New Mutants (1st series) #99

Issue Date: 
March 1991
Story Title: 
The Beginning Of The End: part 2

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Rob Liefeld (pencils & inks), Joe Rosen (letters), Brad Vancata (colors), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

In the Morlock Tunnels, a mutant named Feral is being chased by Masque and his followers. They wish to recruit her in her army to fight the upworlders, but Feral isn’t interested and wants to escape. After a fight and a long chase, she manages to do so. She makes it to the New Mutants’ basement, where she checks out the members. Later, Cable meets up with James Proudstar, and offers him to join his team. James is happy at the reservation he currently stays in, but promises to think about it. When James arrives back home, he finds Camp Verde completely destroyed. When he scouts the destroyed place, he finds a mask of the Hellfire Club! Holding Emma Frost responsible, he swears revenge. He goes back to Cable, and accepts the offer to join the team, and Cable promises to help James in his revenge. Gideon has told Sunspot that his father has died, and that he leaves his firm to Bobby to lead. Gideon convinces Bobby to leave the school and return home with him. A few minutes later, a mysterious, unconscious man materializes inside the Danger Room.

Full Summary: 

(New York City, 7:34 PM, Morlock Tunnels, December 13)

Masque and his servants Brute and Hump are trying to capture Feral. They do, and try to convince her to join their army of Morlocks in an upcoming war against the upside world. Feral refuses to participate in that, but. Masque gives her no other choice, threatening that he’ll have to kill her then. Feral won’t allow that, and fights back. She runs away, and escapes.

(Morlock Tunnels, 10:24 PM, December 13)

Feral takes a rest, and it’s been a while since she has last seen a sign of her followers. However, they catch up on her and attempt to fight again. Feral suddenly notices an access hatch, and kicks it open and jumps to the surface. Masque knows that Feral thinks to have escaped, but he realizes that instead she now faces two hunters. Masque finds it a shame, but knew that they had to go up against them eventually.

(tavern on Central Park, Manhattan. 12:43, December 14)

Cable meets up with James Proudstar. After the proper introductions, Cable offers James to join X-Force. James says that he’s happy at the reservation he currently stays, and finally feels useful again after his brother died. Cable informs James that it’s his job to prepare young mutants for war, but James believes that Cable’s overreacting. Cable explains that there are five kinds of mutants: the mollifies, the abusers, the used, the hunted and the hidden. Cable is trying to created the sixth kind: the prepared. He’s trying to prepare everyone for a very bleak future. James jokes about it, but promises to think about it. That’s good enough for Cable, who makes sure that James understand that there’s no pressure on it, but reminds him again of the five kinds of mutants. James steps into his cab and leaves.

Gideon is watching Cable, and finds it very good that Cable’s preparing. Adam warns his master that Sunspot has arrived. Gideon walks over to him, and gives the boy his condolences for the loss of his father, but mentions that there are certain things that have to be prepared. Bobby knows that. Gideon informs the boy that he spread the word to his mother, who was on an archaeological expedition in New Guinea. Gideon wants things prepared for Emmanuel’s funeral, and the corporation’s future. Bobby agrees. Gideon informs Bobby that such a big firm needs to be leaded with a firm hand, especially when the director is someone as young as Bobby. He doesn’t understand. Gideon’s surprised to hear that, as he thought that Bobby was aware that his father always wanted him to inherit the firm, should his time have come.

Sunspot doesn’t know what to say, as he and his father didn’t threat each other so well over the past few years. He asks why his mother wasn’t chosen. Gideon says that’s because their relationship was strained, at best, and informs Bobby that he’s well aware of his bad relationship with his father, as he remembers Bobby that he was there from the beginning. Gideon knows that he hasn’t been such a good friend to Bobby over the past years, but he was busy trying to get his house prepared after their mom died. He remembers Bobby that they aren’t kids anymore. It’s time to grow up and face reality. There’s work to be done, and Gideon is here to help Bobby with that.

Gideon promises to take of the needed things in Emmanuel’s office in Manhattan, if Bobby promises to tie up the lose ends here at the school. Bobby doesn’t really know what to do, since the school has meant so much to him. But he admits that there isn’t much left of the school he grew up in, so he thinks that perhaps Gideon is right, and it is time to move. Gideon doesn’t say anything, but turns around and smiles.

(the underground bunker, 3:13 PM)

Sam and Tabitha summon up Cable and Domino, and inform the two about Rictor’s departure to Genosha. Domino suggests a rescue mission, but Cable doesn’t want to and decides that Rictor is on his own now. Sam doesn’t agree, since Rictor is part of the team and they should go after him. Cable makes Sam understand that he isn’t his baby sitter, and that he can do whatever he wants, so if he wants to go he can. Sam gets angry and notices that the team is falling apart, and Cable doesn’t seem to care much. Angry, he walks away, and Tabitha follows him.

(Phoenix, Arizona. December 7, 4:22 PM)

James steps out of his plane, and rides back to Camp Verde. But when he arrives, he finds the Camp in flames, and has burned down to ashes! He finds a Hellfire Club mask, and holds Emma Frost responsible. He swears revenge.

(the school library, 8:47 PM)

Roberto walks over to Cable, who’s reading. He informs Cable about his father’s passing, and Cable feels sorry. He tells Bobby that he lost his father too at a very young age, and knows how difficult that can be. Bobby explains that they weren’t that close. Cable understands, and would also understand it if Bobby would want some time off to take care of things. Bobby explains that he might need more time than just a little, and might not come back. Cable says “whatever” and Sunspot angrily walks out. Sam has heard the whole thing, and can’t believe that Cable just lets his best friend walk out like that. He wants to know what kind of game Cable is playing. Now!

(the Danger Room, 8:53 PM)

Domino and Boom-Boom are working out together. Domino tries to get to know her better, and congratulates Tabitha on her agility. She explains that she picked up a few things when living on the streets. But she tells Domino not to act like they’re the best girlfriends or something, because she doesn’t trust her. Domino asks why. Tabitha tells her because she and Cable seem to be very close and planning something, but won’t tell the team what it’s all about. Tabitha also finds it suspicious that neither of them seems to care that both Rahne and Rictor are lost. Domino believes that they made the choice themselves, so that’s why they didn’t do anything about it.

Tabitha doesn’t believe that. Domino reveals that she has known Cable for a very, very long time now, and the two things she knows about the man, is that he’s real big on self-reliance and self-determination. Both Domino and Cable agree that the New Mutants aren’t kids anymore, and that the time for them has come to make their own decisions. Tabitha asks her if she means decisions like stay or go, stay alive or get killed. That’s exactly what she means. She explains that Cable is going to show the team the roads they can take. He’ll even offer them to join him on the road he has chosen. But each member of the team will have to make the decision for themselves.

(the library, 8:45 PM)

Cannonball again asks Cable angry what game he’s up to. Cable shouts back that they are not playing a game, but are at war, but that Sam has been sheltered for too long to actually see it. Sam doesn’t buy that, as he has seen friends die in action, and friends leave because they couldn’t handle things anymore. Cable calls them casualties, and explains that he has seen thousands of people die. His entire life has been clouded by pain and loss! Sam figured as much, but had hoped that people like the New Mutants, who cared about Cable, might help him get over the pain. He walks away, and guesses that he thought wrong. Cable says nothing, but thinks.

(December 8, 9:10 AM)

The team takes goodbye of Sunspot. He and Sam hug, and Roberto leaves with Gideon. Domino notices that, apparently, they’ll have to start from scratch. Cable explains that the only way to make this work is to build it up from the ground up. The right way. His way.

(the War Room, 2:48 PM)

James arrives at the school. Domino brings him to Cable, who has seen James’ destroyed village on the news, and is sorry. James informs him that the Hellfire Club is responsible. Cable asks James if he’s sure. He is. James wants revenge, but he knows he can’t do it alone. He wants Cable to promise to help him fight his war, and in return James promises to fight his. None of them notice that Feral is stalking them from above, and believes that if that line is going to work for the Indian, it’ll also going to work for her.

(the Danger Room, 3:13 PM)

A mysterious man lies unconscious in the Danger Room. He wears a costume, and has a sword in his hand.

Characters Involved: 

Boom-Boom, Cable, Cannonball, Meltdown, Rictor, Sunspot (all the New Mutants)



Shatterstar (unnamed)


Adam (Gideon’s partner)

Brute, Hump, Masque (all the Morlocks)

restaurant waiter (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

First appearance of Feral and Shatterstar. Shatterstar doesn’t get named until next issue.

James Proudstar’s brother is John, the first Thunderbird, who joined the X-Men in Giant-Sized X-Men #1. However, John met his fate when facing Count Nefaria, and was killed when Neferia’s escape plane exploded, and John found himself caught in the explosion. [X-Men (1st series) #95]

In reality, the Domino in this issue is the shape shifter Copycat, as later revealed in X-Force (1st series) #8.

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