New Mutants (4th series) #7

Issue Date: 
April 2020
Story Title: 

Jonathan Hickman (writer), Rod Reis (artist), VC’s Travis Lanham (letterer), Tom Muller (Design), Rod Reis (cover artist), Nick Russell (production), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Jordan D. White (editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Magik saves the mutants floating in space and together they help rescue the other group. Afterwards, they question the captured Sega to learn who is trying to kill Deathbird. Soon they arrive on Chandilar, where Deathbird attacks Oracle, leading to a fight between mutants and the Guardians. Empress Xandra finally stops it, demanding explanations. Deathbird accuses Oracle of trying to kill her and Oracle admits that she is against a child ruling the Shi’ar. Xandra decides as her punishment she join Deathbird as Xandra’s advisor. Afterwards, the mutants establish a Krakoan gate on Chandilar and throw a party in Sam and Izzy’s apartment. Sunspot is shocked to learn that Sam won’t return with them to Krakoa and decides to stay with Sam and Izzy for a while.

Full Summary: 

Sunspot narrates how Magik rescued Chamber and Mondo before they could freeze in space, after which they joined up with Karma and Mirage. After the Gen X’ers made their displeasure about the whole space adventure known, they regrouped to rescue the teammates and friends, who had been brought over to the Death Commandoes’ ship. Roberto stresses that they were in bad shape. Cannonball, Smasher and Cypher were unconscious, leaving only Sunspot and Deathbird awake. The Death Commando leader wanted to kill Deathbird. Sunspot powered up and threw himself in the way, to allow her to flee.

Later, they were tortured (mostly Doug because he cries the loudest), but then Deathbird returned to save them and kill the torturer. And then she walked up and kissed Roberto. Then she punched him. She kissed him again and professed her love. Deathbird interrupts to point out it didn’t happen like that. Roberto sighs and admits it was two punches and one kiss.

And right when they didn’t need them anymore, the rest of the team showed up.

Then they stole the Death Commandoes’ ship and made it their own (and Robert named it Deathbird). Then they headed for Chandilar.

Mirage interrupts his narration, pointing out he literally spoiled what happened in the story. Haughtily, he rejoins that he doesn’t need her to explain how to recap. She interrupts his rant to point out he skipped an entire issue. Confused, he points out that this is issue seven. He recapped issue six. She explains that they weren’t in last issue There is another team on Earth doing other New Mutants things. So, he ruined it, he realizes. Yeah, but he recapped the hell out of it, she replies sarcastically. Roberto gets to the heart of the problem: there are New Mutants stories without him?

Continuing to the real story:

Majestrix Xandra looks out her window to the stars, stating they are late. Gladiator tells her space is vast and they have a Super Guardian accompanying therm. Oracle adds that, in the coming years, Xandra will come to trust her most loyal soldier-citizens. The Guard live to serve the throne and they never fail. Never? Xandra echoes skeptically. Never, Gladiator stresses. Guardians die for her, but others will take their place. They understand: she lives or the empire dies.

Xandra admits he may be right about her needing counsel, but she’s never met her aunt. She’s only heard bad things. What should she expect? A bird of prey, he smirks.

Four cycles later, Deathbird arrives on Chandilar. Aboard the ship, the mutants stand around what looks like a glove. Wolfsbane licks it and asks what it is. It corrects her it is a who – Sega Death Commando. It is a lethal ball of gas. Boring, Wolfsbane decides. Bye. She leaves.

Cypher informs Sega that his team lost. But the good news is it is still alive and, if he helps them, they can let bygones be bygones. What does it say? Unimpressed, Sega reminds him it is a gas. What can they do to it?

Karma replies that with her psychic power she can do a serious head job on any sentient, but the real problem is its containment vessel. Doug explains that it’s a pressure simulator for high gravity wells. Unimpressed, Sega assumes they are playing good meatsack / bad meat sack. It’s not going to work. Doug replies what does work is that device. If he cranks the pressure up, Sega will go from gas to liquid to finally solid. Sega breaks. Not a solid! he shouts. Anything but that!

One cycle later, Karma and Cypher inform the others they are walking into a trap. Deathbird scoffs at the temerity of their foes. When Cypher adds some of the Imperial Guard are in on it, Smasher reacts the same.

One cycle later, Manta announces Deathbird to Xandra and her advisers. Tired of giving orders instead of being the tip of the Empire’s spear? Deathbird taunts Gladiator, who replies that he always serves the throne.

Xandra thanks her aunt for coming and fears she is not yet fit to rule. Deathbird smirks; she will learn. Luckily for Xandra, she is a demanding teacher. This is her first lesson: No mercy for traitors! She throws her spear at Oracle.

At the last moment, Gladiator catches it. Furious, he shouts that he allows her back into the fold and she repays him with treachery! He throws the spear back at Deathbird, but this time it is caught by Sunspot. Breaking the spear, he boasts he is faster and stronger. He asks if Deathbird is okay. Displeased, she replies that was her favorite spear.

Manta uses the opportunity to blind them all with a dazzling light and the battle between mutants and Guardians is under way, until Xandra shouts at them to stop and demands they explain themselves.

Deathbird comes clear: Oracle tried to have her murdered along with everyone else with her, including one Super-Guardian. She did this to keep Xandra off the throne. Gladiator ask if that is true. Oracle replies that he was meant to rule not serve, and certainly not serve a child.

Gladiator apologizes to Xandra and tells her he bears responsibility and will deal with this. Xandra replies hat she will deal with this. She announces that Oracle’s punishment will be to teach her to think like a soldier, not just a sovereign. She will stand side to side with Deathbird as her advisor. Oracle admits Xandra shames her… and accepts.

Mondo and Chamber ask if they can get the hell out of here now.

A Krakoan portal has been established at Sam and Izzy’s place on Chandilar and a party with both mutant and Shi’ar is going on.

Illyana praises Sam’s home. He agrees and adds now that the gate is up, they can visit any time. And vice versa, Dani adds. Sam agrees. It will be good to be able to visit his family. Visit? Dani asks. So he’s staying? He’s staying Sam states. What? A horrified Roberto shouts. Sam points out that Izzy is in the Imperial Guard and they are raising a kid here. So, this was all for nothing? Bobby asks. Dani tells him not to look at it this way. What other way is there? he demands. The whole point of this was to get the band back together. He means the New Mutants? she asks. No, God, no! he shouts exasperated. He means Sam and him.

Sam offers that Roberto could always stay here. Roberto asks, he wants him to give up mutant paradise for what exactly? A space empire that spans thousands of solar systems which conceivably represent a limitless amount of action and adventure, which, sure, he was born for… Is that it? Sam smiles. He guesses he could hang out for a bit. Roberto decides.

On the balcony, Gladiator thanks Cyclops for his people’s help. Scott admits he cannot take any credit, except to say that they had some of their best people in the area. Gladiator replies debt is debt until it is paid. Whatever they ask, it is theirs. Cyclops demurs, then decides there is actually one thing. They now have a Krakoan gateway in Sam and Izzy’s home but he’d like one on that island that looks like it is floating in space. Chandilore Gladiator mutters. He can’t deny its beauty: an excellent choice. Consider it done!

Xandra taps Rahne on the shoulder and asks what she does. Rahne demonstrates her shapeshifting into a wolf. What about Xandra? She turns into a ball of light, Xandra demonstrates. Rahne licks the globe and decides she needs to go. Xanda is a bit put out.

Sometime later with the party over. Sam and Bobby sit on the balcony. Sam announces that Izzy doesn’t want Bobby to stay in their apartment. Bobby is not surprised and smirks. Sam explains that she says he would never leave. Bobby gets it: she is probably right. Sam asks where he is going to stay. Right here, Bobby replies. He just bought the building. Tell Izzy the rent just went up. And those are friend prices.

Asked as to why he did that, Bobby explains it was the closest building close to the imperial palace for sale. He did this for Deathbird? Sam groans. And them, Bobby points out. Don’t sell themselves short. Deathbird, Sam insists. Really. Bobby announces he is in love. With Deathbird. Diplomatically, Sam asks how many times he has been in love. Not counting himself. Bobby wavers between eleven and twelve. With a grin, he assures Sam he loves him too. Speaking of, he has a feeling about what the future holds for this Sam and Bobby in space stuff. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Sam asks. Thumbs up, Bobby replies and promises they are going to get in so much trouble…

Characters Involved: 

Cannonball, Chamber, Cypher, Karma, Magik, Mirage, Mondo, Sunspot, Wolfsbane (New Mutants)
Gladiator, Hussar, Manta, Mentor, Oracle, Neutron, Smasher (Imperial Guard)

Black Cloak, Sega, Warshot (Death Commandos)

Story Notes: 

This is Hickman’s last issue.

Apparently, a Super-Guardians title was planned with Sam and Bobby’s adventures in space but it didn’t happen.

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