Quicksilver #10

Issue Date: 
August 1998
Story Title: 
Live Kree or Die! - part 3: Blue Moon

John Ostrander and Joe Edkin (writers), Derec Aucoin (penciler), Rich Faber (inker), Joe Rosas (colors), RS / Comicraft’s AD (letters), Mark Bernardo (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Quicksilver returns the Quinjet he had borrowed to Avengers mansion where he is greeted by the Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye. Wanda tells of recent Kree activity on Earth, and that they need his help in freeing Warbird, who has been captured by the aliens. Instead of using a Space Quinjet Hawkeye had been prepping, Pietro whistles for Lockjaw who teleports them all to the blue area of the Moon. Arriving there, the three heroes meet the Supreme Intelligence who tells them what the Legion have been doing and what they have planned; the conversion of all humans into neo-Kree. He also shows them Warbird’s plight. Admiral Galen Kor has used her DNA to get the information he needs to program the omni-wave projector in tune with the Inhuman Terrigen Mists, which his troops had stolen some time ago when the Inhumans were busy fighting themselves as Maximus had possessed Black Bolt. The three Avengers split up; Quicksilver rescues Warbird and leaves her in a room, telling her to stay out of trouble but once he’s gone, she takes a drink of something which resembles alcohol and transforms into Warbird, drunk once again. Pietro joins Hawkeye and Wanda battling some Kree soldiers while Lockjaw grabs the flask containing the Terrigen Mists. Wanda then summons Wonder Man who covers them while they make their escape. At the power station, soldiers are ready for an attack but they are no match for Pietro’s super speed and by the time his friends join him, they are defeated Unfortunately, Warbird turns up and as more troops arrive, she blasts uncontrollably, destroying the generator but injuring Lockjaw and forcing a retreat back to Earth. There, Quicksilver tells her she will answer to the Avengers for her actions. On the moon, Galen Kor tells his troops that they don’t need the generator; they will power their weapon with their own lives. Back in the castle at the Hudson, the High Evolutionary asks Bova to bring the White Tiger to him immediately as she will be needed in their coming battle to reclaim Wundagore.

Full Summary: 


Maximus had just taken control of Black Bolt’s mind during the gene-fest. Quicksilver, carrying Luna, and the Scarlet Witch arrived in New Attilan, teleported there by Lockjaw just before Black Bolt partially destroyed the city under the influence of his mad brother Maximus. As they worked to save New Attilan from destruction, a scout ship manned by four of the Lunatic Legion’s soldiers watched the events, unseen off the island’s coast. Dylon Cir told his female pilot, Talla Ron that the Inhumans seemed to have lost their minds and asked how this affects their timetable. She replied that it worked to their advantage. While they fought amongst themselves, they could secure their objective unobserved and she told him, and the bald twins to disembark.

Crossing a short stretch of water to the beach, the soldiers arrived, weapons at the ready in order to steal the Terrigen Mists. They had orders not to engage the enemy unless they were discovered. As they ventured into the city, an Inhuman spotted them and following orders given by Maximus, who said all strangers must be killed, leaped at the four soldiers. Unfortunately for him, the Kree were well trained and easily took him out with a single shot. Talla Ron grabbed a container holding the green Terrigen Mists just as Black Bolt was about to open his mouth. As he uttered the word “Die,” the Kree scout ship blasted away from New Attilan and headed off for Cape Canaveral.


Since those events, Quicksilver has helped solve some of the problems with his in-laws, though he and Crystal have since separated. Now, after leaving the High Evolutionary and the Knights of Wundagore at the castle on the Hudson, Pietro returns the Avengers Quinjet he had borrowed for the rescue mission into the Savage Land. As he arrives at Avengers Mansion, his sister is there to greet him and she shouts his name as he lands on the roof.

As he steps out Wanda tells him he has arrived just in time. He asks what for and she explains that Captain America has informed the Avengers of a situation which she will explain on their way to the hangar. She offers him a recap of the events so far. She tells him that the Kree have been active on Earth again. They attacked the technological firm Powersource and although Iron Man and Warbird tried to stop them, they escaped with some experimental energy technology. Captain America and Warbird battled the Kree at Cape Canaveral where they found the Kree had been conducting genetic experiments on humans. The Kree managed to capture Warbird and escaped in a rocket headed for the Moon. Pietro says he expects that’s why Hawkeye is in the hangar bay prepping the Space Quinjet.

Heading down to greet him, Hawkeye tells them that Captain America is stuck in debriefing at Cape Canaveral. He can’t raise Iron Man or Thor so it looks like it’s up to them, adding it is just like old times. Wanda asks Hawkeye if the Quinjet is ready but Pietro says they should forget the Quinjet as he has a faster way to get them to the Moon. Giving a whistle, the imposing Inhuman dog Lockjaw teleports in with a crackle of energy. Quicksilver tells Lockjaw that they have to find Carol Danvers and has him lock onto his thoughts of her. With a flash, the dog along with the three Avengers is gone.

Meanwhile, at the High Evolutionary’s safe house on the Hudson, he praises Sir Ram on keeping his Knights in fine fighting form. He says that soon they will be ready to battle Exodus and reclaim their home on Wundagore Mountain. Before they depart though, he has one more job for Sir Ram. He asks him to get word to Lord Delphis in Polemachus that he require his aid desperately and they will be departing soon. Lord Delphis has been there since offering to help find a solution to their energy ring crisis. As they chat, the Knights are training against robots, honing their techniques and maintaining their fitness. Sir Ram asks, “What of Sir Pietro?” to which the High Evolutionary replies, “He is a great disappointment to me! If he is not returned soon, we go without him. Now leave me!” He then asks Bova if she has word of the White Tiger and Bova replies that she has become involved with a group called Heroes for Hire and can be found at Oracle Inc. in New York City. He asks her to bring her immediately as she too will be needed in the coming battle.

On the Moon, an explosion of energy deposits Lockjaw and the three Avengers in the caverns beneath the mysterious blue area. Hawkeye immediately says that he thought the whole place had been destroyed and he is answered, to his surprise by the Kree Supreme Intelligence, his huge green face dominating one side of the room. He tells Hawkeye that the same could have been said of him, especially after the last time he encountered the Avengers. Wanda is as surprised as Hawkeye to see him. The Intelligence continues to say that despite the best efforts of her ally, the Black Knight, it survived. It says the Knight’s energy sword could not destroy it as it was not a corporeal being, instead being a sentient computer. It simply downloaded itself into another terminal and escaped from its home planet of Kree-Lar. He then adds that a faction of Kree warriors called the Lunatic Legion has used Skrull technology hidden there, which was used to build the blue area in the first place, to rebuild it.

Quicksilver shouts at the giant computer, telling it that it will return Carol Danvers to them, unharmed. It replies that there is much more at stake than the fate of one Avenger, adding that the entire human race is in danger and it asks them to look upon its matrix and see for themselves. He shows them how the Legion acquired a generator from Powersource inc. which is being used to fuel a powerful omni-wave projector which is directed at Earth. Stubbornly, thinking of his friend’s safety, Pietro reiterates his demand that it show them where Carol is being held. The Supreme Intelligence says he must have patience as what it is telling them is important. It carries on with its explanation, saying the omni-waves will be filtered through a portion of the stolen Terrigen Mists. When the waves strike Earth’s atmosphere, it will cause a chain reaction that will cause all human life to change. Moreover, those whose genetic code is unsullied will be changed into beings genetically identical to pure-bred Kree. Those whose DNA is mutated, such as many of the heroes and villains on Earth, will die. He now has Pietro’s attention and he asks the Intelligence that, having lived with the Inhumans for years and knowing that the mists can cause unpredictable mutations, how can it be sure the surviving humans will become some kind of neo-Kree?

The intelligence shows them a Carol Danvers on the screen and explains that Galen Kor has been conducting trials. The tests at Cape Canaveral failed but now he has Carol Danvers, he has the key to his mad scheme. With Carol strapped to a table, Galen Kor tells her she is pathetic, her addiction to alcohol making her weak. He says her withdrawal symptoms keep her from escaping. As the only surviving hybrid of Kree and human, her DNA code has provided him with the information he needs to program the omni-wave projector. He continues to say that soon, all of humanity will pay for the destruction of his old empire, by becoming the foundation of the new one.

The Intelligence’s face reappears and it tells them that is the true dimension of the threat they face. Quicksilver asks it what it hopes to gain from telling them this but the Intelligence simply replies that what it does and why is of no concern to him. He explains that the choice whether to act or not is theirs.

Pietro takes the lead, telling Hawkeye and his sister that he’ll find Warbird and tells them to see about destroying the omni-wave projector. As Hawkeye covers his face to protect him from the back draft as Pietro rushes away, he says it’s just like him, always thinking he’s in charge. Wanda explains that during the time her brother thought they were dead after the battle against Onslaught, he shouldered great responsibility and had to assume leadership. She adds that he may have much to learn, but she thinks he is finally on the right path.

Passing Galen Kor so quickly that he never even notices him, Quicksilver overhears him tell his two guards to keep a watch on his prisoner. Pietro easily takes out the guards, Klynn and Tok before releasing Carol from the table and helping her up. She leans on his shoulder as the head down a corridor. She mumbles that she needs something and Pietro tells her that he knows what it is she needs as the Supreme intelligence showed them her addiction. He asks if Captain America knew about her condition but she tells Pietro not to mention it, she can handle it, and it’s not a problem. He replies, “Like blazes you can, but I have no more time to spend on you” as a warning siren sounds and lights flash, informing the Kree of Carol’s escape.

He leads her into a someone’s private quarters and tells her she should remain there as she is no use to anyone the way she is. She replies that if there’s trouble they may need her but Pietro lets her know that as she’s a liability, he’ll return for her when it is safe. Unfortunately, once he has once again sped away, Carol notices a flask of liquid with what appears to be a Kree version of alcohol in it and, thinking that their alcohol shouldn’t hurt her as she is half-Kree, she pours some down her throat and in a flash, she changes into her costume, unsteady on her feet but raring for action.

At the same time, the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Lockjaw have reached the room holding the omni-wave projector and met with some resistance from a group of Kree soldiers. Clint fires off a few arrows in response, saying that maybe they should have targeted the power-supply first but Kona Lor, brandishing a pistol tells him that it’s a mistake he won’t live to regret. Under fire, Wanda creates a hex sphere which increases the probability that the gunfire will avoid them while letting Hawkeye’s arrows through. The ricochets also disperse their attackers. The soldiers decide to rush the two Avengers and Hawkeye tells her that his explosive arrows won’t be able to stop them. Fortuitously, Quicksilver arrives just in time and before the soldiers realize what is happening, he removes the guns from their hands and doing a spot of super-swift juggling, grabs each gun in turn and fires it, sending their opponents scrambling to the floor.

Lockjaw meanwhile has grabbed the flask containing the Terrigen Mists and the soldiers ready themselves to defend the omni-wave projector. As those with guns continue to shoot, Wanda conjures Wonder Man and lets him know that this would be an ideal time for an assist. On cue, Wonder Man materializes and allows the group to escape while he remains and stops the Kree from following them. As they depart, Hawkeye talks to Pietro and tells him that it still creeps him out that his sister can manifest Wonder Man from thin air when he’s supposed to be dead. Pietro replies that they have more pressing worry about. The guns he confiscated are out of charges and Carol Danvers is incapacitated. He adds that they must immobilize the omni-wave projector. Just because Lockjaw had the mists, doesn’t mean the projector can’t do any harm. Wanda cuts in, ordering them back to the power station. She says that if they can disable the energy generator, they can’t use the projector at all.

Over at the power station, Galen Kor orders his soldiers to be on their guard as this is the next logical place the intruders will strike. Heartbeats later, as Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch and Lockjaw arrive there, they think it is odd that the place isn’t crawling with Kree soldiers. Then however, they spot Quicksilver, resting his body against a pile of unconscious Kree, having arrived there before them and already taken the Kree out. Hawkeye says he thought he was cocky, adding it must be nice to have the wife back. Wanda whispers that he and Crystal have separated again but Pietro says it’s all right, as he is more concerned with how to disable the generator.

Suddenly, Warbird appears, now very drunk from the Kree alcohol and slurs to him, “No need to worry about that handsome, Warbird’s here! Crushh the Kree an’… an’ blow up the generator.” Quicksilver warns her to stop as she is drunk and not in control but she ignores his pleas and starts firing bolts from her hands which randomly shoot across the large room. One of them lands right next to Lockjaw and the large dog, still carrying the mists in it’s jaw is toppled, whining in pain as Pietro rushes to check if it is all right. Warbird is oblivious to the problems she is causing and says it is now time for the generator, blasting it at close proximity which not only knocks out the generator, creating a hole in the roof through which the stars can be seen, but also fells her too.

Quicksilver realizes that the chamber must extend beyond the blue area and they are losing atmosphere. Wanda holds on as they begin to get sucked towards the hole and uses a hex sphere to help keep the air in, but she knows it won’t last forever. Warbird has lost it by now and cannot focus properly. Quicksilver leaps towards her, saying he’s tempted to let her fall after what she had done, but grabs her around the waist and propels her back towards Lockjaw. Flotsam rushes past them as Pietro adds that it will be harder on her to have to answer to Captain America and the other Avengers. As Hawkeye tells them they’ve got to move, Pietro asks the injured Lockjaw to get them out of there.

“Good dog, ” says Quicksilver as they land safely back on Earth. Despite its injuries, Lockjaw manages to deposit them safely and soon they are all in Avengers mansion where Wanda bandages Lockjaw’s front right leg. She says his wounds aren’t too severe and should heal properly with time and rest and Pietro says he will have to answer to Black Bolt and Crystal for this. He then points at Warbird and says, “You Carol, will also have to answer for your actions! They are not up to the standards expected of Avengers!” Hawkeye and Wanda look on as Carol replies, “Look, I’m sorry your puppy was hurt, but I stopped the Kree! That should be all that matters, so don’t lecture to me!”

Meanwhile, back on the Moon, a soldier reports to Galen Kor that the hole has now been repaired and the necessary amount of the Terrigen Mists had already been transferred to the omni-wave projector. Galen Kor replies that this is good; though the generator has been destroyed they will proceed as planned. They will power the projector with their own lives. The human race will live Kree or die.

Characters Involved: 


Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Warbird (all Avengers)

Wonder Man


The High Evolutionary

Lord Anon, Bova, Lord Gator, Sir Ram, Lord Tyger, Lady Ursula (all Knights of Wundagore)

The Supreme Intelligence

The bald twins, Dylon Cir, Admiral Galen Kor, Lt. Kona Lor, First Officer Talla Ron (all Lunatic Legion)

several Kree soldiers, including Klynn and Tok

In flashbacks:


Luna, his daughter

Scarlet Witch

Black Bolt, Maximus (both Inhumans)

several unnamed Inhumans

The bald twins, Dylon Cir, First Officer Talla Ron (all Lunatic Legion)

Story Notes: 

This issue is the third chapter in the four-part crossover called Live Kree or Die.

Maximus took over Black Bolt’s mind in Quicksilver #5.

The Blue area of the Moon’s atmosphere reactors had been inactive since Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1.

Hawkeye is a long-time Avenger and joined the team originally at the same time as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch [Avengers (1st series) #16]. All three of them were reformed criminals.

The Supreme Intelligence was thought killed back in Avengers (1st series) #347. It was revealed that it had escaped its home planet of Kree-Lar in Imperial Guard #1-3.

The Scarlet Witch first purposely brought Wonder Man back to life in Avengers (3rd series) #3 though he appeared in the previous issue. He had supposedly died back in Force Works #1.

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