New Invaders #6

Issue Date: 
March 2005
Story Title: 
Oil & Water

Allan Jacobsen (writer), Jorge Lucas (pencils), Chris Walker (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Nicole Wiley & Molly Lazer (assistant editors), Andy Schmidt (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

The Invaders and their allies are closing into defeating the Pterorist threat. This doesn’t please Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker and Hydra much. He wants to avoid that their secrets at the Mazikhadian base fall into the wrong hands, and therefore the Necromancer, who’s at the battlefield, must die. And Strucker has already sent out his newest recruit to do the job. In Mazikhandar itself, the Invaders called USAgent, the Sub-Mariner and the Blazing Skull successfully take over the Necromancer’s base and arrest him. While congratulating each other on the victory, none of them notice their enemy sneaking up on them. This causes them much, as Sulumor is killed by Wolverine! Wolverine battles the rest of the Invaders, hurting the Blazing Skull’s hand in the process, though he heals. The Sub-Mariner tends to Logan, but ends up getting hit a lot of times by his claws. The Invaders defend their friend, and distract Logan long enough so that they together with the Necromancer can escape. Walker tends to Namor’s wounds, who survives. Wolverine wants to continue pursuit, but Hydra calls it off, since they’ve got bigger plans for him.

Full Summary: 

A displeased Baron von Strucker watches on the news how the Invaders and their allies are apparently successfully defeating the Pterorists. The Baron isn’t happy to find out that they no longer control the situation in Mazikhandar, despite the fact that Hydra funded the production of over 10,000 Pterorist synthetics. He tells Herr Nacht, who’s in charge of the operation, that they only funded his Axis Mundi out of deference of his father, but so far they aren’t impressed. Nacht fears that, if their program is to be determined, they’ll have to remove their other associate, Professor Eckhardt, from the battle field before it’s too late. Strucker has already thought of that, and has sent an assassin to kill the scientist.

Nacht fears that, without Eckhardt, they won’t get far. He wants to know if there really is no other way. The Baron doesn’t want that their secrets fall into the wrong hands, and therefore the Necromancer must die. Nacht wants to know who the assassin is Strucker speaks of. Strucker, with a serious look, informs the man that it’s a new recruit.

The Republic of Mazikhandar:

Eckhardt tries to reach Hydra and begs for help, but nobody answers his calls. The Invaders and the army troops drop in, and quickly overpower the man and arrest him. The USAgent does a quick scan on the professor, making it clear that they are having the right man. They do, and inform Eckhardt that he’s hereby arrested. The Invaders want to walk away, but find themselves attacked by more Pterorists. While the team battles them, Walker orders the Necromancer to shut the machines down, or else he’ll kill him. Eckhardt does as told, and the machines fall down.

Colonel Zai’id introduces himself, and thanks both Namor and Walker for their help. However, Zai’id calls Walker Captain America, this upsetting Namor. Walker tries to defend himself, but Namor won’t let him. Zai’id can’t thank the heroes enough, and hopes that they’ll take the time to explore his beautiful country. Namor isn’t interested in the oil Mazikhandar has. He says that since Atlantis has honored its agreement to eliminate the Pterorist threat, he doesn’t see the use to stay longer, unless Mazikhandar doesn’t no longer abide to the Atlantean treaty.

Walker is upset that Namor actually turns his back on them, and warns him that’s a huge mistake to make. At the back, the Blazing Skull thanks and congratulates Sulumor for his help. He jokes about getting Sulumor a super-hero codename, if he’s going to be a big player. Sulumor gets upset, since he won’t change his name because it’s the name both his father and grandfather had. Suddenly, Sulumor stops talking and falls down. He is… dead!

Wolverine stands behind him, with his claws open. Angry, he demands to know where Eckhardt is. The Blazing Skull cries because his friend is killed. Wolverine doesn’t care and quickly begins to fight the Invaders, harming the Skull and not giving the others much time to make battle strategies and defend themselves. Namor confronts Wolverine, angry that he killed his advisor. Wolverine isn’t much impressed and slashes Namor through his face using his adamantium claws. Namor picks up a heavy block and smashes Logan through the air with it. He leaves, and promises the team that he’ll deal with the mutant.

The Blazing Skull heals himself, but that doesn’t go as fast as he would like. But he’ll be okay. Not wanting to waste any time, Walker reports the events back to the Infiltrator ship. They are startled when they hear they’re dealing with an X-Man. But one of the ship’s crew reports back that there are shattered reports that Wolverine has recently joined up with Hydra. The Thin Man orders Walker and the rest of the Invaders to return immediately and bring Eckhardt with them. Walker refuses to leave Namor behind. The Thin Man stands with his feet on the ground and orders Walker to do as he says, but promises to send a reacquire team for the Sub-Mariner.

Namor confronts Wolverine, who has already mostly recovered from the blow. Namor wants to know why he attacks them, but Logan simply responds that he’s just following orders and that the Necromancer must be killed. They fight. Logan shreds an oil tank open, and sticks his claws through Namor’s stomach! Namor screams and Logan again hits him several times, but also apologizes for it since it’s nothing personal. Suddenly, Logan gets hit by bullets from the USAgent!

Hanging outside a helicopter, the agent defends his teammate and tells Logan that it’s always personal. Walker hits Logan with his shield, causing the tiny mutant to drop against the oil tank. Next, Walker first gets Namor into safety. Then he shoots on the oil tank, which explodes with Logan still lying in front of it! The USAgent and a badly injured Namor get picked up by the Blazing Skull, and leave together.

Below them, Logan jumps out of the fire and is unharmed. He wants to go after them, but a Hydra helicopter shows up, and a Hydra goon informs Logan not to do that, as they’ve planned bigger things for him.

At the helicopter, the Blazing Skull congratulates Walker on the quick thinking. Walker tends to Namor’s wounds, who in return thanks Walker for the help. Walker says it’s nothing, because he won’t leave anyone from his team behind. Ever. Not even if it means that Namor still can’t see beyond his sea duties. The Blazing Skull has heard enough small talk and, before he gets disgusted, he wants to know if they’re going to blow up some more oil refineries or something.

Characters Involved: 

Blazing Skull, the Sub-Mariner, Thin Man, USAgent (all the Invaders)

Sulumor (Atlantean advisor to the Sub-Mariner)

Necromancer/Professor Jonas Wilhelm Eckhardt


Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker

Elsbeth Von Strucker

Herr Nacht (Hydra associate)

Colonel Mutasim Zai’id

various unnamed Hydra agents

various Pterorists (unnamed)

On TV report:

USAgent (all the Invaders)

Colonel Mutasim Zai’id and various other European, British and Atlantean army troops

various Pterorists (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

This issue ties in with the “Wolverine: Enemy of the State” storyline, which runs from Wolverine (3rd series) #20-25.

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