Mutant X #26

Issue Date: 
December 2000
Story Title: 
Long Days; Journey Through The Night

Howard Mackie (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Michael Golden (cover), Sandu Florea (inks), Gina Going (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

A rampaging Bloodstorm fights her way through a bar, demanding to know from the scared customers where to find him. Not getting her answer, she prepares to kill the entire bar. She is stopped by Gambit, who, after a short fight with her, calms Bloodstorm down. She explains how it all came to this. It all began earlier in the night, when the Six were summoned up by Henry Peter Gyrich, who asked them for help. At the Vault, there was a class Alpha emergency. Some thieves had stolen a valuable box. Bloodstorm smelled something familiar and told Gyrich and the Six that she would retrieve the box alone. She wandered off, searching, until she was found by Gambit. Gambit informs Bloodstorm that Gyrich told them a Vault security guard damaged the thieves transport vehicle, which crashed in a nearby sewer tunnel. Bloodstorm knocks Gambit down, thanking him for the info and disappears. Meanwhile, in the sewers, the team called the Marauders are trying to get themselves and the stolen box into safety and to their boss. While the Marauders argue among each other, they don’t notice the box getting carried away by mysterious shadow creatures. The Marauders eventually notice it and chase the creatures. Bloodstorm makes it to the sewer and has been followed again by Gambit and they go into the sewer as well. The Marauders fight for their lives against the shadow creatures, but are helped by Bloodstorm, who strikes the Marauders down as well, ordering them to leave now. The Marauders won’t listen to reason, so Bloodstorm prepares to kill them. Bloodstorm is stopped by Gambit and the Marauders leave. Gambit, realizing that Bloodstorm’s actions are made because of the box, makes it float away in the sewer water. Bloodstorm calms down and thanks Gambit for his help. Gambit asks who was inside the box. Bloodstorm doesn’t understand that Gambit didn’t hear his voice his mind, but she confirms that her Dark Lord lives again. Dracula walks amongst mankind once more. Wanting to go get the box back, the shadow creatures appear and introduce themselves as the Outcasts. They want to make Gambit pay for his past sins against them and engulf he and Bloodstorm in a bright, white light. Afterwards, a vagabond finds the box and opens it. Dracula arises, and he hungers!

Full Summary: 

Bloodstorm shifts from her mist form and appears on a rainy night in a bar and angrily asks the customers where he is. Angrily, she says that she will have him. Bloodstorm begins fighting the scared customers, telling them that they can’t hide him from her. Bloodstorm warns the customers to better stop worshipping him, because he won’t give them the protection and great power he promised. No, he will give them nothing but lies and pain. Bloodstorms slashes her way through the customers with her sharpened finger nails. Bartender Big Jim steps in, saying that he doesn’t know what she is talking about but won’t allow her to continue harm his customers. He takes his baseball bat out and plans to slam Bloodstorm’s head in with it.

Angrily, Bloodstorm creates a heavy lightning cloud and rain appears. She lifts Jim high up, telling him that she believes that Jim does now what she means. She can smell his blood on him. She smells his blood in every corner of the bar. Bloodstorm knows that Jim and his customers are nothing but pretenders. Craving a thing they’d never understand. Bloodstorm knows that he loves to feed on their kind. Bloodstorm transforms into her full vampire form, with red eyes and sharp teeth, and threatens Jim to look at a real vampire. She threatens that, if he won’t tell her where he is, she’ll bite him to death. Jim, scared, still claims that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Suddenly, an explosion hits Bloodstorm. Though unharmed, Bloodstorm turns around and asks who dares attack her.

Gambit steps out, smoking a cigarette. He explains to Bloodstorm that this isn’t like her. He had to follow her through every blood bar in this town. He’s surprised to find out that there are so many vampire wannabes. Bloodstorm tells Gambit to leave because he wouldn’t understand this situation. Gambit asks to put the guy down, so maybe she can enlighten him. Bloodstorm doesn’t want to put Jim down before he told her everything he knows. Gambit sees how scared the man is and again nicely asks Bloodstorm to put him down. Bloodstorm doesn’t want to. Gambit feels sorry for that and kicks Bloodstorm in the stomach, making her drop Jim, who runs away.

Bloodstorm fights Gambit, telling him that she needs them. Gambit agrees that Bloodstorm needs something, but not them. Gambit charges up his playcards and drops Bloodstorm in a nearby building. The cards explode, but don’t harm either vampire. Bloodstorm is calmed down and regrets what she has done, not knowing what she was thinking. After Gambit asks for an explanation, Bloodstorm begins her tale.

Bloodstorm’s story begins earlier this evening, at the castle of the Six. She saw Brute struggling with the video-phone, not remembering how to answer it. Bloodstorm helped him out, and they got a call from Henry Peter Gyrich. Gyrich says that they have a class Alpha emergency situation at the Vault. Normally, he would call the Avengers, but in this case the Six will have to do. Havok and the rest of the Six show up. Gyrich shows them pictures of the attackers, who fried the surveillance. All they’ve got are these pictures. Gyrich explains that the attackers went right through the security guards. Havok has heard enough and says that they will be right there.

A short time later, the Six arrive at the Vault. They are greeted by Gyrich and take a look at the many security guards. Bloodstorm explains to Gambit how she noticed how angry Captain America and Gyrich look at each other. She believes that there is some unfinished business between them. Gyrich asks the Six to retrieve a stolen box that was secured in the Vault, but didn’t want to tell them what was inside. Havok and Gyrich began arguing and didn’t notice Bloodstorm sniffing around the place. She suddenly caught a scent and told Gyrich that she would retrieve the box. Havok can’t believe his ears. Bloodstorm says that she alone will do it. After all, it takes a thief to catch a thief.

Gambit remembers, and says that that was the moment she took off, without clearance of Havok or a good-bye. Bloodstorm says that she doesn’t need any clearance and wants to be left alone. Gambit tells her that if she had stayed a little longer at the Vault, she would have learned that a Vault security guard had damaged the thieves flying vehicle, which crashed near this city. Gambit realizes that Bloodstorm is holding something back from him and wants to know what is inside the box.

Instead of explaining, Bloodstorm knocks Gambit down with a lightning bolt. Bloodstorm thanks him for the valuable information, but doesn’t want Gambit to get involved. She wants him as far away from the box as possible and hopes that the box hasn’t been opened yet. Bloodstorm turns into mist and disappears, leaving an unconscious Gambit behind.

Meanwhile, down in the sewers, the Marauders try to get into safety and are pushing the box with them. Cannonball pities himself and the team. They can’t even get away like they should and have trouble moving a stupid box. This sure is not the way their used to be. Husk angrily tells Cannonball to shut up and put some weight in it. But she agrees that the box is too heavy and wants to open it.

As Husk touches the box, electricity comes off from it. Jubilee angrily shouts at them that the box is booby-trapped. Jubilee fires some of her fire-works at them and orders her team to keep pushing. Cannonball gets angry and asks Jubilee who decided to make her leader. Jubilee says that she never noticed them volunteering and orders Sunspot and Wolfsbane to prepare for a fight with Cannonball and Husk. As the villains prepare to fight, they suddenly notice the box missing! The Marauders notice some shadow things floating the box away. The Marauders remember what their boss would do to them should they loose the box, so they go chase the shadow creatures.

Outside, Bloodstorm has made it to the entrance tunnel of the sewer. She hesitates in going in but decides to go for it. She is stopped by one of Gambit’s charged-up playcards. He sadistically congratulates her on the nice move, but that doesn’t stop him. Bloodstorm orders Gambit to stand back and let her go. Gambit holds her back, saying that he isn’t here to fight her and begs her not to make him go inside the sewer tunnel. Gambit explains that he has been in these tunnels before and had to do some things he didn’t like. Bloodstorm goes into the tunnel and tells Gambit to go home. Gambit makes an angry look on his face. He lightens up a cigarette and follows Bloodstorm into the tunnel.

Meanwhile, the Marauders are fighting for their lives against the shadow creatures. Cannonball flies high up but can’t see a way to get themselves clear. He asks Sunspot to help him. Sunspot says he would like to help, but his powers are greatly diminished far away from the power of the sun. Jubilee powers up, saying that she will help them and, after that, she’ll retrieve the box and let their boss now what losers she has for teammates. Jubilee prepares to fire, but notices something coming for them. She turns around and Bloodstorm, in vampire form, jumps at her. Bloodstorm tells the Marauders that they don’t know what they are doing. They should leave the box to her and go away.

Bloodstorm slashes Jubilee down and strikes Cannonball with lightning, making him lose balance and fall on Husk. Bloodstorm orders Sunspot and Wolfsbane to leave now they can. The two scared to death villains don’t move, so Bloodstorm jumps at them and again asks them to leave, or she’ll kill them. Bloodstorm jumps at them, wanting to kill them, but gets kicked down by Gambit. Bloodstorm asks Gambit what’s wrong. She believes that he must feel the hunger too. Bloodstorm’s happy and wants to give in into what they both have been resisting for so long. Bloodstorm knows that those two evil mutants would be perfect to feed on. After all, in this darkness, nobody would know what they have done. Gambit says that they themselves would know.

Bloodstorm doesn’t understand why Gambit is resisting. Gambit realizes that the box is making Bloodstorm change and is even affecting him. Bloodstorm wants to kill Cannonball for him, so Gambit can feed on him. Gambit won’t allow that to happen and charges up some of his playcards and throws them at the box, which makes it fall into the sewer water and float away. Bloodstorm wants to follow it but Gambit holds her back. When the box is out of sight, Bloodstorm calms down and thanks Gambit for his help. Wolfsbane notices that the box is gone and Sunspot suggests that they do the same. They pick their fallen teammates up and leave.

Gambit asks Bloodstorm what was inside the box. Bloodstorm falls down on her knees, saying he should not ask what was in the box, but who. Bloodstorm can’t believe that Gambit didn’t hear his voice in his mind, commanding to him. Bloodstorm knows that Gambit did. Bloodstorm explains that she wanted to destroy him for what he did to her and, ultimately, to Gambit. But the closer she got to the box, the worse she fell under his sway. Astonished, Gambit realizes whom she is talking about and asks if she’s sure. Bloodstorm confirms. Her Dark Lord lives. Dracula walks amongst mankind.

When Gambit wants to find and destroy him, Bloodstorm finds that easier said than done. Gambit wants to walk out of this place first. Suddenly, multiple shadow creatures appear and surround Gambit and Bloodstorm. The creatures say that they won’t allow Gambit to leave. Today, he shall stand trial against… the Outcasts! Bloodstorm asks what they are. Gambit apologizes but, a long time ago, he did something bad and it seems that now he has to pay for it. The Outcasts surround the two mutant vampires and engulf them with a bright, white light.

Some time later…

A vagabond finds the box. He is curious what’s inside it, hoping it’s food. Though sparks fly from the box, the vagabond opens it. An arm grabs the vagabond by the throat, biting him in the neck. Dracula arises, and he hungers!

Characters Involved: 

Bloodstorm, Gambit (all the Six)

Cannonball, Husk, Jubilee, Sunspot, Wolfsbane (the Marauders)

The Outcasts (multiple unnamed members)


bartender Big Jim and his customers

unnamed vagabond

in Bloodstorm’s flash-back:

Bloodstorm, Brute, Captain America, Cerebro, Gambit, Havok, Ice-Man (the Six)

Henry Peter Gyrich

unnamed Vault security guards

Story Notes: 

Gambit wears a blue cape instead of his brown trenchcoat in this issue.

The members of the Marauders are characters who, in the real universe, are the good guys and related to the X-Men. In the real universe, the Marauders are a villain team who work for Mr. Sinister.

Dracula turned Bloodstorm into a vampire, as seen in various flashbacks in past issues. Bloodstorm turned Gambit into a vampire because he begged her to safe his life and turning him into a vampire was the only way to do that. [Mutant X Annual 2000]

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