Mutant X #20

Issue Date: 
June 2000
Story Title: 
Everything You Thought You Knew…

Howard Mackie (writer), Javier Saltares, Tom Lyle & Billy Patton (pencils), Andrew Pepoy, Cliff Rathburn, John Czop & Jay Leisten (inks), Gina Going (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Alex remembers dying. Again. When waking up, he can’t believe what he is seeing. Madelyne is back from the death and she and the Fallen are back with the Six! Alex orders Scotty, Brute, Bloodstorm and Ice-Man to get away from them, but they don’t listen. Madelyne calms Alex down, saying he took a nasty bump on the head after almost getting killed by the Sentinels. Luckily, the Six were able to rescue him just in time. Alex can’t believe this, because it happened so long ago. Madelyne tells him to get some sleep, that will make him better, so Alex goes, but is unable to do so. When trying to remember what happened to him, Alex suddenly receives a visit from Jean Grey, who tries to tell him something. When Alex tries to understand what she says, Madelyne suddenly walks into the room and fights Jean, defeating her. Madelyne calls Xavier, who has a talk with Alex. He explains their former agreement, that Alex was to infiltrate with Apocalypse and learn of his plans in order to safe Scotty’s life. Alex remembers and they went to Apocalypse’s citadel in the hope to kill him. Jean shows up again, making Alex realize the truth and that Xavier is the enemy there. After defeating Xavier together, Alex wakes up in citadel of Apocalypse, who now finally has the hope that, together, they might be able to safe the world from this madman!

Full Summary: 

Alex remembers how it all began in Central Park in New York. Professor X showed up and was being chased by the Four Horsemen. There was a battle and Alex remembers Apocalypse coming. And then, he remembers dying. Again.

Alex floats through space/time and sees the twisted heads of his teammates and family in the Six around him. Alex jokes that this is becoming a habit. He felt the exact same when he tried stopping Greystone from destroying the world but, instead, the explosion of that fight made him land in this twisted world. He wonders where he’s going to wake up this time. After a while, Havok finally wakes up and can’t believe his own eyes: he sees the Six, like they were when he first arrived. When seeing the Fallen and Madelyne back with them, Alex can’t believe it, because she is dead and the Fallen is evil. He orders Scotty, Brute, Bloodstorm and Ice-Man to get away from them, but they just keep standing there.

Madelyne tries to approach him, but Alex jumps to the back, frightened. Madelyne tells Alex he took a nasty blow on his head, but now he is scaring Scotty. Alex powers up, telling Maddie that he doesn’t know how she came back and is manipulating the Six again, but orders her to give Scotty to him, now! Madelyne does so and tells Scotty to go to his father, but the boy’s too scared to do that, because it looks like his father’s powers are out of control again. Instead, Scotty hides behind his mother. Alex calms down and tells Scotty it’s all right. Alex shuts his powers down and tells Scotty to come to him; he doesn’t need to be afraid of him and promises that he’ll get them out of this. Alex still shakes from fear. Madelyne tries to tell Scotty it’s all better now, and to go over to his father and show him how much they all love him and how glad they are that he is back. Scotty still hesitates, but goes. Alex tells him it’s all right.

Scotty asks Alex if it’s true that he got hurt fighting the Sentinels, almost killed and that the Six rescued him. Alex says that’s not true, but it is, but it happened so all long ago and seemed all mixed up. Alex remembers fighting the Sentinels, which blasted him in the stomach and he felt into the river. Alex still isn’t sure if this is all right. Madelyne tells Alex that all he needs is some time and good loving, and he’s got plenty of this here. All his teammates stand behind him. Maddie says that some sleep will take care of it, and Alex believes so as well.

Later that evening…

It’s raining and Alex can’t sleep. Alex can’t get the feeling out of his head that all this feels right, yet somehow different, and that there is more behind this all. He suddenly remembers the Fantastic Four, who are all so differently than on the world he originally came from. Alex also remembers being hunted by the Pack in Canada. But mostly, he remembers the Goblin Queen, almost destroying the world and almost killing him, too. He remembers it, but isn’t sure of it. He wonders what’s happening to him. Suddenly, pink floating energy shows up in front of his window and there’s a woman in the middle of the energy. Alex recognizes Jean Grey, who’s trying to tell him something, but he can’t hear her through the window, because of the rain.

Suddenly, Madelyne comes running into the room and orders Alex to step away from the window, as it’s an attack of the enemy. She won’t allow them to harm him and unleashes a powerful blast against Jean, who drops back. The rest of the Six come, helping as well. The Fallen goes scouting outside, but needs some help. Alex wants to go, but Maddie orders him to stay inside. While the Six go searching, Maddie asks Alex if he heard what she was trying to say. Alex says he didn’t but thought it might be a warning or something. Maddie tells him not to listen to Jean, because she is a witch who plays with men’s heads. The Six return and were unable to find Jean. Alex has enough of it and demands to know what’s happening here. Maddie simply says that Jean works for him, but they’ll talk about this later.

A short time later…

A man in a raincoat walks into Alex room, telling him that he’s still always looking for answers, still being the searcher. Alex can’t believe it: it’s Professor Xavier! Xavier says that Madelyne called him, and he understood that Alex had quite some excitement tonight. Xavier explains that they can’t wait any longer, as the enemy is upon them and must act quick, for the boy’s sake. Alex doesn’t understand. Xavier was afraid that this might happen, and Alex would burry it all too deep within his mind. Xavier knew it was too risky to let Alex so close to him, because he feared he might turn Alex against him. Alex asks who Xavier is talking about. Apocalypse. Alex can’t believe it. Xavier believes it’s time that Alex opens his mind, and uses his telepathic powers to go into Alex’ mind.

Xavier wants Alex to remembers all the fights he had alongside with the Six. But he has to go deeper, on the day that Alex and Madelyne got married. Xavier wants Alex to remember the promises he made to her that day. Xavier also wants Alex to remember the day when Scotty was born, the day Xavier came to them and told him he knew what great power Scotty had inside him. Xavier knew that Apocalypse had set his eyes on the boy, so he created shields in his mind to protect him. Xavier wants Alex to remember the deal they made that day. Alex was supposed to get close to Apocalypse and learn of his plans to bring his downfall, in order to safe the life of Scotty. Alex remembers him shaking hands with Apocalypse.

Alex finds this all so real, but still has his doubts. Xavier says that it’s all the truth, and they must kill Apocalypse now. The astral form of Jean shows up, telling Alex to ignore everything Xavier said. Xavier isn’t too surprised to finally see Jean, and makes his own astral form and starts fighting Jean. Xavier finds it too long since he last saw her and it’s time to teach her the final lesson, a painful one he should have taught her a long time ago.

Alex watches the two telepaths fight on the psionic plane. Xavier seems to be more powerful than Jean and creates psionic strings and imprisons Jean with them. With her last breath, Jean tells Alex to look past the lies and see the truth. Xavier makes Jean disappear, and Alex finally realizes the truth. Xavier tells Alex to come with him, because they have a job to do. If not, Scotty’s life is at risk.

Alex suddenly wakes in a stormy night, and can’t believe his eyes. Both Xavier and the Six are with him and he asks what happened. Madelyne tells him that he needed the sleep, so they let him sleep while they traveled here. Xavier wants Alex to snap out of it, and show them the way into Apocalypse’s citadel! The Six stand right in front of it, but Xavier doesn’t know how to get past the defenses, but Alex does. Alex needs to bring them close enough so that they can finally kill Apocalypse. Alex agrees, to save Scotty’s life. The heroes fly towards the entrance of the citadel and find a huge door, blocking their way. Xavier believes that Alex’s plasma-blast would be enough to open it.

Jean suddenly reappears, begging Alex not to listen to Xavier, who she thinks is manipulating Alex into doing his dirty work. Xavier tells Alex to kill Jean, because she is working with him. Xavier tells Alex to kill Jean because she wants Scotty for Apocalypse. Alex hesitates, and Jean tells him to think about everything that isn’t real. Xavier is manipulating him. Xavier becomes angry and blasts Jean down with a psionic attack. Seeing this, Alex finally realizes that Jean is telling the truth. Xavier finds it’s his own mistake for not destroying Jean’s mind when she was but a child. He also wonders why he always bothers working with simple-minded mutants. Xavier telepathically traps the Six and points his attention to Jean and Alex and is ready to attack them.

Jean tells Alex not to listen to Xavier, who simply knows that he is losing but is afraid of it. She knows that they can defeat him together. Jean and Alex hold hands together, and Alex remembers how it all was. He attacks Xavier, who says that they are all nothing and his time is upon them. Xavier says that soon they will all bow for him, mutants and humans. Both Jean and Alex could be his partners, but were stupid enough to deny him. Xavier disappears and Alex remembers dying. He remembers dying, but then… being saved. Jean reaches out to him and, together, they fall through a bright light.

Alex wakes up in a lab and hears voices, wondering if he will be strong enough. Jean shows up, telling Alex to relax; he is safe there. She explains how they pulled him out of Central Park after the battle, as it was necesary that he wouldn’t fall for Xavier’s might, but it was a close call. Apocalypse suddenly stands behind Jean, saying that this chapter is over. Now, perhaps, together they will finally have a chance to safe the world from this madman!

Characters Involved: 

Bloodstorm, Brute, the Fallen, Havok, Ice-Man, Marvel Woman (the Six)

Scotty Summers

Jean Grey


Professor X

(in Havok’s memory flash-back’s)

Bloodstorm, Brute, Captain America, the Fallen, Gambit, Havok, Ice-Man, Marvel Woman/the Goblin Queen (the Six)

Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm-Richards, Reed Richards (the Fantastic Four)

Sabretooth, Wild Child, Wolverine (the Pack)



unnamed priest marrying Alex and Madelyne and baptisiming Scotty

Story Notes: 

Professor X and the fight with Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen can be found in Mutant X #19.

Havok fought Greystone in X-Factor (1st series) #149. After seemingly dying after that battle, Havok merged with the fallen Havok of this universe, who was almost killed fighting the Sentinels, and landed here. [Mutant X #1]

Havok met the Fantastic Four in Mutant X #2, where he found out that his counterpart from this world once had an affair with Sue Storm.

Havok found himself hunted down by the Pack in Mutant X #3.

The fight with the Goblin Queen can be found in Mutant X #1-12.

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