New Mutants (1st series) #44

Issue Date: 
October 1986
Story Title: 

Chris Claremont (writer); Jackson Guice (penciler); Kyle Baker (inker); Elaine Lee (colorist); Tom Orzechowski (letterer); Ann Nocenti (editor); Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

While Wolfsbane is on Muir Isle, a falling piece of machinery almost kills Moira MacTaggert. They are both saved by Legion who allows his telekinetic Jack Wayne personality out. He tries to kill them and flees. Back at Xavier’s Mansion, Mirage senses the distress via her rapport with Wolfsbane and quickly gathers the New Mutants. Magik teleports them to Muir Island where they find an unconscious Wolfsbane and Moira. After the reunion, the mutants track Legion to a bar. Cannonball and Karma enter in disguise. Karma possesses Legion but her hold is broken after a quick scuffle. Legion and the mutants battle, but Legion gains the upper hand. He then flees during the confusion to a petroleum refinery. Sunspot wrestles with Legion and Magik teleports them both to Limbo. Sunspot and Magik threaten Legion until the Jack Wayne personality recedes and David Haller regains control.

Full Summary: 

On Muir Island, Wolfsbane Rahne Sinclair is visiting her adopted mother, Moira MacTaggert. Suddenly, a large chunk of machinery breaks and begins falling towards Moira. Rahne shouts out a warning, but it is too late for Moira to move.
Rahne transforms to Wolfsbane and tries to rescue Moira, but she arrives too late. Suddenly, the falling machinery stops in midair courtesy of Legion.
The boy smarts off at the scared ladies. Wolfsbane comments that David Haller cannot use any of his mental powers. Legion reveals that David Haller is no longer in control. To access his powers, David relinquished control to the personality that controls telekinesis: the amoral Jack Wayne personality. Jack expresses his desire to remain free and flees even as the machinery catches fire and explodes.

Back in the USA, at Xavier’s mansion, Mirage is sleeping in her bed. She wakes up in a state of confusion, shouting the very same words Rahne had shouted when the machinery fell. In her confusion, Mirage pushes herself with her feet, smacking her head against the wall. Despite the disorientation, she crawls off the bed and over to the phone.
Even while feeling the pain of the fire that Wolfsbane feels, she dials the number for the Muir Island facility, but there is no answer. She decides that Magik can get her to Muir Island to help. Mirage stumbles through the house, still dizzy from the sensations received from Wolfsbane. She finally reaches Illyana’s room and bursts through the door.
She finds a horrible sight: a demonized Illyana surrounded by a pair of snake beings. Mirage falls down, nearly fainting. Illyana, realizing that it is her friend, sends the demons back to Limbo and returns her image to normal. She rushes to her fallen teammate’s aid.
After a moment to recover her wits, Mirage explains that she felt Rahne in trouble in Scotland.
Before anything else can be said, the remaining New Mutants burst in the door. Cannonball comments that they heard a scream. Mirage quickly explains what is going on. She wants Illyana to teleport them to Scotland to rescue Rahne.
Illyana isn’t too thrilled with the risk. She tells Mirage that they could end up anywhere or anywhen. Mirage doesn’t care about the risk. All she cares about is helping Rahne. Sunspot points out that it could just be a bad dream. Rahne might not even be in trouble. Cannonball, however, mentions that they can’t take the chance. If Mirage is right, then they have to hurry. Cannonball orders everyone into costume and Cypher mentions that Magneto is gone so he will leave a note.
Sunspot again voices his opinion. They are taking a big risk because of a dream. Illyana asks if he is really bothered by traveling through Limbo. He declares that he is not afraid, but Mirage can tell from his eyes that he is terrified of returning to the demon dimension. As Magik and Mirage leave the room, Mirage mentions that if Sunspot wishes to stay behind, no one will think any less of him.

The mutants arrive at Muir Island by way of Illyana’s teleportation disc. They are all in their New Mutant costumes except for Sunspot, who as if to make a point is dressed in casual clothes. Karma points out that the time of day is dusk. They have time-shifted almost an entire day.
Warlock detects multiple lifeforms over at the facility. Sunspot continues his belief that everything is fine until they arrive at the facility. A hole is in the wall and the room is in shambles. It resembles someone punching his way out. Cypher mentions to Mirage that it resembles their last trip to Muir Island.
They find Wolfsbane and Moira on the floor. Wolfsbane awakens quickly and embraces Mirage. Sunspot offers his shirt to Wolfsbane whose top is little more than rags. Wolfsbane then tells them who caused this mess: Legion. They quickly make sure no one else is injured and Warlock transforms into a vessel and takes them to Loch Broom and the port of Ullapool.
They exit onto the docks. Warlock begins to scan for Legion. Mirage gives them all micro-transceivers so that they can remain in contact. In the meantime, Mirage explains to Magma, Magik, Karma, and Cannonball that Legion is Professor Xavier’s son.
Wolfsbane transforms to wolf form and begins to track Legion. The mutants follow her until she leads them to a bar. They arrive just in time to see one of the patrons crash through a window. Warlock catches him but he is hurt bad. Wolfsbane peers through the broken window and sees Legion.
Mirage decides that since Legion has never met Cannonball and Karma, they should go in and attempt to bring him out quietly. Magik uses her magic to conjure up normal clothes for both Cannonball and Karma.
The two enter the bar and see Legion, now with his hair in a ponytail, flirting with two women. Karma, in her low cut red dress, uses the mirror and flashes a smile at Legion. The invitation is accepted and Legion ditches the two women and begins to follow Karma. She immediately possesses him and begins to lead him out.
However, one of the women Legion had been talking to slaps Karma for being “a tramp”. That breaks Karma’s hold and Legion is furious. He telekinetically holds Karma in mid air and prepares to use his pyrokinetic powers to fry a noble bystander.
Before he can, however, Cannonball blasts into Legion’s back, forcing them through a wall. When Cannonball lands, he stops blasting and Legion kicks him in the gut.
As the two struggle, a local cop tries to intervene. Legion lights his patrol car on fire and Wolfsbane grabs the cop and leaps clear of the car seconds before it explodes. Warlock appears amidst the flames, protecting the cop’s partner who had still been in the car. While the mutants help the police to their feet, Legion strikes from behind, using his psychic powers to incapacitate everyone.

A short time later, the mutants come to their senses, but Legion is gone. Suddenly, a man cries out “Demons!” He is revealed to be Reverend Craig, the man who raised Rahne as a child. He continues his claim that Rahne is a demon and just like her mother. Although Cannonball tries to stand up for his friend, it is no use. The reverend’s mind is made up.
Cypher announces that Legion has fled to the oil storage tanks. Wolfsbane in her rage is tempted to let Legion destroy the tanks and the town.

At the refinery, Legion pleads with the mutants to leave him alone. His voice is that of Cyndi, the pyrokinetic punk girl personality of Legion. Jack will make her torch the place if the mutants don’t back off. Jack’s voice takes over and he lights one of the tanks on fire.
Magma quickly sends rocks to douse the fire. Sunspot transforms and tackles Legion. They fight, crashing through a brick wall. Sunspot holds on, but he cannot seem to make Jack relinquish control.
Mirage shouts that Jack is a coward at heart. That gives Sunspot an idea. He orders Magik to teleport them both to Limbo. Legion senses Sunspot’s fear of that place but Sunspot is willing to deal with the demons to put an end to Jack Wayne.
In Limbo, Sunspot points out that there are now no innocents to threaten and Magik’s power is the only way in or out of Limbo. Moreover, Legion’s mental powers cannot harm her there. Jack must put David Haller back in control or Magik will kill him.
Suddenly, they are out of Limbo, back at the oil tanks. Sunspot and Legion are on the ground. Legion’s voice is now that of a small child: David Haller.

The following day on Muir Isle, the mutants are resting. Moira mentions that she will be able to smooth things over with the town. Sunspot points out that Jack’s personality is still within Legion and will eventually break out again. Moira’s reply is that they will deal with that when it happens, but as Legion ages, he should be able to control himself better. Hopefully at one point his personalities with integrate.
Cannonball compliments Sunspot on handling Legion, but Sunspot reveals that his strategy worked only because he believed everything he told Legion. He is afraid of Magik, whom he believes to be a demon. Cannonball says “That’s partly what the New Mutants are all about, pal. They fight for kids’ futures.”

Rahne, meanwhile, sits alone atop a cliff. Mirage joins her. She tries to say that Reverend Craig does not matter. Mirage mentions what Rahne said about the town deserving to die. Wolfsbane says that she was upset. Mirage then asks “Would you have let Jack carry out that threat?” Rahne does not reply.

Characters Involved: 

Cannonball, Cypher, Karma, Magik, Magma, Mirage, Sunspot, Warlock, Wolfsbane (all New Mutants)
Moira MacTaggert


Cyndi, Jack Wayne (Legion’s personalities)

Reverend Craig
inhabitants of Ullapool

Story Notes: 

In Legion’s first appearance, only Cypher, Warlock, Mirage, and Wolfsbane were present. That is why the rest do not know about Legion. Actually though Illyana should know. In New Mutants #1 she accompanied Moira MacTaggert to a meeting with Gabrielle Haller and thus was the first New Mutant to learn of David’s parentage.

In Marvel Graphic Novel #4 it was revealed that Mirage has a mental bond with animals. She thus developed a psychic bond with Wolfsbane whenever Rahne is in wolf form.

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