Morlocks #4

Issue Date: 
September 2002
Story Title: 
Last Stop

Geoff Johns (writer), Shawn Martinbrough (artist), Gregory Wright (colorist), Richard Starkings and Comicraft (lettering), Pete Franco (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

The Chicago Morlocks decide to fight back and making use of Litterbug’s knowledge of the Sentinels, whom he helped to build before his mutant powers manifested, they are able to defeat a Sentinel and take manual control of it. Hiding inside the robot, they enter the main base of the Sentinel operation. Once they show themselves they are targeted by over a dozen Sentinels and project leader Dr. Metellus gloats that he will see the Morlocks exterminated with his own eyes. Yet there is not enough room for all robots top maneuver at once, and while Litterbug and Electric Eve try to shut down the computer system, the others keep them robots busy. Only Cell panics and hides, earning him the disrespect of Angel Dust. Finally Eve succeeds in short-circuiting the command central, and all Sentinels start to malfunction, crashing out of the sky. The Morlocks hurry out of the exploding base, but Cell turns back to make a final stand. As the Morlocks were the only kind people he ever met, he won’t allow Dr Metellus to ever harm them again. He wraps his own body around Metellus and they are blasted apart by a partially still functioning Sentinel. With the mutant hunting robots temporarily shut down, the Morlocks are free to leave Chicago. Only Angel Dust decides to stay behind and return to her parents, well aware that the once the Sentinels are active again they will hunt her down.

Full Summary: 

While many technicians work on the Sentinels, Dr. Metellus sits in his office, watching tapes of the robot’s recent actions. He notices the Postman on one of the tapes, and angrily cuts his face on the screen.

In the sewers of Chicago, Angel Dust attacks Litterbug after he has revealed that he helped building the Sentinels. Eve asks Litterbug to defend himself, but Litterbug simply replies that things were different: his father and grandfather both were soldiers, he too joined the army until he became a mutant. His last wish is to take apart what he helped to build. With his knowledge of the Sentinels, they are able to shut down the entire operation in Chicago and they would be able to leave the city. Cell thinks it is impossible to take on the robots, but Shatter states that nothing is impossible, right as his crystallized body regrows his lost arm. Shatter reminds the others that there are mutants everywhere, and they need to be protected from the Sentinels.

Somewhat later, outside Litterbug jumps from inside the sewers to the roof of a nearby building, drawing the attention of three Sentinels. Litterbug leaps off the roof, and runs into a dark alley, followed by one of the mutant hunting robots. It fails to notice Electric Eve, who is standing on a balcony, and she takes him out with an electric burst. Shatter used the Sentinels‘ confusion to crystallize the oil in it’s joints, effectively paralyzing the robot. Angel Dust rips the Sentinel’s head open, and guided by Litterbug, she destroys it’s defensive systems inside. Now they are able to take manual control of the Sentinel, using it as a Trojan Horse.

Dr. Metellus is still reviewing the recorded battle and enjoys how Shatter’s arm was blasted off. A mechanic enters the office, and apologizes for interrupting, but he wants to inform him that they have confirmation of complete Morlock extermination. As the unit is en route, they walk to the hangar where the incoming Sentinel land. Metellus congratulates Slater on the job well done, though he says that visual proof of the extermination is needed before they break the champagne. He stops talking as the Sentinel’s docking sound is an followed by a loud „Klang“. The Morlocks then break out off the robot‘s chest.

As over a dozen Sentinels notice the mutants‘ arrival and activate their targeting systems, the Morlocks wonder if this was such a good idea. Slater tries to give the robots instructions, but Postman erases his memory, and the tells his team to stay close together. Hopefully the robots won’t be able to maneuver inside the base, at least not all at once. The Morlocks jump into action and attack the Sentinels, only Cell panics, thinking his powers are useless here. Angel scolds him for doing nothing, accusing him that he is all talk, but has no guts. Watching the progress of his team, the Postman fails to notice Dr. Metellus sneaking up on him. He stabs the Postman, though only injures his right arm. Metellus says that he will enjoy seeing them all die before his own eyes, but is taken out by Shatter’s baseball bat. Shatter dryly comments that this would have been a homerun, or at least a triple.

By now, Eve and Litterbug have found access to the base’s computer system and Eve short-circuits the central command unit. All Sentinels go nuts, crashing into each other, and falling out of the sky. As the base is coming down around them, the Morlocks hurry to get out. Along the way, they congratulate Litterbug on the job well done, as suddenly Cell stops and turns back. Stating that he can no longer run, he heads back into the burning base. Angel wants to stop him, but Postman tells her that they don’t have the time. Cell finds Dr. Metellus who has recovered from the hit to his head. Metellus is still determined to eradicate all mutants, and Cell tells him that the Morlocks were the first good people he has met and he will make sure that Metellus can no longer harm them. He wraps his body around Metellus and a nearby Sentinel, still partially functioning, notices the mutant activity and blasts at Cell, killing both him and Metellus.

Outside, the Morlocks witness as the entire building explodes. Eve jumpstarts a van with her powers, and the Morlocks enter it. However Angel still stares at the ruins and says that she won’t be leaving. She too is tired of running and wants to go back to her parents. The Postman warns her that the Sentinels are not going to stay grounded forever, but Angel tells him she is well aware of that. After saying that she won’t forget them, she waves them silently goodbye.

The van carrying the rest of the team leaves Chicago and Litterbug asks the others where they are headed. Postman decides to go as far south as possible. Shatter worries about Angel and asks what will happen to her when the Sentinels are back online. Everyone falls quiet – they know the answer. Breaking the silence, Eve asks Postman if there are other people out there like them, and he replies that he hopes not.

In Atlantic City, the cover of a sewer-gate is lifted from beneath. A four-eyed, purple creature stares out. The truth is, mutants are everywhere.

Characters Involved: 

Angel Dust, Cell, Electric Eve, Litterbug, Postman, Shatter (all Chicago Morlocks)
Dr. Tom Metellus
Slater, chief mechanic

Written By: