New Mutants (2nd series) #5

Issue Date: 
November 2003
Story Title: 
Not One Of Us

Nunzio Defilippis & Christina Weir (Writers), Mark A. Robinson (Pencils), Aaron Sowd , Wayne Faucher, Scott Elmer (Inks), Avalon Studio‘s Ian Hannin (Colors), Virtual Calligraphy's Rus Wooton (Letters), Mackenzie Cadenhead (Assistant Editor), C.B. Cebulski (Editor), Joshua Middleton (Cover), Joe Quesada (Editor-In-Chief), Bill Jemas (President)

Brief Description: 

In an abandoned New York building, Donald Pierce gathers his new recruits for a new generation of Reavers. He has faced the X-Men numerous times, and lived to tell about it, all it takes are the right tools. Speaking up, newcomer Josh Foley protests against the enhancements. Pierce slices his hand. Pierce continues his speech of ridding the world of Homo Sapiens. Staring down at his hand that was previously bleeding, Josh notices that the cut didn‘t even leave a scratch. Pierce informs them that they must lure these mutants out, and even a mutant has a family. He holds a picture of Walter Barrett up.

At Xavier‘s Institute, Xavier offers Shan a place in his faculty. She agrees and meets up with David who is watching her younger siblings. Xavier tells him if he‘s interested in self defense, the class is starting in a few minutes with an interesting teacher. He enters the class and sits next to Kevin, who is being taunted by Julian Keller. After a brief sparring match , David takes down the legendary Wolverine, by use of his skill mimicry.

Later in the cafeteria, Sofia manages to convince Danielle to let Kevin, Laurie, David, and herself accompany her to New York, where Danielle is locating a new potential student. Her father‘s butler, Derek is planning to meet her at this hotel. After a long wait, Sofia knows something is wrong, that Derek would not let her wait so long. Meanwhile Danielle and Shan track the trace of the mutant and discover that he‘s already joined forces with a new wave of Reavers. Back at the hotel Sofia receives a mysterious note that tells her to meet Derek and her father in the parking garage. They know something is up, but they look anyway and discover two Reavers with guns pointed. A quick display of wind bursts and skill mimicry and David and Sofia have taken out these two would-be-assailants. Entering the garage, they are separated from Kevin and Laurie, who face two Reavers of their own. Laurie attempts to use her pheromone manipulation to make them like her, but it backfires and makes them run in fear. Unfortunately it works on Kevin, and as she tries to control her power, she is stabbed in the back by Pierce.

Full Summary: 

In New York, inside an abandoned building, a voice calls out over a crowd, announcing they‘re being overrun. He tells the crowd to look at themselves, in the prime of their lives. But their time, and his time is running. They‘re being replaced on the evolutionary ladder, by Homo Superior, Mutants. He says they‘re wrong. His name is Donald Pierce, behind him a sign reads Reavers: Fight For Humanity. He points to the crowd of onlooking young males. He knows they want to help, or they wouldn‘t be here. They have seen the terrifying things those mutations can do. But he believes they can be beaten, and he has faced the X-Men a numerous amount of times, and lived to tell about it. All it takes, he claims, is the right tools. He reaches out his hand and a blade springs out from his wrist.
A young man with blonde hair and an Ozzy Osbourne shirt speaks up. He admits he means no offense, but asks if they have to be turned all cybernetic. Or can they just hate mutants like normal people? Pierce is not amused and snarls when he tells the young man he is normal people.

He hovers over towards the young man, asking his name. He tells him his name is Josh Foley, that his friend Duncan brought him. Duncan tries to hide his face. This is the level of recruit he brings? Pierce asks. Turning his back to Josh, he asks if he really thinks he believes he could take on the mutant menace without any tools? Josh shrugs and admits he does need tools, but he‘s kinda got it going on with the ladies, and he doesn‘t want to mess with the package. The young men in the room all smile, as Pierce turns and faces him. Pierce asks if he has this going on? With a flick of his arm is blade, he cuts Josh‘s hand as Josh tries to reflect the attack. Blood flies from the attack. If they think his blade arm is frightening, imagine Wolverine‘s claws or any number of possible mutations… Pierce assures Josh, no one is interested in changing him, but one day he may very well ask.
Duncan looks over to his friend asking if he is okay. Josh guesses so, but he could have sworn Pierce broke the skin. The cut appears to be not as severe looking as it once was. That‘s precision, Josh admits, Pierce is good. The problem with mutants, Pierce continues, is that there is an camp of mutants in upstate New York. How do we lure them out, he asks rhetorically. He holds up a picture of Walter Barrett. Even mutants have a family.

Elsewhere in New York Walter Barrett and his butler Derek pack their bags inside their hotel room. Walter tells Derek he wants them to check into a smaller hotel room, something that will draw less attention. Placing a shirt in his bag, Derek asks if this is because he wants to avoid his daughter Sofia. When he says yes, Derek wonders why he wouldn‘t even want to see his very own daughter. Walter‘s face forms a scowl, as he claims his daughter has done enough damage to his reputation. Upset, he leaves the room, and reminds Derek that he will not be seeing her either. After the door is shut Derek looks angered, he mockingly says: “yes sir, what ever you say sir.“

Inside the Xavier Institute, Shan Coy Manh climbs a ladder in the library gazing at the selection of books. SheÀ‘s impressed by the amount of first editions in his stock, and asks Xavier his policy on lending out the first edition books to students. As she climbs down to join him on ground level, he tells her it is the same as any other book. Admitting she‘s not sure if that is wise, she tells him she‘s borrowing this from him. Fixing his tie, he asks her smiling how would she handle first editions? Looking at her selected book, she inquires if that is a question or a job offer? He notices Danielle must have already told her about his looking for more faculty. She starts to decline, when he offers her one or two classes with an opportunity to still run the library. She smiles at her former mentor, admitting he doesn‘t have to work on the hard sell with her. She believes it‘s a great idea, like coming home. He is pleased and mentions sending her siblings to the local public school or getting a tutor there. She wants them to have the summer off first, and thinking of her siblings she tells him they‘d better go relieve David from baby sitting duty.

Outside Xavier‘s Institute for Higher Learning, David Alleyne sits propped up on the trunk of a tree. Leong and Nga Coy Manh, Shan‘s younger twin siblings, stare curiously at him. Nga asks him about his powers. If he can mimic people‘s powers, when he‘s close to Cyclops can he fire eye beams? No, he says looking frustrated as if he‘s gone over this with them before. Leong asks when he‘s near the Hulk does he turn green and Hulk out? No, he tells them trying to patient, that would be a power. Nga asks if he can turn blue and fuzzy, but David stops her with a no before she can ask. Xavier and Shan approach them, and Shan warns them it‘s time to leave David alone. They get up and run towards her, as David slowly gets up assuring her it‘s no problem. Xavier looks down towards David, asking if he‘s settled in yet. David has, but admits the room is rather big, shouldn‘t he have a roommate? Xavier warns him to enjoy it while he can. Things are quite slower during the summer, with fewer classes. But since he did express an interest in self defense, there‘s a class starting in fifteen minutes. Today, he smiles, they have a special teacher.

Inside the Gym, Wolverine stands on a mat in the center of a group of on looking younger mutants. Kevin sits by himself, head facing the ground. Sofia Mantega whispers to Laurie Collins, her new friend and roommate. She received a call from her father‘s worker Derek. He‘s in New York today, and maybe they can get permission to go see him. Laurie looks a little confused at this. Sofia assures she would like him, if it doesn‘t interrupt her staring. Laurie looking over at Kevin, protests she wasn‘t staring, just noticing he‘s alone again today. Sofia gives her a frisky look and tells her she could go sit by him. Laurie looks at her half smiling, no, she knows, she really couldn‘t.

David enters the room, a little late. He has that awkward first day look about him. Julian Keller calls over to him. He welcomes him to Xavier‘s, and tells him he doesn‘t want to sit there. Kevin‘s got a death touch. David looks at Kevin, Kevin‘s head hands in sadness. David admits he‘ll be fine where he is. Julian tells him he‘ll be dead, and David tells him to shut up. Calling attention to his class, Wolverine asks for a show of hands of who wants to be an X-Man. The entire class, except for David raises their hands. Logan approaches him, calling him a smart man, and telling him to stand up. While he may not want to be an X-Man, he will need to defend himself. David agrees, Logan rushes him, telling him the key to defense is anticipation. He‘s slightly thrown off as David dodges his move. Logan compliments him, telling him to watch for changes in momentum of the fight. As he says this David leg sweeps Logan‘s legs out from under him. In front of his class, Logan falls to the ground. He looks up, smirking, asking if there is anyone is his class that will actually need training?

After class, Sofia continues her pressure, telling Laurie if she doesn‘t talk to him, she will have to do it for her. Wolverine asks David what just happened. David tells him it wasn‘t his skill, but Logan‘s skills. A little confused, David explains to him his mutant power is knowing other people around skills and knowledge. Sofia talks to Kevin in the back ground as Laurie watches on nervously. David admits he can‘t control it, so it makes actually learning really difficult for him. Logan admits while that‘s rough, there ain‘t nothing that can‘t be learned with a little practice. David is surprised, thinking he was not going to be allowed back. Logan warns him with a smile, that next time he‘s not holding back.
Sofia tells Kevin that they‘re going to lunch and wants to know if he‘ll join them. Kevin reminds them of the fact that he‘s dangerous. But Sofia assures him they‘re all dangerous. Walking out of the class, Kevin calls back and asks the new guy if he wants to join them. David agrees, but tells him not to call him new guy.

Inside the cafeteria, Kevin asks David about him not raising hand back in class. David really does not want to be an X-Man, he wants to go to college. Kevin tells him he wants to get his powers under control, and get a costume. Though he doesn‘t want a leather one, and not just because his power would eat it. Sofia admits, she thinks saving the world would be fun, but Laurie thinks her powers would be useless. Kevin places a finger on the table, and tells her no power is useless, they‘re gifts like Danielle says, and he wants to use his to do some good. After everything he has been through , he has to know that this is a gift.

Danielle and Shan approach the students with food tray in hands, as Danielle asks how it‘s possible those four are at the same table? With all the students, her four kids have sought each other out. Shan smiles at her calling them her kids. David stands her up, and invites her to join them, Danielle agrees, but admits she has to eat and run. She‘s off to recruit another kid today in New York. Sofia asks if they could join her, since Derek is in New York today. Danielle asks who this ’we‘ is, as Sofia announces Laurie has agreed to come with her. Laurie is shocked at her decision. Kevin admits he‘s always wanted to see New York, and asks if he and David may join too. David starts to refuse saying anything about joining, when Shan announces she‘s going to have to help Dani chaperone.

Elsewhere in New York City, a black fan pulls up to a hotel, as Derek and Walter enter their room. Josh enters the hotel lobby, and looks around. While Derek unpacks the suitcase, Walter pours himself some wine.
Josh uses a fire exit, and is joined by several young men who have taken the name Reavers. They are armed with guns, and their outfits are all black. their masks are identical except for certain markings.(One member has an upside down spade, another a lightning bolt). Josh finishes dressing in his suit, as they head up the stairwell to Walter Barrett‘s room.

Derek asks if he is through with him, and dismisses himself for an hour to take a walk. Walter is curious, and reminds Derek he doesn‘t know anyone in New York to be off in such a hurry. Stepping away from his computer, Walter is angry. He knows he‘s called Sofia. He reminds Derek he is not to see his daughter.
Suddenly three Reavers bust in, and point their guns in their faces. The Reaver in front threatens this will be a problem, because if he doesn‘t see his mutant daughter, then they will both die.

Dropping her four kids off in the lobby, Danielle asks once more if this is for sure where Derek says he‘d meet them. Sofia replies yes, at four o‘clock. Dani and Shan start to leave as Kevin rises from the lobby couch where they sit. Danielle tells him to sit there until they get back. Kevin starts an argument, but Danielle repeats they will sightsee when they get back.
They wait restlessly as the clock passes from 3:55, to 4:17, to 4:39. David finally announces at 4:41 that it doesn‘t look like Derek‘s going to show. Sofia knows he wouldn‘t forget. Kevin looks behind him, and lets out a ‘whoops.‘ From where he laid his neck on the back of the couch, is a spot where his mutant power started decaying the couch.

Danielle and Shan open a door at the abandoned building where Cerebra detected the young mutant. Shan finds the light switch, and they both see a flag on the wall that reads : Reavers Fight for Humanity on the wall. Shan recalls the name Reavers, and is pretty sure they worked for Donald Pierce. She looks at a pamphlet that lies on the ground, and remembers Pierce always hated mutants, and wonders if their kid is in trouble. Cerebra detects him still alive Danielle reports, and it has him categorized as a healer, so his power has probably gone undetected. The ponder at the irony of their target for recruitment being recruited to the other side, as Danielle finds a photo on the speaking podium. She recognizes the photo as Walter Barrett, and she knows their kids are in big trouble.

Tired of waiting, Sofia approaches the desk and states her name and situation, asking if there is a message for her. There is, and when they hand it to her, the new Reavers site outside their van and wait. They think their plan is taking too long and send Josh and Duncan inside to see what is going on. Sofia reads the note. It tells her there has been a change of plans, that her father is excited to see her and plans to take them out to dinner. She is supposed to meet them in the parking garage.

Waiting, Josh asks Duncan about all the action they‘re supposed to see. Duncan tells Josh to bite him, as he uses a card to open the fire escape door. Sofia looks back as the four young mutants walk down the stairs, she knows something is wrong, her father would never be happy to see her. Seeing the two Reavers at the base of the stairs, guns in hands, David admits there is something very wrong with this.

David runs towards them, as Sofia manipulates the wind slamming the door behind them shut. She shoves Duncan with another gust of wind and demands to know where Derek and her father are. David wrestles the gun away from Josh, as Sofia tosses a piece of Duncan‘s armor and slaps it against Josh‘s head, knocking him out. She raises her hands, with a look of rage she asks if Duncan has ever felt the wind cut him, a wind so sharp it‘s like a razor? Laurie who looks frightened, grabs her friends arm telling her to stop. Sofia stops her assault by slamming Duncan against the wall. David points to the garage, where they came from. He‘s betting that‘s where her father and Derek are, but they have to move now, in case the others have heard the commotion.

They push through the door, as two Reavers approach them. Sofia flies forward, pushing them hard. David senses that a lot of them in the garage know how to fight, so he should be fine. He tells Kevin and Laurie to find a safe place to hide. Kevin grabs her arm and hides behind a car. They panic as they see two Reavers head towards them. Kevin tells her to use her power, but she‘s confused. Kevin isn‘t sure, and tells her to make them love her, or something. Laurie clenches her fist and concentrates. She chants that they will like her, and a reddish pink power signature emits around her head. The red fades to a yellow aura, as bullets hit the car they are hiding by.

Josh wakes up cussing mutants. He lifts his mask and sees Duncan passed out. His shirt torn open and his cut from Sofia‘s wind burst bleeds. He sees the cuts and reaches towards them, wondering what she did to him. His hands start glowing, and Duncan‘s wound heals instantly. Josh is shocked, and looks at his own hands. Duncan awake asks what the hell he just did to him. Still in shock, Josh tells him he didn‘t mean to. his eyes gaze at his friends chest, trying to register what has happened. Duncan screams at him, calling him a freak just like them. He starts to say he will tell Pierce , when Josh lunges towards his friends knocking him out. Tears well up in his eyes, as he tries to tell himself he‘s not like them.

He opens the door to find Donald Pierce standing looking down at him. He puts his hand on Josh‘s shoulder asking what happened to his friend. Lying, he reports there were more mutants than they thought, he was just going for backup. Pierce assures him, he doesn‘t need back up if he has him.

Back in the garage Laurie nervously admits she‘s too scared to make them love her. The yellow aura around her face. The two Reavers run in fear, and she calls out to Kevin that it sort of worked. She finds her friend scared and pinned against the wall. He stares at her in fear, telling her to stay away. He takes off his glove exposing his skin. Laurie tries to assure him it‘s only her, and she‘s not really scary. Still reaching towards her, he tries to tell her it is her power and she has to stop it. She starts to admit she doesn‘t know how, when she chokes on her sentence. Her mouth remains open, and her eyes have a shocking painful look in them. Behind her Pierce has her by the neck, his blade arms dug into her back. He coldly announces her power is now considered stopped.

Characters Involved: 

Xi‘an (Shan) Coy Manh, Danielle Moonstar (former New Mutants)

David Alleyne, Laurie Collins, Kevin Ford, Julian Keller, Sofia Mantega (Students at the institute)

Professor Xavier, Wolverine (both X-Men)
Leong Coy Manh, Nga Coy Manh

Donald Pierce

Josh Foley, Duncan (amongst other new Reavers)

Derek (Barrett’s assistant)

Walter Barrett (Sofia’s father)

Story Notes: 

Donald Pierce has faced the X-Men numerous times. He was also the first foe the original New Mutants faced (Marvel Graphic Novel #4).
Sofia being a mutant and daughter of wealthy Walter Barrett became public knowledge in New Mutants (second series) #1.

Kevin's story regarding killing his father was told in New Mutants#3.

Shan and David both were shown leaving for the Xavier Institute last issue. David was outted to himself and his family when local hate group Purity targeted him in his Chicago neighborhood.

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