New Mutants (4th series) #11

Issue Date: 
September 2020
Story Title: 
Ice Cream Dreams

Ed Brisson (writer), Flaviano (artist), Carlos Lopez (color artist), VC’s Travis Lanham (letterer), Tom Muller (Design), Mike del Mundo (cover artist), Nick Russell (production), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Annalisa Bissa (editor), Jordan D. White (senior editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

In the nightmare sphere, Armor is confronted by illusions of her dead family and drops the psychic armor protecting the others. Nevertheless, Mondo manages to get WildSide close to Tashi and give her good dreams. The nightmare sphere dissolves. However, the mutants find themselves surrounded by trigger-happy Carnelian police and a prime minister out for blood. Luckily, Magik arrives to rescue them all. Back on Krakoa, they are treated by Healer. Magik, Mirage and Glob Herman discuss the website DOX that doxes mutants and how something has to be done about that.

Full Summary: 

Trapped and surrounded by darkness, Armor sees her dead mother and brother Hisao appearing from the dark. They beg her to come with them. They claim they have been trapped here the whole time and were hoping for her to find them. They beg her to get them out. Her mother reaches out for her. Trapped in her delusion, Armor wants to free them.

Around her and still awake are the other New Mutants Cypher and Mondo, as well as MLF member WildSide, who are battling the tentacles attacking them. However, Armor has dropped the psychic armor around them making them sitting ducks. Cypher shouts at Mondo to do it. A moment later, Cypher is grabbed by a tentacle and dragged away

Outside, Dani Moonstar realizes that something has severed the line she was holding, which connected the others with her and the outside world. She shouts out to Wolfsbane and Boom Boom, who are surrounded by an army of armed cops. One cop orders Wolfsbane in Russian to lie down and surrender but she doesn’t understand. Throwing a timebomb, Boom Boom claims he said she had dog breath and needed a breath mint. As they fight, the prime minister angrily berates the film crew for not filming what those monsters are doing to them. The apologetic man begins to film.

Inside the black dome, Mondo grabs WildSide and drags him toward the girl who is causing all this. He tells him to use his power to give her good dreams.

WildSide works on her and she manifests images of chibified people, boy groups and other things a young girl would like, while the dome disappears. The girl has transformed into a purple monstrous figure, lands and cries “not again.” Dani joins her and asks if she is okay. They are here to help.

All the others are freed and WildSide sarcastically announces he is fine, thanks for asking.

Armor babbles she saw her mother and brother. Mondo helps her up and explains that was the nightmare sphere. She is okay now. WildSide wakes up Chamber with a kick. Dani calls Boon Boom over to translate.

The girl babbles she doesn’t know where she is. She just remembers trying not to sleep. Boom Boom tries to calm her. They have people who can help her control it.

Unfortunately, they are now standing in a crater, surrounded by armed police, and the PM gives orders to arrest them. Shoot if they resist!

Cypher warns that the Carnelians won’t let them go without a fight. To make matters worse, the nightmare sphere has sapped its prisoners of their powers. Boom Boom, WildSide, Wolfsbane and Mondo get ready to defend the others. Dani tells them no. They are outnumbered. When Boom Boom argues, Mirage points out they can probably take them, but not without casualties. Tell them, they surrender. Like hell they do, Boom Boom protest. Dani doesn’t like it either, but this gives them a chance to regroup and get out of this.

Fine, Boom Boom huffs but, before she can speak, Magik teleports in sparkling with energy and Soulsword raised. She announces there will be no surrender. Angrily she berates the Carnelians that those mutants came to them in a time of need to help, and now they dare raise weapons against them? That insult will not be forgotten, she directly addresses the prime minister in Russian. He gives the order to open fire but by that time the mutants have already been teleported away.

Arbor Manga, the next day:
The mutants who were prisoners of the nightmare sphere are being treated by Healer, who tells them the should be back to normal after a day of rest. There is an unknown anesthetic in their bloodstreams. They need rest and plenty of fluids. When Boom Boom wants to offer her stash, he glares and makes it clear, no alcohol for a week. Sucks to be them, she pouts.

By examining their blood and this mysterious anesthetic, they will learn more about their mystery mutant… Her name is Cosmar, Karma interrupts. He continues that her body produces this anesthetic when she falls asleep like her power needs to keep her sleeping.

WildSide leaves, figuring he’s done his job.

Cypher tries to comfort Armor, who is still grieving over having seen her dead family again.

Cosmar, in the meantime, is in a special cell Forge devised to prevent her powers from taking over.

Manon asks Dani she heard Cosmar killed her parents. Dani explains she couldn’t control her powers. Manon offers to rewrite Cosmar’s memory. Dani forbids it. They can’ just remake people memories.

Illyana joins Doug and Dani as the return to the Sextant. She asks if they have heard about DOX. It’s how she found them in Carnelia and knew they were in trouble. It’s also how the Cartel found Glob and Armor in Pilger, Nebraska. The site had been publishing appearances of Beak and Angel. Revealed their home address. If the Cartel hadn’t shown up, someone else would have. Dozens of mutant addresses have been published on that site. They are monitoring most of their gates.

Dani asks if that is legal and Doug tells them it is. Illyana and Dani decide they need to do something. Glob announces he’s in but first they need to fuel up. He offers them sandwiches and laksa.

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Boom Boom, Chamber, Cypher, Glob Herman, Karma, Magik, Magma, Mirage, Mondo II, Wolfsbane
Maxime, Manon

Ivan Prokopovych (Carnelian prime minister)

Written By: