New Mutants (3rd series) #10

Issue Date: 
April 2010
Story Title: 
International Incident

Zeb Wells (writer), Paul Davidson & David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez (artists), Chris Sotomayor (colorist), VC’s Joe Caramagna (letterer), Adam Kubert & Jason Keith (cover), Daniel Ketchum (assoc. editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

The New Mutants (without Magik and the recuperating Magma) are sent to deal with five Savage Land Mutates who have attacked a Japanese harbor. While Cannonball tries to settle a score with Sauron, Cypher, Sunspot and Warlock fight the other Mutantes. However, they are soon possessed by Worm, as are in fact the Mutates. Karma manages to talk to Worm in his mind and convinces him that it isn’t Magneto building a new base as he had thought but that Magneto now in fact works with the X-Men. Convinced, the Mutates return to the Savage Land. The whole battle was watched by Cyclops and a sceptical Emma Frost, who doubts the need for the existence of the New Mutants team. She finally realizes that Scott is using the team to find a new leader to eventually succeed him, however he suprises her when he hints that leader needn’t necessarily be the obvious choice – Sam Guthrie.

Full Summary: 

Kitakyushu Airport in Japan, built right as a peninsula into the ocean. The coast guard tries to stop a strange ship, calling that they have left international waters and are now subject to the laws of Japan. The strange vessel is about to intersect with the bridge. Suddenly, the soldiers note that something has launched from the boat. A soldier shout a warning at the others to get down. It is Sauron who attacks the army’s cars and tanks.

On Utopia, Emma Frost joins Cyclops in the warroom and sees the incident on the screens. Scott explains that Sauron attacked from a vessel moving north from the Savage Land. “Evil mutants attack Japan”, Emma sighs. This should disprove the old adage about any publicity being good publicity. Not if they deal with it first, Scott replies. It’s already over the news, Emma points out, gesturing toward the screen. That’s not news footage he explains. Where is the feed from? Emma asks. Cyclops smiles.

The answer is an X-jet flying toward the airport. Looking downward, Doug Ramsey describes the airport as a man-made island defiantly scarring the ocean with its technological beauty. This is how a mighty culture expresses itself. This airport is the language of a nation. Do they want to know what it’s saying? Shut up, Doug, Sunspot replies, while Cannonball orders Dani Moonstar who is piloting to take them in. They’ll drop Bobby, Doug and Warlock on the boat to turn it around. He’ll handle Sauron. Let’s clean up this mess!

Warlock, Sunspot and Cypher jump down onto the ship. Bobby asks if Warlock is ok. He is only at 15% effectiveness, the alien replies- Body form and control is far from optimal. It should be fine, Doug tries to calm him, he’ll have no trouble piloting the vessel. The boat has a pilot, Worm replies, surrounded by Lupus, Amphibius and Barbarus. And it’s going to Utopia! Do not try to stop them, he warns.

Sunspot calls the jet, telling them who’s aboard. He might need more than the broken Furby and the nerd who speaks Latin! She’s heading down! Dani promises.

However, her piloting causes Sam to fall outside the open hatch. They lost Sam! Co-pilot Karma exclaims. He can fly, Dani mutters, which Sam does – right at Sauron, clipping his wing.

Attaboy! Cyclops calls out. Emma reminds him this is a serious situation… perhaps they should send some X-Men to deal with it. They are X-Men, Scott stresses. He knows what she means, Emma retorts. No, he doesn’t! He reminds her Sam’s team defeated Legion. They barely survived! Emma shoots back. And Illyana… has he even read her report on Illyana’s wild tales?

He did. That’s why he made her inactive while the science team looks into her story… But if he shuts down every time a visitor from the future screamed “Armageddon,” he’d never get anything done. He’s keeping their team together for the time being.

But why? Emma insists. What is he playing at here? He not playing, Scott insists. This isn’t a game.

As Cannonball dodges Sauron’s blow, Dani warns him to be careful. Last time they fought, Sauron eviscerated him. Sam thanks her coolly for reminding him.

Any luck with the boat? Dani asks Karma who replies that for some reason her power is blocked… like the Mutates’ minds don’t have room for her. Great story, Sunspot remarks, as he fends off four-armed Barbarus. About that backup?

Emma criticizes their tactics for being sloppy. It’s called enthusiasm, Scott defends them. They need this. Emma insists they should be split amongst the other X-Men until they’ve reacclimated to working as team. He’s not interested in how they work as a team, Scott replies suprisingly. Then looks back at the feed, urging Sam to keep pursuing Sauron. Emma begins to understand. He’s looking for a leader

Evading Sauron, Sam asks Sunspot for a sitrep. Backup! Sunspot shouts as he is being throttled by Barbarus and kicks back Lupus.

Dani piloting, informs Sam she has a target lock, but everyone is too close together. He’s coming! Sam tells her, turns back and flies into Sauron.

Whenever he’s ready! Sunspot announces grimly, trying to send off Lupus with Warlock’s help.

Sam flies Sauron straight through the ship. Okay, he’s here, he announces and orders Bobby to quit his whining. Are his guts still where they are supposed to be? Sunspot asks. Sam tells him to shut up.

From the jet, Karma informs the boys there is a fifth hostile below deck. She thinks he might be the reason her powers aren’t working.

Dani requests permission to engage. Negative until they’ve secured the deck,Sam replies as he attacks Barbarus, while Sunspot helps Cypher. Shouldn’t be long, Sunspot announces.

He’ grooming his replacement! Emma tells Scott. Cyclops admits that Xavier’s dreams has taken a backseat the last few years. It’s had to. But they’ve got to think about the future. The baby’s going to come back… their world won’t be this dark forever. These kids were raised in Xavier’s dream. They’ll need that dream again some day.

Sam Guthrie, Emma muses. She can’t say she is surprised. He’s every bit the boyscout Scott was at his age. That’s beside the point, Scott retorts. He needs someone who can lead. And that leader is Sam Guthrie? Emma asks. Scott just smiles.

Status? Sam asks. They are clear, Bobby replies before noticing Sam has some slimy greenish fluid on his face. Karma shouts a warning to Sunspot. A moment later Sam attacks Bobby, going for his throat. He covers Sunspot’s face with the slime and tells him he will take good care of him.

The girls listen in. Shan remarks this isn’t Sam’s voice. It’s Worm. He must have slimed all of the Mutates. That’s why she can’t possess them. They’ve got to get to them! Dani fires a shot to breach the ship’s hull.

As both the Mutates and the possessed two mutants surround them, Warlock promises Cypher he will protect him. Doug remarks he can tell Warlock believes that. He appreciates the sentiment.

As the hull is breached, Worm, now in the open, mutters great. We see you! Dani announces as she and Karma drop down from two lines. Dani kicks him and at that moment the Mutates stop moving. Did Selfsoulfriend Doug do that? Warlock asks confused. No, Lupus replies.

Worm’s mind:
Via her possession Karma has entered Worm’s mindscape, a dark and wet place covered with worms. Those taken over by him stand or hang still. Worm warns her that his will is too strong to be possessed.

She’s not trying to, Shan corrects him. She just wants to talk. This is his mind, he insists. She doesn’t belong here. And he doesn’t belong in Japan, Shan shoots back. Why did they leave the Savage Land?

Worm explains he spoke to Amphibius. Asteroid M has risen from the depths. Their master has returned. And they are honorbound to reunite with him. But the others refused…

So he used his psycho-dominant slime on them, Karma realizes.

Worm exclaims that Magneto will lead them to victory over the humans. Karma’s ilk will be crushed under his boot!

Smiling, Karma corrects Worm that Magneto didn’t raise Asteroid M. The X-Men did. Worm refuses to believe. Only Magneto has the power to do such a thing.

He has returned, Shan agrees. Magneto has returned to serve their cause. Asteroid M is no longer his property.

With a small voice, Worm insists she lies. Shan reminds him they are sharing a mind and invites him to take a look.

Worm does so and sees in her memory how Magneto kneels down before Cyclops. Sincerly she informs him he is welcome in Utopia but he has to toe the X-Men’s line. If that doesn’t suit him, get the /&% off her hemisphere!

Emma is agitated not knowing what is going on and suggests they act. Scott tells her to let the team make their play. And indeed, a short while later, Dani calls them to tell Cyclops the Mutates want to make a deal. They’ve agreed to return to the Savage Land peacefully if he can clear things with the Japanese. Cyclops agrees and commends their food work.

Well, girl power and all that, Emma remarks but should they just let them sail away? Scott replies the Mutates are too dangerous to have here and the Japanese government made it clear they just want them gone. A successful afternoon.

How was that possibly successful? Emma wonders. Sam was incapacitated. If this team exists to prove Sam can lead the X-Men one day… He’s not trying to prove anything, Scott corrects her. He is gathering data. That’s why this team is important He’s looking for the next leader of the X-Men. He never said it had to be Sam. With a smile, he leaves and Emma looks after him in astonishment.

Characters Involved: 

Cannonball, Cypher, Karma, Moonstar, Sunspot, Warlock (all New Mutants)
Cyclops, Emma Frost (both X-Men)

Amphibius, Barbarus, Lupus, Sauron, Worm (Savage Land Mutates)

Story Notes: 

Sauron impaled Cannonball – and should by rights have killed him – in X-Force (1st series) #7.

Sunspot’s “guts” remark also refers to thr Sauron incident.

The “baby” is Hope Summers, who returns in the “Second Coming” crossover.

The X-Men raised Asteroid M during the Utopia crossover.

Magneto knelt before Cyclops in Uncanny X-Men #516.

A Furby was a popular electronic toy or robot, more specifically, a hamster/owl-like creature that was popular around 1998.

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