New Mutants (3rd series) #3

Issue Date: 
September 2009
Story Title: 
Return of the Legion – part 3: Cognitive Therapy

Zeb Wells (writer), Diogenes Neves (penciler), Cam Smith with Norman Lee (inkers), John Rauch (colorist), VC’s Joe Caramagna (letterer),Yanick Paquette, Michael Lacombe & Nathan Fairbarin / Mirco Pierfederici (alternate covers), Adam Kubert & Benjamin (cover), Daniel Ketchum (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Legion, dominated by the Jack Wayne personality, enjoys baiting the helpless and prison-bound Dani and intends to rape her before killing her. Luckily, Cannonball and Sunspot arrive in time and slug him away. Sam decides Dani is safer in her cell, much to her fury, and he and Sunspot battle Legion outside, confused by his switching of personalities and powers. Finally, a rather benign-seeming persona begs them not to hurt him, while at the same time creating a golem in the cell to kill Dani, who is only saved by the timely arrival of Magma and Magik. Afterwards, Dani slugs Cannonball for his foolish decision and goes to find some weapons. When the boys tell the girls that anyone who touches Karma gets sucked up into Legion’s mindscape, Illyana decides to mount a rescue mission into Legion’s psyche. Sam warns her not to kill any of Legion’s personalities as this could prove fatal to him. In Legion’s mindscape, Illyana is accosted by Jack Wayne and other personalities who are confident she won’t try to harm them. Instead, she decapitates Wayne and makes it clear she doesn’t care about Sam’s orders.

Full Summary: 

Legion, dominated by the evil Jack Wayne personality, stands outside Dani’s cell, an evil grin on his face. Hey there, doll, remember me? Jack Wayne, she replies coldly. Smart girl, he laughs. He had to do some slick talking to snag the honor of offing her. There’s a bit more competition in here these days. She should see it, they are finally living up to their name. They are Legion.

Telekinetically he tries to pry the bars apart. Strong bars, he finds. Dani assumes a fighting stance and warns him if he really wants her out of this cage. He needs to think about that real hard.

As the bars begin to bend, he tells her not to bluff a bluffer. He knows she’s lost her powers- or he should say her friend knows it. And, since she’s part of them now, that’s the same thing as him knowing. She feels sorry for Dani, did she know that?

Furious, Dani shouts at him to shut up. He’s not even a real person! He’s just a figment of David Haller’s imagination! That’s right, Wayne agrees as he telekinetically lifts her and brings her closer to the bars. David’s fantasy of a man’s man. Able to do everything David’s still scared of. That’s why she won’t get rid of him. David needs him. Needs him to deal with things a man deals with. Like women. Maybe, before he kills her, he should teach David about the birds and the bees… Try it, Dani snarls, adding an insult.

Suddenly, there is a booming nose. Sam cannonballs through the prison’s wall and Sunspot whom he is carrying kicks David away and through the building with all his strength.

He can’t see where Legion landed, Roberto announces. They should get after him. Sam asks if Dani is all right. Yeah, the cell slowed him down just enough, she replies. Where’s Shan? Is she okay?

Sam explains she is trapped inside Legion. They’ve got to get them both to Emma. Dani agrees and orders him to get her out of the cell. Sunspot runs ahead to find Legion. Same hesitates. Let her out, Dani states coldly. Sam admits that the last thing Shan said was Legion was coming for Dani because she was part of the team that “fixed” Haller’s mind before. Perhaps she’d be safer…

Let her out! she repeats. Sam apologizes. She said herself, he had trouble with the cell. Cyclops put him in charge, she is his responsibility… Dani swears and shouts after him Don’t you do this!

Legion lands outside. Angry, Jack Wayne’s justifies himself. He knows he should have just off'ed Dani. Fine. He hands the doll (and hence control) to another personality, an obese, crying woman named Sally. Nobody loves me, she bubbles.

In the real world, Sunspot has found Legion hugging himself, muttering Nobody loves me. Come again? Sunspot remarks. Nobody Loves Me! Legion shouts and hulks up. Sunspot hesitates, then admits he has no idea what to say. With a cry of rage, Legion/Sally pummels him.

That moment, Cannonball comes flying and slugs the hulked up Legion away.

Cannonball lands and orders Sunspot to get his head into the game. He didn’t expect him to say that, Bobby defends himself. Where’s Dani? He asks. Safe, Sam replies curtly.

While Sally still blubbers that he hurt her like all the rest, another personality, a handsome confident young man, takes away the doll. He takes over.

Legion shrinks to normal size. Tally ho, old chums, he greets the mutants. Name’s Hugh Davidson. Surely they can talk about this like adults. Work out a deal. They leave Legion alone. Legion leaves them alone…

Sorry, Hugh, comes the reply. Unless he’s willing to come to San Francisco for some serious couch time with Emma Frost, they have a problem.

Hmm, in that case… Hugh seems to consider. The next moment, a preternaturally long tongue leaps out of his mouth and he begins to strangle Sunspot with it. Sam slugs him several times but Hugh doesn’t let go. It takes all of Sunspot’s super-strength, plus Sam’s beating, for the Hugh personality to finally let go.

Another personality has taken over. Legion holds his arm over his face protectively and begs please no hurt him anymore. Supposed to help him!

See, watch this, Sam tells Bobby. Instead of talking about his feelings, he’s going to knock him the &%$ out.

Why do they wanna do that to him? the personality asks, apparently an alien. He nice. They hit him too hard, another bad one take a turn.

If his tongue leaves his mouth, he’s busting his head open, Bobby warns him. They’ll have to restrain him, Sam adds.

While the being talks to them, at the same time a golem of Legion forms from the ground of Dani’s cell, talking synchronously.

Me no fight you, it assures them, it’s a good one. Not like the others. Just how many others are there? Sam asks. It’s not sure. Hundreds, thousands maybe? How did Legion go from three to “thousands?” Sunspot wonders.

A confused Dai stops trying to work the lock as the being begins to grow from the ground, first showing Legion’s unique hairstyle.

The being explains: Bishop use knife made out of David-though and hurt them real bad. They fell to the place that never be real again. The no-time.

One of the golem’s appendages forms into a kind of lance and tries to impale Dani, hitting her head instead.

It continues, they got lost in the no-time. The bad sometimes caught others. Made them slaves like it.

The golem corners Dani.

They made David sad, so he brought them here where he say the fixers be. What is he talking about? Sunspot demands. Dani and Rahne were part of the team that put David Haller back together again, Cannonball explains as he holds Legion upright. The “Fixers.”

The personality begins to cry. But bad ones don’t want to be fixed. Want to kill. That’s why they make it kill the Fixer now. Oh God, what’s its powers? Sam exclaims. It’s so sorry, it sobs. They kill it if it doesn’t do this.

The golem has Dani by the throat, beginning to throttle her. It draws back one hand to form another stake. It explains that it made Dani’s friends scared. They coming to save her. Won’t be here in time. It so sorry.

That moment, the Golem melts, leaving only the hand around Dani’s throat. She gathers it off as the cavalry, Magma and Magik, come in through the molten wall. She lives? Illyana asks simply. Yes, Dani replies. Good.

A moment later, the boys cannonball into the cell. As Dani rubs her aching neck Sam begins to apologize profusely. Without a word she decks him hard, then stumbles outside the cell. Where is she going? Amara asks. To make herself useful, Dani replies curtly.

The others wait inside the cell. Illyana reminds them Shan is still trapped inside the monster. They found her body? At the bar where the girls left them, Sam replies, but they can’t help her. Her powers are out of control. Roberto adds that if you get too close you’re taking a one-way-trip to Legion’s mind too.

And this is bad? Illyana asks with a smirk. Perhaps they could rescue her. Bobby admits she might have a point. Sam puts his foot down. He wants to save Shan as much as they do, but if any of them go in there before Legion’s body is secured it’s suicide. It’s going to take all of them to subdue Legion and get him to Emma. She’s the only one of them who’s qualified to go poking around in David Haller’s mind.

Illyana creates a stepping disk. They don’t know how far she has travelled to protect her. She is too important. Illyana must try!

Sam warns her. If she goes in there, she could lose herself forever. She looks around. What makes him so sure, she has a self to lose? With those parting words, she disappears.

Oh well, that’s great! Sam exclaims exasperated. Eh, she’s gone, buddy, Sunspot shrugs. What’s next? Amara, remarks she’s not trying to step on Sam’s toes, but they are outmatched. He needs to call the X-Men. Dejected, Sam admits she’s right. They should get a move on. They can’t give Legion time to go after Dani again.

That’s not going to be an issue, Dani replies, returning loaded for bear. They are going after him.

Illyana reappears in the bar’s back room. Cannonball contacts her and explains that they are trying to take Legion out. She needs to be aware of the risk of what she is about to do. If Legion dies while she’s in there, she’s gonna die too. They are gonna try to keep him alive, but he can’t guarantee it.

Without hesitation, she step over bodies to get to Karma. Also, Sam continues, Dani says, it could kill David, if even one of his personalities “dies” in his mindscape. Under no circumstances is she to harm any of them. Is he making himself clear? He repeats his order. Illyana touches Shan and her body falls to the floor the next moment.

Her personality finds herself in Legion’s mindscape. David’s evil personalities leer at the arrival of the pretty newcomer. She is here for Xi’an Coy Manh, Illyana announces as she manifests her Soulsword. Take her to Karma, she orders. Now!

Ha! Jack Wayne leers at the front of the others. Like he always says, can’t bluff a bluffer. They know her boss man won’t let her use that sword of hers. They heard ‘im.

Oh, they heard him, did they? That’s good, Illyana replies with a malicious smile.

She swings her sword wide, cutting two personalities deeply across the stomach and then beheading Jack Wayne without any hesitation. The others retreat horrified as his head roll in front of their feet.

To tell the truth, Illyana states, she wasn’t paying attention.

Characters Involved: 

Cannonball, Karma, Magik, Magma, Moonstar, Sunspot (all former New Mutants)

Jack Wayne, Sally, Hugh, Bonzo and others (David’s subpersonalities)

Story Notes: 

In the past Wayne’s TK proved strong enough by far to best some measly iron bars.

Dani Moonstar lost her powers due to M-Day. [House of M #8]

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