for some drugs he needs. Later that night, Captain America summons the Avengers for a training session and splits them up in two groups. The combatants fight each other, but the battle between Spider-Man and Wolverine goes out of hand. After a feral Wolverine breaks free from Spidey’s webs, he stabs the web-slinger through his stomach!

Full Summary: 

Two prison guards take drugged food to one of their prisoners. One of them doesn’t feel scared because the prisoners are trapped in a high-tech cell, but his partner warns him not to get overconfident, as they don’t know everything the inmates can do. Some don’t even know themselves. They go to Crusher Creel’s cell, who once almost beat a Norse God. The guard realizes that Creel would rule the Earth if he wasn’t so stupid. They want to open the cell, but Creel’s metal arm smashes through it! He escapes, and the alarm goes off. But the guards can’t catch him, as Creel touches the sand and escapes via it. “Who’s stupid now?” he asks.

Peter Parker finishes his class. One of his students approaches him, asking him to make science class cool. The boy suggests that Peter explains how super heroes’ powers work, and a little more about mutation and gamma bombs. Peter likes the thought. He takes the subway home, and reads about Absorbing Man’s escape. He likes the idea that the Avengers handle such case but, then, he realizes… he’s one of them now! He arrives at his new home, namely Stark Towers. When taking the elevator up to his place, Peter likes hanging around with people who do the same thing he does.

But when he arrives home, he finds Jarvis hanging around with Aunt May! Peter’s suspicious about it, and asks his aunt if MJ’s home. She’s due any moment. Jarvis changes the subject, reminding Peter of a meeting with the other Avengers about Absorbing Man’s escape. Peter walks away, thanking Jarvis for “everything.” May says, “oh, dear.” He finds MJ, and wants to talk to her, but is startled when he finds her talking to Wolverine!

MJ asks Peter what’s wrong. He doesn’t like the Avengers hanging around his home like it’s a bar. Logan gets the thought, and warns Peter that he doesn’t do that kind of thing. Peter doesn’t believe that, and sarcastically asks Logan if Scott Summers can confirm that for him. Logan tries to calm Peter down, but he wants to fight. Logan’s ready. MJ breaks them up, telling Peter that she isn’t attracted to hairy midgets.

The next morning, Peter barely makes it to his train to work. He talks to a guy on it, but suddenly the train stops. Everyone falls down, but notice Peter didn’t. Offering a weak explanation, he fakes that he’s got gum under his shoes. He looks outside the window, and sees Creel fighting. He jumps out of the train, hoping that nobody sees him, and puts on his Spider-Man costume. He fights Creel and, after a while, manages to open a water tank, and the water renders Creel back to normal for a while. Spidey thinks he has won, but unfortunately not. Creel touches a car, and absorbs its power. Suddenly, he doesn’t feel so good, and vomits black things all over Spidey! Creel turns back to normal, but the bystanders are too scared to stop him. When Spidey gets up from the black things, Absorbing Man is already gone.

An hour later, Peter manages to get himself clean and makes it to school. The principal was waiting for him, and is disappointed that Peter’s late again. Peter tries to explain and fakes that he was trapped in a super hero battle. The principal heard it on the radio, but doesn’t think that to be a solid excuse, since Peter’s always late. He reminds Peter that they needed someone for summer class, and decided that the teacher who made it first to school today would get the job. But since Peter is last, he certainly did not get it. The principal tells Peter to try again next fall. Peter angrily walks away, wondering why his life suddenly turned into such a mess. He wants to get some money to move out of Stark Tower, and wants a job real fast.

Absorbing Man breaks into an abandoned factory, where he robs a drug closet. He takes some pills, and returns back to normal. A woman sneaks up on him, and informs Creel that her employer has an endless supply of the drugs Creel needs. And he can get them if he wants to do some favors for her employer.

Peter goes back to the Daily Bugle. He hates begging Jameson for a full-time job, but he realizes he’s the only employer who has known him the longest. The secretary calls for Peter, and it looks like she knows him, but Peter has no clue who she is. Jameson hears Peter’s voice and calls him to his office. Peter’s passed by a huge guy, who also enters Jameson’s office. Jameson introduces the guy as Ethan Edwards, who has just moved there from Iowa and is the Daily Bugle’s newest star reporter. Peter and Ethan shake hands, and Jameson tells Peter how impressed he is by Ethan the farm boy because he dresses nice, in a suit and with his nice haircut.

Jameson continues to brag about Ethan, telling Peter about the big stories Ethan has broken for the Bugle, and that his copies are always without typos and that he never asks for overtime. Robbie tells Peter that Jonah wants Ethan to cover a story about Spider-Man. Jameson thinks its time that the web-slinger finally gets some respect. Peter knows what Jonah means.

Jameson wants Ethan to write the story and that Peter takes the pictures of the hero, since he knows nobody can take better pictures. But Jameson wonders if Parker can handle the job, because he sees him as a bit of a flake. Peter agrees, but tells Jonah that he’ll only do it if he gets a full-time job. Robbie’s glad to hear it, and convinces Jonah to go for it because it will cost them less. He calculated it years ago.

Ethan shakes hands with Peter, looking forward to their partnership. Peter says he does too, but his spider-sense tingles wildly. Peter thinks he recognizes Ethan from somewhere, but can’t place his face. He walks out of the office, but the secretary is gone. Peter wonders where the pretty lady went.

Creel meets his new employer, who hands him over a list with names of people he wants murdered within 72 hours. There are some heroes on it, but Creel doesn’t worry about it. His boss promises that they’ll never find out who did it, if Creel succeeds. Creel walks out, telling his boss to have his stuff waiting for him, promising that the job won’t take long.

Later that night, Captain America wants his team to train. He knows that they are all fighting veterans, but wants them to function well in the group. He splits the team up in two groups: Cap himself, Spider-Man, Luke are one team. Iron Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine are the other. Before the battle begins, Spidey and Wolverine look angrily at each other.

The training begins. Iron Man slams Cage, and Cap dodges an attack from Spider-Woman. Wolverine furiously jumps at Spider-Man. He throws some webs at Logan and catches him in them. Logan uses his claws to breaks free… and stabs his claws right through Spider-Man’s stomach!

Characters Involved: 

Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Wolverine (all Avengers)

Edwin Jarvis (Avengers’ butler)

Mary Jane Watson

Aunt May

Absorbing Man

J. Jonah Jameson

Joe Robertson

Ethan Edwards

Daily Bugle secretary (unnamed)

mysterious villain and female henchman (both unnamed)

Peter’s students (all unnamed)

principal at Peter’s school (unnamed)

people on subway train, police officers (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Peter and his family agreed to move to Stark Towers after an invitation from Iron Man, since the Green Goblin had destroyed their entire home.

Wolverine’s affection towards Mary Jane started in Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #519, the issue in which the Parkers agreed to move into Stark Towers.

Peter is aware that Logan always had a crush on Jean Grey, the now dead wife and long time love interest of Cyclops.

While this is technically the first appearance of “Ethan Edwards,” it might not be the first appearance of the character. Ethan seems to be a thinly disguised Sentry, whose real name is Rob Reynolds. As the Sentry seems to be an analog for Superman, Ethan Edwards seems to be a spitting image of Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, down to his lack of typos, his clean cut attire and hair and originating from a farm in the Midwest (although Ethan comes from Iowa, while Clark is from Kansas.

First appearance of the new Daily Bugle secretary.

A recognizable name on the list of people Absorbing Man has to kill is the Punisher. The other names are unclear, and only a few unclear letters are seen.

For a reason unknown at the moment the issue came out, the Sentry isn’t present among the others. Presumably, he’s still in custody and S.H.I.E.L.D. won’t release him until a tragedy rises up, or he has left the team.

Also at this point, it’s been revealed that Wolverine has joined the Avengers. At the point that this issue came out, Wolverine hadn’t even met the team yet, but will in New Avengers #5. This story apparently takes place after the first story arc of New Avengers.

The Spider-Woman currently on the Avengers team is Jessica Drew, the very first Spider-Woman, and not Julia Carpenter.

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