Muties #2

Issue Date: 
May 2002
Story Title: 
Toy Soldiers

Karl Bollers (Script), Patrick Spaziante (Pencils), Danny Miki, Victor Olazaba, Crime Lab Studios (Inks) Paul Tutrane (Letters), Hi-Fi Design (Colours), Pete Franco (Assistant Editor), Mark Powers (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in chief), Bill Jemas (President)

Brief Description: 

In Chiba, Japan, a young boy named Seiji uses his newly forming telekinetic powers to play with his robot toys. Meanwhile his abusive stepfather finds out about his powers as his mother tries to hide them, and it all leads to tragedy.

Full Summary: 

Chiba, Japan. A young boy named Seiji is using his burgeoning telekinetic powers to play with his array of toy robots; making them battle each other and fight. His mother walks in on him using his powers, and is worried, as if people knew her son had these powers they’d send him away, and orders him never to play like that again.

At dinner Seiji’s stepfather Noboru rants about how he looks all day for work and yet there’s no dinner waiting for him when he gets home. Ikeda tells him not to fret, but she accidentally spills the rice on the stove, and Noboru gets angry, especially when she talks back. As Seiji runs off to hide his stepfather pulls off his belt to give his wife a brutal beating. Seiji tries to stop him, but Noboru is big and fat, and pushes him away easily. When it’s over Ikeda tells her son it’s over, and they better clear up the mess. She has a really big black eye.

The next morning, Ikeda can’t get an idle Noboru out of bed, but she doesn’t push him, scared of what he’ll do. While she is at work Noboru visits Seiji in his room, threatening to slit his throat, and his mothers, if he interferes again. Seiji takes out his frustrations by making his toys battle again. In the lounge Noboru hears noises from Seiji’s room, and goes to investigate, and is shocked at what he sees. Seiji is too enthralled in his games to notice his secret is out.

When Ikeda returns from work Noboru tells Ikeda he’s seen what her son can do, and that they can sell him to the government. Ikeda says no, so Noboru goes to get Seiji himself. Seiji has, however, heard this conversation and is ready. But Ikeda tries to stop her brutal husband, and he tries to strangle her to death; but an angry Seiji rushes in, kicks him off his mother, and when Noboru threatens to kill him Seiji unleashes his powers. All his toy robots and tanks attack Noboru in force, taking him down. He tells Seiji to make it stop, but Seiji is so enraged that the toys wont stop their attack, and the both of them end up flying over the balcony to plummet to their deaths.

Later, at hospital, it is revealed Noboru is dead. Seiji is likely to be paralysed for life, and is in a coma. His mother, devastated, tells him she loves him, then leaves. But he still has enough strength left to move a toy bike, left on a cabinet by the side of his bed.

Characters Involved: 




Hospital Doctor (heard, but not seen)

Story Notes: 

This comic is drawn in Manga style.

Amongst the Toys that Seiji has are various Transformers and Japanese Characters.

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