New Mutants (4th series) #9

Issue Date: 
March 2020
Story Title: 
Something Rotten in…

Ed Brisson (writer), Flaviano (artist), Carlos Lopez (color artist), VC’s Travis Lanham (letterer), Tom Muller (Design), Rod Reis (cover artist), Marcos martin (variant cover), Nick Russell (production), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Annalisa Bissa (editor), Jordan D. White (senior editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The New Mutants return from space and Magma asks them to join them on a rescue mission in the small Eastern Republic of Carnelia, which is hostile to mutants. They fly to Carnelia and locate the troubled mutant girl nearby a high rise. The police are hostile but, given what has happened to their own members, they prefer the mutants risk their lives. The mutants enter the black sphere created by the girl and most of them are dragged in. Only Mirage, Wolsbane and Boom Boom escape. Mirage calls Cypher for help. Cypher has been communicating with Krakoa via Mondo again and now recruits the member they need for this mission: Mutant Liberation Front member WildSide. On the moon, Cyclops and Magik discuss the New Mutants’ recent fatal mission in Pilger.

Full Summary: 

Pershyy Misto, Carnelia:
A fenced-in area. It is snowing.
Inside an industrial pipe, someone moans they are sorry. She is hugging herself as she groans she didn’t mean to…

Krakoa, the Sextant:
Inside, several of the New Mutants have just returned from their space adventure. Boom Boom sulks that, next time they go on a space adventure, maybe let her know. She loves space adventures. An exhausted Wolfsbane informs her that she tried to wake Boom Boom but she sleeps like the dead. Boom Boom orders her to try harder next time. Guzzling down some water, Karma retorts they missed her too. Boom Boom still whines, hey even brought Mondo and Chamber and they are not even part of the team! They are now, is Karma’s curt reply. Boom Boom sniffs that maybe she put together her own team while they were having space adventures.

Magma enters and happily hugs Dani, glad they are back. She suggests they don’t mind Boom Boom. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for her and she is taking it out on everyone. She adds that they are just heading out on mission. If they aren’t too whatever-lagged, she’d be happy for them to join.

Chamber is somewhat taken aback that Magma didn’t even seem to acknowledge his presence. Dani suggests he will have plenty of time to impress her later.

The Summer House, in the Blue Area of the moon:
Cyclops is offering Magik something to drink. Stiffly, she replies he summoned her. What is going on? He explains she has been gone for a while, so he thought it would be a good time to catch up with her as one of his co-Captains. How are things at the Sextant? Illyana tells him to get to the point and he explains the Quiet Council is aware of the disaster in Pilger, Nebraska. While they understand that Armor and the others were well-intentioned in bringing mutants to Krakoa, there are four dead humans on their hands.

Magik snaps they were attacked, held prisoner and, even in defending themselves, did not kill any humans, which shows monumental restraint. Those humans that did die died at the hands of another human who took his own life!

Cyclops gently points out it could have gone another way. But it didn’t, Illyana states matter of fact. It could have been far worse, had Armor and the others not intervened. She assures him there is no need for concern and leaves.

Pershyy Misto, Carnelia:
Nighttime. Two guards are looking for a missing comrade. They follow a faint cry for help into a tunnel and see him dangling from the ceiling in the grip of a surreal monster.

On Krakoa, Boom Boom leads the team to their transport, the Pacrat II. She explains they liberated it from old man Cable’s collection after he… It was just gathering dust.

As they enter the PacRat, Chamber complains why they don’t just take a gate. Magma explains that Carnelia doesn’t recognize Krakoa, so there are no gates nearby.

Dani suspiciously asks if the Quiet Council has okayed them going to a country that sees them as enemy. Boom Boom simply points out that there is a mutant there, alone in a country that doesn’t recognize mutants. She needs their help. Dani retorts she didn’t answer the question and points out what a PR nightmare that could turn into. Boom Boom asks if she knows the phrase “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission”.

Back at the Sextant, Armor asks Cypher if there is anything she can do. Working on some, tech Cypher tells her to be patient. He asks Mondo if he can borrow him for a moment. He needs him to communicate with Krakoa, just to ensure this is all set up and working correctly. Mondo outright refuses and reminds him he told him he’d punch him in the face, if he asked him again. Doug retorts that he is prepared to take a punch in the face, if it means they can save even one child who needs help. And he’s sure Sage is going to punch him harder, if they keep bugging her for information. It’d be more than one punch, Mondo threatens. If it means he will help, he accepts, Doug replies simply. Fine, Mondo shouts exasperated.

Doug happily explains that the system should be able to see who has come through the gate and cross-reference with Cerebro records, which should allow them to create a list of who is still out there. He tells Mondo to put his hand on an interface.

A moment later, Krakoa speaks through Mondo that it doesn’t like this very much. Doug promises not to make habit of it and thanks it. The process over, Armor now has her database while Mondo throws up.

In Carnelia, cops have surrounded a high rise but are unwilling to go inside having already lost men. They are distracted when the Blackbird lands. As the New Mutants exit, the men train their weapons on them. Dani asks if anyone speaks Russian.

Surprisingly, Boom Boom addresses the cops in Russian, promising they are here to help. Angrily, the captain accuses them of bringing this thing here. Boom Boom promises to stop this but, if he keeps poking her, he will lose his hand. The captain allows them through. He figures either they will stop this or there will be five fewer mutants. Either way works for him.

Dani asks when she learned Russian. She replies, a fence who worked out of Brighton Beach only spoke Russian. She picked it up. “Fence?” Dani asks. “Friend,” Boom Boom corrects herself.

They step inside to see a glowing black sphere, where the laws of physic don’t seem to work and a mutant girl floating inside. Magma suggests she fly in and get her out. Dani refuses. Karma points out they don’t have to go in. She suggests she will try to possess her and bring her out, then they can try to control this. Dani tells her to do this. Karma focuses, sensing it is like the girl is in a nightmare.

The girl moans and then reality begins to change around her Karma gets overwhelmed. She sinks to the ground, speaking with the girl’s voice as she begs them to go away. Black tentacles emanate from her. Chamber reaches out trying to make her break contact, instead the tentacles trap him and the others, save for Dani, Boom Boom and Magma. Amara tries to attack and is dragged away by tentacles as well.

Mirage calls Cypher and informs him about the situation. Doug tells Dani not to follow and to make sure no one else gets near. He is just grabbing reinforcements.

They are about to enter a house. Sitting in front of it is a drunk Fourarm, who tells them they can’t enter, but Armor orders him to back off. They enter. Inside are several former MLF members playing pool and pissed at their intrusion. Sorry, emergency, Mondo shrugs and Doug tells WildSide, currently cutting his gross toenails, that they need his help.

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Boom Boom, Chamber, Cypher, Karma, Magik, Magma, Mirage, Mondo II (New Mutants)

Dragoness, Fourarm, Samurai, Strobe, WildSide (all MLF)
Natashia Repina

Carnelian police

Story Notes: 

Text pages:

Some info about the small Central European republic of CarneliaMissing notice of Natashia Repina, 13 years old. Her parents were found deceased

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