New Excalibur #21

Issue Date: 
September 2007
Story Title: 
England is Mine!

Chris Claremont (writer), Jeremy Haun (penciler), Dave Meikis and John Dell (inkers), Laura Villari (colorist), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Will Panzo (assistant editor), Nick Lowe & Andy Schmidt (editors), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

With technology no longer working in Britain, planes fall from the sky. Jumping into action, both Excalibur and Shadow-X are busy trying to save as many people as they can. While Excalibur and Shadow-X decide to work together for the time being, Albion orders Lioneart to capture the Royals in Scotland, while he secures London. As Captain Britain and Marvel Girl head to Scotland to stop Lionheart, Cyclops, Angel and Wisdom sneak off to kill Albion. Cyclops tries to blast him but is stopped by Sage who, now loyal to Albion, kills Cyclops.

Full Summary: 

London: In the middle of the night, the lights went out. The phones went dead. Automobile engines stopped, elevators, boilers, all manner of gadgets and power sources – everything. People were mostly confused at first, wondering what had happening. Then someone looked up and, suddenly, horrifyingly, everyone remembered the airline flights headed for a morning landing at Heathrow.

A police officer tries to summon help for the airplane crash in the Thames but, of course, his radio isn’t working. He decides to act himself and jumps into the river to save some children. Seeing people in a boat, he shouts at them to help. He promises a saved girl to find her parents but, in horror, the men see another plane falling.

Aboard the plane, the pilots are equally horrified that nothing is working, as are the passengers. Suddenly, there is a thump and the plane begins to straighten out slowly and slow down, thanks to some assistance by Captain Britain, who tries his best to help the pilots slow the descent and help the plane land on the street. Before the pilots get out, Cap is gone already to help elsewhere.

In rural England, Shadow-X surprisingly does the same thing, preventing planes from crashing. Iceman isn’t too happy about this, but Cyclops points out mockingly that it’s what heroes do. Marvel Girl explains that they play heroes now to gain a possible advantage with Excalibur later. As allies, they have a better opportunity to take their revenge against Albion and ultimately return home. Or when the fight’s done, take Excalibur by surprise and, once they’ve eliminated them, see about laying claim to this world.

They try their very best, but there are just too many aircrafts and too few heroes. They can’t save them all. Wisdom joins a dejected Dazzler at a crash site and orders her to go. There’s nothing more they can do there. Dazzler replies they can’t just leave those people. They’re not there to be noble, he replies, or score points. They’re here to win.

She tells him she doesn’t like the way they do it, but Wisdom replies he doesn’t care. Excalibur’s job is to take down the villain responsible and make sure he never does it again. Does he think they have a chance, Alison inquires. This is his home, these are his people, Pete replies grimly. He doesn’t intend to lose.

Somewhat further north, Sage, in her Diana Fox identity, awakes and shoots a warning to Albion. A moment later, she is confused. Where are the helicopters? What happened to all the planes? Lionheart threatens her with her sword, asking the more important question is why did Diana attack him? Angrily, Diana asks what she is talking about. She was trying to protect him. As she should, Albion agrees. His instinct is to trust her. Suddenly, he grabs her by the throat. As much as he trusts anyone…

Lionheart asks Albion what he has done there. Simple, he replies as he lets Diana go. He has taken Britain back to its beginnings the better to remake it in their image. He turns to the rest of his warriors, shouting that they have cast the island back to its beginnings that they may build a better future! And as this island leads, so shall the rest of the world follow. The others cheer.

He turns to Lionheart, telling her he has a critical mission for her. Their last intelligence places the Queen and her family in Scotland at Balmoral. She must either stand by his side or her reign and her family are at an end. Is that a problem?

What about him? she asks. He’s off to London to secure the capital and the government as well as any superheroes foolish enough to oppose him. He asks her to be quick as he flies away with the others. They have much to do and he wants her by his side.

Excalibur and Shadow-X, hidden below, watch Albion’s army flying towards London. Marvel Girl remarks that Albion’s mind is blocked but the others aren’t yet so skilled. The main force is bound for London. A second, led by Lionheart, is going North to seize the Queen.

Addressing Captain Britain, she remarks that telepathy has its uses. They were slaves. Their master made them enemies. Now that he is no more they can start anew. Dazzler interrupts, shouting at Marvel Girl that they killed her. And Dazzler recovered, Marvel Girl replies dismissively. What’s the problem?

What’s this all about, Cap asks. Jean reminds him that Shadow-X could have escaped when Albion attacked and the planes started falling. Instead, they followed Excalibur’s lead and tried to save as many as they could. Cap admits that they are grateful. Still belligerent, Dazzler shouts so what? Marvel Girl explains that they have the same goal. Victory over Albion. Shadow-X also want to return home. By joining forces, they have a better chance of achieving both. Over Dazzler’s protests, Captain Britain shakes Marvel Girl’s hand. They have a deal. Dazzler storms off in a huff.

Cyclops and Angel watch from a distance. Are they enjoying the show? Wisdom asks. Cyclops admits that Dazzler was a good fight. He looks forward to facing her again and perhaps to a more permanent outcome. Go after one of them, he goes after all, Pete warns him. Things might not turn out the way he likes. That’s what makes it fun, Cyclops replies off-handedly.

Do the two of them have some plans, Wisdom inquires, going somewhere maybe? Is that any business of his? Scott retorts. Wisdom reminds him that they just forged an alliance, but Cyke and Angel seem to be working at cross-purposes. Cyclops remarks that the key to victory is Albion. Remove him from the board, the rest will fall. Does he have a plan? Pete asks. Albion had their master killed. He will kill him, Scott replies.

Easy as that, is it? Wisdom needles. All by himself? Want some company? he asks surprisingly. Why? Cyke asks. He’s not a superhero, Pete reminds him. He’s an agent of the crown. They play by different rules. Brian isn’t fond of killing. With Pete, it’s part of the job. Cyclops agrees. After they finish what Jeannie and the Captain have in mind, they’ll take a little field trip…

Juggernaut joins Dazzler, who is sitting brooding some distance away. Does she want the latest, he asks. Not really, she replies. Nevertheless, he informs her that Jean caught a psychic clip from some Captains heading for Balmoral. Brian figures Albion‘s making a play for the Royals. That’s where the team’s going next. Hooray for them, Dazzler replies cynically. He sits down beside her, adding that they are supposed to wait there until Brian’s team gets back. Problem is they seem to have lost Cyke, Angel and Wisdom. Like she cares, Alison exclaims. Cain tells her to give him a break. She knows this is the right play.

But she’s still angry. She coolly reminds him that those people killed her and now they’re supposed to treat them like buddies. Ain’t like he doesn’t have a past, Cain reminds her. Fact is, they need Shadow-X. Alison admits that she knows that in her head. But in her heart it hurts like hell. They killed her and she wants to kill them back. Chances are, she’ll get her chance, he tells her, but first they gotta save the world.

At the Royal Palace in Balmoral, Scotland, Lionheart is thrown out of the castle thanks to the united efforts of Excalibur and Shadow-X. The Queen’s bodyguards guard the Royal Family armed with swords, bows and arrows while the heroes fight Lionheart’s Captains.

Kelsey, still on the ground, taking a beating from all the heroes, grabs a golf ball and throws it at Marvel Girl’s head. With her concentration broken, the illusion of all those heroes disappears. It’s only Marvel Girl and Captain Britain. As she gets ready for a full-fledged attack on Jean, Cap holds her back, asking her if this is truly what she wants. Is this why she took the sword and became Lionheart? He thought her intent was to save her children. Not turn them into Albion’s slaves.

At the Houses of Parliament, Albion is gathered with the rest of his Captains. From above, he addresses the frightened citizens, telling them that their nation has changed as the world will change. He is the instrument of that change, the embodiment of their future. If they stand with him, he will lead them to glory – not simply there, but to every corner of the omniverse. But if they stand against him he promises them a future that will be short.

Among the onlookers is Nocturne, who recognizes Sage among Albion’s Captains. She is relived that her friend is OK, but still feels queasy and has the feeling something is wrong with her teammate.

As Albion begins his speech, Cyclops standing on a nearby roof fires an optic blast meant to kill at him. Sage interferes, blocking Cyclops’ shot with her blade. Immediately, the crowd panics.

Cyclops puts everything he has into this blast, determined to pulverize Sage, to hammer Albion. Albion is fascinated, ordering the rest of his Captains to stay back. This is Diana’s battle. Let her win it if she can.

While the people are panicking, TJ stares at the battle transfixed. The doctor asks her what she’s doing and she replies that she has to help her teammate. TJ falls, unable to breathe, and the Doctor reminds her that she is in no shape to get involved.

Wisdom doesn’t understand what Sage is doing, but this is too serious. He orders Cyclops to hold her for a few more seconds as he draws his gun, intent on shooting his teammate. Cyclops is sorry, but he is exhausted. He falls. Sage grabs him, as Angel manages to fly himself and Wisdom to safety. What about Scott? Wisdom demands. Angel is sorry, but other Captains are closing in. Cyclops is at Sage’s mercy.

A moment later, Marvel Girl shouts out Scott’s name, as Sage has decapitated him and holds aloft his head triumphantly.

Characters Involved: 

Captain Britain, Dazzler, Juggernaut, Nocturne, Wisdom (all Excalibur)

Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (all Shadow-X)


Sage / Diana Fox

Otherr Shadow Captains

The Royal Family



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