Marvel Team-Up (3rd series) #10

Issue Date: 
September 2005
Story Title: 
Master of the Ring part 5 and conclusion

Robert Kirkman (writer), Scott Kolins (artist), Studio F (color art), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Schmidt, Moore & Lazer (assistant editors), Tom Brevoort (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Captain America meets Wolverine in a coffee shop to exchange information that the X-Men and Avengers have gathered. He was expecting Cyclops. As they chat, they hear an explosion and head into the street where Wolverine appropriates a car. Across the city, Spider-Man and Moon Knight are amazed to find themselves still alive after the explosion. The Ringmaster explains that they’re now invulnerable. Spidey tells him he almost gave him a heart attack, and the Ringmaster thinks that’s a good idea. He gives them both cardiac arrests, before Daredevil leaps to their rescue. In retaliation, the Ringmaster intends to blast them all into the ground from cannons he creates. Before he can do this, he is foiled by Frenchie, who fires a rocket towards him. Moon Knight then follows up by punching him in the face. Furious, the Ringmaster prepares to set them all on fire using his Cosmic Ring, but. as he holds his hands in the air, the Punisher shoots his finger off, rendering him helpless. Captain America and Wolverine arrive, late, and the heroes head their separate ways. Meanwhile, Chen Hsu is pleased that the ring has moved a little further towards its true possessor.

Full Summary: 

Captain America meets his fellow Avenger, Wolverine, in a coffee shop. He was expecting Cyclops, but Logan explains that he’s been a bit busy, leading the X-Men and all. Doesn’t he watch the news? Cap seats himself at the table and picks up the menu. “Why didn’t they send Storm?” he asks. Logan replies that he’s got him - deal with it. Cap is there to exchange data on their enemies, and thinks Wolverine could’ve saved him a lot of trouble by just bringing it with him the next time he stopped by the tower. He should have known something was up when he was asked by Jarvis to have the meeting at the coffee shop.

A waitress appears and Logan orders some pie and milk. Cap asks for apple pie, which confirms to the waitress, who’s checked out the costume under his jacket, that it’s Captain America. She turns to Wolverine and adds, “So… that would make you Thor?” Wolverine pauses, not even looking up from under the rim of his hat. “Not even close,” he replies.

Logan hands over a disk. It should be up to date on who’s loose, who’s behind bars, who’s a good guy this week and who’s gone back to being a bad guy. He thinks Kitty burnt the information to the disk. He doesn’t really care. He’s just there for the pie. Cap hands over his info. It has all the up to date info on the jailbreak at the raft, the Savage Land adventure and Sauron. It also has updates on the Sentry and … Wanda.

Both men pause, before Logan asks what’s up with the shirt. Cap replies that his identity is public now. He wears the top from time to time. It seems to have a calming effect on the people around him. Logan asks if he’s paid for dinner since he took to wearing it. Newspaper? Parking ticket? Anything? Cap’s facial expression confirms he isn’t impressed by the implication. Logan says he respects him as much as the next guy, but he is so full of…

Suddenly, a huge explosion attracts their attention, and both men are out of their seats in an instant. Cap throws a few notes back to the table as he runs. As they exit into the street, Logan asks if he knows how much he just threw on the table. People could be dying out there, and he’s so worried about stiffing a waitress that he overpays her for food they haven’t even eaten! “You’re such a boy scout.” Cap replies that he’s a decent human being, just doing what’s right. He asks Logan to keep up.

As they continue, Wolverine picks up on the fact that Cap has his shield hidden under his jacket, yet it’s clearly too wide for his shoulders. What gives? Cap doesn’t have time for this, and just replies that you get used to it. Logan wonders how they’re supposed to get to where the action is happening. Cap suggests maybe calling for the quinjet, but Logan has other ideas. He stands in the road, forcing a car to screech to a halt. He commandeers the convertible, much to the owner’s annoyance, and they head of at speed towards the blast zone.


As the green-hued smoke dissipates, Moon Knight and Spider-Man find themselves miraculously unharmed. Close by, the Ringmaster stands, triumphant; smug in the knowledge that he has more power than he ever dreamed of. As the two heroes check themselves to make sure each limb is still attached, the Ringmaster mentions that they’re both invulnerable. Spidey is the first to respond. “Cripes, man! You almost gave me a heart attack!!” The Ringmaster reckons that’s not a bad idea, and as he clenches his fist, Spidey’s spider-sense goes off. There’s nothing he can do, as his heart goes into cardiac arrest. Moon Knight leans towards him, but then suffers the same fate. He doubles over and drops to the ground.

The Ringmaster stands with his arms outstretched. He is rather annoyed that he didn’t think of this himself. He reckons it’s because he’s a showman, and this kind of act lacks spectacle. He believes he’s had an epiphany. His normal methods usually result in him getting his head handed to him. He believes this is the new beginning of a new era of villain for the Ringmaster!

As Tiboldt revels in his newfound power, he is unceremoniously kicked in the face by Daredevil, who drops from above with assured precision. Sprawled on the ground, Tiboldt turns and sees his assailant. “Do you have a villain-getting-the-upper-hand sense or what?!” He’s annoyed, and tells them they’re all getting shot out of cannons… straight into the ground.

Instantly, as soon as the Ringmaster thinks about it, with the help of his shard of Cosmic Cube, the three heroes find themselves inside personalized cannons, each aimed at the ground. Daredevil is taken completely unawares, and asks what on Earth’s going on. Spider-Man just says their foe isn’t nearly as lame as he used to be.

As the Ringmaster prepares to watch his nemeses die, a rocket lands next to him, throwing him off his feet. He scratches his head. “I just can’t catch a break tonight,” he remarks. He looks up into the night sky and sees Moon Knight’s crescent-shaped craft hovering above him. He wonders just how many Moon Knights there are. “Just one!” says Moon Knight as he delivers a mighty left jab to Tiboldt’s nose.

He isn’t happy about that, and intends to take it out on Moon Knight’s craft. He aims the ring skywards, but absolutely nothing happens. Moon Knight calls Frenchie and informs him that he’s out of range and he should stay where he is. Daredevil then grabs Tiboldt around the waist and takes him down, as Spider-Man webs up his legs. The Ringmaster gathers himself and uses the ring’s power to hurl everyone away from him. He then threatens to set them all on fire.

As he holds his hand up, a shot rings out and the Ringmaster’s finger, along with the ring, is separated from his body. He screams, as the Punisher looks down from the rooftops; a job well done. The three heroes look to the rooftops, and Daredevil tells the others that Frank Castle was there. Spidey asks Daredevil to remind him to send him a thank-you card. “Anyone have his address in Crazy Town?” Castle leaves without a word.

Now the danger is over, Captain America and Wolverine arrive, belatedly. Cap apologizes for the delay and blames the traffic. Wolverine sees the Ringmaster curled up on the ground, nursing his stump, and he assumes everything is under control. Cap then picks up the finger to give to the paramedics, but he first removes the ring, which he says will find its way into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.

As Tiboldt is stretchered into the ambulance, Spidey says, “I’m sorry… but this whole adventure was ridiculous!” He turns to see the others looking at him. “C’mon,” he continues. “Cosmic Ringmaster, the Punisher, cannons. I even blew up once - you saw that, right? This was crazy.” Wolverine turns to leave, and Cap tells them he’s going to ride to the hospital with the paramedics to ensure the Ringmaster doesn’t try anything.

As Wolverine climbs into the car he appropriated, Spidey says that he’s been hearing things lately about Wolverine not liking him. Logan says he doesn’t. Spidey says he’s being serious. “Seriously,” replies Logan, “I don’t like you.” Spidey is surprised. He can never tell when Wolverine’s joking. Logan says he isn’t joking.

Moon Knight offers Spidey a lift, and he accepts. He asks if he can be dropped off near Soho. That’ll be close enough. He also asks if they can swing my McDonald’s if they’re still open. He still owes his wife a take-out. If he shows up empty handed, it won’t be pretty.


Spider-Man arrives home with his take-out. MJ is in bed, and he carefully places the food on a nearby table. Without moving, MJ says it better have been Thanos again. If it wasn’t Thanos, he shouldn’t even bother telling her who it was. She swears, if he tells her it was the Vulture she will punch him in the face. Peter offers her a Big Mac. MJ sits up, and asks when she has ever eaten a Big Mac. She hasn’t eaten one the whole time they’ve been together. Peter removes his mask and apologizes. He’s had a hell of a night and wasn’t thinking straight. Seeing her husband battered and beaten, MJ forgives him, and soon makes up for her grouchiness.


In a Japanese-styled house, green swirls of mist reveal an image of the cosmic ring. The creator of these mists, Chen Hsu, says the ring comes one step closer to its true possessor. He finds it strange how often a straight line is often not the fastest path to a destination. “Strange indeed.”

Later, as Rick Sheridan sleeps, Sleepwalker is hovering over the crater that came as a result of Spider-Man exploding. “Curious,” he remarks.

Characters Involved: 

Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine (all Avengers)


Bystanders and car driver

Moon Knight and Frenchie





Police Officer

Mary Jane Parker

Chen Hsu


Story Notes: 

This issue splits into a second part half way through, though with the same creative team, the same as last issue.

Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine all appear in New Avengers alongside the Sentry, Spider-Woman, Iron Man and Luke Cage.

The jailbreak at the Raft prison took place in New Avengers #1 and was followed up in the Spider-Man: Breakout series. The Avengers visited the Savage Land in New Avengers #4 and met Sauron, who was killed by Yelena Belova in New Avengers #5.

Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, whose fragile mental state has resulted in the House of M storyline.

The Punisher removing just the Ringmaster’s finger seems quite restrained for someone of his disposition.

Sleepwalker is an extra-dimensional alien who became trapped in Rick Sheridan’s mind after fighting a malevolent entity named Cobweb, who had invaded Rick’s mind. He is able to enter Rick’s world as he sleeps, but has so far been unable to free himself totally.

The continuing adventures of Titannus aren’t touched upon in this issue.

This is artist Scott Kolin’s final issue.

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