Psylocke #3

Issue Date: 
March 2010
Story Title: 
Kill Matsu’o – chapter three

Chris Yost (writer), Harvey Tolibao (penciler), Paul Neary & Sandu Florea (inkers), Ulises Areola & Jay David Ramos w/ Brian Reber (colorists), VC’s Joe Sabino (letterer), David Finch (cover art), Daniel Ketchum ( editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Psylocke saves herself from Jinn’s attack and reads his mind. However, when the mind link seems to work both directions, Jinn believes he’s gleaned from her mind where Matsu’o is and leaves. Betsy realizes Matsu’o has to be where Kwannon died and follows. Jinn reaches Matsu’o but is kept from killing him by Yukio. Betsy saves Yukio from his wrath and fights Jinn because she doesn’t want him to become a monster again, due to Matsu’o. Finally, after a fierce battle, Psylocke knocks out Jinn. When she then confronts Matsu’o, who demands she kill him, she discovers he is horribly scarred and mutilated. He doesn’t tell her who did it but this becomes clear when Wolverine shows up and announces he isn’t done paying yet.

Full Summary: 

Thailand: two years ago:

Set in the center of otherwise green, rolling hill, a building burns, around which are strewn corpses. Kneeling among the carnage, a general is being informed by Matsu’o Tsurabaya that his actions have displeased the Hand. Displeasing the Hand is an unwise decision.

The frightened man offers anything they want… money… He has the general’s money Matsu’o reminds him. What he wants from him is a cautionary tale for his replacement. “Kill him!” Matsu’o orders the Arab man behind him. Jinn’s eyes glow and the general burns. Matsu’o calls Jinn a talented creature. The Hand thanks him for his service. He may call on him again.


Betsy Braddock finds herself at the center of a conflagration, believing that she is going to died again shortly. The entire estate explodes around her but the flames can’t touch her, thanks to her telekinesis. The heat, however, is lethal. The man at the heart of the conflagration and its cause isn’t human. Not mutant either.

Enough, she decides and her telekinesis reaches outward shoving the flames back. How did she do that? Jinn asks She retorts with another question. What does he want with Matsu’o Tsurabaya? His death, is the short reply which she finds understandable. But why? Again he asks where he is. She doesn’t have time for this, Psylocke decides and enters his mind.

She sees Jinn’s wife murdered. His thoughts are on fire, his mind burns as it touches her. He’s a killer, he killed for Matsu’o before. He fell in love and walked away from the blood for her. They were starting a new life, she was…

Jinn screams at her to stay out of his mind. She tries to make him see reason but he only wants to know where Matsu’o is. Jinn also saw into Betsy’s mind during the link and saw her desire for death. He’s more than happy to oblige her.

Betsy attacks him telekinetically and tells him Matsu’o is not his to kill. She has nothing but sympathy for what Matsu’o did to him, but she cannot allow him to do this. Get out of his mind! he hisses. He slams her backward and tells her he does not care about her. Matsu’o is going to burn and if she stands in his way, she will burn too! He flies away.

Yukio has gotten up again and comments that he looks like a good time, but Betsy saw him first. Unless being dead took away her passion for… Betsy hit her impatiently, knocking her out.

In the city, a horrified barkeeper tells his guest that he should be dead. No one can drink that much! He is no one, Wolverine replies. Everything he was is dead. He shoves over some money. Nothing left but darkness! Drank enough to remember that. He leaves the bar. Now it’s time to remind someone else.

Psylocke makes her way through Matsu’o’s estate, musing about Jinn whom she suspects to be a creature of magic. He said she had a deathwish. Not Matsu’o, not Yukio, her. Why would Matsu’o do all this to her and Jinn? She tells herself she doesn’t care and just wants him out of her life. Wants him dead and buried. Then she recalls that Jinn found Matsu’o’s whereabouts in her mind. How?

It didn’t have to be like this. A part of her loved him once. And he loved her. When Kwannon died, part of him died. That’s what Jinn saw, she realizes. She knows where he is. The same place she died! She takes a motorcycle and begins driving. Jinn’s going to kill him. She has to stop him. Suddenly, she checks her behavior. Why stop Jinn? What is she doing?

Wolverine sees the conflagration and tries to call Yukio.

Not far away Matsu’o stands on a cliff with a nurse. The flying, burning Jinn reaches him and shouts at him to face him. He really thought the girl would find him first, Matsu’o sighs and asks Jinn how his lovely wife is. Jinns threatens he should make peace with his gods but, before he can attack, Yukio tackles Jinn and strikes him with her blade. Jinn strikes back but Yukio somersaults to the ground. She kind of thought Betsy would be here by now. Glad she gets to take him down herself. Jinn tells her she has a great spirit but has chosen a horrific death today.

When he attacks her, Yukio finds herself protected by a telekinetic shield, courtesy of Psylocke, who makes her fall asleep.

Jinn asks her why she wants to fight him. She wants Matsu’o dead as well! Betsy agrees, but on her terms, not his. Matsu’o is playing both of them. And she wants to know why! And he does not! Jinn replies and lashes out but Betsy protects Matsu’o. Jinn demands she stop this. She knows what Matsu’o took from him! She knows that neither of them are whole now. Alive now. Because of him.

She will not be used, Betsy insists, not ever again and she will not let Matsu’o use Jinn! What will he become after this? This is not what his wife and child would want. With a savage scream, Jinn attacks her.

Betsy’s psychic knife plunges into his brain while the flames burn her body and mind. Jinn is somehow fire made flesh. All he knew was death and destruction but somehow he found love. But Matsu’o needs death and destruction. She will not give him that satisfaction Jinn will live the life he wanted, not the one Matsu’o gave him. She will not let him become empty and hollow like her. Jinn sinks down unconscious.

His back turned to her, Matsu’o states he assumes Jinn is no longer a threat to him. He will grieve, he will heal and live, Betsy replies, but he will not kill him. And what of her? he asks. Will she heal? Will she live? He’s destroyed her life. And now any last vestiges of it. Is there forgiveness in her heart or revenge?

She asks why Matsu’o did this to them. She was his preference, he replies cryptically. Jinn was … a contingency. Why? she repeats. She wishes to know why? he asks and turns around. ”Dear God!” Betsy exclaims at the sight of his scarred and mutilated face and body, several limbs of which are missing. He did all this so she would kill him. He leans on the nurse. He did this because he can no longer hold a seppuku knife to end it himself with honor. Kill him! he orders. Who did this to him? she asks. Kill him! he orders louder. Again she asks. He won’t stop, he warns. Her brother. Warren Worthington. Alison Blaire. Anyone and everyone she cares about will die. But she can stop him.

“I did!” a new voice announces and Betsy turns around to face an angry Wolverine. Matsu’o’s not done paying, so he doesn’t get to die. Ever!

Characters Involved: 

Psylocke, Wolverine (both X-Men)




Matsu’o Tsuarabaya

Matsu’o’s nurse
two years earlier:

Matsu’o Tsuarabaya


Unnamed general

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