Mutant X #12

Issue Date: 
September 1999
Story Title: 
Once Upon a Time ...

Howard Mackie (writer), Carey Nord (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Chris Eliopolous (letters), Gina Going (colors), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Madelyne struggles to get the the Goblin Queen out of her body, but has little success on her own. At the X-Mansion, Havok and the X-Men get ready for the big battle. While they prepare their weapons and Blackbirds, Scotty falls asleep. Madelyne visits Scotty in his dream and explains to him how to stop the Goblin Queen. As Havok and the X-Men depart, Scotty touches Alex' head and thereby passes him the information on how to defeat the Goblin Queen. They leave, and enlist the aid of the Sub-Mariner and Doctor Doom. Doom, Havok and the X-Men continue their attack and make it to the Goblin Queen's lair. They are attacked by her servants, and Havok is able to free Bloodstorm and Ice-Man. The Fallen almost kills Havok, who lands in the realm where he first arrived in this strange world, and where he is greeted by Scotty, who helps him out. Madelyne is seperated from the Goblin Queen creature, and Scotty uses his powers upon the Queen and defeats her. Havok and Scotty land back into the real world, where the Goblin Queen, the demons, Sentinels as well as Madelyne are all gone. Scotty says that his mother promised to be back some day. The rest of the heroes arrive as well, and when Magneto asks what has happened, Scotty can't remember a thing. Magneto wants to rebuild the world, as human/mutant relationships, which will most likely begin to escalate again. Havok explains to his newfound friends that he is not from this world.

Full Summary: 

Madelyne tries to get some rest, but recalling the events that led to her possession she cries out from the pain. Every inhabitant of planet Earth can hear the cry, and trembles in fear, because they know what it means. Even the Watchers of the universe hears the cry, but may not interfere.
The Watcher named Uatu explains he witnessed the birth of this universe, and how the Goblin entity began its reign of terror and threatened to overtake the entire creation, and how she began to destroy entire races in its evil wake. He watched how the Goblin Force took over and destroyed the mighty Phoenix Force, a powerful creature on its own. Watched how even the mighty Galactus fell before its awesome might. Only when the fifth host of the Celestials stood before its power was when the Goblin Force was first stopped. Though the race was devastated, they managed to diminish the power and contain it, until the recent past. Uatu also watched how Madelyne made a deal with the demon N'stir for the life of her child, Scotty, and watched how the Goblin Force tried to attach itself to Madelyne, and how its power grew. He just watched.

The Empire State Building. Madelyne wakes up, and regrets what she has done. The Goblin Queen arises before her, explaining who Madelyne now has become - the universe is hers for the taking.
Even far away in the X-Mansion, Havok can see the power the Goblin Queen is unleashing, and realizes it's time. He thinks he should have killed her the first time, but he simply couldn't. Scotty comes to him and grabs Alex' hand, saying that this is the way things are supposed to happen. Elektra, Magneto and the X-Men come and they all know it's time to make their move. Havok's not ready yet, but Magneto finds delay is of no use. Scotty agrees with Magneto and it has to be done now, or it could get even worse. Scotty says he's scared, but so is Alex.

In Paris, all existing nations have formed one great power ever since New York fell due to the Goblin Queen's attacks. Everyone wonders who shall lead this great new nation, and one man steps forward as everybody looks at him with respect, and the hope that things will work out now in a good way. A spokesman announces the man who shall now lead them until the end of all wars, the man who shall become the leader of the United Latverian States: Doctor Victor Von Doom! Doom raises his hands and announces that there is a lot of work to be done.

At the mansion, Havok has fueled up all of the four Blackbirds and says they are ready to go. Magneto asks Quicksilver if there's any word from their allies so far. Quicksilver rushes to his father, confirming that the surviving Avengers, Defenders and Champions are ready to attack on their word. Quicksilver further explains that Captain America is involved with Freedom Force on the Mexican border skirmish, but there has been no word from Iron Man since the attack on Chicago. Magneto asks after Wanda, but Quicksilver says nobody heard from his sister after her craft went behind enemy lines, but Magneto's sure she'll be fine.

At the back, Scotty has fallen asleep and gets drawn to the dream world. There he's greeted by Madelyne, who has been able to get away from the Goblin Queen for just a short time. Madelyne tells Scotty she'll need his help in defeating the Goblin Queen and when he wakes up, he'll remember how. Madelyne then orders Scotty to run away quickly, because she's coming back. Scotty wakes up and promises that he'll help her.

A little later, the team prepares to leave with the Blackbird. Quicksilver says that he and all the rebel forces are ready when Magneto orders it. Magneto thanks his son. Brute tells Scotty good-bye and accompanies Magneto, and Havok goes over to Elektra. She'll guard Scotty with her life, she promises and Alex kisses her! Elektra's stunned, and Alex tells Scotty to stay very close to her and he'll be back as soon as he can. Scotty knows he will, and touches Alex' head, and with his powers Scotty informs Havok on what to do. Scotty hugs Alex, saying everything will be allright.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doom leads his great ships into World War III, and fights the countless of Sentinels, now hosted by evil demons brought to Earth with Reed Richards' machine. One of the ship's sailors asks Doom to retreat, but Doom never wants to do that. The sailor begs Doom to come inside, because if anything happened to him, their cause is certain to be lost. Doom's ship gets attacked by Hunter/Killers, but those machines suddenly get destroyed by a blast. When the smoke clears, it's reveald that Havok and Magneto were behind it, and they welcome Doom in America.

Doom appreciates their help, but is not sure if their combined forces will be enough. Havok doesn't worry, because they brought help. Huge tentacles rise from the waters and grab and at the same time destroy the remaining Sentinels. The tentacles belong to one of the Sub-Mariner's sea creature, and Namor coolly tells Doom that their blood dept is now finally repaid. Namor hopes that both Doom, his allies and their enemies will breathe their last breath, because when they'll meet next, it will be as enemies. Namor and his creature dive back into the sea, leaving the heroes alone. Magneto knows that there will come a day that they'll have to battle Namor and the Atlanteans again, but Doom finds this a fight for another day.

The Fallen rushes to the Goblin Queen – by now fully transformed into a horned demonic creature, informing her that the heroes are coming. The Goblin Queen does not fear them and tells the Fallen to let them come, and asks for her pet scientist, Reed Richards. The Fallen can't find him anywhere. The Goblin Queen realizes that he has deserted her. She asks if the Fallen would do such a thing. He promises that he never would. She orders the Fallen to get everyone who's loyal to her, and she'll stay behind and defend her castle. The Fallen does as ordered.

Elsewhere, Doom asks Havok if he's sure that this is where they are supposed to be, because he wants to be with his storm troopers, who are now probably all getting killed. Havok can't explain how he knows it, but is sure that if this war is going to end somewhere, it's going to be at the Empire State Building, where the Goblin Queen is now. A demon suddenly shows up and wants to kill Havok, but Polaris destroys it before it can do any harm. Havok thanks her, and she lifts them up, but gets attacked by the Fallen, Bloodstorm and Ice-Man. The Fallen unleashes a blast of fire upon Havok, but Brute jumps in front of Havok and saves his friend. The Fallen considers them all fools for trying to stop the Goblin Queen, because her power is now at its strongest.

The ground begins to tremble, and the Fallen explains that is because the Goblin Queen is beginning to destroy all creation. Havok tries to bring Bloodstorm and Ice-Man back to themselves. They don't want to see everyone die, but Ice-Man says they've been trying to fight her, but she is too strong. The Fallen throws fire at Havok, Bloodstorm and Ice-Man, and Havok remembers dying again. He thinks he's dead again, like the time he first came to this world.

Scotty suddenly shows up, saying that Havok isn't dead yet, this is the way they are supposed to help his mother. Havok asks how, and Scotty explains that a part of him is inside Alex, that's why they're here now. It had to be Alex, because he was the only one who could carry him here. It's the same way how Alex got here in the first place and Scotty thinks him to be very lucky for that. They search the place, and find Maddie's essence imprisoned by black tendrils fighting the strong will of the Goblin Queen. Scotty tells Alex to blast it now before it hurts Maddie even more. Alex asks how he knows all this and Scotty explains his mother told him. Alex believes it to be a trap, but Scotty knows that it isn't one. Havok does as told and fires a blast.

Madelyne gets scared -Havok should have come alone. Scotty says that his mother doesn't know everything, not the way he sees it. Madelyne knows that the Goblin Queen only wants Scotty, but he knows he has to be the one who has to stop the Goblin Queen. The Goblin Queen creature shows up, and Scotty tells her that she can't hurt him, and also fears him. The Goblin Queen thinks that's his own fear that he is feeling, but Scotty tells her to shut up and uses his powers on her, and the Goblin Queen drops down. Maddie tells Havok to take Scotty away and tell him that she'll always love him and she disappears with a scream.

A short time later, at dawn, Scotty and Alex are back in the real world. Alex had fallen asleep and Scotty wakes him up, saying that it's over. Scotty explains that the Goblin Queen is gone, the demons are gone, and his mother is gone. But Scotty doesn't worry, because she promised she'll be back some day. Bloodstorm, Ice-Man, Doom and the X-Men show up, and Magneto explains that suddenly there was a bright light, and then all the demons had vanished. He asks what has happened. Scotty asks the same thing. Havok realizes that Scotty doesn't remember what has happened, and finds this a good thing because now he may have a chance of having a normal life. Elektra shows up and hugs Alex.

Alex asks Magneto what to do next. The master of magnetism explains that he wants to rebuild the world. It'll take time, as will clearing up the human/mutant relationship. Situations will most likely start to escalate again like in the old days, and probably even worse. Brute asks if they'll rebuild the Six again as well, and Havok confirms that they will, but first he explains to them that he came from another world. He begins: I remembers dying …

Havok feels satisfied for having told his newfound friends where he came from, but isn't sure that they all believe him. He doesn't even believe it himself at some times. Havok also wonders what to do: rebuild the Six, or find a way home. He realizes that there a lot of questions unanswered. The Fallen is on the loose and Madelyne is gone, leaving only him, Brute, Bloodstorm and Ice-Man.
Havok finds Bloodstorm suspiscious, because she's so different from the Ororo Munroe he knew on his homeworld. He wonders why she got bitten by Dracula, and where she goes at nights. He even questions her loyalties, and wonders how she feeds. He never saw her taking a life, but has his doubts. Alex wonders if he should keep the three heroes, and where to look for other people to join.

He considers the Man-Spider as a possible new teammember, as he digged into his past and found out he saved Gwen Stacy who was attacked by the Green Goblin on the Brooklyn Bridge one day. Stacy went on to be a reporter, and Man-Spider to be a genuine hero here on this world. Though Havok doubts that with the extra arms Man-Spider is a teamplayer.
Havok realizes that there are still three members of the Fantastic Four out there. He has read that though they are only human on this world, they went into outher space with nothing but their guts and stopped Galactus when he came to Earth to eat the world. The Fantastic Four also just slipped being sucked into some cosmic rays, the rays who gave them their powers in his world. Havok knows Reed went to be the Goblin Queen's right hand, but understands that Sue is inconsolable, so he thinks of maybe combining the two teams. It could be a good way to show the world that humans and mutants can work together for the greater good.

Havok thinks about Elektra. He believes that there is more to her, because a trained assassin who's just being happy playing nurse to Scotty? He just can't believe that. Though he likes having her around and he's getting stronger feelings for her, and he loves the fact that she is watching over Scotty.
Havok thinks about the X-Men, who don’tseem to be happy with Magneto's leadership. He noticed that Rogue barely said a word when being around him. He was informed that Rogue hasn't been the same ever since the Black Queen made her powers go out of control, and she absorbed Colossus, who's now still comatose. Alex knows that Colossus' thoughts are haunting Rogue at every moment, so he doesn't need another disfunctional teammember.

Alex believes that he's maybe over-thinking this whole thing, and maybe there's no need for a new team and humanity will be set right. Maybe there will be no more inner threats and he can go for an easy life, together with Scotty and Elektra. Havok can't even believe he even thinks it and laughs at himself.

Characters Involved: 

Bloodstorm, Brute, Havok, Ice-Man
(the Six)

Scotty Summers

Magneto, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Polaris, Rogue (X-Men)

Dr. Doom

Namor, the Sub-Mariner

Madelyne Pryor/the Goblin Queen

The Fallen, Reed Richards (her servants)


seen in the Watcher’s revelations:

Captain Marvel (of the Kree)

R'Igill (Empress of the Skrull Empire)

Deathbird (of the Shi'Ar)

the Phoenix Force



Story Notes: 

The story includes seven pin-ups by different artists incorpoated into the epilogue sequence:

- the first pin-up by Tom Raney depicts Havok and all characters that have played a role in theMutant X stories so far.

- The second pin-up by Mike Kaluta shows Bloodstorm being bitten by Dracula

- The third pin-up by John Romita Sr. Shows a six-armed Man-Spider saving Gwen Stacy from the Green Goblin

- The fourth pin-up by John Byrne shows then non-superpowred Fantastic Four facing Galactus

- The fifth pin-up by artist unknown shows elektra fighting ninjas

- The sixth pin-up by artist unknown shows Rogue absorbing Colossus due to Selene’s influence

- The final pin-up by Gary Nord gives a hint of things to come with Havok, the Fallen and his mysterious benefactor, SHIELD, a fallen Elektra, Captain Marvel, Cyclops and Nick Fury.

Gwen Stacy was in the real universe also attacked by the Green Goblin on the Brooklyn Bridge, but was killed when she was thrown off the Bridge. [see Amazing Spider-Man #121]

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