Muties #5

Issue Date: 
August 2002
Story Title: 
Third Eye Blind

Karl Bollers (Script), Charlie Adlard (Art), Paul Tutrone (Letters), JD Smith (Colours), Pete Franco (Assistant Editor), Mark Powers (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in chief), Bill Jemas (President)

Brief Description: 

two young drug addicts in Sweden are shooting heroin. The boy is called Sven and the other one is a mutant with a third eye called Ankhi. Whilst stopping at a dealers house, the dealer overdoses so they run away with the dealers stash to Sven’s sisters. Ankhi overhears sven and his sister talking about what the neighbours are saying so she runs away. Sven eventually finds her but they bump into the dealer, who survived the overdose. Having used all his drugs, the dealer is annoyed and attacks them. Ankhi’s third eye opens and blinds everyone. Sven dies in her arms and she eventually gets put in prison.

Full Summary: 

In Stockholm, Sweden, two young people are shooting up heroin. One of them is Ankhi; she has a strange skin colour, like a really dark blue. She wears a hat to cover her head. Her boyfriend, Sven, wants her to take her hat off to see what her hair looks like. She does, revealing she has a third eye on her forehead. Sven thinks it’s beautiful. He says she must be a mutant, but she doesn’t think so, as mutants have special powers and she only has a third eye which doesn’t even open. Ankhi flashes back a few years to explain her story.
She was raised in an orphanage all her life. She liked it; everyone was her family. Then the third eye popped up, and she was treated like a freak, so she ran away. She thought the orphanage people would send her away, saying she ran away to make it easier on them.

The story over, Sven asks her if she wants to fool around.
Later Sven has purchased some more drugs from local drug dealer Bjorn. While walking home he finds Ankhi cuddled up on the street; she is evidently homeless. He asks whether she wants to stay with him, and she agrees. At Bjorn’s house, he and Sven are shooting up. Bjorn accidentally takes an overdose, and Sven can’t revive him, and thinks he is dead. So Sven takes off with Bjorn’s stash.
Ankhi tells off Sven for taking Bjorn’s stash and leaving him for dead and not even phoning him an ambulance. However, Sven claims they can use the stolen money to change their destiny, and they run off to his sister’s place in Nykoping.
Later, Ankhi is having a frightening nightmare; she is in a coffin, in a freshly dug grave. People are watching her, but they have no irises. Their eyes are just white. She wakes up, drenched in sweat. She then overhears Sven and his sister talking; apparently she and her friends have used up their stash, and the neighbours are talking about “the mutie” next door. An upset Ankhi packs her stuff and runs off. Sven takes her back to his apartment, both of them broke, when they bump into Bjorn and some of his thugs, waiting for them. He wants his drugs back; and when he sticks a knife in Sven’s guts Ankhi’s third eye opens in her rage, and she blinds everyone in the room. Sven dies in her arms.
Ankhi goes to use her powers to blind a drug dealer, then steal his stash. She uses the drugs...and her third eye slowly shuts on itself. Later, while sleeping on a train station bench, she is arrested by the police. In the police interrogation room a cop tells her he knows everything that happened, and that she is a mutie. She is locked up; not because of the drugs, but because she is a mutant.
A sinister man with a goatee tells Ankhi he’s had the charges dropped. Ankhi, while in jail, has kicked the drug habit. . He explains that the drugs were holding back her powers. This man and his employers wants to help her with her destiny.

“What else is there for someone like me?” she asks him.

And as he takes the bandage off her third eye, and it shines brightly, he says “So much more.”

Characters Involved: 




Sven’s sister

Drug dealer (who Ankhi blinds)

Cop (who arrests Ankhi)

Uncaring prison guard

Interrogation cop

Unknown helper

Story Notes: 

Most of the characters in this have no names.

It is not known who the man at the end is or whom they work for. its possible that it is someone who works for the government or a pro-mutant group.

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