Mutant X #14

Issue Date: 
November 1999
Story Title: 

Howard Mackie (writer), Carey Nord (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Gina Going (colors), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

A Skrull squad wants to kidnap observe Alex and Scotty on a videoscreen, whom they have to capture and interrogate. The Skrull captain tries to convince his admiral to destroy the planet, before the Goblin Queen can resurface. After a hesitation, the adimiral agrees. Before they can destroy the Earth, however, their ship is breached by none other than the Starjammers. Cyclops, their leader, interrogates the Skrull admiral, who explains to him their mission, to destroy the planet where most of the energy of the Goblin Queen came off from, before she can return. Cyclops realizes that the man on the videoscreen is his long lost kid brother, Alex. He takes the Starjammers to Earth and helps Alex and Scotty in a battle against a Kree death squad. Cyclops explains how he was grabbed by the Shi'Ar from their parent's crashing plane when they were kids and how he always wanted to find Alex again. Their reunion is cut short by the Gladiator, who attacks them, but the Gladiator is stopped by the Watcher. The Watcher informs Gladiator that the threat of the Goblin Queen is over, thanks to Scotty, and throws Gladiator off the planet. The Watcher congratulates Scotty with his victory and tells him to enjoy life and takes off. At the end, Cyclops asks what his kid brother has been up to lately.

Full Summary: 

A computer simulation of the Earth's distruction is shown. In their spaceship, a Skrull captain impatiently awaits the command to actually do this. The Skrull admiral explains that that is not their mission. Their mission is to capture and interrogate their targets before they can contemplate such a task. The captain thinks they would all be better off if Galactus survived his first encounter with the Earth and devoured it. The captain tries to convince the admiral that he has discussed it with their queen, and he can be a hero if he destroys the Earth. The admiral orders to open the video screen and sees a man and a youth, and wonders to himself what possible connection they could have with her. The admiral orders to do the attack but, as they plan to do, their ship is breached. The Skrull warriors prepare for battle, and find out their ship's been breached by none other than the Starjammers.

The Starjammers rush into the ship, immediatly opening fire. Their leader, Cyclops, asks if they want to hand over their ship peacefully or with force. Cyclops realizes he has asked a stupid question and begins to fight. Cyclops orders his crew, consisting of Binary, Nova, the Silver Surfer and Lockheed, to proceed, while he interogates the admiral, asking what his mission is. The admiral explains it is about the Goblin Queen , even pirates like the Starjammers must have heard about her resurface. Cyclops explains he has heard the rumors and asks what kind of planet it is they're watching and who the man and child are on the videoscreen. The admiral explains the Skrull council wanted to explore the planet where most of the Goblin Queen's energy came from, and capture anybody who has the closest relationship with her. The planet is called Earth, and the people are named Alex and Scotty Summers, father and son.

Cyclops says in himself he never dreamed that he would be seeing the Earth again. The admiral explains that some want to capture them, interrogate them or destroy their entire system. Cyclops wonders to himself if Alex could be his brother, Alex. On Earth, Alex and Scotty are at a lake and having lots of fun fishing. Scotty catches a lot of fish but Alex just sits there, thinking to himself. Alex can't believe how normal Scotty's been acting, considering all the troubles he went through. Alex finds it odd how he never considred fatherhood in his homeworld, when, at times like this, he’s having fun at times like this with Scotty. Alex also likes the fact that there is no hatred against mutants on this world. Or, at least, not yet. Considering what has happened lately, with the world nearly being destroyed by a mutant, namely Madelyne, his wife. Alex heard a lot of anti-mutant protesting on the radio and he begins fearing the worst. So, he decided to take off with Scotty for a while and give the boy a chance to be a kid. Scotty catches another fish and tells Alex to look at it. Their marvel is caught by something else, as suddenly a huge spaceship appears above them.

Scotty believes that there's something bad on the ship, something that wants them. Alex takes Scotty on his word, so he tells Scotty to hide behind the rocks while he prepares to fight. Alex notices that, below the ship, energy comes out, which fires upon them. Havok blasts one of his plasma blasts at the ship, damaging it and making the ship crash down in the lake. Alex and Scotty decide to run away from it. They run to the car and Scotty asks if they want them because of the bad things his mom did to the world. Alex says it could be and searches for his keys, but Cyclops has playfully taken them away with his sword. Alex, not realizing who he is, knocks Cyclops down and takes the keys back and drives away. Binary wonders when Scott's going to grow up and act like an adult. Now they're on their own and they don't know who's chasing them. A spaceship flies over them and Cyclops realizes it's a Kree death squad. They just have to find his kid brother and nephew.

In their car, Alex thinks that Scotty could be right and this may have something to do with Madelyne. Alex notices the spaceship and tells Scotty to stay in the car. Alex goes out and tries to blast the ship, but with no success. Kree warriors come out of it. A short time later, Alex has apparently defeated the warriors. He and Scotty have made it to the local sherrif. The two mutants tell their story, but neither the sherrif nor his deputiy want to believe them. The two officers mock at them and tell them to leave. Suddenly, the sherrif's window is smashed and everybody rushes outside. The sherrif orders Alex and Scotty to stay back, because he's still the law in this town. The Kree begin their attack and the cops realize they don't stand a chance. Havok jumps in and smashes the Kree down into the ground.

But the Kree quickly re-group and Havok tries to come up with a plan. Cyclops arrives on the scene and fights the Kree, defeating them. Alex can't believe who he's seeing. Cyclops says he'll fill him in later, but now they've got worries far bigger then a Kree death squad: the Gladiator! Gladiator lands on Earth, right in front of them. Cyclops introduces the Gladiadtor to his brother as the leader of the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard and strongest man in the galaxy, pretty much invulnerable. The Starjammers take on the Gladiator, while Cyclops runs away with Alex and Scotty. Cyclops explains to Alex that, when the Shi'Ar attacked their dad's plane, he knew that their parents didn't made it out alive, but Scott always knew that Alex had survived. The Shi'Ar grabbed Scott and he became Cyclops. Scott dreamed ever since to find his brother again, who he now finally knows survived and stayed on Earth.

While running, Cyclops tells Alex that the Starjammers saved his life lots of times. Scott likes Nova, but doesn't want her to know. They decide to team-up and fight the Gladiator. They open fire, but the Gladiator isn’t damaged at all. Cyclops begs Alex and Scotty to run, but Alex won't. All of a sudden, the Watcher shows up, informing Gladiator that the Goblin Queen is gone, and he is to leave this planet and leave it alone. The Watcher lifts the Gladiator up, grabbing him by his cape, and throws the Gladiator off the planet. Uatu tells Scotty Summers he will be safe now and, because of today, so will the multiverse. Uatu tells Scotty to enjoy his life and takes off. Scott and Alex watch him leave, and Scott asks Alex what he's been up to lately.

Characters Involved: 


Scotty Summers

Binary, Cyclops, Nova, Lockheed, Silver Surfer (Starjammers)

Gladiator (all Imperial Guard)

The Watcher (Uatu)

Unnamed Skrull captain

Unnamed Skrull admiral

Unnamd Skrull Warriors

Unnamd Kree Warriors death squad

Story Notes: 

In the real universe, the Starjammers (a whole different team than this one) were formed and are led by Scott and Alex' father, Corsair. On their last vacation trip together as a family, the Summers’ plane was attacked by the Shi'Ar. Their mother threw Scott and Alex out of the plane with one parachute into safety, while she and Corsair were kidnapped and experimented upon. Corsair escaped, but his wife was murdered. Many years later, he returned to Earth and was reunited with his two sons. [see Uncanny X-Men #107, #154]. In this universe, Cyclops takes over the role Corsair had in the real universe.

Galactus being killed is explained in the epilogue of Mutant X #12.

Cyclops and the Stajammers next appear in Mutant X #17.

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