New Mutants (3rd series) #8

Issue Date: 
February 2010
Story Title: 

Zeb Wells (writer), Diogenes Neves (pencils), Ed Tadeo (inks), John Rauch (colorist), VC’s Joe Caramagna (letterer), Adam Kubert & Justin Ponsor (cover), Daniel Ketchum (assoc. editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Cannonball, Karma and Magik fight the Hellions for Cypher, whom the reanimated servants of Selene want to brainwash again or, failing that, kill. The mutants have a hard time standing up to the Hellions, but help comes in the form of Warlock. After Magik cleanses him with her Soulsword, he calls the two missiles he “liberated” earlier to destroy the Hellions. This done, he finishes restoring Cypher’s original personality and Doug Ramsey finally is himself again. Elsewhere in Utopia, Dani and Sunspot fight Feral to bring the injured Magma to Dr. Nemesis, who jumpstarts her power to heal her.

Full Summary: 

On the shores of Utopia, an unnoticed Warlock slowly drags himself onto land.

On another part of the island, Sunspot and Moonstar run the building’s corridors trying to get the injured Magma to the med lab. She’s bleeding again! Dani worries. Suddenly, they hear someone making a howling noise. Move! Dani orders Sunspot.

Elsewhere, Cypher has been dragged onto the roof by Selene’s Hellions, who notice his body is in shock. This was messy, Beef remarks. Bevatron replies dismissively that the T/O is already stitching Ramsey together? Does that mean the reboot worked? Maybe, Beef muses. His command codes could be corrupted by his encounter with Warlock.

Lying some distance away is Jetstream. The T/O is doing a good job of stitching the two halves of his body together. An alien T/O strain is too dangerous to their queen’s plans, he announces. If there is any doubt, Ramsey should be destroyed.

It should have worked, Roulette retorts. If they had a little luck. Catseye begins licking at the blood from Jetstream’s injuries. Jetstream turns to Roulette, angrily demanding he could have used one of her lucky disks when he was trying to outrun a 10-ton sliding steel door! Did she just lick him? he angrily asks Catseye. Just a taste, the werecat replies… It will grow back.

With a sadistic grin, Roulette looks at Cypher. Almost sad that the programming won’t let him scream! Does he remember her? She used to think he was so cute… She used to…

Suddenly, she holds her head in pain. //Foreign consciousness detected// She reaches out for Cypher. She thought maybe she loved him. Good God, what is she doing?

Embarrassing herself, Illyana Rasputin coolly announces. Let the linguist go! she orders. Behind her are Cannonball and Karma, the latter of whom is trying to possess Roulette but can’t get a solid grip on her mind. Whatever these things are, their minds are insane, she announces.

Elsewhere, Sunspot and Dani see where the howling was coming from as Feral closes in on them. Again, Dani orders him to go. She’s got this. She’ll close the door on her like she did Jetstream. She knows what’s she’s doing… go! The two women glare at each other as Feral narrows the distance.

At the last moment, Dani pushes the button… and the wrong steel door closes. The next moment, Feral is upon her.

Above, Karma loses her mental hold on Roulette, unable to possess her. Cannonball asks her to try again as she distracted her.

This time it doesn’t work, though, as the Hellions’ T/O is ready for the attack. Hope that wasn’t their only trick, Jetstream mocks. The fact that they live, is the “trick,” Magik shoots back. Sam adds they shouldn’t make them remind the Hellions that they are dead. Give them Doug Ramsey! “Come and get him!” Jetstream retorts as the Hellions assume battle stances.

Below Feral slams Dani down, shouting meat! Dani stabs her and warns Sunspot that Feral is heading for Amara.

Sunspot keeps her back, inadvertently tearing off Feral’s arm. Disgusted and shocked, he stares at it, while zombie Feral is upon him again a moment later, about to tear his throat out. Hey! Dani shouts, dangling her arm above an abyss – fetch! Feral jumps after it.

She’s a cat, you know, Sunspot informs her. It worked, comes the reply. Let’s go!

Above Sam’s team attacks. He flies into Jetstream. Tarot manifests a Reaper who attacks Illyana. She remains unimpressed, taking it out with her sword. How is she doing that? Tarot asks. The Soulsword is anathema to spectres and magik, she replies and hits Tarot with it.

Up in the air, Cannonball, wrestles Jetstream, telling him he knows he is stronger. He always wanted to prove it. It doesn’t matter, Jetstream replies. Cannonball won’t be able to kill him. He knows, it’s great! Sam flies both of them to the ground. No reason to hold back!

Karma tries to hold off Beef and Bevatron, telling them they are controlled. They don’t have to do this. She’ll show them. Her partial possession disrupts their control codes. With broad grins they thank her for their freedom. Unfortunately, they like Selene. She’s hot. With that, they attack her.

As Tarot’s system is rebooting, Illyana informs her she tires of her. She creates a teleportation disc beneath the woman and kicks her into it, informing her perhaps the fleshtrolls of the scar-lands will find her to their liking. Unfortunately, the teleportation circle opens up above Illyana and Tarot lands on her. That was mighty unlucky, Roulette smirks. Watch your step, she warns Illyana as she gets up and slips down the roof’s edge. And her losing streak stays alive…

Sam rockets into Beef and Bevatron.

Not far away Cypher moans they shouldn’t have come back for him. Their language is too strong… He can’t tell what language he is.

Meanwhile, Illyana has landed at Utopia’s shore, close to Warlock. M-malicious code, he moans, seemingly threatening Illyana. She stabs him in the eye with her Soulsword. Adopting a more gentle look, he thanks her.

Sunspot bursts into the med-lab with Amara, followed by Dani, and shouts he needs help here. Is that the game? the sardonic Dr. Nemesis asks. They all bark out something stunningly obvious? In that case: Ice cream is delicious! He is not funny, Dani chides him. Amara is hurt. Double points, he replies. His turn.

He takes up a big syringe, explaining that while they’ve been relying on the healing powers of a confused adolescent, he has been diligently attempting to excite dormant X-genes.

What is that? Bobby asks and is told it’s a serum that fails to do just that. Active X-genes, however, are a different story. When activated, Magma’s powers cause her epidermis to convert to a flowing and hopefully a self-sealing state. They might want to step back.

After the injection, Amara turns to her Magma form. Come back to me, baby! Bobby prays. With a cry she wakes up. Did he just call her “baby?” she asks.

On the roof, Sam lands hard, courtesy of Bevatron. He’s not invulnerable to accelerated particles, Bevaton observes. Too bad.

The Hellions get ready to destroy Cypher rather than let the mutants have him.

“Stop!” Warlock suddenly announces. That is his self/soulfriend. They will leave him alone now. If anything, the Hellions seem amused rather than frightened. He is weak, Catseye announces. He cannot protect him.

Affirmative, Warlock states. But behind him the two missiles he liberated recently, show up. Calling him self/father, they ask if he has called them. Again affirmative. Self/father had need of their help. It is time to create the final boom? With sadness, affirmative, Warlock replies.

Sadness is not appropriate input, the now sentient missiles tell him as they target the Hellions. Was it not for this purpose they were made? Appropriate input: pride, Warlock corrects himself, as he kneels down next to Cypher, looking at them gratefully. Appropriate input: love. The missiles detonate, taking the Hellions with them.

Warlock and Cypher are saved by a stepping disc and are teleported to the other New Mutants. What was that? Sam asks. The final boom, Warlock replies. Should he know what that means? Sam mutters.

What language is he? Cypher moans weakly. Warlock asks Illyana for her Soulsword. She hands it to him and he stabs Cypher with it. Malicious code retreating, Warlock states as he studies Cypher. What language is he?… Cypher begins.

How are they doing? Dani asks as she and Sunspot come running. Doug Ramsey looks at all of his friends. You all… you are my language.

Characters Involved: 

Cannonball, Karma, Magik, Magma, Moonstar, Sunspot (all former New Mutants / Cannonball’s X-Men squad)
Warlock (former New Mutant)
Cypher (former New Mutant /servant of Selene)

Dr. Nemesis

Beef, Bevatron, Catseye, Jetstream, Roulette, Tarot (all Hellions / servants of Selene)


Warlock’s missiles

Story Notes: 

Roulette and Cypher shared a flirtation in New Mutants (1st series) #53.

With the “healing powers of a confused adolescent,” Nemesis refers to Elixir.

Warlock liberated the missiles in issue #5.

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